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How to Prepare for Movers and Make Everyone’s Job Easier

Your move-out day approaches, and you’ve invested in quality long-distance moving services, so you won’t have to lift a finger. Or will you? In reality, there are still some things you’ll have to do by yourself, so let’s see how to prepare for movers and what needs to be tackled.

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Prepare your residence before the professional crew arrives

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today,” said H. Jackson Brown Jr. in P.S. I Love You. These are not empty words, especially when it comes to relocations. Long-distance moving is the third most stressful event in our lives, and there are 40 million Americans who move each year that can confirm it. While average Americans relocate more than 11 times in their lifetime, some for jobs that require relocation, others for personal reasons, many can tell you that you’ll have to take specific preparatory steps so everything can run smoothly. So, what are those steps, you may ask? Bear with us while we try to bring some fun and adventure into your preparations or at least remove a bit of that stress and tension.

Grab a Pen, Make a Moving Checklist, and Start Executing Your Move-Out Plan on Time

No one told you there’s going to be writing at the beginning of the moving preparations, did they? But hey, look at it this way – by putting everything on paper, you’re making sure there’s no anxiety about moving out. No, we’re not pulling your leg; making a checklist before you do anything else will guarantee you a stress-free move. If you create a general timeline of all the tasks that need to be tackled and try to stick to it as much as you can, you will be prepared in the best possible way when the cross-country movers arrive.

Setting the Budget Is One of the Things You Can Do to Prepare Early On

Since you’ve already called in a cross-country moving company, and they’ve given you at least a rough estimate, it’s the perfect time to set your move-out budget. Add some unexpected expenses in and tips for the long-distance movers, and you’re good to go.

Make Sure Your Utilities Are Connected When Professionals Arrive

One of the common mistakes people make when planning a relocation is to completely and thoroughly forget to call utility companies. As much as it’s essential to have things like electricity and water on the day you move into your new home, it’s crucial to have utilities still connected when professionals come. In addition, they’ll need to use the bathroom and perhaps some lighting to get around your home, so set the disconnection date properly.

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Set the disconnection date after the relocation company leaves

How to Prepare for Movers to Pack Items in Your Home and Save up at the Same Time

It’s time to get packing! Well, not, not just yet, but it’s time to take garbage bags and start wandering around your home in search of all things that shouldn’t make it to your new place. Yes, it’s decluttering time, and it’s never too early to start sorting stuff in three groups:

  • Donate – We’re pretty confident you have more than a pile of things that are in good condition but don’t require any more. Those may range from furniture that you’re sure won’t fit into the new abode, not by style, nor by size (grandma’s dresser, we’re looking at you,) to still working appliances you want to switch for newer models. You can donate unwanted items to many charities like GreenDrop and even agree on pick-up terms. Also, look online for other sites to know where to donate furniture before you move.
  • Sell – Throwing a garage sale is a perfect opportunity to save a dime and add to the budget while lowering the number of items on your household inventory list. The fewer things the long-distance moving company loads on a truck, the lower the quote will be.
  • Throw away – Come on, you should be honest and admit to yourself that many of your favorite clothing pieces either have holes in them or will start to tear and are not wearable anymore. And you won’t get down to fixing the broken lamp that’s getting layers of dust while sitting sadly in the corner of your garage. Take those garbage bags and start throwing things into them. You’ll feel as light as a feather afterward.

On a side note, while we’re at the “throwaway” talk, contact your cross-country moving professionals and ask them for a list of non-allowable items. That way, when you get to packing, you’ll know what else goes into the garbage. Also, some decluttering tips can be seen in the following video.

What to Pack Before the Movers Come? Be a Know-How and Pack a Bag Full Of Essentials

We admit that getting moving insurance is vital to avoid being under stress while your belongings are transported. But a survival kit is equally essential, and anyone that has already moved knows that we don’t mean a bag for camping. One of the crucial packing tips and tricks is that you’ll need to pack several items that will help you make it through the first days in your future home. So grab a bag and pack moving essentials such as basic toiletries (toilet paper, shampoo, towels, toothbrushes, and toothpaste,) a few kitchen utensils for quick meals and beverages, a change of clothes for each member of your family, chargers, and important documents. For those that are relocating with pets, remember to pack their food as well as beloved toys.

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Obtain Everything You Need for Packing

Let’s see what’s ticked off of your checklist: making a checklist in the first place – done; decluttering – done; essentials bag – done. It’s time to get packing, but you can’t go into it unprepared. So, what’s the next step on this journey called “how to prepare for professional movers?” It’s gathering suitable packing materials because, without them, this job can’t be appropriately tackled. You’ll need boxes of all sizes, packing tape (avoid plain duct tape, so your packages won’t open in the middle of transport,) packing paper, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, scissors, a tape dispenser, and a marker (you’ll find out later on what it’s for.)

You Can Freely Pack up Some of Your Belongings

There’s some stuff you can pack by yourself before the professionals arrive, and you can start with seasonal clothes and shoes. If you’re relocating in winter (which is a good choice that will allow you to save up on money,) you can place all your summer clothes into boxes. All of your artwork and other decorations can also be packed away and left in a room where they won’t clutter the way.

Time for Dusting, Cleaning and Tidying Up

Sure, investing in cross-country moving services has got you covered with many tasks in the relocation process, and you’re well on your way to be a relocation professional yourself. But, there’s a catch (above all we’ve already listed.) While a reliable company will send their trained team to disassemble furniture and pack everything up, first you’ll need to clean your furniture, as well as your appliances thoroughly. Dust, scrub, and wash if needed, and check if everything is dry in the end. This is important if you plan to leave your stuff in storage units to not end up with mold on your belongings.

Do You Need to Empty Dressers for Movers?

Dressers can be prepared two ways – you can take all your possessions out, sort them and place them in packages, or you can apply one of the best relocating hacks. Leave the contents inside, but remove the drawers and wrap each one individually with plastic wrap. Be generous on it, and when you’re sure it’s secured, place them back into the dresser, and ensure the whole piece again with plastic. This is a great way to handle last-minute relocation and pack in a hurry.

Preparing for Movers Includes Labeling the Boxes, and It’s the Best Moving Hack

If you haven’t lost that marker in the preparatory chaos, it’s a tool that will help both you and the professional team that came to help you pack. First, label each box properly, write “fragile” on the packages that contain delicates, and set some time aside to take a photo inventory of the contents. Then, for an ultimate hack, use the color-coding system. Designate a color to a room, label each box with a corresponding color, and label the doors in your new home before your stuff arrives. That way, the relocating team will know exactly where to place the packages.

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Unpacking will be done in a jiffy if you label each box

Find a Babysitter or Call Family Members to Help

All those relocating with kids, especially toddlers, realize they have much more on their plate. It’s next to impossible to keep the whole move under control and take care of your energetic little ones. In addition, your home will soon be full of strangers, and the front door will probably be open for a couple of hours, so it’s best to find a babysitter for that day, so you can focus on moving out. Family members can also help by helping around the home and keeping an eye on the kids.

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Call in a babysitter to help you

Prepare Your Car to Be Shipped

An auto shipping service is an excellent solution for your move, as you will be relieved from driving while moving cross country. But, “how should I prepare for a mover that will take over my vehicle,” you wonder. There are preparatory steps required to take when you’re transporting a car across the country, and that means you should remove all your possessions from the vehicle and have it checked before you hand it over. Prepare its documentation, and make sure it’s clean so that you can document any damage properly.

A man washing a vehicle before moving across the country overlay
Prepare your car before handing it over

What to Do While Movers Are Moving?

There are several things you can do if you’re wondering how to prepare your home for movers. First, try not to get in anyone’s way, but stay close if needed. Second, prepare some snacks, water, and other beverages (if it’s cold outside, have some tea ready.) Second, prepare and make sure the bathroom is clean and available. Also, have some cash on you so that you can tip them for a job well done.

Two professional cross-country movers carrying a couch overlay
Be available but don’t stand in the way while the professionals do their job

Clean the Residence After the Professional Crew Leaves

While you’ve probably already done a move-out cleaning, after the movers have gone and taken out all your stuff, you should do a once-over and determine what requires some more tidying up. You will probably need to clean the bathroom one more time, dust the floors where your furniture was and mop the flooring. The moment you’re sure everything is squeaky clean, you can leave.

Mopping a wooden floor overlay
Mop the floors once again after everyone leaves

Let the Professionals Take Care Of More Tasks

Relocations are demanding, but hiring professionals will make the whole process a breeze. If you’ve decided to spend a dime more on top of it all and get packing service, you can make the entire experience a memorable one and take a few tasks off the list. A helping hand is even more critical if you’re moving to another state alone and can’t handle all the hard work by yourself.


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