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January 20, 2020 Posted in City Guides
Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience

6 Best Neighborhoods in Seattle to Move To

Despite a slight softening of the real estate market in the past few years, the best neighborhoods in Seattle still offer their residents a variety of excellent education, housing, career, and entertainment options. Whether you’re looking to settle down permanently and raise a family, find a new job or pursue a college degree, make a list of priorities before moving to Seattle and find the location that fits you just right.

Seattle during the sunset Seattle is an excellent place to settle in

The recent economic revival led by biotechnology and internet companies is increasing the popularity of the city, bringing some previously-neglected districts into the spotlight and making it the fastest-growing urban center in the US. Therefore, anytime is the best time of the year to move here. If you decide to become a part of this trend and you find many reasons to move here, there are plenty of residential areas you can call home. Here is our list of the six best ones.

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Capitol Hill Is Seattle’s Diversity Hub

Settling down in Capitol Hill, the city’s most densely populated area means you will get to live in a place with countless nightlife, entertainment, and dining options, including top-notch cocktail bars and street food vendors. Make sure that the crew that provides you with packing services boxes up your pride flag, because this is the center of the city’s LGBT scene, and one of the most popular parks within the district was named after the state of Oregon’s first openly gay legislator, Cal Anderson.

Despite being one of the top hipster districts in the town, it is also a place of great contrasts, where a lively countercultural scene exists side to side with large mansions owned by wealthy natives.

The district has the highest concentration of apartments, so if you are planning on settling down here, know that median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $1,600, while for two bedrooms, you will need about $2,450. Here you can find old brick houses as well as modest cottages.

The most famous sight here is the Volunteer Park complex, which comprises a conservatory, an amphitheater, a water tower, the Asian Art Museum which occupies a 1933 Art Deco building, as well as Bruce Lee’s gravesite. The fans of Jimi Hendrix, who was born in the Emerald City, will be glad to know that there’s a statue of him located right here in Capitol Hill.

There Is a Vibrant Nightlife Scene in Capitol Hill

Living in Capitol Hill means you get to have access to some of the most colorful nightclubs in the region. Capitol Cider hosts live music, readings, and art discussions. When you are done unpacking after the move and if you feel like dancing, you can check out Wildrose, Queer Bar, or Neighbours Nightclub. If you have a competitive streak, check out Bavarian-styled Rhein Haus that hosts game nights. Also, there are places you can go to if you’re in the mood for some bowling and karaoke singing.

Living in Coffee Lover’s Paradise

One of the things you should know before relocating to this metropolis is that this is the birthplace of the famous coffee chain Starbucks. Every sleep-deprived, hard-working person that needs his caffeine fix can get it here. Capitol Hill is home to some of the most renowned coffee shops around. No matter if you are moving during the holidays or in spring, there will always be a place where you can get your coffee fix. If you are craving an Italian-style cup of joe, stop by Espresso Vivace and see why this place is considered one of the best. Analog Coffee can offer you roasted Herkimer beans, cold brew on tap, and a cozy atmosphere.

Coffee Shop Feeling Wherever You Choose to Work coffee is the second-largest world trading commodity, and the Emerald City is famous for it

Queen Anne District Has Low Crime Rates

If you choose to relocate to Queen Anne District, get ready to walk around some steep streets. Situated on the 456-foothill, this uptown retreat promises its residents a magnificent view of the skyline and Mount Rainier. It is also home to some of the city’s most popular landmarks, such as the Pacific Science Center, Space Needle, Museum of Pop Culture, the Key Arena, and many others.

It is not only the magnificent view that attracts crowds to this place, but Queen Anne District also has really low crime rates, which is especially appealing for young families with children. AreaVibes statistics show that overall crime rates here are 7% lower than the national average. If the question of how safe is your neighborhood is at the top of your priority list when picking your next home, you should definitely consider this area in the central part of town when house-hunting.

Are you wondering how car shipping works and thinking about getting auto transport services? Despite being relatively close to the city center and just a short drive away from downtown, it is spared from most of the traffic jams. Transporting a car across the country to this place would be suitable for anybody who passionately dislikes a long commute.

Choose the Right Neighborhood: North, West, East or Lower Queen Anne

Queen Anne, with 19,000 households and a current population of 36,000, is divided into four sub-neighborhoods. The most famous one, with the largest residential population, is Lower Queen Anne, also known as Uptown.

Wherever you choose to live, know that the median house value is $716,600, while rent is $2,960, according to the data provided by Zillow.

If you are moving for a relationship know that the whole district abounds in walking trails, open green spaces, and play areas, but also coffee shops and restaurants, so you’ll never run out of places for a great date.

Best Views of Seattle The area’s high altitude offers some fantastic views.

Downtown Is a Fantastic Spot for Career Seekers

Do you know how to get a job before you move? Maybe you are already employed, and your job requires relocation? If employment is the true reason behind your decision to move, choosing to settle down in Downtown would be a smart resolution. Every career seeker should know that this is the largest employment center in the area. The companies headquartered in the very heart of the Emerald City employ over 300,000 people, which accounts for half of the jobs in this metropolis.

Here you can find several headquarters of Fortune 500 companies, such as Expeditors International, Amazon, and Nordstrom. So if you want to find a job before moving to another state, this is a great place to start with.

The population in this core location is growing, and that can be seen in a number of occupied housing units and many construction projects. This is one of the best places to live in Seattle because it gives you many different employment opportunities, but at the same time, there are plenty of activities you can participate in outside of work.

The Most Walkable Neighborhood in Seattle

Make sure that your moving service providers deliver your good walking shoes since Downtown boasts some of Seattle’s most popular spots for visiting, such as Pike Place Market. Location is often considered as one of the most walkable in the city, with an almost perfect Walk Score of 99. Here you can easily access shops, coffee places, and public transportation. If you are relocating with your dog, make sure you take them to Westlake, Freeway, or Victor Steinbrueck Park, so that they can run around with other animals.

The Best Place to Dine out and Have Fun

There are so many fun things to do in Seattle; you just have to pick those that you find the most interesting. Since Downtown attracts career-seeking individuals that work hard, there are plenty of options to relax after work. If you enjoy fine art, spend some time admiring it in the Art Museum (SAM), or catch live entertainment at Triple Door Theater. If you are a fan of classical music, stop by the Benaroya Hall and listen to some performances.

Some of the best restaurants in Seattle are located here, so if you want to skip cooking at home after work, put on some comfy clothes and go out. Are you wondering how to make friends in a new state? Start by inviting coworkers to grab a bite after work. You can enjoy fresh seafood, biscuits, coffee, or classy cocktails. Also, if you are moving in together with your partner, there are plenty of options to plan an unforgettable date night. Whatever you desire, there is a venue for it.

downtown, street, city, day Downtown has 71 million square feet of office space.

South Lake Union Is a Life Science Hub

If you relocate to South Lake Union, one of the fastest-growing districts, you will find yourself in a hub of life science. Here you can find the Allen Institute for Brain Science, Zymogenetics, Biomedical Research Institute, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, University of Washington Medicine, and many other organizations. If you are a person of science, you would not want to be at any other place.

The development of biotechnology might have raised the prices of housing by attracting well-paid young professionals. But with the non-profit Low-Income Housing Institute (LIHI) and work-force apartments, there are plenty of places where you can find an affordable house.

If you decide to leave your belongings in the hands of a recommended and reliable Seattle moving company, plan your moving budget wisely, and check out housing options in the meantime. You should know that more than 80% of people here rent their homes and that the median price is $1,700.

Living in South Lake Union Is Becoming Better Each Day

The population of South Lake Union rose by 20% in a single year, which is just another proof of its unyielding popularity. Statistics show that more and more people are relocating here in search of job opportunities, which are provided by some of the many major businesses in the area such as Amazon. The standard of living in the neighborhood has also been rising throughout the years. New start-up businesses are showing up all the time, transport options are improving and expanding, and restaurants and coffee shops are popping up on every corner.

Also, you can stop by the Center for Wooden Boats and learn how to paddle or sail, maybe even learn how to carve your own wooden boat. Choosing to relocate to South Lake Union means you get to watch an area develop before your very own eyes.

West Seattle Is a Family-Friendly Location

Relocating with kids can be a stressful task if you don’t know how to cope with stress when moving. While deciding what to sell, what to put into storage, or throw away, finding the right home and environment for raising kids is still one of the main tasks. Luckily, this is one of the best cities to raise a family in the US, and West is its classy and calm location, very popular with families and cherished by first-time home-buyers and renters.

According to AreaVibes, more than 60% of people own their homes, and if you want to be one of them, know that the median price is $505,800, while the rent is $1,120, a fair and reasonable amount. There are plenty of “flipped” houses you can buy or rent, which give the area a suburban feel.

Parks and shore here offer a unique opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities like camping, golfing, and hiking, as well as to spend a day at the beach at Alki Beach Park. Besides, some of the top-rated Seattle public schools are located nearby, adding to the family-friendly vibe.

Spot with Plenty of Education Options

When you are relocating to a big city that is ranked among the most literate ones in the country, you can expect that educational institutions stick to the highest standards. Having a quality education is something you think about when relocating. If you want to give your kids the opportunity to attend school in a good district, pick West as your next home. The location has many elementary and high schools, but also a college.

At South Seattle College, you can receive an outstanding education in the fields of art, biology, business, and many others. Enrolling your kids in some of the elementary or high schools will give them a chance to gain some exceptional education.

Ballard Is a Hipster Paradise

This historically Scandinavian location that evolved into one of the trendiest Seattle neighborhoods will inspire you to stroll around and window shop whenever you can. If you are relocating from a coastal city like San Francisco, you will find a similar outdoors vibe here, but with more affordable houses.

Here you can find a home for a median price of $499,100, and it can have a charming view of a marina or park. The unique charm of the district can be felt in the commercial district that is brimming with colorful bars, shops, and art spaces, making it a hipster paradise. Farmer’s market is open for business every Sunday when Ballard Avenue closes to make room for local growers and vendors.

Be a Part of an Active Community

Ballard and its residents are a really active crowd. If you are looking for a chance to get involved in the local community, volunteering is the right way to do it. You will be giving back to society, but at the same time, this will be the perfect opportunity to meet new people, another advantage of moving alone. Joining one of many community groups this is where you should start:

  • Ballard Alliance is a gathering of business owners and operators that provides programs and services, ensuring that Ballard stays an exciting location to live and work in.
  • Ballard Food Bank distributes food to over 1,200 people once a week.
  • Crown Hill Business Association is a group that provides a voice for the business community.
  • Groundswell NW is a volunteer organization that has helped create and improve open spaces, parks, and habitat.
  • Sustainable Ballard is a group that educates and engages the community to take action to live more sustainably.
meet new people Engage in community programs, be an active member, and meet people.

You Can Find Some of the Best Neighborhoods in Seattle All Around The City

When you were deciding where to move, you chose the right spot. Whether you’re relocating to the suburbs, up or down, east or west, wherever you look, you will find some excellent places to settle down. Living in the birthplace of grunge brings vast entertainment opportunities. Here you can dance all night in some club in Capitol Hill or walk around Downtown while enjoying the tastiest cup of joe there is. After all, what is the point of living in the birthplace of Starbucks if not enjoying an excellent cup of coffee?

Every part of the city has a unique vibe, but if the cost of living in Seattle is your main concern, there are places with affordable housing options and enough options for those looking to move into a smaller home. You can always check out some packing tips and tricks or moving tips on how to reduce costs when moving if you’re on a tight budget. For instance, make sure to find free boxes and other packing materials for moving. In a total area of 142 square miles, the city has great job opportunities for all career seekers, as well as top educational institutions. Whatever location you choose to call your home, you won’t make a moving mistake, so find the cheapest way to move out of state, sell or donate unwanted items as soon as you create a household inventory list, change the address and relocate here. If you’re relocating something expensive, don’t forget to take moving insurance and to make a photo inventory.


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