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When and How Much to Tip Movers

It’s common courtesy in the USA to acknowledge the service that has been provided to you. The same applies when hiring a cross-country moving company. But you may be wondering how much to tip movers, especially if you are moving cross-country for the first time. Although there is a national standard of 15%, various factors can potentially lower or raise the tips.

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It is always a nice gesture to show gratitude for a successful relocation

How Much to Tip Movers for Long-Distance Moving

It is debatable whether a relocating crew is essential or not in the first place. However, there is no denying that relocation is much more efficient when professional long-distance moving services are brought into play. Moving items from your household inventory list is not easy at all. After all, it’s manual labor that requires special attention. Therefore showing gratitude is always a nice gesture towards a good relocating crew. We will look at the following points:

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have a clear idea of how much to tip long-distance movers. Tasks that they perform are not easy at all, and it’s always nice to show appreciation for somebody’s hard work.

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Is Tipping Movers a Necessary Thing to Do? Professional Help Always Makes a Difference, and It’s Nice to Acknowledge It

We understand that relocation is a costly process, and you will certainly want to reduce the cost and deduct expenses from your relocation budget as much as you can. So before we start addressing the actual topic, it is necessary to state that tipping is not obligatory. There is no tipping policy in the relocation industry. Furthermore, some cross-country moving services providers have policies against such practices, so it’s best to get informed.

Be that as it may, the best way to show your gratitude to cross-country movers is by giving them tips. When going to a new home, there are always a lot of large items that have to be relocated. Heavy lifting is never an easy job, and you have to be aware of the fact that a relocating crew saves you a lot of trouble.

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Professional help makes a huge difference when moving

There Is No Fixed Rate for Tips – Everything Is up to You

How much do you tip movers? There is no definite answer to this question, but there are some general figures that people usually follow when relocating to a new home. Nonetheless, a legitimate long-distance moving company will not demand this from you. Let us see what the usual figures are:

  • If the workers have been working for half a day which is 4 hours, usually it is around 20 dollars per mover,
  • For a full day, which is 8 hours, usually, it is around 40 dollars per mover,
  • Finally, if your relocating out list requires overtime work, 12 hours or more, it is around 60 dollars per mover.

If you are thinking about following the 15% rule, that can become quite expensive when relocating to a new state. Therefore, it is best to stick to this practice of tipping each mover individually.

You Have to Consider a Lot of Things When Deciding How Much to Tip Long-Distance Movers

These figures are flexible. The quality of the service will depend on numerous factors. Above all, you will have your own needs, which, of course, have to align with the policies of a company. But, you may require, for example, faster work because of last-minute relocation, or there will be some valuable glassware that needs to be packed. How workers approach such issues will immensely impact the overall success of your relocation.

Here Are the Main Things That You Should Consider

There are some general characteristics that a reputable long-distance moving company should have. But also, there are some common tasks that can be quite hard for workers to deal with. We will enumerate these situations and state that crews that handle these tasks professionally deserve tips.

  • Having to lift heavy pieces of your home furniture is already hard enough by itself. However, having to lift heavy objects that are delicate at the same time is even harder. Relocating a piano is a prime example of this situation. Such an object requires a lot of care and effort, particularly if there is a staircase along the path.
  • As mentioned above, packing fragile items or valuable possessions can be a huge issue. Professional packing services provide much comfort when relocating to a new home. Furthermore, a good moving crew will provide all the necessary packing supplies that will protect your belongings in storage units and during transportation.
  • Relocation is all about efficiency. If workers show good organization and quickly load and unload everything, that is always a sign of a good company. Efficiency is especially important when relocating with kids, as the whole relocation process is stressful on a whole new level.
  • It is always nice when workers are friendly. You may need some packing advice, for example, or some relocation hacks when arranging your new apartment. There is no reason why you should not ask mover something that interests you on the day of the relocation. Of course, this goes both ways. You will also have to show courtesy.
  • Finally, if a relocating crew is eager to help you with the unpacking after the move, especially with the reassembling of furniture, then you should definitely consider showing some gratitude.

Therefore, consider all these things if you are asking yourself the following question: How much should I tip movers? Nevertheless, such a conscientious approach should never be overlooked. Here is a good video on how to start looking for a reliable relocating enterprise.

There Are Situations When Workers Do Not Deserve Tips

If you had a bad overall experience, or if the work was simply not up to par, there is no reason to show any extra gratitude. After all, professional standards have to be met, and if a relocating enterprise cannot even do what they are supposed to, then tipping is certainly not what they deserve. Let us see what some of the most frequent bad practices during relocation are:

  • Being late and disorganized is always a red flag. When you arrange a relocation, a clear schedule will be made that has to be followed in order for your move to be maximally efficient. Sometimes, it may even happen that they arrive with a truck that has a smaller trailer than needed. That means they haven’t bothered to go through your inventory list, which is truly unprofessional.
  • Being careless with your home items is never a good sight. Relocation workers are professionals who know the proper lifting and carrying techniques and the best packing techniques. If you see that they are banging your table against the wall, or dropping glasses and plates, then there is no reason to show gratitude.
  • Being slow is never good for relocation. Of course, workers have to have a break, but slacking on a job is not professional behavior.
  • Having a bad attitude is unacceptable. As mentioned above, you can ask anything you are interested in concerning relocation. If you are behaving politely, there is no reason why a worker should not reciprocate that behavior.
  • Asking for a gratuity should be done in a polite manner. After all, workers have the right to ask you for a bonus, and if, for some reason, a person has to ask for it, it should not be in an aggressive manner. Still, if the job was successful, gratuities are usually given without much talk.

Finally, do not forget that accidents can happen, and you have to show understanding. If something occurs, a professional will always look for the best and most efficient way to rectify the situation. Furthermore, reputable companies will always be open to hearing any complaints and trying to find a solution.

What Is the Best Way to Show Gratitude After a Successful Relocation?

Some people like to provide an incentive for workers to work harder. Usually, it is in the form of a promise that there will be bonuses if the relocation is successful. Some even give 10-20 dollars to each worker even before they start. Of course, this depends on what type of person you are, and there is no need for this if it seems uncomfortable.

The general rule is that bonuses should be distributed after the work is done. And give each worker their tip individually. Do not give extra money to their foreman. In this way, you will recognize the effort of everyone included. Unfortunately, some foremen are dishonest as well, and it often happens that they keep that money for themselves.

Sometimes, Loading and Unloading Crews Are Different

Keep in mind that when relocating cross-country, it can happen that different people will take care of the loading and unloading of your possessions. So, in theory, you should have enough money for both crews, especially if they show professionalism and polite behavior. But, of course, if this is too much, it is completely understandable not to give a gratuity. A firm handshake and sincere thanks are enough.

Gratitude Can Be Shown in Other Ways as Well

If you see that the workers are doing a good job and treating your possessions with care, you can make their day much easier by supplying them with bottles of water or coffee. It is also common practice to provide some snacks or even buy lunch if you have the means.

Of course, there is always the traditional offering of beer, but professional companies have strict policies against alcohol, so workers will most likely decline a bottle of a cold one.

A handshake deal between a mover and customer after moving cross-country overlay
Gratuity is the best way to show that you are satisfied with your relocation

You Should Always Leave a Review After Relocation

Reviews are quite important nowadays. If you are truly satisfied with the relocation, it is always a nice gesture to leave a positive review about the enterprise. It does not cost you anything, but it means a lot to the business. On the other hand, if you had a bad experience, do not hesitate to leave a constructive critique. After all, one can only improve by accepting valid criticism.

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If you are satisfied with the relocation, do not forget to leave positive feedback, it does not cost you anything

Relocation Is Not an Easy Procedure, and Good Workers Deserve to Be Recognized

How much do I tip movers? If you have been wondering what the answer to this question is, we hope that this article was useful. Let us be honest – relocation workers probably deserve more for their effort. It is not easy to carry pieces of furniture and stuffed boxes for hours. Therefore, if you see that the people truly care about doing their job appropriately, try to show gratitude in any way possible.


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