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What Are the Best Universities and Schools in Boston

Do you know what the most interesting thing about the capital of Massachusetts is? It is one of the best cities in America and the world – from food, thanks to excellent restaurants in Boston, to high quality of life and top-rated schools in Boston.

guy sitting in the library There are plenty of universities to choose from

As the city of firsts, Boston constructed the first public park, the first subway system, the first vaccination, telephone, and the first state school in the state – Boston Latin, in 1635. That being said, its famous nicknames – The Athens of America, The Cradle of Liberty, and The Hub of the Universe are well-deserved names.

If you’re planning to relocate to the capital of Massachusetts to attend a university, choose one of the best places to live in Boston for singles¬†and consider moving into a smaller home and donating unwanted items to cut the costs of moving. And, if you are a parent and have worries about your children’s education and relocation depression, you can relax. With one of the most exceptional schooling systems in the country, this big city will provide them with excellent knowledge as a significant factor for further career advancement, as well as many other reasons to move here.

So, let’s take a look at what educational institutions the Athens of America can boast with.

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What You Should Know About the Educational System and Schools in Boston

When you were deciding where to move, you chose the right location, because as the heart of America’s schooling system, The Hub is home to many prestigious academic institutions, such as MIT and Harvard University. Besides, it has the oldest government schooling system, and whether you’re looking for public or private schools, it’s needless to say that some of the best ones are located here. If you are an expat thinking about moving with kids to a new home in a bigger city, you shouldn’t worry about suitable educational institutions for your children.

This is one of the best cities to raise a family in the US, so depending on your needs, preferences, and financial possibilities, you can choose between public, pilot, charter, international, and private schools. That’s why if you are moving in together with your partner and planing kids, you can’t go wrong with settling in the metropolis. Here are some primary data about Boston’s educational system and schooling type:

  • There are 125 state institutions, serving more than 54,000 pupils
  • When it comes to private schooling, there are 25 top-rated institutions with 4,318 students
  • If you’re searching for higher education, the capital has 81 colleges and universities within 25 miles of the city’s downtown

Public School System

Boston Public Schools (BPS) is one of the most diverse school districts in the state – pupils come from 139 different countries, one in five learners has a disability, and half come from low-income families. BPS takes pride in the highest 4-year graduation rate in 2018 – 75.1 percent. Also, it offers full-day pre-kindergarten education for over 2,500 four-year-olds. It boasts Expanded Learning Time (ELT) as a crucial element for providing high-quality teaching for all students. These are only a few of many positive aspects that BPS features, and if you want to find out more information, visit their website.

Private and International Schools

When it comes to private schooling, you can opt for some of the most prestigious, religious ones, and those that offer more flexible teaching methods. If you are thinking about enrolling your child in an international school, you can choose between French, German, and British curricula. Keep in mind that tuition fees are significantly high and vary among institutions.

kids in school There are plenty of schooling options in The Bay State's capital

The Hub Is Home to Hundreds of Thousands of College Kids

Whether you’re in search of college or higher educational institutions, including specialized, professional, or technical centers of learning, The Hub has it all. As one of the top student centers, this city has many four-year institutions as well as a significant number of two-year ones. Also, in the greater city area, you can find for-profit schools, and a plethora of educational institutions are located in the heart of Downtown, like Suffolk University, or are up to ten miles from the center.

Let’s have a look at what the colleges with the lowest net price are according to the website Study.

College Name Net Price
Urban College of Boston $10,181
Southeastern Technical Institute $11,256
Roxbury Community College $11,489
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology $14,581
Pine Manor College $15,120

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Despite its name, MIT covers a broad range of subjects, such as management and arts. It is, actually, organized into five learning centers:

  • Architecture and planning
  • Engineering
  • Humanities, arts, and social sciences
  • Management
  • Science

This private institution was founded in 1861 and can boast research expenditures that have exceeded $700 million a year, with funding from government bodies. Total undergraduate enrollment is 4,600, with a campus size of 166 acres, and it’s located in Cambridge, just outside the city.

MIT building MIT is one of the most famous educational institutions, not only in the U.S. but all over the world.

Harvard University

This is the oldest academic institution in the U.S., founded in 1636 by the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Originally created to educate members of the clergy, Harvard is one of the eight Ivy League institutions, and it’s definitely one of the most selective, with an acceptance rate of 4.6%. It is also one of the largest – it enrolls more than 20,700 academics.

Harvard is made up of 13 learning centers and institutes, including Medical, Business, Graduate Education, Law, John F. Kennedy School, and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The University frequently tops the rankings of the best universities in the nation and is considered the wealthiest one with an endowment topping $37 billion.

Harvard building If you're thinking about enrolling your kid in Harvard, be ready for stiff competition

Colleges of the Fenway

This union of five colleges is a collaborative effort of educational institutions in the neighborhood area, saying that their strength is in numbers. Known as “Fen Colleges,” with more than 12,000 undergraduate students, Fenway allows its students to cross-register, which greatly increases course options. They can also enjoy plenty of sports and different student activities.

Emmanuel College

With a catholic, coeducational, and residential approach, Emmanuel College combines liberal arts with sciences. It enrolls more than 2,500 learners and is an open-minded community in which all questions are discussed all the time without restrictions.

Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt)

Whether you are an artist, creator, searcher, or thinker, this is the place to be. This school for art and design will make skilled and experienced scholar-artist of your kid and prepare them for global stages. MassArt is a community of forward-thinkers and change-makers.

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS)

MCPHS‘s primary mission is to prepare younger persons for successful careers in healthcare. With excellent teaching, professional services, and community engagement, you can rest assured that your children will get an excellent education.

Simmons University

Simmons is a small higher educational institution with limited capacities (under 2,000 scholars) based on an all-women undergrad program. It combines liberal arts with professional work experiences and coeducational graduate programs, such as:

  • Nursing and health sciences
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Social work
  • Public health
  • Library and information science

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Wentworth‘s curriculum combines theory with practical skills, while teachers are instructors who are considered the leaders in the industry. The Institute offers cooperative teaching programs (co-op) that are full-time, as well as temporary employment in your field of study.

Fenway building Fenway institutions are small but numerous

The Cradle of Liberty Takes Pride in More Than 35 Research Centers and Institutes

The University of Massachusetts Boston is proud to have plenty of interdisciplinary research organizations that connect faculty and learners across the higher college to seek research, teaching, and service on broad topics. These centers make a significant contribution to scientific research providing improved practice in education and social commitment.

Center for Human Rights and International Justice

The Center for Human Rights and International Justice offers multidisciplinary training programs, interactions of the student population with practitioners, and applied research. Intending to nurture a new generation of scholars in the country and abroad who are guided by knowledge and rigorous ethical training, this Center tends to serve others thanks to professional programs in Education, Social Work, Nursing, Law, and Business.

The Institute for the Liberal Arts (ILA)

Enrolling in the ILA, students can enjoy the opportunity to foster innovative programs in the liberal arts with one goal – to find new ways of understanding the world that surrounds us. The Institutes often organize symposia and seminars that bring faculties from different disciplines together around shared relevant themes.

Capital building The Capital is the hub of researching activities

Suffolk University Is Located Near Some of the Most Popular Downtown Spots

Suffolk University is a private institution of higher learning, founded in 1906, which offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs. With 7,560 scholars, it is the eighth largest in the Athens of America. The institution is coeducational and comprises the College of Arts & Sciences, the Sawyer Business School, and University Law School.

The main campus in downtown is situated on Beacon Hill, a historic neighborhood, regarded as one of the most desirable and pricey in the state capital, it’s also one of the best neighborhoods in Boston. Besides old colonial brick row houses with beautiful decorative details and the famous Acorn Street, some of the top-notch hotels are situated here, such as The Liberty and Wyndham Hotel.

Closest Colleges to The Hub

Suffolk University is the most centrally located institution – right in the heart of the metropolis, but there are more colleges situated amid the city. Some of the nearby colleges, between 0.7 and 1.8 miles from the downtown, are:

  • Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology
  • Emerson
  • Fisher Bunker Hill Community
  • Emmanuel
park in the hub If your wish is to enroll your kid in an academic institution near the city, you have many options at your disposal

Some of the Largest Universities Are Situated Near the Capital City

Several of the largest and most popular academic institutions are placed in and around the metropolis. While most of these afterward relocated to urban settings, you can find a large suburban campus option in the mix, if you prefer this solution more and relocating to the suburbs sounds good to you. To name just a few of the most famous universities:

  • Boston (about 32,000 learners)
  • Harvard (about 30,000)
  • Northeastern (about 20,000)
  • Massachusetts-Lowell (about 18,000)
  • Massachusetts-Boston (about 17,000)
building in the hub Some of the most famous academic centers are placed near The Hub

If You Prefer Rural Environment, Consider 4Cs in West Barnstable

Cape Cod Community College, founded in 1961, is located in The Bay State’s village West Barnstable. This seaside village was known for its agricultural pursuits, but today is mainly residential and historic. If you don’t like the hustle and bustle of the big cities, this peaceful place with the six-mile-long Sandy Neck Barrier Beach could be your best choice.

4Cs is the only comprehensive higher institution on Cape Cod and offers Associate of Applied Science degrees, Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and academic certificate programs in a diverse range of areas. It can also provide you with bachelor’s and master’s degree programs through its partnerships with academic centers throughout the state.

schools in the hub 4Cs is 58 miles away from the capital, but can provide you with beautiful nature and excellent schooling

Relocation to The Athens of America Will Give You Access to a Top-Performing Education System

We hope we’ve cleared your prejudices and doubts about Boston’s schooling, and prepared you for moving to Boston with your family, so you can avoid all common moving mistakes. Whether you’re looking for academic institutions with the highest graduation rate, lowest net price, or some of the best traditional and specialized public institutions, The Hub has it all. So the best time of the year to move here for education is anytime.

Schools in Boston are considered among the best in the US, while The Bay State is the top state for education. Thanks to the dedication of teachers, school staff, and community partners, constant improvement is evident, providing the best possible way to students’ bright futures.

Now that you’ve learned more about schooling options in Beantown, it’s time to do more research on the cost of living in Boston, as well as what all the fun things to do in Boston in your free time. Don’t forget to try and find a job before moving to another state, check the safety of your future neighborhood, and change the address.

So, if you have children, don’t sit on the fence and think about what to do. Don’t know how to cope with stress when moving? Create a household inventory list, plan your moving budget, go house-hunting, look at some moving day tips. Furthermore, learn all the ways you can lower your relocation expenses, figure out the cheapest way to move out of state, or get highly recommended and reputable professional moving services. Professionals will box up your furniture and pack clothes while you are getting the hang of the new area. They can also offer cost-effective auto shipping services if you need to transport your car across the country. Just be sure to ask them how car shipping works. It is way different from moving alone to another state, but it is completely worth it. Find free boxes and other packing materials for moving and learn your kids a few packing tips and tricks. Say goodbye to family and friends, and start from scratch by moving to the big City of Firsts.


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