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How to Pack Fragile Items with the Best Professional Tricks

Around 3 million Americans are cross country moving every year with family or alone. The relocation process is complicated and challenging especially when you don’t know how to pack fragile items for moving. So, when it comes to boxing up your breakable things, you need to be very careful. Dishes, glasses, china, pictures, mirrors, and artwork are the objects that get damaged most frequently during the relocation. In this text, we’ll go through the most important steps when it comes to wrapping your precious stuff.

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We all want all of our stuff safely moved to the new home, so make sure every breakable item is well secured and packed.

No matter what are your reasons to move, you want to preserve those significant items during the relocation and safely find them a place in your new home. For example, you have that painting you want to bring and have it in one piece and unscratched once you settle down in the future apartment. We all know how artworks can be costly, but did you know that the most expensive painting ever sold, Salvator Mundi by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci in 2019, went for a whopping $450.3 million? Maybe your painting is not that pricey, but why not protect something that has meaning and value when moving cross country. If you want to avoid any damage, here are some tricks you need to know when you are packing fragile items for moving.

Why Is Important to Know How to Pack Fragile Items and Safely Put It in the Box

You could use some help if it’s your first time relocating, and knowing how to move efficiently will make the whole process a lot easier. This can be an awesome opportunity to contact your friends and ask them to give you a hand with securing and storing your stuff. However, packaging fragile items might require extra protection and care. A lot can depend on the materials you will need to protect your belongings and also the type of package and other supplies. You surely don’t want to arrive at your future destination with broken and damaged pieces, and hiring professionals is totally on if you can’t make it on your own. However, learning the techniques of wrapping breakable objects and how to safely put them in the boxes will help you deal with relocation stress if you opt for DIY relocation.

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It will take some time to secure and store everything, but you'll have your important stuff in one piece after the relocation.

What to Use to Pack Fragile Items – Get a Cardboard and Other Supplies

If you want to reduce the relocation costs, doing it on the packing supplies might not be a great solution. Yes, materials for boxing up your delicate stuff are expensive, but they will ensure you have everything in one piece once you arrive at your destination. However, by knowing some relocation tips and using different types of packing materials, you can avoid common relocation mistakes. So, when choosing packing materials, have in mind that not only the quality matters but also the quantity. You should get them as much as you can because you don’t want to end up without a sealing tape, for example, on your relocation day.

Here are some materials that should be on your list:

  • Cardboard boxes – it is important to pick the right boxes and packing supplies. That way, your relocation will go much smoother. Another trick is to pick the best-sized boxes. If you are wondering how to pack dishes for relocation, the key is the right size of the box. You maybe didn’t think of that, but just imagine how you would lift too big a package.
  • Bubble wrap – this is a material you’ll need to protect any breakable thing, but it is important you also know how to use bubble wrap.
  • Packing paper – this is the perfect material for wrapping up your delicate belongings and preventing them from breaking during the relocation.
  • Sealing tape – tape can be your best friend when it comes to securing packages from opening during transportation.
  • Fragile stickers – when professional cross-country movers see these stickers, they will handle the packages with care.
  • Markers – markers can come in handy when it comes to labeling the packages. You can use markers in a different color for better organization.

Use the Best Packing Material for Fragile Items

You might wonder why it is important to wrap vases, artwork, and other delicate things in the best materials. For example, if you have used packages that aren’t as solid as they should be, you risk having your belongings broken during the transportation. When you have to pack glassware, make sure you secure each glass and breakable item by wrapping and putting them separately in the package. That way, they won’t break. So, putting some extra money on the supplies might be a good solution for you.

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Get Free Moving Boxes and Other Supplies

If you are relocating on a budget, you should look for the cheapest way to move out. Indeed, there are alternatives for the materials mentioned above when moving fragile items. However, you’ll soon notice that, for example, newspapers are not a good solution in this case. They could be a cheap substitute, but they are dirty and could leave stains on your belongings. You certainly don’t want to wash your dishes once you start unpacking after a move. So, instead, you can try renting boxes and search online for some free material and packages. You can check the website Craigslist and also some Facebook groups.

Another way to save money is to use everything soft you can find at your home:

  • Clothes,
  • Towels,
  • Blankets,
  • Socks,
  • Sheets.

These soft materials can be a good substitute for expensive storing supplies. Just make sure you put each breakable item between the sheets or some other cushioning. And socks can protect glassware very well if you put them inside and around the glasses.

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Any soft material can protect your breakable stuff, like mirrors, photo frames and old wall clocks

How to Wrap Fragile Items for Moving

The relocation can be a very stressful and time-consuming task. You need to have everything organized and prepared for the moving day. However, you could learn some techniques and the whole process will be a breeze. Every item that can easily break during bumping transportation needs to be secured. Protect your belongings with paper or any material you find at home. Also, it is important to fold them in the packages separately. That way, if there is any hollow left, you can fill it with the remaining paper. And at the end comes storing the packages in the truck. The first hack is to store the fragiles last. They should be on top of all else so that the weight of the other packages won’t break anything.

If you’re still wondering how do you wrap a fragile object, watch a video to get a closer idea:

How to Pack Object with Irregular Shape

You can use some tips and tricks when it comes to wrapping up objects that don’t have a regular shape. You might be wondering how do you pack fragile figurines since they definitely don’t have a regular shape, but also china and some frames on the wall. So here’s how you can do it:

  • Set the item in the cardboard and be sure that the object fits completely in the box,
  • Cover it with the bubble wrap or other soft material you have at home,
  • If there are hollow parts, fill them with crumpled paper,
  • Secure it well, with lots of tape.

Take the sealed package with you if possible. If not, put an extra sticky note with a warning that it is breakable.

Label Each Box

Right labeling in the relocation process is also a very important step. If you’re planning on hiring professional long-distance movers, label each box with the right marker and sticky note you prepared before. That way, the professionals will exactly know how to handle the packages. Don’t forget to write what is in the box on its side, not the top, and unpacking will be a lot easier once you move into your new home.

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If you don't put any label, there's a chance the professional won't pay any attention to what is in the package

Tips on How to Protect Your Breakable Things During Transportation

How do I protect my fragile packages? This might come up as the first question when you decide it is time to move. The main thing to remember is to secure the box after you fill it with your delicate belongings. You’ll need cardboard that you’ll put inside the box to enforce it. Another thing you’ll need is bubble wrap or paper to fill the holes that might remain inside the box once it’s packed. And last but not least, the tape, a lot of it. Reinforce the box from all the sides, and your package is good to go.

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It is tricky when you have breakable stuff and you want them in one piece. If possible, have them packed and safely put next to you

If a Storage Is Needed, Don’t Hesitate

If you are relocating to a smaller home and you still don’t know what to do with all the stuff you packed, renting storage is the best solution for you. However, you can create a household inventory list before you even start boxing everything up. That way, you can donate unwanted things and have more room for your stuff. But if you still have a big pile of boxes to move, the most important thing when you are looking for a professional long-distance moving company is to check their storage services and secure your packages.

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Once you secure your belongings, they can wait safely in the storage if needed until you find just the right place for them

Hire a Long Distance Moving Company and Get Professional Help

Getting help from professionals who know how to package fragile items for shipping and their long-distance moving services might be just for you if you don’t have time for storing your breakable belongings. Contact more than one company and ask for free quotes. When you find a reliable cross-country moving company, you won’t have to think about packing services nor about auto shipping. After all, the relocation process is a lot to bear, and getting some help is just fine. That way, you can be more relaxed and enjoy your future place with your belongings safely transported.


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