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Top 6 Best Cities for Vegans and Vegetarians in the US

With veganism rapidly growing in popularity in the US, it’s no wonder many people wonder what the best vegan cities in the country are. Some statistics show that almost 10 million Americans today follow a plant-based diet. This is not only healthy but also eco-friendly. Still, it’s not always an easy-to-manage diet, especially if you don’t have enough time to prepare your own meals. Let’s find out what the best cities for vegans in the US are and what kind of restaurants they offer.

food and vegetables in the restaurant overlay
Did you know that Portland is one of the most popular places for vegetarians?

Where Is the Best Place to Be Vegan?

If you believe that having a plant-based diet in your hometown isn’t very simple and you hardly find good places to eat, you must be wondering what city has the best vegan food or what the most vegan city in America is. Statistics show that most of these places are located on the West Coast. Apart from restaurants that serve meat-free dinners, you should also consider some other factors. For example – buying groceries on your own and their price.

Some areas actually offer good options for this kind of diet, but they still aren’t very affordable, especially if you combine grocery prices with other living costs. Los Angeles, for example, is a place with plenty of vegan hotspots, but still, this kind of diet in the City of Angels can cost you a fortune. The same applies to New York and SF. New York is also a good option for vegetarians, but can you afford this lifestyle around here? The right place is one where you can find good and quality meals for an affordable price, plus you’ll meet other people who share the same ideology and life habits as you.

Which City Has the Highest Vegan Population?

Statistics and research show that the place with the highest population of people not consuming meat and related products is Portland, Oregon. They live here for a good reason – this kind of diet isn’t very hard for them because they can find many amazing and affordable dining places, grocery stores sell quality organic products for reasonable prices, and other important factors for a happy life are also satisfied. On the other hand, one of the places you should avoid if you prefer these kinds of meals is San Bernardino, California.


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#1 San Francisco, California Is a Suitable Choice

If you’re looking for the best US cities for vegans, San Francisco is, without a doubt, one of them. The plant-based cuisine is extremely popular around here, so it won’t be hard for you to pick favorites as soon as you move. The only thing you need to consider is your relocation budget. Apart from being eco-friendly in general, SF is known as one of the priciest places when it comes to the cost of living. Don’t make one of the common relocation mistakes, and check if your budget actually matches the living expenses in this area. This will definitely help you avoid relocation stress. You should also follow some good house hunting tips and try finding an affordable place to call home. With many interesting things to do in San Francisco and a superior restaurant scene, you will have a blast around here.

Top Vegan Restaurants in the City

One of the biggest benefits of moving to SF is that you’ll easily find outstanding dining places around every corner. One of the locals’ favorite spots is Adriano Paganini’s Wildseed Restaurant located on Union Street. Most of the meals here are based on fresh organic local ingredients, and you’ll easily pick something tasty. The next option is Gracias Madre. As you can probably tell by the name, it serves delicious Mexican meat-free specialties. Everything is made from the owner’s organic farm, so you can feel comfortable knowing everything is super healthy.

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San Francisco offers numerous choices for the vegetarian cuisine

#2 Los Angeles Is Also One of the Most Vegan-Friendly Cities

Relocating to LA could be one of the good options if you’re into this kind of diet. It is definitely known as one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the States. If you’re relocating to LA alone, you’ll definitely meet tons of young people who eat the same kind of meals and share common interests. LA is all about organic and healthy meals.

On the other hand, living in LA has one negative side, and that is the cost of living that significantly exceeds the national average. Depending on the area, you might still be able to find some affordable places. For example, you can consider relocating to some of the famous LA suburbs. They offer plenty of safe neighborhoods with numerous dining and shopping places that will suit your needs and appetite.

You Can Find Suitable Dining Places Anywhere in the City

The City of Angels offers an outstanding selection of recognizable healthy and organic eateries and hotspots. Some of the most recommended places in the LA area are:

  • My Vegan Gold,
  • Au Lac DTLA,
  • Little Pine,
  • Honeybee Burger,
  • Shojin.

This video might give you some more ideas for places to visit in order to find your dream bite.

#3 Orlando, Florida Is Also Highly Recommended

Apart from Miami, Orlando in Florida might be a good place for all the vegetarians out there looking for good meals at more affordable prices. With many veggie-friendly restaurants and Disneyland around the corner, who wouldn’t love to live here. It is also a suitable choice for those who are relocating with children – this place is known as one of the best places to raise a family in Florida alongside its amazing suburbs. There is no need for anxiety about moving here – the real estate prices are also affordable, and the job market is at a high point.

Fine Dining Options are Numerous

Various vegan offerings in this city begin with Dharam Fine Vittles – known as the highlight of the plant-based cuisine at Market on South. Veggie Garden is another interesting option, especially if you’re into trying traditional Vietnamese specialties and their fun recipes. Some of the top choices around here are summer rolls and fried tofu soup.

People having a plant-based meal after moving to Orlando with the help of cross-country movers overlay
Vegetarian eateries in Orlando are on point

#4 Austin, Texas Is Another Convenient Options Offering Many Great Restaurants

Located in the middle of Texas, this exciting city is known for its unique atmosphere, lots of younger crowds, and great affordability. When it comes to food, it’s also on the top of the list for vegetarians. It is interesting that apart from being home to some well-known barbeque and steak places, these places also offer various choices for plant-based cuisine. With fun pop-up markets, a friendly community, good grocery stores, many food trucks, and meat-free eateries, this place has something to offer for everyone’s taste.

You Can Always Try Out Some New Vegetarian Specialities Around Austin

Arlo is one of the top choices for all of those veggie-burger lovers out there. They are tasty, interesting, and hard to get enough of. Bac’n Cheeze Burger is another interesting option. The Vegan Nom is a well-known all-vegan taco place, and for pizza lovers, Lil’ Noona has a lot of delicious choices. Ellera is another convenient option with delicious homemade pasta and an excellent wine selection.

You can find numerous dining places around Austin

#5 Portland, Oregon, Is No Doubt One of the Best Cities for Vegans and Vegetarians in the US

Relocating to Oregon is probably one of the most recommended options for every vegetarian not only in the US but in the whole world. It offers everything – stores, bakeries, authentic restaurants, cafes, farm markets, and more. With almost 50 vegan eateries, as well as exciting food festivals, you’ll have only one worry – what to pick. It might be hard to make a selection, especially if you like to experiment and try new flavors and ideas. When it comes to other important issues, such as the cost of living, this place is much more affordable than its main opponents – LA and San Francisco.

For This Kind of Diet, Options in Portland Are Numerous

Once you find yourself in this vegetarian dreamland, it will be hard to even pick where to begin your adventures. If you have a sweet tooth, Petunia’s Pies and Pastries might be a good place to start. Hometown Somer Vegan BBQ is a suitable option if you’re very hungry and want to try delicious burgers made of organic ingredients. Pixie Treat is another option for light but still delicious snacks, and Farm Spirit has a wide range of courses you should definitely try out at some point. With many amazing restaurants in Portland suitable for this kind of diet, moving to Portland might be the right choice for you. Maybe the thing that you’ll like the most about this place will be a lot of friendly faces and an opportunity to meet new people.

Portland will astonish you with many amazing dining places overlay
Portland will astonish you with many amazing dining places

#6 Fort Wayne, Indiana, Is Another Place You Should Consider

This town is expanding its offer for vegetarian spots as many residents have been constantly looking for these kinds of places over the past years. Known for its landmarks such as the Embassy Theatre, the Scottish RIte Auditorium, and Lincoln Tower, this place offers various amenities and interesting options for fine dining, shopping, and more. It is suitable for family life, and it attracts many young professionals. Public schools in this area are highly rated, and the cost of living is lower than average, which is another reason to move here. With a median home value of $115,000, you should consider getting professional moving services and relocating here right away.

Good Vegetarian Dining Places Are Numerous

If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, you can try out some delicious specialties at The Loving Cafe – their spring rolls are to die for. Apart from that, they also serve some fantastic burgers and sandwiches, all plant-based. Bird and Cleaver is another option you should take into consideration. It’s not exclusively vegetarian, but it does serve some things worth trying. Signature meals you should definitely try are KF Sea crispy tofu and Hillbilly Fondue. 

The Hoppy Gnome is a contemporary gastropub – apart from delicious foods, its friendly staff also serves some amazing cocktails, making it an ideal place for a fun dinner with your friends. A veggie pasta bowl is something you shouldn’t miss out on.

People in a restaurant after relocating to Fort Wayne with cross-country movers overlay
You can try out delicious vegetarian specialties at some of the Fort Wayne finest restaurants

Do Yourself a Favor and Relocate to One of These Astonishing Places Right Away

The modern era, unfortunately, requires people to stay business-orientated all the time, so you’ll admit that it’s pretty rare that you see Americans cooking and preparing their meals on their own. Now, imagine not having a good restaurant to stop by after a long day at work or to order some delicious food from. Do yourself and your stomach a favor and relocate to one of these outstanding places where you can enjoy amazing possibilities and try out delicious meals every day. If you decide to hire professional cross-country movers, you can relocate efficiently without worrying and experiencing relocation stress, especially if you book reliable packing services. No matter which destination you pick, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever regret it.


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