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5 Best Cities for Education in the US

High-caliber universities, prime colleges, superb private or public schooling systems, and plentiful scholarship opportunities are some of the multiple perks best cities for education in the US provide. For many Americans, moving cross-country to pursue high-quality education is one of the top reasons to relocate. If this is your aim too, consider relocating to some of the cities with the best school systems, and here is what they are.

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Quality education paves the way to success and is worth every effort

According to a recent Gallup poll, 51% of Americans find college education very important. College grads earn 80% more than high school graduates, and this is one of the main reasons why young people decide to continue with higher education. The better the program a school, college, or university has, the better the opportunities to find a well-paid job in the future.

For that reason, education is one of the major reasons why Americans are ready to move long-distance, and this is backed up by moving statistics, too. But, there is a long way to go before your kid starts to pack books for relocation or create a college packing list. It requires years of effort, consistency, and careful planning. Here is the ultimate list of cities with the best schools, colleges, and universities that could shape a bright future for your kid and help you decide where to live. Let’s try to figure out which city is No. 1 in education.

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#1: Boston Is Ranked Among the Top Ten Student Centers Worldwide

Boston is considered America’s academic capital. Massachusetts’ capital city is not only home to two world-class universities – Harvard and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), but also to great colleges, secondary, and primary schools. There are 150 primary schools and 81 colleges in the city’s district, which gives a wide choice to pick the right option.

Good basics mean greater opportunities for an upgrade. And that’s exactly why you should consider relocating to Boston. If you were wondering which city has the best education system – Boston is the correct answer, and here is why.

A Unique System of Fenway Colleges Provides Tremendous Educational Options for Future Grads

Fenway is a group of five different colleges whose system provides an opportunity for each student to attend courses from other Fenway colleges (cross-registration). This results in unique programs, where each student is able to focus on their talents and build knowledge in specific topics of interest.

Liberal arts and sciences, art and design, pharmacy and health sciences, and cooperative teaching programs are points students can choose from. This specific approach is real proof that interdisciplinary studies create world-class professionals.

Public, Private, or International School? Which Option Is the Right Choice for Your Kid?

A wide range of schools in Boston, both in the public and private system, gives enough options to choose the most suitable option for your kid. The Massachusetts capital is also famous for its numerous international schooling options, which is a great perk for all French, German, and British expats who can study in their native language.

All this sounds like more than enough options to choose from. And if you want to have a glimpse at a day in the life of a Harvard student (before your wunderkind enrolls there), take a look at the video below and find out what to expect. Harvard keeps up with good tradition, and recent rankings show it still takes first place on the list of the most prominent institutions in the USA.

#2: New York Offers Broad Educational Opportunities for Wunderkinds, Too

The Big Apple is famous for the broad opportunities in the business world, and the same goes for educational matters too. If you’re about to move with kids to the World’s Financial Capital, then you’ll be happy to hear that NYC public schools are among the highest-ranked institutions in the US.

What Makes NYC Public Schools That Good?

Qualified teachers, better scores in school tests, and a well-organized primary and high schooling system that encompasses around 2,000 institutions are all benefits of living in NY with family. Moreover, the public schooling system is free for all children aged between 5 to 21 years, meaning they won’t be an additional burden to the already high costs of living in New York City.

Another plus of the NYC public schooling system is the specially created Gifted and Talented Program for high-performing students, which directs them toward the academic path. All considered, it leads to the conclusion that this is a perfect prelude to further higher education and extraordinary achievements.

A Plethora of Public and Private Universities Are Another Specificity of NYC

Prestigious academic institutions and a bunch of alluring things to do in NYC are another reason why young people are moving cross-country. The famous University of Columbia, St Johns, and Bernard College are among the top-quality educational institutions in the world, and attending any of them is a success on its own.

Good to know: The latest rankings of the top-quality academic institutions place Columbia at the seventh position

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What’s your next stop on the educational journey?

#3: San Diego Is Among the Top 10 American Universities for the Year 2022

Living in San Diego means a lot more than pristine beaches and easy access to the Californian sun. Believe it or not, San Diego schools within the public sector are among the most successful ones in the States, which makes it one of the best cities to raise a family in California. The Unified School District offers some of the top-notch educational centers in California, so make sure to explore them all before you move to San Diego and enroll your kid in one of them.

University of California San Diego Is Among the Top 10 Public Institutions in the USA

According to the latest report, the University of California SD (UCSD) was ranked eighth among the top ten public universities in the U.S. Recognized as the next educational powerhouse, UCSD is becoming one of the most desirable institutions all across the country. Another reason to support this trend is that SD is a bustling startup and tech center, and rumors say it’ll soon be a better version of Silicon Valley.

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San Diego is a rising start-up and tech star, providing great opportunities for career growth

#4: San Francisco is One of Best Cities for Education in California, Too

SF is a dream destination for thousands of people all around the world. If you’re lucky enough to plan to move to SF, then you should know it is one of the leading places in California when it comes to education quality, at all levels. Both private and public San Francisco high schools meet the highest standards and prepare each student for top-notch colleges.

Stanford, Berkley, California State, California College of Arts, and Dominican University are only a few of the prestigious institutions in the Bay. Combined with a plethora of interesting things to do in San Francisco, a bunch of places to hang out by the ocean, and a broad selection of well-paid jobs, the Golden City is just a perfect place to settle down.

Good to know: According to the recent rankings, Stanford is second only to Harvard, while Berkley takes the fourth position on the ranking list, which makes them the most prestigious academic institutions all across the States (and the world).

#5: Seattle Is Recognized as One of the Cities With the Best Public Schools in the US

If you ever wondered what US city has the best public schools, Seattle is definitely one of them! Aside from the fact that you’ll be free from the state income tax, be able to have a houseboat, and live in a place with a thriving music scene, relocating to Seattle will provide your kids with phenomenal elementary and higher education.

Seattle public schools rank highly in the US schooling system, preparing pupils to enroll in any higher institution. Besides, the Seattle schooling system highlights the importance of critical thinking and diversity since 18% of Seattle residents are foreign-born.

Students Who Study in Seattle Say the City Provides a Perfect Balance Between Education and Entertainment

Seattle is home to many artists, businesspeople, and thousands of students who contribute to the youthful energy of the place. At Seattle University, there are more than 120 undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs, so there is an option for everybody interested in improving their knowledge. Here are the top three academic institutions in Seattle:

  • The University of Washington is undeniably the most prestigious institution in this area. Besides the largest campus, it has 10 academic departments, five colleges, and ten distinct art centers. Their programs are focused on liberal arts and research.
  • Seattle University is one of 28 Jesuit colleges and universities in the US. Liberal arts, theology, law, and humanities from the Jesuit and interdisciplinary point of view are the main focuses of this institution.
  • Seattle Pacific offers the widest choice of programs including liberal arts, health sciences, economics, psychology, education, and theology. The institution is sponsored by the Free Methodist Church, so keep this info in mind when the application process begins.

Aside from numerous institutions with a long tradition that goes back to the 19th century, there are multiple research centers and labs that attracted some top-class companies like Microsoft, Boeing, and Facebook.

Good to know: Seattle is not as rainy as many people believe. However, even when it rains, there is no chance you’ll be bored in Seattle. More than 1,700 coffee shops and 41 museums sound like enough options to spend an interesting day out of the library.

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Seattle is definitely one of the most alluring options for studying when it comes to the far northwest of the USA

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