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10 Best Places to Live in Boston for Singles and Young Professionals

Are you looking for the best places to live in Boston for singles? Remember that the median age here is slightly more than 30 years, meaning that the place is surely full of young, single professionals looking for a neighborhood where they will meet that special someone, put down some roots and climb the career ladder. It also means that the so-called Shining City Upon a Hill has to provide an array of entertainment options to cater to the needs of its young population. And it does.

A woman dancing in front of a yellow background The Hub is a great spot for all young and career oriented people

Think about all the things you need before you reach the final decision. Do you prefer a suburban feel over an urban oasis? Maybe you need affordable housing rather than a good location and vibrant nightlife? Whatever you desire, Beantown probably has it, and here are the top ten locations that attract more than a few millennials.

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West End Has an Excellent Location

During your search for the best neighborhoods in Boston, West End will surely come up a few times. But try asking Bostonians where it is located, and you probably won’t get a clear answer. This neighborhood is tucked away between Beacon Hill and North End, and it is home to Mass General Hospital and TD Garden.

After the famous urban renewal in the 50s, the spot got a commercial vibe that it holds today. With a central location and easy accessibility to Downtown, it attracts young professionals seeking employment, as well as entertainment.

Are you looking to relocate here? The statistic shows that almost 90% of housing is occupied. But don’t worry – constant constructions are providing more and more options for future residents. Those with deeper pockets that are looking for a flat will have the chance to check out luxury high-rise buildings such as Hub50House and Victor, where the average cost of rent is $3,100.

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a homeowner, you will have to accept that you will be moving to a smaller home since there are no single-family homes here. The average price of a condo in locations like Lovejoy Wharf and Forecaster 121 is around $850,000.

If your heart is set on living in the End neighborhood, but West isn’t exactly up your alley, there are South and West areas you could check out.

West vs South End?

When it comes to picking the perfect location, the ball is in your court. You are the one that will make the final decision. West End, as well as South End, are small areas within walking range of many offices, perfect for all of those who work Downtown.

Both of these would be great locations to settle down no matter if you are moving for a relationship or alone. They have diners, bars, and cafe shops that are ideal for meeting new people. So how will you pick the right one? Don’t get caught between two stools thinking about it. Whatever decision you make, you won’t make a wrong one.

Boston road West End is the most densely populated district, with 174 residents per acre.

Downtown Is Naturally One of the Best Places to Live in Boston for Singles

Kill two birds with one stone by relocating Downtown and discover all advantages of moving alone here. This is a central business district, but also a hot spot for entertainment.

If you’re moving to Boston in the pursuit of a career, settling in Downtown is a great decision. You will find corporate and regional headquarters of many companies here, such as Alliantgroup, Northeast Investment Management, and Amundi Pioneer.

Have you been researching schools in Boston? If so, you may know that Downtown is home to Emerson College and Suffolk University, which means that the chance to pursue additional education is just around the corner.

Finally, are you wondering how much it costs to settle down here? According to data from Apartments, the rent for a one-bedroom flat in this urban oasis goes for $3,300 a month.

Landmarks of Boston Some of the landmarks here are Greenway, Common, and Public Garden.

Move to Cambridge and Choose Amongst Harvard, Central, and Porter Square

When you were deciding where to move, picking Cambridge, Massachusetts, as your next location was a smart decision. This means you get to stay in a spot that hosts some of the most prominent educational institutions in the US. But what attracts younger folks to Cambridge in addition to an array of educational options?

People looking for work in the technological innovation sphere will be really content here. Firms such as Thinking Machines, Analog Devices, Lotus Development Corporation, and Beranek are all located here. If you’re using professional packing services for your clothes, furniture, and other belongings, use that extra time at your disposal to freshen up your CV, try to find a job before moving to another state, search for job openings, and send out a few applications.

Harvard, Central, and Porter Square are the parts of Cambridge that attract singles and young professionals the most. What do they have to offer to them? For starters, cultural and entertainment options, but living here also means you will be within walking distance of those big employers.

Study of Massachusetts schools Cambridge is the brain belt of Massachusetts.

Waltham Is a Diversity Paradise

Relocating to this town in Middlesex County means that you will find yourself in a diverse community, in which one in four residents was born outside of the US. You’ll get to learn a lot about other cultures and meet people from various backgrounds but similar interests and aspirations. The diverse crowd will make adjusting to a new country or state go quick and smooth.

It’s easy to understand why young professionals like this location. With an easy commute to the center and plenty of employment options, how could you not like Waltham?

Companies such as AstraZeneca, Cimpress, and Raytheon, are located here, so you can take your pick at the next employer, depending on your qualifications. Not only that, Brandeis and Bentley universities are close by as well.

The median house price is $456,666, while the average household income is $75,106. Throw in a variety of food joints and pubs, and you got yourself a great spot to settle down in.

Boston Money Magazine put Waltham, Massachusetts, on the list of the top neighborhoods in America

Back Bay Is a Walkable Area With a Picturesque Scenery

How do you feel about walking around and avoiding public transportation altogether? Back Bay is one of the top areas for that kind of lifestyle. Back Bay got a 96 from WalkScore, putting it amongst the most pedestrian-friendly locations. The residents of this Beantown neighborhood get to avoid traffic jams and enjoy a nice walk, all at the same time.

What attracts people to Back Bay? Could it be the large Back Bay Fens Park, or the Charles River Reservation, or maybe all of those shops, cafes, and diners located on Commonwealth Avenue? The Goethe Institut and the oldest independent architecture school in the country, Architectural College, are also here. When you are done with unpacking after the move, start exploring, and leave no stone unturned. In the end, you will probably be entertained by everything that Back Bay has to give.

Don’t get bent out of shape if you can’t find a single-family house right away – they are tough to find. While you are looking, rent a flat in multi-unit buildings, where the average rent is $3,627.

A Great Location Is What Makes Back Bay One of the Top Boston Districts

Is the location essential for your house hunt? If it is, Back Bay should be on your radar, because it enjoys easy access to most other areas. Do you prefer to walk around instead of being stuck in traffic? Back Bay residents are within walking distance of Downtown. Not only that, but they also have access to the Public Library, Symphony Hall, and parks like Public Garden and Commonwealth you should check out if you’re moving with dogs.

streets of Boston Did you know that five corridors connect Back Bay with other neighborhoods?

When It Comes to Bay Village, Size Doesn’t Matter

Taking up only 25 acres, Bay Village is the smallest Boston neighborhood. But what it lacks in size, Bay Village makes up in character and rich history.

Would it be cool to stay in the neighborhood where Edgar Allen Poe was born? Because that is where you will be if you pick Bay Village. This peaceful residential community is filled with brick houses, pocket parks, and gardens. The average rent price is $3,527, while the median condo price stands at $981,000. You will rarely find a spot so small but with such diverse architectural styles.

Are you wondering what the perks of living in Bay Village are? The area is tucked between Back Bay, Chinatown, and South End, allowing the residents to access all the amenities in other parts of Beantown. Younger crowds flock here because of the location, but also because the almost central position didn’t affect the cozy vibe of Bay Village.

The rich history of the Boston Rich history can be seen in all 25 acres of Bay Village

Newton Is a Trending Suburb

Are you concerned about the cost of living in Boston while picking your next home? If you are, relocating to suburbia might give you more reasons to move.

Newton is located in the west, and it has been trending as a great place to live in for a while now. If you want to move to the suburbs, this could be the place for you.

With a high density of educated residents, Newton has plenty of employment opportunities. The biggest employers here are Newton-Wellesley Hospital Wegmans, Ascensus, Dell EMC, and H C Starck Inc. Also, you can find employment in many other firms mainly focused on programming, management, and administration. With a yearly income of over $127,000, the area is notably affluent.

When workday comes to an end, you can stop by the New Philharmonia Orchestra and enjoy year-round programs. There are also family-owned shops, restaurants, and businesses for you to explore.

Newton is not without reason on many lists of the top B-Town neighborhoods. Consider all the benefits of living here, and in the end, you will see that you made the right decision to move. And you’ll have no problem making moving to another state checklist when planning to come to this gem – the list will just write itself.

Your Family Will Be Safe Here

Are you planning kids at some point in the near future? If so, the safety of your future neighborhood and the safety of your children will be one of the top priorities. Data from NeighborhoodScout puts Newton amongst the safest locations in the US, and you can’t argue with numbers. They show that there are 0.95 violent crimes per 1,000 people, in addition to 8.99 property felonies. These results are significantly below the national level.

The number of parks and green landscapes earned Newton the nickname “the garden city,” making it additionally attractive for young families that practice an active lifestyle. Don’t leave your bikes in storage units – if you choose to stay in Newton, you will get to use them.

A family taking a walk Did you know that chances to fall victim to a violent crime are 1 in 1,057?

With Allston and Brighton, You Get Two Neighbourhoods for the Price of One

When people talk about Allston and Brighton, they consider them as a single neighborhood. They are next to each other, and they share a lot of similarities.

You won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for rent here. That’s why most of the residents are young people, especially college students. Did you know that the median age here is 29.2? All of those young people are seeking affordable rent and an exciting nightlife.

You Won’t Make a Mistake by Choosing Either

Since Allston and Brighton are interlocked, there is no need for you to pick one over the other. These urban locations offer their residents a vibrant entertainment scene. If you go outside, you will stumble upon more than a few shops and venues.

Do you like water sports? Check out Charles River Canoe & Kayak or Community Rowing, and partake in some fun water-related activities. Also, snap a few pics along the way.

Bostonia Allston and Brighton are so intertwined you won't know when one stops and the other begins.

Beacon Hill Is a Popular Sunday Hangout

Every busy person who is in a hurry to get to work needs his daily cup of joe. If you settle down on Beacon Hill, you’ll have as many as three Starbucks and four Dunkin’ Donuts to save you during a hectic morning after a wild night out.

If you choose to stay in Beacon Hill, you will be within walking distance of the Financial District as well as MGH. When you put your good shoes on, take a stroll, and admire the awe-inspiring cobblestone and brick buildings. Are you wondering how to make friends in a new city? Invite coworkers or neighbors for a drink at 21st Amendment or The Sevens Ale House.

When you create a moving out list to help you move safely and start house-hunting, remember that a number of flats are available only on September 1st, due to the school cycle. Renting a flat here would cost, on average, $3,415 for a month. Also, if you want to put down roots and become a homeowner, know that the median condo value is $726,000.

Restaurant In Boston Beacon Hill residents have Dunkin' Donuts to keep them happy in the morning.

Leather District Is a Place With Luxury Housing Options

How would you like to stay in a location that is a crossroads of many essential parts of the city? Leather District is tucked between the Financial District and Chinatown.

This was once a center of the leather industry, hence the name, but now it hosts business spaces and luxury lofts. Renting here will cost you between $2,000 and $4,800, and if you want to become a homeowner, be prepared to pay more than $900,000.

When you reach a final decision and pick Leather District to relocate to, consider hiring a highly recommended and trustworthy Boston moving company that will come fully equipped with all the packing materials for moving. They will handle your belongings while you get to explore the area – and there will be many places to discover.

Paint the District Red

What is it that you look for in a location that you would like to call home? Is it the vast entertainment opportunities? Places where you can dine out? Go clubbing? Or spots where you can continue with an active and healthy lifestyle? The Leather District has it all.

While the crew that provides you with moving services unloads your boxes into your new house, stop by restaurants such as O Ya or South Street Diner, and treat yourself to a tasty newcomer’s meal. The opportunities are endless, and you can explore them no matter if you are moving during the holidays or at any other time of the year.

The next step in becoming a true Bostonian is bar hopping and clubbing. Are you a big party person? If you are, there are few clubs close by that you can check out.

A Guide to Leather District

Living the Best Life in B-Town

Think about moving to a big city as an adventure, pick the best time of the year to move, and just do it. Planning your moving budget, figuring out how to reduce relocation expenses, moving to Massachusetts, and becoming a resident of Beantown will bring you many opportunities. Meeting interesting people, climbing the career ladder, getting higher education, and having some unique adventures never seemed easier. Wherever you choose to put down roots, you will be affected by the Bostonian spirit. Embrace it and live your best life, don’t let relocation depression or moving stress catch you. Find the most suitable and cheapest way to move out of state to reduce the costs of moving, donate unwanted items, learn some tips and tricks for packing to avoid some common moving mistakes, and come here. In case you have decided to transport your car across the country and you’re getting auto transport services, make sure that you know how car shipping works.


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