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April 13, 2020 Posted in City Guides
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A Newcomer’s Guide to the Best Neighborhoods in Boston to Live In

Did you know that the first university in North America was established in the capital of Massachusetts? Yes, we’re talking about Harvard, which was founded in 1636. So, if you’re a freshman or a parent looking for the perfect place to reside in, why shouldn’t you take into consideration some of the best neighborhoods in Boston?

Boston Living in the capital of Massachusetts has an abundance of perks.

Dubbed Shining City Upon a Hill and Athens of America, this East Coast metropolis has a lot to offer, whether you are coming from some other urban jungle, such as New York, or just want to escape the rural areas and start anew.

Depending on your goals and ambitions, moving to Boston can provide you with a wide range of amenities. From sports teams, universities, museums, to great architecture and top-notch restaurants – it can suit the needs and interests of all who have the privilege of calling it home. There are 23 distinct areas in this big city to choose from when house-hunting, and we’d like to introduce a few that caught our attention.

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A Few Facts About the Capital of Massachusetts

It’s hard to imagine someone who hasn’t heard about the so-called B-Town’s baked beans, its Marathon, or the bar from Cheers. Many people will tell you it is a city full of grey skyscrapers, although that is only true for the Financial and Back Bay districts. Athens of America is a fantastic place with a rich history, beautiful parks, and some of the most famous museums in the US.

As one of the oldest cities in America, the Massachusetts capital offers plenty of interesting stories related to its history, inventions, and food specialties. It’s made up of several districts, each with its own culture and personality. Discovering them all means no time for getting relocation depression as a newcomer.

If you prefer strolling down the breathtaking streets lined with historic brownstone houses, then South End or Back Bay may be for you. In case you are a freshman and want to settle down in a community with a lively college spirit, you can’t go wrong with Allston – it resembles a mini-college town.

The Athens of America, therefore, is a mix of places where one could be happy and have a fulfilled life.

park during the fall The Athens of America can suit every taste

Allston-Brighton – Young and Lively

Being home to many students from all colleges in the area, as well as young professionals, this district is a mecca for people who prefer a vibrant nightlife and lots of various events. It is well-known for its live music venues and street art murals. There’s a slew of Bostonians’ favorite spots with a lively atmosphere, beer, and foodie sites. If you like being in the center of all the action and experience the advantages of moving alone – Allston-Brighton won’t let you down. That’s why as soon as you unpack after the move, you should head out and explore.

a couple on the bench Allston is considered the backbone of students’ social life

Back Bay – One of the Most Revered Boston Neighborhoods

When deciding where to move, you chose the right place, because the first thing that pops up into one’s mind when it comes to Back Bay is the hustle and bustle of the center. It is bursting with bars, eateries, shops, and so many skyscrapers as notable landmarks of the center, such as John Hancock Tower. When strolling along the Charles River, you can enjoy the beautiful view and find some of the best restaurants in Boston with mouth-watering meals. Along the esplanade, you may see people letting off some steam by running or sailing and kayaking on the river.

Get to know all the benefits of living in Back Bay

If You’re Looking for a Luxury Hotel, You’ll Find It Here

Back Bay is not famous just for its luxurious lifestyle, but for attractive and a bit glitzy hotels, such as Fairmont Copley Plaza and Park Plaza. The former opened in 1912 and has been a cultural mainstay and the city’s symbol of elegance and rich history ever since. In its vicinity are the Public Library, Beacon Hill, and the Freedom Trail.

Park Plaza is another iconic spot that offers effortless comfort and tasty specialties. Its proximity to the Public Garden and Theater District makes this hotel appealing for tourists as well as for locals. As soon as it opened in 1927, it redefined standards of hospitality that guests expected then and expect today as well.

Boston Back Bay is well-known for its posh lifestyle

Beacon Hill – a Picture-Perfect Area With a Price

If the low cost of living in Boston is one of your crucial requirements when it comes to picking the right community for yourself, then think twice before choosing Beacon Hill. As one of the oldest and the most photogenic districts in the city, it’s one of its most pricey ones, too, so make sure to check out some moving tips on how to reduce costs when moving before coming here. Consider making a household inventory list to help you with selling or donating unwanted items too.

Yes, the famous Acorn Street is located here, as well as the famous Boston Common and Charles River, two of the city’s most popular attractions. Beacon Hill is filled with cobblestone streets and examples of architectural revival, and its iconic alleyway is everyone’s dream of an ideal place to live. Today you can find a plethora of antique shops and spots which reflect the scenic design and tranquil lifestyle.

Location Median Home Value Median Rent
Back Bay $1,280,070 $2,230
Beacon Hill $1,036,560 $2,285

East Boston – Diverse and Affordable

Located near the center, but still affordable, this area has recently become extremely popular among young professionals, students, and foreign newcomers alike. With its median home value of $485,000 and a median rent price of $2,630 per month, it is considered to be one of the most attractive locations for newcomers. Thanks to the increased popularity among millennials, investors and developers have made many construction adaptations and renovations here. That being said, you can choose among some surprisingly affordable apartments and those whose value is close to a million dollars.

If you are a person who prefers outdoor activities and it is moving with their dog, you’ll enjoy it here thanks to Piers Park and LoPresti Park, which offer plenty of green spaces. And for foodies, there are more than a few eateries and breweries with dishes that can please every palate.

trees and lake People who are inclined toward a healthy lifestyle should choose this district to live

Davis Square – B-Town’s Hidden Gem

If you are a person who prefers an energetic lifestyle, this invigorating community might be what you are looking for. Thanks to its proximity to several colleges, it’s usually brimming with young professionals and artists. Living here will provide you with many amenities, such as shops, restaurants, music venues, as well as a movie theater. Weekends are lively and dynamic with live Irish music, concerts, and live music performances. Just keep in mind that Davis Square is more expensive than other neighborhoods in Beantown, even when looking to move into a smaller home.

streets of boston Enjoy sipping coffee in some of the most charming cafes in Davis Square

South End – a High-End Hip Neighborhood

If you are looking for a first-rate food district, South End can offer you acclaimed dining places, like Toro and B&G Oysters, or classics with a sandwich menu and great coffee. Also, locals will tell you it is ideal for young families with kids due to the many playgrounds and parks it has.

Furthermore, South End is still a favorite spot among the city’s LGBT population. Thanks to the proximity to Back Bay and Chinatown, many South Enders rarely leave their district. If you prefer peaceful areas with their own charm, South End will please your taste with charming brownstones and historical landmarks. But, every coin has two sides – this area is very expensive, but still less pricey than Beacon Hill and Back Bay.

Interesting Things to Do in South End

This area has recently become one of the most appealing spots for tourists due to its economic revitalization. If you decide to settle down here, one thing is certain – you’ll have many exciting events and activities to look forward to, such as:

  • Cyclorama
  • South End Open Market
  • The Butcher Shop will satisfy your meat cravings
  • Take a stroll around the district and meet some of the most pedestrian-friendly areas in Boston
  • Visit the Mills Gallery and Griffin Museum
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet moments in the Inn at St. Botolph
Boston There are plenty of pedestrian-friendly streets in Athens of America

North End – the “Little Italy”

Dubbed Boston’s “Little Italy,” this district is famous for its feasts and Italian food. As one of the oldest districts in the capital of Massachusetts, it takes pride in rich historical heritage, around 100 restaurants, which are mostly Italian, Hanover Street, the Feasts, and the unique architectural style which is known for its gable, beam construction, and overhanging first floors. This district is bursting with activities and events, and if you feel tired after strolling the streets, take a rest in one of the charming cafes and enjoy observing the unique charm of North End.

Boston Maybe what you need is an inspiring neighborhood?

Somerville – Ideal for Singles

Somerville is one of the best places to live in Boston for singles, foreign-born newcomers, and well-educated young professionals. Renowned as the district with plenty of funny and funky events, it’s often called one of the “World’s most hipster cities.”

It has become famous for its uniqueness and energetic spirit, which it has the Somerville Arts Council to thank for. The mission of this Council is to cultivate and celebrate the artistic expressions of the community. Thanks to many innovative programs and collaborations, the Council works to make the arts an essential element in the lives of Somerville residents. Many museums, film festivals, and theater performances are just some of the perks of living in this Boston neighborhood.

Don’t think there are no excellent foodie spots – Somerville is crammed with incredible restaurants, such as Tasting Counter, and breweries located in some of the most charming beer gardens. If you’re a fan of marshmallow, every September, you can enjoy the local Fluff Festival that celebrates Somerville as the place where Marshmallow Fluff hails from.

the guy looking through binoculars Somerville is especially attractive to rich singles

Charlestown – a Tight-Knit Community Close to the Center

With its small-town feel within the city’s borders, this district is perfect for families with children. Nestled between the Charles and Mystic River, its residents enjoy a tight-knit community and a strong sense of security.

Living in Charlestown resembles an earlier era since it’s steeped in tradition. Its lifestyle may be appealing to you if you prefer to go shopping with paper bags, wearing well-tailored coats, and celebrating holidays. Charlestown’s residents delight in simple pleasures, from picnics in the park to street musicians.

This Neighborhood Is Perfect if You Want to Buy a House

If you prefer a tranquil life as well as the general safety of the neighborhood, then having a house here is a great option. Besides quiet evenings, due to the fact that Charlestown is distanced from the downtown nightlife scene, this district can provide you with lovely views of some historic buildings, an interesting mixture of architectural styles, and traditional wooden homes. Being surrounded by cozy streets, charming parks, and elegant houses is an opportunity that is hard to resist, especially if you’re moving in together with your partner and planning to raise kids.

Boston Tradition still lives in Charlestown

These 10 Fun Facts About Beantown Will Make Your Day

Relocating to the Athens of America could be an excellent adventure for you, mainly if you are moving with your family, including your kids, to some of the top neighborhoods in Boston. It is overflowing with amenities that can suit every taste. Its rich history, vibrant places for hanging out, and a good deal of parks and playgrounds provide a perfect setting for a new start.

If you’re still not sure why Beantown is considered America’s best city, here are the things that will make you fall in love with it and give you more reasons to move:

  • It brims with healthy minds and hearts
  • The highest quality of life in the whole US is – here
  • The city is deeply committed to supporting cultural attractions
  • In 2017, it was proclaimed one of the Best Student Cities
  • Many firsts occurred here, such as the first public school, the first subway system in the nation, the first telephone, etc.
  • The capital of Massachusetts was the cradle for lots of inventions – microwave, the telephone, Gilette’s razor, and many others.
  • It is actually named after a town in England
  • It was the site of the world’s biggest art heist
  • The oldest public park in the US is located right here

Don’t Hesitate To Pack Up and Relocate to the Athens of America

Are you still planning to relocate to the Athens of America? No matter if you are moving for a relationship or some other reason, try to find a job before moving to another state because as you can see, there are plenty of exciting things to do in Boston all year round. Meaning that the best time of the year to move here is anytime. Depending on your budget, expectations, and wishes, you can find the proper district with functional commuting, top-notch restaurants and hotels, and some of the highest-performing schools in Boston, too.

Moving to Boston may be one of the most exciting decisions you’ve ever made in your life but it could also give you a headache if you don’t know how to cope with stress when moving. Planning moving budget, figuring out how to reduce relocation expenses, learning packing tips and tricks, packing belongings from electronics and furniture to glassware and clothes, changing your address, and hiring highly recommended and reputable professional movers or figuring the cheapest way to move out of state should be one of the first preparatory steps. Remember that you can save up on packing materials for moving by finding free boxes. If you plan to drive here and to transport your car across the country, make sure you know how car shipping works to avoid common moving mistakes, especially if you’re relocating to the suburbs. It’s a city with a lot of advantages for your health and career advancement. So why hesitate – pack your suitcases and hit the road!


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