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How Long Is a Moving Truck – A Comprehensive Guide for Your Relocation Needs

Are you wondering how long is a moving truck? We have just the right answers! From efficient moving strategies for packing and loading to tips on selecting the perfect truck size for your belongings, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re relocating from a cozy studio or a spacious family home, let us help you make the relocation a breeze. Say farewell to stress and hello to a smooth transition with our expert advice!

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Relocating is one of life's most stressful events, so make it hassle-free by picking the right truck

How Long is a Moving Truck?

Contemplating the ideal size of the truck is pivotal for a successful move. These trucks span from 10 to 26 feet, providing ample space for various loads. Opting for the right length guarantees you can transport your possessions securely and move safely to the new destination.

Whether you’re downsizing or upgrading living space, selecting the appropriate truck length helps take care of the transition properly. This allows you to focus on the excitement of relocating cross-country. But, if you are dealing with reliable movers, like those from the Cross Country Moving Company, movers know which type of vehicle is needed for your relocation. But, if you’re bent on a DIY move, follow our guide on relocation trucks.

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Characteristics of Different Relocation Trucks

Delving into the characteristics of different trucks unveils a wide array of options tailored to diverse relocation needs. These trucks come in various sizes, ranging from 10 to 26 feet, with dimensions subject to variation based on the rental company.

Small moving trucks, such as the 10-12 footers, are perfect for accommodating the contents of studio apartments, while the 20-26 footers offer ample space for larger homes. Understanding these distinctions empowers one to make informed decisions, optimizing their relocation budget for a stress-free transition. Let’s delve deeper into our concise moving truck length guide.

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10-12 Foot Trucks

Trucks in the 10-12 foot range are a practical choice for smaller-scale relocations, typically accommodating 1-2 rooms. For instance, a typical version of this size truck measures 12 feet in length, 6’6″ in width, and 6′ 1″ in height, providing about 73 square feet of floor space.

This compact size makes it a cost-effective relocation solution for individuals relocating to a smaller home, ensuring that transportation of belongings is both manageable and economical. Such trucks help make the process easier by providing sufficient space for essentials without the excess room that larger trucks might offer, which could lead to unused space.

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Standard vehicle sizes vary from 10 to 26 feet

14-17 Foot Trucks

Medium moving trucks, often spanning from 14 to 17 feet, provide an ideal solution for handling the logistics of 2-3 room relocations. Vehicles within this size range, such as those measuring 16 feet in length, 7’7″ in width, and 6′ 6″ in height, offer ample space with 117 square feet of floor area.

This capacity makes them perfect for residents transitioning into new apartments or undertaking a cross-country move. Their substantial space allows for household items, from furniture to boxes of personal belongings, to be transported securely and efficiently. They minimize the need for multiple journeys and simplify the process.

20-26 Feet Trucks

Large moving vehicles, ranging from 20 to 26 feet, are designed to accommodate the more substantial needs of relocating entire family homes. These units provide between 164 to 192 square feet of floor space. The largest models measure up to 12’55” in length, 7’8″ in width, and 8’1″ in height. These dimensions are suitable for transporting 3-7 rooms, allowing for a single trip to move efficiently across distances.

The spacious interiors help in packing an entire family home, guaranteeing that everything from furniture to personal belongings can be transported securely and organized. This size range is particularly favored for its ability to simplify complex relocation tasks into a more manageable process.

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In the largest truck, you can fit 45 large boxes, two medium boxes, and four beds

How Can You Choose the Right Truck Length for Your Move?

Choosing the right length for a moving truck rental is crucial to avoid relocation mistakes and ensures that belongings are protected from damage during the transition. Knowing the range of moving truck sizes available from the rental company helps in selecting a vehicle that offers adequate space based on the number of rooms being moved.

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This not only protects things from breaking but also avoids the chaos of needing to secure an additional vehicle at the last minute. It’s advisable to inquire about precise dimensions and capacities to make the right decision that enhances the efficiency of the move.

Make an Inventory List and Assess the Load

Creating a detailed relocation inventory is essential for an organized journey. Similar to a packing list, this inventory should include every item being relocated, categorized by size and weight. This methodical approach not only simplifies the process of determining the amount of space needed in the vehicle but also aids in tracking items throughout the move.

When you assess the load before packing, you can ensure that everything is accounted for and appropriately protected. The efficiency and safety will be enhanced.

Take Into Account the Size of the Home

Taking into account the size of the home is important when selecting the appropriate vehicle. For those relocating from a studio or one-bedroom apartment, a smaller vehicle may suffice, apart from the number of boxes they have.

For a two to three-bedroom home, a medium-sized vehicle will likely be necessary to accommodate the increased volume of belongings. Those relocating from homes with four or more bedrooms will require the largest vehicles available so everything from furniture to personal items is transported securely.

Bonus Tip - Help Yourself by Downsizing

Deciding what to keep and what to get rid of is a critical step if you want to save on costs. If there’s no need to request the largest trucks, it’s better to evaluate the inventory list. Items that haven’t been used for years or no longer hold sentimental value are good candidates for removal.

Donating these items to charitable organizations such as Goodwill not only clears space but also supports those in need. On top of this, selling unwanted items can provide extra funds for the budget. This approach reduces the volume of belongings to transport, potentially lowering the cost of the vehicle rental and simplifying unpacking at the new residence.

Use a Relocation Calculator

Be prepared for relocation day like a pro with a relocation calculator. This handy tool, found on many websites, enables users to select the specific items they intend to transport from a comprehensive list. It then calculates the most suitable vehicle size required for the move based on these selections.

It provides a more precise estimate than traditional methods based solely on square footage or room count. The moving truck size calculator guarantees that one can choose the most appropriate vehicle size, avoiding underutilization and overcrowding of space.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Relocation Truck Length

Selecting the optimal length of a vehicle offers numerous benefits for relocating properly. This precision not only makes the process smoother but also more cost-effective. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of damage to possessions, as items are not cramped or shifting during transport. The peace of mind that comes from knowing everything fits perfectly facilitates a hassle-free experience.

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Avoid Overpaying For Unnecessary Space

Choosing the correct vehicle size for a move can significantly impact overall costs. By avoiding overpaying for unnecessary space, individuals won’t waste money on unutilized capacity. This decision also contributes to efficient fuel consumption, as heavier loads require more fuel.

Faster Loading and Unloading

Having the right-sized vehicle can greatly facilitate the process for long-distance movers, leading to faster loading and unloading times. When every item has a designated spot, it eliminates the guesswork and re-arranging often necessary with improperly sized vehicles. This efficiency is especially beneficial in reducing the physical strain on movers and decreasing the overall time spent on tasks.

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With fewer trips to and from the home, it's less likely to lose track of important items

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Moving Truck

Avoiding mistakes can save time, money, and stress, especially if you’re looking for the cheapest way to relocate. Some of these you might not think of immediately, so we are here to remind you. Here’s a list of common mistakes:

  • Choosing a vehicle too small to fit all belongings will lead to additional trips.
  • Renting a vehicle larger than necessary leads to wasted space and higher rental costs.
  • Skipping out on rental insurance, risking high costs in case of damage or accidents.
  • Selecting a relocation company without researching their reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Failing to compare prices from different truck rental companies to find the best deal.
  • Not accounting for mileage, gas, and late return fees that can add up.
  • Waiting too long to book a vehicle leads to limited choices and potentially higher prices.
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Have a list with reminders of what not to forget when choosing movers and trucks

If This Process Is to Complicated for You, Hire a Reliable Cross-Country Moving Company

A reputable mover will offer a comprehensive range of services, including packing services, storage, and cross-country moving services, tailored to your needs. When selecting a long-distance moving company, verify their credentials, read customer reviews, and compare quotes from multiple providers.

Make sure that cross-country moving companies you are researching are licensed and insured, and ask about their handling procedures for different types of items, particularly valuables. A trustworthy company will ease the stress of relocating by providing expert guidance and reliable service from start to finish.

Consult With Professional Movers About the Truck Size

Consult with professional movers about the appropriate truck size is necessary for a simplified relocation. When reaching out to movers, ask movers the right questions regarding the size and capabilities of their fleet.

Experienced movers will evaluate the quantity and nature of your possessions and use the best vehicle size that ensures safe and efficient transport. They typically conduct an initial inventory or in-home estimate to ascertain the volume of the relocation accurately.

Trust Cross Country Moving Company With Your Relocation

As you plan the upcoming relocation, remember the importance of selecting the right moving truck size, understanding the benefits it brings, and avoiding common pitfalls that could hinder your move. At Cross Country Moving Company, we provide professional long-distance moving services, from packing to transportation and storage.

Trust our expertise and dedication to facilitate a smooth transition to the new home. For a personalized plan that caters to all your needs, contact us, Cross Country Moving Company, and let us help you make the relocation a success.

Frequently Asked Questions About Truck Sizes

What Size Relocation Truck Do I Need for a One-Bedroom Apartment?

For a one-bedroom apartment, a smaller vehicle around 10-12 feet in length is generally sufficient. This size typically provides enough space to accommodate the contents of a single-bedroom residence, such as furniture, boxes, and personal items, making the move simpler.

How Do I Know if I’ve Chosen the Right Relocation Truck Size?

Determining if the chosen vehicle size is correct involves assessing whether all items fit securely without excessive unused space. A pre-move inventory can help in gauging this more accurately. If belongings are tightly packed without room for movement, yet not overly cramped, you’ve chosen the right one. Everything should be able to be loaded and unloaded efficiently.

Can I Change My Relocation Truck Size After Booking?

Alterations to vehicle size after a booking can usually be accommodated by rental companies, depending on availability and company policy. It’s advisable to contact the rental provider as soon as a change is needed to explore options. However, making changes closer to the relocation date might be more challenging.

Are There Any Extra Costs Associated With Larger Relocation Trucks?

Larger vehicles generally involve higher rental fees, and the amount of items transported can directly influence this cost. The larger the vehicle, the more fuel it typically consumes, which can significantly increase the total expense of a relocation.

Is It Better to Rent a Larger Truck Than Needed?

Renting a larger vehicle than necessary can provide extra space for last-minute additions and may offer a buffer against poor packing estimations. However, this often leads to higher rental costs. So, it’s better to use a vehicle of appropriate size.


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