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How to Know if They’re Legit – 7 Most Important Questions to Ask Movers

Hiring a cross-country moving company is not an easy task. Knowing how to spot red flags and what companies to avoid is crucial for a successful move. If you want to ensure that you are dealing with professionals, use our guide on questions to ask movers. Once they provide you with all the necessary information, you’ll know that they are trustworthy.

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Inquire all companies about all important information before hiring one

One can determine that a particular firm is legit by running a background check and inquiring with the customer support agents about binding estimates, cost of the services, liability coverage, the company’s license, and their experience with different moves. After talking to the agents, it’s vital to read comments, testimonials, and reviews from former customers.

Question 1 – Is the Long-Distance Moving Company Properly Licensed?

It’s time to move, but how do you hire a legit relocation firm? Start by checking whether they are licensed. All properly licensed firms need to have a USDOT number in order to transport your belongings from one state to another. Additionally, all reputable relocation companies need to be featured on the Better Business Bureau website and have an appropriate rating based on customer experience and complaints.

Make sure that you inquire with the agents about the company’s insurance and license information. If they are unwilling to provide you with these details, you are dealing with relocation scammers, and you shouldn’t consider hiring them.

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Check Online Whether the Information Is Legit?

Don’t trust a firm with your relocation essentials before checking online whether the license information is legit. We recommend conducting a USDOT number check on the FMCSA website. If you find the firm on the website, dig a bit deeper. Have a look at the safety rating and their compliance with all the transportation regulations. The firms you should hire should have a satisfactory rating, but in any case, avoid those with a conditional or unsatisfactory rating.

On the other hand, if you are interested in customer complaints that were filed against a particular firm, you should check the BBB website. One can find information about the type of complaints and how the firm chose to resolve them. Also, there you will be able to see the rating based on the quality of the company’s moving services. Those that have an A or A+ rating are the most reliable.

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Run a background check online and see whether they gave you honest answers

Question 2 – Do Long-Distance Movers Have Experience in Conducting Particular Moves?

Is the relocation crew capable of handling anything that comes their way? It’s essential to find out whether the firm has considerable experience handling all types of moves. Whether you need to relocate to a big city and have belongings taken to a twelfth floor or you are relocating to a house in the suburbs, your professional movers should know how to safely move all of your possessions. Make sure that they can handle spiral stairs, narrow hallways, small doorways, the absence of elevators, and bulky items such as expensive pianos and old bookcases.

Additional Question – Does the Moving Company Have the Appropriate Equipment?

An additional question that goes along with the question about the movers’ expertise is whether they have the appropriate equipment to carry everything out correctly. Explain what type of items you want to transport and what your home looks like so that the crew knows what to expect. They should have a truck that is the right size so they can efficiently load and unload all items, a couple of dollies, and hoisting equipment. In case the firm needs to use a subcontractor for some parts of the job, don’t hesitate to ask for references and run a background check as well.

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Check whether the company has all the necessary equipment and supplies

Question 3 – Will the Firm Provide You With a Non-Binding or a Binding Estimate?

Customers must know how much the move will cost. A useful way you can find out the cost for the entire move is by requesting an estimate. Some firms provide customers with non-binding estimates. With this type of estimate, one will pay more for relocating to a new city if the move takes longer or proves to be more complex than initially thought.

Avoiding this situation is possible with a binding estimate. It will provide you with a price that won’t change under any circumstances. It would be best to make sure that it includes all the charges that might occur along the way. Additionally, in case you write a detailed inventory list, it will be easier for cross-country moving companies to provide you with an estimate.

Watch this video on how to make a home inventory which is not only necessary for moves but for potential crisis situations, too.

Question 4 – Do They Offer All Cross-Country Moving Services You Need?

Customers typically don’t just require their movers to load and unload a truck with their belongings. Challenging moves to a new city require more from the companies. Don’t assume that a particular firm does everything you need. Important moving company questions pertain to the type of services they provide, so ask whether they offer:

Some options are more important than others to some clients. Pick a firm that will pack and move you efficiently as well as provide you with additional services that are necessary as well.

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Learn what kind of long-distance moving services a firm can provide you with

Find Out More – What Kind of Storage Facilities and Packing Services Do They Offer?

When the relocation firm offers everything, one needs, inquiring a bit more about each service is advisable. We recommend focusing on the storage facilities and packing service. In case you want to keep certain items in a storage facility for some time, it’s best to know whether the space is safe. Check whether the unit is temperature-controlled and monitored. In short, find out how your belongings will be protected in the storage unit.

Also, make sure that you know what kind of packing service you can expect and what it will cost. Most companies offer partial and full packing options. If you want the crew to pack up everything from your inventory list, request full packing, but if you need them to pack up just a few items, request partial packing. Don’t forget to check whether they will unload the truck and unpack items after the move.

Question 5 – What Type of Liability Coverage You Can Count On?

Hiring a relocation company without inquiring about relocation insurance is a grave mistake. What will happen in the event of an accident? Ensure that everything you own is covered in case of damage. Learn about different liability coverage options they offer, so you can select one that is most suitable for your requirements. All licensed interstate relocation companies must provide clients with two options – Mandatory Liability Coverage and Full Value Replacement.

What’s Included in the Two Basic Liability Coverage Options?

The Mandatory Liability coverage should be offered by all reliable firms automatically once you choose to hire them. This option guarantees that they will assume liability for 60 cents per pound for every damaged object.

On the other hand, the Full Value Replacement option guarantees that the mover will reimburse you for everything that has been damaged or lost. However, this liability coverage comes at an additional cost.

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One of the most important questions to ask a moving company is about insurance

Question 6 – Will You Have Shipment Tracking?

Do you already know that you’ll be curious to find out how close the truck with your possessions is to the new home? What can put your mind at ease immediately is a shipment tracking option. Not many firms provide this service, but it is of the utmost importance.

Find out whether the firm you mean to hire offers real-time updates on where your belongings are located. Some firms may provide you with GPS tracking on their website, which is very useful and helpful. However, others can give you updates over the phone.

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Do you want to know where the truck with your items is? Request shipment tracking

Question 7 – Can They Show You Customer References and Recommendations?

Does the relocation firm have any awards for service or testimonials of satisfied customers? Asking customer support agents where you can find recommendations and testimonials for their firm is a great way to gain a better understanding of their work. They generally have a page on their website, but you should always check. Read a couple of reviews and comments but make sure that they are honest and trustworthy. Fake reviews tend to be too negative or overtly positive. When you read all about them, you will be able to decide whether they are credible or not.

How Do You Prepare for a Mover?

The best way to prepare for the movers is to create a checklist, pack an essentials box, move unimportant furniture out of the way, declutter and clean up. We recommend beginning with cleaning up your home and selling and donating anything that won’t be transported. Don’t underestimate the importance of having a box with essentials such as a change of clothes, easy-to-carry meals, utensils, and toiletries. Also, it’s wise to have some cash in the house so you can tip the crew.

Is There a Checklist for Moving?

Yes, there is a relocation to another state checklist. We recommend using popular checklist apps such as Todoist,Toggl Plan, and Trello. List all the tasks that must be completed by a certain date. Go one by one and check each task when you complete it. It will help you keep the move organized and smooth.

What Should You Not Do When Moving?

Don’t make typical mistakes such as keeping all of the belongings from your home, not researching a mover thoroughly, and not leaving enough time for planning a move. Last-minute moves or poorly organized moves can cause you a lot of stress. The worst thing that could happen to you is falling victim to a rogue mover that will seize your possessions. Be careful when moving cross country and ensure that your relocation is stress-free.

Now You Know What Questions to Ask Movers and What Additional Information to Search For – Start Planning

Have you been asking yourself – what questions should I ask a removal company? In case you’ve been having difficulty with this issue, our guide will help you ensure that the firm you hire is professional and experienced. Don’t hesitate to inquire about insurance coverage, references, shipment tracking, storage facilities, and license. With our questions to ask moving companies, you can’t go wrong. So reach out to all the firms you want to know more about and find out whether they are legit and right for you.


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