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July 29, 2020 Posted in City Guides
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A Guide to the Best Places to Live in New York City

In the words of the famous French writer and philosopher Simone de Beauvoir, something in New York air makes sleep useless. No one who’s ever been there was untouched by its greatness. But what are the best places to live in New York away from the lights of Times Square? There are quite a few, actually.

The Statue of Liberty Living in one of the best places to live in New York is a memorable experience

More than eight million people make their living in the 5 boroughs of New York City. From bustling Manhattan to the “forgotten borough” of Staten Island, there is something for everyone. After all, it isn’t a secret that you have to be ready for many ups and downs when moving to New York City. Having a home in a pleasant and livable place can only help in dealing with relocation depression after a long-distance move.

10 Things That Define the Best Places to Live in New York

You could say that there are as many definitions of the ideal neighborhood as the people you ask. We dug up into that a bit and rounded up the list of ten sought-after characteristics of the areas that are competing to be a haven for its residents.

Criteria for the Best Places to Live in NYC


This one is a bit of no-brainer, whether you’re moving to another state alone or are moving with kids. What are the safest places to live in New York? Well, that changes over time. Luckily, there are many online tools to help you check how safe is your neighborhood before you decide to commit to paying rent or mortgage.

Affordable Housing

It won’t surprise you that finding an affordable place to live is common among the house hunting tips. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible in NYC, so consider visiting one or more of the roommate websites to find someone to share the burden.

Employment Options

Many people hate long commutes, so having a wide array of employment opportunities in or in proximity to the chosen neighborhood can only be a good thing.


What kind of salary do you need to live in NYC? It’s no secret that the cost of living in New York City is high. Therefore, high income is necessary, and NYC can provide. Still, some parts of town boast a higher average salary than the others.


If you have children, having high-quality schools in the area is a big plus.


The chosen neighborhood should also have easy access to healthcare and other amenities.

Green spaces

Parks can be ideal retreats both if you have children or are moving with pets. They are also excellent for relaxing after a long day at work.


NYC isn’t very driver-friendly, but the subway connects most of the areas. Unless you are living near the subway station, auto shipping will be useful.


Coming to the Big Apple, one would expect to come into contact with and learn about different cultures. Neighborhoods that don’t provide that aren’t the right choice.


Finally, culture is a big part of life in the Big Apple, and any place pretending to be among the better ones should have a decent offer.

New York Best places to live in New York are defined by cost of homes, safety, and many other factors

How to Choose Between the Best Places to Live in New York City

The question that can’t be answered in exact terms. In the end, it all boils down to personal needs or preferences. Some people prefer moving to the suburbs, while others enjoy life in the bustling urban hotspots. Of course, moving budget and general income play their parts. Some will go for the lifestyle and just ask where do rich people live in New York. Others will be interested to know what is the cheapest place to live in New York. But that’s the allure of moving to a big city – there is something for everyone.

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Albany May Be the Capital of the Empire State, But NYC is the Capital of the World

New York is the largest city in its namesake state and the entire US. Each of its five boroughs is a separate county. However, it’s not the state capital – that honor was given to Albany. But that’s fine if you ask the locals, for their metropolis is justly named the Capital of the World. More than 800 languages are spoken there, and out of the population of some eight million people in the urban core and more than 20 million in the metro area, more than three million aren’t born in the US. If you’re looking for the reasons why you should move, then the experience of living in Big Apple should be enough.

New York City It is important to have access to all you need, and reside in a diverse environment

Best Places to Live in New York for Families

If the family is the core of society, then it has to have its havens in every area. And the Big Apple won’t let you down in that respect.

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Borough of Brooklyn becomes more popular by the day, and there lies one of the favorite spots for families – Bay Ridge.
That neighborhood has it all – excellent schools, good public transport options, and a high level of safety.
According to the data by website niche.com, here’s what to expect in terms of current real estate price: median home value in Bay Ridge is about $775,000, and the median rent is $1,460. More than half of some 54,000 residents rent their homes.

Jackson Heights, Queens

People who want their kids to grow up in a diverse environment, and at the same time have excellent education opportunities, should consider the Jackson Heights neighborhood in Queens.

It has all the perks of a family-friendly spot. Kids can have a good education, while parents can work in the neighborhood, or easily commute if necessary. Healthcare options are also top-notch. Besides that, you can expect amicable neighbors, which is always a plus.
Real estate is reasonably affordable, too, with both buying prices and rents well below Queens average.

family Families can choose between many kid-friendly areas of NYC

Discover Manhattan

Manhattan is what most people think when they think about the Big Apple. It’s where Times Square is, the Empire State Building, and most things to do in New York and places that make NYC famous. But there are also great spots for everyday living.


Manhattan doesn’t lack in affluent neighborhoods. One of those is Tribeca, sitting in Lower Manhattan. This residential spot with a population of about 17,000 has a perfect location for both business and entertainment needs.

The cost of living, and subsequently real estate, is high, though. Home value can reach over five million, while the average value is around 1.8 million. Rents stand about $3,000.

On the other hand, Tribeca offers excellent opportunities for work and fun, and you can access virtually the entire city from it.
In case you wondered, the name Tribeca is derived from “Triangle Below the Canal Street.”

Kips Bay

Kips Bay is mostly the turf of young professionals, with lots of parks, coffee shops, and some of the best restaurants in New York.
On the banks of the East River, Kips Bay is the pet-friendly spot with one of the most affordable real estate prices in Manhattan. The median value of a home is around 720,000 dollars, though, of course, there are much pricier properties.
Amenities are excellent, as is the job market, Median annual household income goes slightly over $100,000.

Murray Hill

The neighborhood of Murray Hill dates from the 19th century, and nowadays, it’s mostly the place of young professionals, like the neighboring Kips Bay. Like in it, real estate cost is affordable, though most of the 27,500 residents choose to rent.
The neighborhood is family-friendly, too, with vast St Vartan Park and several exceptional schools.


Chelsea is another gem of Manhattan, the neighborhood of around 65,000 people, located on the Hudson River. It’s very diverse, with many amenities, opportunities for career and nightlife. It is a safe and welcoming community that folks tend to love at first sight.
Housing is on the more expensive side, though, but with the expected annual household income topping 110,000 dollars, it can be covered.


Once seedy and in many ways bad area, Harlem was turned into a trendy neighborhood people flock to.
Value and prices of homes rise steadily, with the average passing one million dollars. When you pay high rent or square foot, you get a home with good access to the rest of the city, excellent amenities, and unforgettable nightlife.

Cost of living is high, but residents of Manhattan live in most vibrant place in the state, with access to all the great things

Massapequa Park

Massapequa Park is a small community on Long Island, with a population of around 17,000. It sits in Nassau County and sports excellent schools, very affordable housing, and easy access to Manhattan. Despite not exactly being part of the urban core, this community offers many chances for a career. It’s suitable for families, too, since it’s safe and full of entertainment options.

big apple Massapequa Park has small population, but the area is excellent to start a new life

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

In Prospect Heights, you’ll get a classical image of Brooklyn. This neighborhood sports traditional-style townhouses, with streets lined with small businesses and bars.

For quite high real estate prices and rent, you get to live in a great neighborhood, with a low crime rate, many amenities close to home, a diverse environment, and fabulous nightlife.

Brooklyn Brooklyn gets ever more popular, and Prospect Heights are a big part of that

Astoria, Queens

If you’re looking for the ideal mix of affordability and family-friendliness, then Astoria, a diverse corner of Queens, could be the answer. Why? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Astoria sits on the East River, just across Manhattan
  • With close to 100,000 souls, Astoria is one of the most diverse spots you can find
  • Affordable homes, at least by NYC standards
  • High level of safety
  • Astoria is well connected with the rest of the Big Apple
  • Large parks.

Add excellent schools into the fray and it’s easy to see why Astoria is a perfect place to start a new life.

New York streets If you're looking for diversity and a mix of urban and suburban vibes, Astoria is just what you need

Country Club, Bronx

The small community of Country Club in the Bronx is the neighborhood of wealthier or middle-class New Yorkers. Still, it has very affordable rents and real estate prices.
That doesn’t take its toll on the quality of life, though. Country Club’s 8,500 strong population enjoys good schools, beaches, and many parks.
It is quite a way off from Manhattan, though, so if you’re not a fan of long commuting, you should consider transporting a car cross country. At least you won’t have trouble finding a parking spot.

New-York With population of just a few thousand, Country Club is probably the finest area of the Bronx

Battery Park City

Located on the banks of Hudson River, Battery Park is in a perfect spot – close to the epicenter of activity and yet far enough that residents can enjoy the serenity of the river. Its population of about 16,000 spend time in a kid-friendly area, with lots of parks, with a view on the Statue of Liberty, One World Trade, and many more things.

That comes at a price, though. Average rent stands at nearly $3,000, while homes cost mostly in the range from 1,200,000 and 1,500,000 dollars. Besides what we already said, for that price you get to live in a basically crime-free spot. And making friends in a new city will be a piece of cake in Battery Park.

Children and parents love schools in smaller areas since they are really among the best in the country There are many things to do in Battery Park, a crime-free and peaceful neighborhood on the Hudson River

There Are Many Great Areas in the Big Apple, so Choose Wisely

So there’s our list. It’s at least some heads up in your house-hunting when you decide to become a resident of the most magnificent city on Earth. All that is left is to contact New York long-distance Movers near you and arrange the details of your relocation. With all the packing and heavy lifting left to the professionals, you’ll be able to concentrate on crucial matters and avoid many common moving mistakes made when people opt for a DIY relocation. Professional moving services are a large part of the answer on how to deal with moving stress. And the Big Apple is waiting for you in all its glory.


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