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How Many Moving Boxes Do I Need? Here’s How to Calculate the Correct Number

Are you moving cross country? If you answered “Yes,” you should plan the packing of your belongings to ensure they arrive safely at your new location. However, the question “How many moving boxes do I need?” will most likely keep you up all night counting crates. That is why we created this useful guide in the hopes of assisting you in resolving this conundrum.

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Before cross-country movers arrive, figure out how many boxes to move you require

The size of your home and the number of bedrooms are the most important factors when deciding on the right number of crates needed for a successful relocation. It is also imperative not to skip the decluttering stage, as that number will depend on the magnitude of this relocation and how much stuff you are planning to take with you. However, if you find yourself overwhelmed, you can always hire professionals to do the job for you.

Why Is Knowing the Correct Quantity of Crates Critical to the Success of Your Relocation?

Knowing the right number of containers is essential for an efficient move, and it will ensure that your goods reach you safely. There are various factors to keep in mind when determining the best size for crates and exactly how many are required to carry out your move. After all, if you want to move anxiety-free, you have to start planning your relocation on time. That way, you will be able to prevent common relocation mistakes and have enough room to gain your footing and maneuver around them.

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How Many Moving Boxes Do I Need? What to Know When Determining the Right Amount

Acquiring extra packing supplies is one of the relocation hacks that will assist in making the whole thing less stressful. This implies that you should get plenty of crates in which to store your items. But, if you’re relocating for the first time, exactly how many of them will you require? These are a couple of elements and relocation tips to consider that will help you figure out how many crates to get:

  • The size of your residence,
  • How many people live in your home,
  • The number of things that will be transferred,
  • Decide what of your fragile and large objects you are relocating,
  • Deciding to downsize before packing,
  • Whether you will reuse supplies or get new ones,
  • Whether your lifestyle is contained or you are a hoarder.

Think About Downsizing Before You Start Packing Boxes

Before you start preparing for a relocation, it is critical to downsize and discard unnecessary things. Moving is an ideal opportunity for getting rid of stuff you don’t require. This will greatly assist you in minimizing the number of containers required to pack your belongings, as well as save you both energy and some hard-earned money.

Before you start organizing and sorting through your stuff, consider which items you will keep and bring with you. Doing this will provide you with a stress-free relocation and help you pack your stuff efficiently.

Go through your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and rest of the house and evaluate everything. Look into donating your stuff to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, selling online, or organizing a garage sale. Keep in mind that tossing stuff away is always a way to go. If you haven’t been able to utilize something in a long time, are not sure whether it will fit in a new home or lifestyle, or it’s unusable are all good reasons for throwing it away.

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Detailed to-do list will help you stay organized

There Are Different Sizes of Boxes You Should Know About

Make a detailed relocation to-do list before you start the wild chase for containers of various sizes. The fact that there is a variety of crates to choose from ensures that you will find the best solution for your needs. This will help you immensely with shipping your stuff to another state.

You will be able to balance things without worrying if anything will get damaged in the back of the truck during transport. Of course, if this seems too much for you to handle, you can always look for recommendations for cross-country moving companies and go through their long-distance moving services and let them do the hard work for you.

No matter the option you go for, we provide you with a list of the most commonly used crates and their measurements:

  • Small box – they’ve got an overall volume of about 1.5 cubic feet. These are perfect for transporting smaller objects and tiny electronics.
  • Medium box – these are somewhat larger and measure roughly around 3 cubic feet. Medium crates are ideal for storing heavy things such as dishes, shoes, beauty products, toiletries, and canned goods.
  • Large box – they are around 4.5 cubic feet, and they are best used to transport major daily necessities such as bedding or small parts of household goods.
  • Extra-large box – they range close to 6 cubic feet, which makes them the largest and strongest type of container. They are used for transferring larger disassembled objects.

Consider Using These Types of Crates When Packing Your Stuff

When preparing for relocation day, you should keep the type of crates you’ll be using to store your possessions in sight. This will guarantee that your belongings are all packaged securely and delivered in their original condition at your new residence.

Begin by considering the products you’ll be packing, like clothing, utensils, or electronic devices. Take into account the objects’ dimensions, weight, and their brittleness or unusual shape. Once you’ve gone over all the criteria, you can try looking for the proper types of containers in the hardware stores or get them from your chosen long-distance moving company, such as Cross Country Moving Company.

Think About Gathering Other Packing Supplies as Well

Although the majority of people understand the importance of containers, remember that you’re also going to require foam peanuts, paper, tape, labels, and bubble wrap as well. We prepared this list because It’s vital to look over some different kinds of supplies that will ensure your stuff reaches you safely.


Among the most essential products that you’ll require is tape. You should always use high-quality tape to prevent the crates from coming apart and opening during the relocation. It is also good for securing bubble wrap and paper on their ends when wrapping easily breakable stuff or creating an extra layer of protection on other objects. You should also keep a tape dispenser on hand to make applying the adhesive to the box easier.

Packaging Paper

Keep in mind that you should always use clean paper over newspapers when wrapping and securing your stuff. Newspapers can easily leave marks on your goods, and that is why it’s better to use clean paper for wrapping items. Excess paper can always be used for stuffing and filling extra spaces in containers and between objects.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is another excellent option for protecting your possessions throughout the relocation. It is especially beneficial for securing delicate and easily breakable stuff. It’s available in a variety of sizes, and it’s easily accessible in a local hardware store or online. The only thing you should remember when using it is to place bubbles against the object you’re wrapping.

Foam Peanuts

This is one more material that is easily obtainable. It is good for filling in the room between objects and dampens the vibrations in transit. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors, so look for the ones that best suit you.


It is critical for a structured relocation to label every container, noting its content and the name of the room it will go to. Color coordinate your labels with each room to further simplify the whole thing. This way, you will save some time and make unpacking a breeze.

You’ll Easily Determine the Number of Crates Required if You’re Sincere About Your Lifestyle

After successful decluttering, it’s important to figure out how many objects you have to relocate. The more things you are carrying with you, the more containers you’ll need to bundle it all up. Write down an inventory list of everything you are planning to take, as it will help you keep track of the whole process. The only thing standing in your way now is your lifestyle.

The video below will give you some ideas on what to do with stuff you are not bringing with you.

If You Are a Hoarder, It Will Be Difficult to Determine What Is Worth Moving

The easiest way for the hoarder to get on top of things is to start arranging your belongings and deciding what you wish to preserve. After you’ve gotten rid of the useless items, you can begin organizing the rest of the house.

This will improve the aesthetics of the space while rendering the time for searching the stuff around. It won’t be easy, but the sentiment some items held for you will live on in your heart forever. If you pass this test with flying colors, you will be prepared to face any future challenge with ease.

If You Are a Minimalist, Everything Becomes Easier

You’ve undoubtedly looked under every rock and moved mountains as a minimalist. However, there are a few things you can do to make things run more smoothly. Begin sorting the remainder of your stuff and filling the box with necessities to kick off your new beginning. Finally, get rid of whatever you don’t use or require because it could reduce the number of materials required to wrap everything up.

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Getting things sorted out will help you in the long run

You Can Calculate How Many Crates You’ll Require Based on the Bedroom Numbers

Consider how many bedrooms you have when determining how many containers are needed for this journey. The size of the space plays an important part in this whole thing as well. In case you ever ask yourself how many boxes to get for a 1-bedroom apartment or how many boxes will I need to move a 2-bedroom apartment, the answer is that you will have to think about getting 20-30 containers. In case you have 3-4 bedrooms, you will have to get 35-50 crates. Finally, 5+ bedrooms require 50+ crates. Knowing is half the battle.

Aside From the Bedroom Count, Knowing How Many Square Feet Your Home Has Can Aid You With Calculations

You can determine how many containers you require based on the total square footage of your residence. This can additionally help you determine what sizes to purchase as well. It is estimated that a 1,200-1,700 sq ft house might require 32-37 small containers, 25-35 medium, 16-20 big, and 10-12 extra-large ones. This will help you in taking the edge off some of that relocation stress.

It’s Always Smart to Think About Hiring Cross-Country Movers to Handle Your Relocation

Keep in mind that if you are feeling overwhelmed, it is the right moment to consider hiring professionals for the job. Long-distance movers offer an exceptional level of cross-country moving services while using the best containers and wrapping materials to handle your stuff.

The supplies they use are often tougher and better suited for delivering easily breakable and valuable items. Their expert packing services will ensure that your belongings are handled properly and delivered in the same condition as they left. So, if you’re unclear about box quantity, don’t be afraid to contact us and let us prepare you for your big day.

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Hire cross-country movers for a worry-free relocation

Cross Country Moving Company Is Here to Assist You on the Way to Your New Home

Cross Country Moving Company excels in transporting belongings across state borders. We possess the expertise and resources necessary to make the whole process as easy and stress-free as possible. So, don’t be afraid to seek our assistance and schedule the best cross-country moving service available. We have a great deal of expertise in safeguarding and transferring the goods of our customers. Be sure to contact us for an excellent quote, and let us take your worries away.


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