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Fun Long-Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas to Help You Celebrate Love

Being miles away from your loved one on special dates is hard. Walking down the streets all alone and watching happy couples exchanging gifts and kisses doesn’t seem like fun on a date when love is globally celebrated. If state lines separate you from your soulmate, our long-distance Valentine’s Day suggestions will help you overcome this apartness.

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Geographical distances are great challenge for relationships but also an opportunity to deepen the connection with a significant other

Far From the Eyes, Far From the Heart? Don’t Take This Old Saying Seriously

Moving to another state alone because you’ve just got one of those jobs that require relocation while leaving your loved ones behind is one of the toughest decisions to make. Although people around you might be supportive, telling your parents you’re moving out of state won’t be any less stressful. Not to mention the moment when you have to tell your friends you’re moving, or even worse – your partner.

Although many couples start off their relationships with great distances between them, for many others, an unavoidable relocation away from each other is a turning point. However, separation doesn’t always have to mean the end of relationships. Especially in the 21st century, when we are all connected more than ever.

Love Will Travel as Far as You Let It – It Has No Limits

Luckily, virtual environments give us an opportunity to maintain our long-distance relationships, even if the place where you’ve decided to live is thousands of miles apart from your partner. Not to mention great flight connections that help us overcome all those distances. So no matter how heartbroken you and your significant other are while preparing for cross-country moving, there are still ways to get the best out of this change.

Here are some long-distance Valentine’s Day ideas that will help you spice up your relationship, have some fun, and show your partner that moving cross-country can even deepen your connection. Once you find out how inventive they can be, the idea of choosing cross-country moving services and relocating away from each other won’t seem that insurmountable after all.

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What Can I Do for Valentine’s Day Long-Distance to Surprise My Partner?

If you and your partner are feeling anxious about moving out long-distance, this is quite understandable, especially if this is the first time you’ll be that far away from each other. To mitigate the bad psychological effects of moving frequently, there are many innovative gifts that can express how much your soulmate means to you and that home is where your hearts meet. Here are some innovative presents that will leave your special person speechless!

Choose a Perfect Gift, Like a Star Map of the Sky When You First Met

Are you looking for a unique present that will be a perfect reminder of how lucky you two are to have each other? Then buying an image of the positions of stars at the moment of your first date or kiss will be the best choice. According to experts, stars are never in the same position twice, and this is what makes your connection and this gift so special.

Name a Star After Your Soulmate and Take Stargazing to the Next Level

Did you know that buying and naming a star after your soulmate is actually possible? If not, then this is definitely an idea to consider since there is no better way to show how much you adore your significant other.

Also, once you get a star for your love, you’ll get exclusive access to an app that will allow you to locate the star once you type in the ID. All this will help you take stargazing to the next level. No matter the time zone or the distances between you, you’ll be able to look at the same sky, at the same point, and envision a future together. We assure you, there is no better and more romantic way to spend Valentine’s, even if state lines separate you from your loved one.

How About Performing a Modern Serenade?

Serenades are now only a part of stories and fables, but they can still be a very effective way to show how much you care about your significant other. If you can’t perform it on your own since your loved one moved during coronavirus, and there are travel restrictions that prevent you from taking a flight, there is still a solution!

Hiring a one-man band who will perform your favorite song right under the window (like back in the good old times) will definitely melt your lover’s heart. Just ensure to find a person who is willing to participate in this project, book them at least one month in advance, and let the show start!

Send Gifts to Your Soulmate and Celebrate Love!

Once your love is all alone, miles away from home and you, the feeling of loneliness and depression after moving might prevail. However, there are small things that could motivate you both to feel better about the whole situation.

Showing affection through a small gift you’ll send could definitely be a game-changer and strengthen your bond. Here are some long-distance relationship Valentine’s Day ideas for unique gifts that will leave your significant other speechless.

Print the Most Beautiful Photos and Make a Photo Album

Creating a photo album that will document your most precious moments has never been easier! The YoloBook app has been created for this purpose, and it enables you to print the photos right from your phone. Also, there is an option to order a printed photo album, so just pick the option that suits you better and prepare this great surprise!

You can also frame some of those pictures. So, when your partner hangs them on the wall, it will certainly help make their apartment feel more like home even though they are miles away.

Send a Jar With Notes That Will Equal the Number of Days You’ve Been Together

DIY projects are always great for showing affection! This will prove to your loved one how dedicated you are and how much you care about the relationship you have. Making a message jar that will contain love notes is one of the best ways of saying I love you in hundreds of different shapes. If you’d like to see a couple of useful tips on how to make it, take a look at the video below and start working on the project right away!

What Do I Get My Long-Distance Boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?

Choosing a perfect gift for your boyfriend is not the easiest thing to do. However, there are many interesting things that could be an ideal present for your loved one. The greatest surprise will undoubtedly be to buy him a ticket for a game for his favorite team. If he enjoys going to live concerts, get him a ticket to see his favorite band.

101 Rose Will Knock Every Girl off Her Feet Because Classics Never Go Out of Style

Almost every girl dreams of getting 101 roses delivered to her doorstep. So if you want to make her dreams come true, find a local florist in her town that offers delivery services. Although this is a classic way to show your feelings, it is still very popular, and the chances of making a mistake equal zero.

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If you choose to send some flowers, don't forget to attach a love note as well

How Do You Do a Virtual Valentine’s Day?

It looks like Valentine’s Day ideas for long-distance relationships are countless! Thanks to new technologies, spending a romantic eve together is possible, even if you’re physically not in the same place. Here are some solutions that will help you be closer to your significant other!

Organize an Online Dinner With Your Date

Scheduling a Zoom or Skype meeting at a specific time and organizing a romantic online dinner is one of the most innovative ways to spend an unforgettable evening with your significant other. To organize a perfect night, find a local restaurant and order your loved one’s favorite food to be delivered to their address. Order the same dish for yourself, light some candles, and enjoy the magic!

After the Dinner Is Finished, It’s Time for a Movie Night

Another great way to spend an evening with your significant other is to watch the same movie and discuss it afterward. This is quite simple to organize, thanks to Netflix, HBO, and similar streaming services. Not to mention if your loved one has just moved to a cold climate and it’s freezing outside. Just agree on the title and let the movie marathon start!

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The only challenge when organizing a date, except for being apart, is staying awake if your time zones don't align

Plan an Unforgettable Surprise Trip and Have an In-Person Date

One of the greatest benefits of moving is that it will enable both partners to travel more often. If your soulmate has recently moved to another state, then visiting it will be a delightful activity. Organizing a trip to a place you two have always dreamed of visiting together is definitely one of the most beautiful ways to spend time with your partner and deal with moving stress. If you’re looking for romantic destinations, Willamette Valley in Oregon, Martha’s Vineyard in MA, or Amelia Island in Florida, will be the top choices.

So once you decide what option is right for you two, book flights and a hotel. Or, even better, if the circumstances allow you, organize a surprise visit and present all the details personally! Of course, ensure that all this happens a few days before Valentine’s, and try to maintain control of the tiniest details.

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Surprises are always welcome, so don't hesitate to organize one

Create a Couple Goals Video that Will Show the Best Moments of Your Relationship

Other great Valentine’s ideas for a long-distance relationship include things like creating a video that will show all the best moments you spend together. Include holidays, celebrations, important moments, and dates in this video as a great reminder of how fulfilled your days together are.

All you need to do is go through your photo archive, pick the top-quality pieces, and merge them together. We guarantee that this will be one of the most emotional surprises you can prepare for your significant other!

A man watching a video his girlfriend sent him after long-distance moving overlay
There's no doubt your loved one will be delighted once they get the video

How Do You Wish for Your Valentine’s Day in a Long-Distance Relationship to Go?

Now that you’ve discovered some unique suggestions on how to surprise your significant other, there is no reason to be afraid your surprise will fail. After all, the most important thing is your aim to nurture the relationship, even if you are miles away from each other.

Although distant relationships are usually considered as an introduction to the end, they could be actually a gorgeous prelude to life-lasting bonds. If you put in just a little bit of effort, a lot of understanding, patience, and flexibility, being apart could actually bring you closer to each other.


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