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What Does Living in Austin, Texas Look Like?

How would you feel about living in Austin, Texas, where live music, delicious food, and different entertainment opportunities make every day exciting? Becoming Austinite will mean being a part of a vibrant community where finding work and gaining knowledge is as easy as breathing. However, to fit in easier, you should know exactly what life in ATX is like. Check out what you should expect when relocating cross country to the Live Music Capital of the World.

The TX State Capitol in Austin While ATX might not have a professional sports team, it features a lot of live music venues

Is Austin, Texas a Good Place to Live? Compare It With the Other Cities to Find Out

When you decide to pack up your bags and move to the second-largest US state, long before hiring a long-distance moving company, carefully pick the place you’ll call home. There are 25 metropolitan areas in TX, each of them has something unique to offer to newcomers. Start by going over the pros and cons of living in Austin, Texas. Then also check out what other areas have to offer. Only when you compare ATX to bigger cities will you know if it’s worth it to become Austinite.

Is Austin Texas Affordable to Live In – Compare Cost of Living With Other Cities

One of the main things to consider when moving to Austin is the amount of money you’ll need on a daily basis to afford to live there. That’s why when going over the relocation budget, take some time to compare the city’s costs with expenses in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. The numbers will tell you if you made the right decision about the relocation.

To make things easier for you, we made a table comparing the costs of utilities, food, and transportation in all four cities. Check out the table below and see if settling in ATX will be good for your savings account.

Location Utilities per Month Monthly Transportation Pass Meal for two in Mid-range Restaurant
Austin $140 $45 $60
Dallas $165 $95 $65
Houston $145 $40 $55
San Antonio $175 $40 $60

Housing Market Majorly Impacts the Cost of Living in the City

After comparing all the data about cities, you’ll be completely sure that becoming Austinite is the right decision. However, before you get to reap the benefits of the location, you should go house hunting. This is when you’ll learn that the value of homes has gone up approximately 42% (according to Zillow data) over the past year.

This means that the cost of living in ATX is majorly affected by housing prices. If you opt for renting in the metropolis, which is something 55% of residents do, know that the median rent price is $1,280. On the other hand, if your dream is to become a homeowner, be prepared to pay $337,400, which is a median home value in ATX.

Nevertheless, if you think these numbers are too high, don’t worry. There are plenty of neighborhoods in the city with more affordable housing options you can settle in.

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There Are Plenty of Different Neighborhoods You Can Choose to Live In

A huge part of ATX charm is its diverse and unique neighborhoods, and there’s plenty of them. The metropolis is officially divided into nine geographical regions, each split into numerous smaller areas.

Whether you are looking to rent or buy a property or are in pursuit of vibrant and quirky spots, ATX has something for everybody. However, as a newcomer, you might be overwhelmed by the number of options. To help you find a home faster, we selected some of the best neighborhoods you should consider settling in:

  • Brentwood – If you are relocating with kids, you’ll need a tight-knit community where they can grow up peacefully. Brentwood is just that. Located seven miles north of downtown, it gives a small-town vibe while still being a metropolis. Housing is mostly affordable, and there are more than a few private schools your kids can attend.
  • South Congress or SoCo – This is one of the most vibrant locations in ATX. Home to some of the best restaurants and shops, this hip community is ideal for young professionals looking for both work and entertainment opportunities.
  • West Campus – Students looking for an apartment should consider West Campus, as many of its properties come with pre-furnished bedrooms. Meaning you can scratch off many items off the college packing list. Settling here means you just have to pack books, and you’ll be good to go.
  • Hyde Park – If you are relocating with a dog, Hyde Park might be the perfect spot for both of you. Not only is the area filled with pet-friendly coffee shops and restaurants, but it is also very walkable. This means you’ll get to explore the neighborhood streets with your furry friend and enjoy it.

If you want to know a bit more about Hyde Park, check out the video below.

Living in Austin, Texas Will Bring You a Lot of Job Opportunities

Finding a new job when relocating shouldn’t be hard if you opt to settle in ATX. The metropolis is not only a major tech hub, but it’s also a home of many companies in the defense industry sector.

This is the metropolis where you’ll find major high-tech enterprises such as Apple, Amazon, eBay, Nintendo, PayPal, and many others. The number of tech companies has led to the nickname “Silicon Hills,” which also spurred the development of ATX.

When considering how to get a job in another city, you are not only restricted to the tech industry. ATX is a hub for biotech and pharmaceutical companies as well. After all, the city has more than 80 of them. Furthermore, Foods Market has its headquarters here, and other companies such as Golfsmith, Tito’s Vodka, and YETI all have offices in ATX.

With an unemployment rate below the national average and the recent job growth, lending a dream job won’t be that hard. You just have to start networking and sending resumes before the move itself.

Salary Will Vary Depending on Your Job

Are you wondering, “How much money do you need to live comfortably in Austin?” The answer to this will depend on many factors, such as your needs and lifestyle. However, since the average salary in ATX is $73,000 a year, you’ll have more than enough money to cover the expenses. Keep in mind that the amount you earn will depend not only on your career choices but also on your position in the company. After all, senior job positions are always paid more.

According to the website PayScale, the most popular occupations are in engineering, and those pay between $43,000 and $132,000 annually. Also, occupation, marketing, and account managers are at the top of the list, with annual earnings varying between $38,000 and $99,000.

A man in a new gray suit People that are career chasers will thrive in ATX

It Is a Great Spot to Gain Higher Education

Besides being a haven for career chasers, ATX is also a dream come true for young people pursuing knowledge. Since over 43% of Austinites over the age of 25 have a bachelor’s degree, the metropolis is ranked among the best US cities when it comes to higher education.

Those pursuing knowledge can enroll in the University of Texas and attend classes with more than 40,000 undergraduate and 11,000 graduate students. If this institution is not up to your likings, there are also Huston-Tillotson University, Concordia, Austin Community College, and many others.

Clock tower on the University of Texas UT library holds around ten million volumes, making it the seventh-largest college library in the US

ATX Is Very Car-Dependent

When organizing the move, make sure you hire a cross-country moving company to ship your car to ATX because you’ll need it. Residents here are pretty car-dependent which means around 70% of them commute alone to work. The metropolis also has a lower than average percentage of households without a vehicle.

Try to figure out how car shipping works and bring your four-wheeler along for the ride to ATX before relocating. Keep in mind that the city has a well-connected network of roads and highways, so you’ll be able to reach every part of ATX when behind the wheel.

Public Transportation Leaves Something to Be Desired

The Capital Metro provides public transportation services to the locals. There are buses and commuter rail. However, the system is not as efficient as the one in other big cities. So if you are moving from Boston, let’s say you’ll be left annoyed and frustrated by the lack of lines connecting downtown with the rest of the metropolis. The inefficient public transportation explains why only around 4% of all residents use it to commute.

Timelapse of a bridge in ATX What are living in Austin, Texas pros and cons - traffic can be one thing that can go on both lists

ATX Is Home to Many Different Music Festivals

Everybody knows that ATX is the Live Music Capital of the World. With that kind of title comes great responsibility, and the city fulfills it perfectly. Here you will find some of the most popular festivals in the whole US. Whether you like pop, rock, or country, there will be more than a few concerts or festivals you can visit throughout the year.

As a music lover freshly settled in the metropolis, you should treat yourself with an outing (especially after the long unpacking process you had). Luckily, there is always a live show somewhere in the area, no matter the time of the year. From Area Jazz Festival and Celtic Festival to City Limits Music Festival and Reggae Festival, music lovers will have a blast.

A man playing in front of the crowd ATX has more music venues per capita than any other metropolis in the US

Austinites Are Serious About Their Foods

If you by any chance don’t pack up dishes when moving, you won’t stay hungry for long. ATX is such a foodie paradise that even the pickiest eaters will find something to gush about. After all, this is TX, so you should expect a lot of Tex-Mex and barbecue since they are local favorites. From Churro Co that serves traditional churros and those with funky flavors, to Arlo’s vegan cheeseburgers, there is something for everyone in ATX.

Food trucks have become very popular lately, so you can grab a bite of delicious food even when you are in a hurry for work in the morning. However, if you are not a huge fan of BBQ and Tex-Mex, don’t despair. There are more than a few food trucks that serve Venezuelan and Hawaiian dishes.

person eating in front of a food truck Lately, the number of new food trucks in ATX has increased by 600%

Moving Cross Country Will Bring You Plenty of Benefits

No matter what your reasons to move are, whether you are looking for job opportunities or pursuing knowledge, in ATX, you’ll surely find what you need. After all, the city is affordable and rich with entertainment opportunities, making it almost irresistible to newcomers.

That being said, you should not hesitate to hire cross country movers to help you make your dream of becoming an Austinite a reality. With the right long-distance movers, you’ll avoid all the relocation stress but also the heavy lifting. Use cross-country moving services and let the professionals handle everything from packing boxes to storing them in storage units. You won’t have to lift a finger. Just grab your phone and start reading about ATX, make a reservation in a few restaurants and purchase a few concert tickets, and you’ll become local in no time.


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