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Moving From Apartment to House – Life, Universe, and Everything in the Suburbs

If moving from apartment to house is a new concept for you, you might feel some resistance towards it. Sure, apartments in the city are close to many amenities, but nothing can change the amount of space and freedom suburban property offers. Learn more about the good sides of living in suburbia.

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How do I prepare myself to move out for the first time? Don't worry too much and try to see the benefits of houses

Moving From Apartment to House? Here’s What to Expect When Living in the Suburbs for the First Time

What was it like to move out for the first time? It was likely scary and stressful, as moving cross country can be. But what do you do when moving from an apartment to a house? This can be nerve-wracking but a good thing overall. You can decide where to live without worrying about noise, disturbing the neighbors, lease expirations, and parking space.

Most suburban areas are residential, primarily houses and some businesses or other commercial buildings. This can be a nice change of pace for some and provide a relaxed atmosphere.

However, the suburbs are very different from the countryside. Suburbs are great for those who want to be close to the city but don’t need to live amid all the hustle and bustle, while the countryside is pretty isolated. Suburb folks are still city-adjacent and have everything a city person might need.

There are many different types of suburbs, each with its unique feel. Some suburbs are family-oriented, while others are geared more toward young professionals.

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More Space for You, Your Family, and Your Furniture

Moving from a small apartment to a large house is great for anyone who needs more space in and outside the property. Our relocation tip for family folks and those with pets is to look for decently-sized homes where everyone can play, relax, and grow freely.

Also, houses typically have more storage space, which is helpful if you have many items. And speaking of space, you can call cross-country moving services and get the benefits of car shipping because you’ll have a driveway to park your car. No more circles around the block to find a decent parking spot and overpaid garage spaces.

Another advantage of houses is that they often come with yards. This can be nice if you want to garden or want your children to be able to play outside safely. Yards also provide extra space for activities like barbecues and picnics.

Many people prefer this kind of property because they feel more private than apartments, especially if the home is in a quiet neighborhood.

The Backyard Is Insurance That Moving Into a House Is Worth It

A backyard is an excellent space for relaxation and entertainment, enjoying the natural suburban scenery, and growing your fruits and vegetables to save money and eat healthily.

This deal beats cramped apartments with little to no space for many family members, and it’s one of the most solid reasons to move to the suburbs.

Front yards typically have garages and adjacent sheds where you can keep all your extra items and garden maintenance tools. When you unpack your relocation essentials and the most crucial furniture, you can keep whatever’s left in a shed in your yard – or use free monthly storage services from movers.

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Imagine your family lounging in a backyard pool during scorching summers - what's better than that?

Suburb-Adjacent Schools Are Usually Better

While relocation adversely affects children, you can make it up to them by enrolling them in a high-quality school. Generally, schools in the suburbs are better because of more resources, higher safety, and better funding. That may not mean much to your little one immediately, but they’ll see the benefits soon.

Better schools mean more opportunities for students to get a good education and extracurricular activities. They can participate in sports, music, and other activities after school, which helps them develop skills, make friends and stay busy.

Although it’s wrong to generalize, many schools within the city are often overcrowded and underfunded. There are also fewer extracurricular activities available in the city because of a lack of extra space, making it hard for students to stay engaged in their schoolwork and develop other skills.

That’s why it’s best to inform your kid to prepare for a move beforehand and ask them to help you choose their new school. This can reduce relocation’s negative effects and make them feel like they’re making decisions as active family members.

Your Kids’ First Day of School In a New Home Will Be Easier to Handle

Overall, schools in the suburbs are better than those in the city because they have more resources. Your kids’ first day of school will likely be more pleasant because they’re in a good, reputable school.

Although no first day of school is easy, when kids go from one to another, that could take a harder toll. Maybe the best time to move is just when the school year ends since you need to give your kid a chance to adapt to the environment before starting anew.

Relocating with a toddler will also have you scrambling for daycares and kindergarten options, which are common in the suburbs predominantly occupied by families. While kids experience some shock from relocation, they’re adaptable and strong. You just need to be there for them.

The cute, animated video below talks of one man’s experience with chronically being “the new kid” at school. He talks about how he adapted and made friends despite frequent relocations. This may help your child adjust and show resilience.

Suburban Neighborhoods Tend to Be Safer

This may not be new information, but the suburbs are much safer than the city. Houses may seem less safe to live in, but you can install a security system or simple motion-capture lights around your home without needing a landlord’s or other tenants’ permission.

Students can walk to school without fear, and kids can play in suburban parks with minimal supervision (it’s advised to still watch over them). In urban areas, crime is a major concern, so when you plan a move to another city, search for crime statistics in cities you’re interested in. But don’t delve too deeply into it; it might get real depressing fast.

The Community Is a Bit More Tight-Knit and Willing to Help

To turn your adventure into a stress-free relocation, think of how suburban communities are more tight-knit and friendly than communities in the city. Understanding that a friendly face might live next to you will lighten the relocation load.

Here are some other benefits of living in a suburban community:

  • Neighbors and communities are friendlier because people have more in common,
  • They are usually (physically) close to each other, so they can quickly get to know each other by having barbecues or weekly community meetings,
  • They actively work together to improve the environment.

And how will you know you’ve hit the friendliness jackpot? Here’s how:

  • Look online for websites that list communities by their friendliness score,
  • Ask friends and family for recommendations,
  • Search for suburban neighborhoods with a high concentration of families,
  • Assess the neighborhood’s safety.

If You Need to Increase Your Physical Activity, You Can Do So Here

If you develop depression after relocating, it’ll be easy to ask yourself, why does moving make me sad? It’s a typical response to a significant change such as this one but fear not; there is a cure, although you may not like it very much. It’s physical activity.

Before you dismiss it, hear us out. The benefits of relocating to the suburbs are more opportunities for outdoor activities. The neighborhoods are typically designed for walking, which makes it easy to get around without using a car. There are plenty of parks and playgrounds for kids to play in. All of these things add up to a more active lifestyle.

Even if you’re not too interested in running or being overly active, an occasional walk around the park or a bicycle ride to the grocery store will make you feel healthy and strong, even just for a moment, and that’s invaluable.

It’s Easier to Keep Pets (And No One Can Ban You From It)

What is the first thing to do when moving into a house? Get a dog. Or a cat. Or both. Get all the animals because relocating to a new home will finally mean that no landlord will be on your back or try to charge you an extra “pet fee.”

If you have and are relocating with pets, they’ll be thrilled with this change. There are often more parks and green spaces in the suburbs, which is excellent for pets who love to run around and explore.

There are also usually fewer cars on the roads, making it a safer place for your pet to explore. Also, many suburban neighborhoods have close-knit communities where people are likelier to watch over each other’s pets. This can be helpful if you cannot keep an eye on your pet at all times.

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Your pets will love all the free space in and around your home

Cross-Country Moving Companies Work Better In the Suburbs

The one thing we know will surely be much easier in the suburbs is hiring movers. Cross-country movers will have more room to unload your items and make sure everything is in its place. City moves are complex because sometimes trucks can’t access your street, or there’s no available parking space nearby.

Either way, when you choose a long-distance moving company, you’ll get professional packing service, truck transportation, free monthly storage, relocation insurance, and, best of all, car shipping services. With long-distance moving services, the first day of your move will go smoothly.

Remember when you wondered how long does it take to move from house to apartment? This time, it’s the other way around, and it will take less because you’ll have enough space to move around and maneuver the many boxes.

You Can Pack Many Boxes and Heavy Things When Moving to a House

Moving to a new house means you can pack whatever you like, but it’ll be beneficial to declutter beforehand. Decluttering is the foundation of success and happiness, or at least that’s what long-distance movers of a cross-country moving company will tell you when you ask them for packing tips.

Packing more boxes can be a huge benefit, although it doesn’t seem like that initially. Not only will the move be easier and faster, but you’ll also stay organized and avoid clutter, which is exactly what to do before moving into a new house.

By packing everything you need in similarly sized boxes, you can avoid searching through piles of items to find what you’re looking for when unpacking after relocation.

This can not only save time and effort, but it can also aid you in keeping your home neat. If you wonder do movers pack your clothes, they can, but you can also do that and organize your items to unpack easier.

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You can pack efficiently and have enough room to unpack in your home

Apartments Are Cool, but Houses Are Way Cooler

City living can be pretty anonymous. People often don’t know their neighbors, and they may not have anything in common with them. There is also a lot more crime in cities, so people tend to be more cautious and less trusting.

Overall, suburban living is more comforting and secure, while city living is more exciting and fast-paced. It depends on what you are looking for in a place to live. Suburban areas offer a more stable and secure environment, while cities provide more opportunities for excitement and adventure.

Whichever you choose when you look to move to another city, make sure it is the right fit for you and your lifestyle, and then call a cross-country moving service to help you go through the change.


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