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Five Suburbs of Chicago You Should Consider Settling In

As the 21st century progresses, more and more people of all ages are looking to settle in suburban areas. If you are one of them, Chicagoland may be the perfect area to look at when moving cross-country. There are many nice suburbs of Chicago to choose from, and here you will be presented with some of the best places to live near Chicago.

A house with a backyard Suburban lifestyle has many advantages

Suburbs of Chicago Are Well-Worth Considering for Relocation

There are many great benefits of relocating to a suburban area, especially when moving with kids or with your pets. It is definitely worth looking at what Chicagoland has to offer before contacting long-distance moving services and purchasing packing services. Before we start exploring suburban areas, let us begin with some general information:

  • What part of Chicago is the suburbs? – As you have seen, we’ve used the term Chicagoland a couple of times. This area encompasses 14 counties (Kenosha, McHenry, Lake, Dekalb, Kane, DuPage, Cook, Kendall, Grundy, Will, Lake, Porter, Newton, and Jasper county) across three states (Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana). According to some statistics, Chicagoland is among the 40 world’s largest urban zones, and approximately 10 million people live in these areas.
  • How many suburbs does Chicago have? – There are around 100 Chicago surrounding suburbs. When relocating to one of these areas, it can’t be said that you’re moving to Chicago as they are considered to be separate cities with their own governments. So, when hiring cross-country moving services, you’ll tell them that you are relocating to Glenview, Illinois, for example
  • Is it cheaper to live in Chicago or the suburbs? – Recent relocating statistics have shown that more and more people are opting for rural areas. The main reasons to move to suburban areas are a safe environment and peace, which urban cores can’t provide to that degree. However, home prices are much lower in these areas than in Chi-town. Although there are no big differences between the costs of living, the cheapest place to live in the Chicago suburbs will demand less than the most affordable in Chi-town.
  • What are the closest suburbs to Chicago? – La Grange, Evanston, Elmhurst, and Glenview are some of the best suburbs near Chicago for people who got a job in the city.
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Long Grove Is One of the Best Chicago Suburbs for Young Families

Long Grove is located in Lake County, Illinois. It is one of the northwest suburbs of Chicago, 35 miles from the city. The population is around 8,400 people, and demographics show that, of approximately 2,000 households, 86% are married couples. The average price for buying a home is around 650,000 dollars, and the average rent is about 3,250 dollars.

When it comes to safety, this is one of the best suburbs to live in Chicago. If you care about statistics, it is estimated that Long Grove is safer than 94% of the USA. Two elementary schools and one middle school are present in this region. Long Grove and the Windy City are connected with the UP-NW train line. Approximately 50 minutes is needed if you are driving a car.

The Rural Charm of Long Grove Is Unparalleled

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best Chicago suburbs to live in. If you have desired to move to a real suburban area, there are few places better than this. It is one of the oldest districts in Illinois of this kind, and strict laws protect the natural environment and rural landscape. There are beautiful events like strawberry, apple, and chocolate festivals, many historical sights, and antique shops. You certainly wouldn’t have to worry about relocation depression when long-distance movers start unloading your household possessions.

Naperville Is Among the Best Western Suburbs of Chicago

Naperville stretches across two counties, DuPage and Will. It is one of the southwest suburbs of Chicago, located 28 miles from Windy City. One of the largest cities in the state, the population is about 150,000 people. Demographics show that around 20% of the current population are unmarried people. Therefore, it is certainly one of the best Chicago suburbs for singles.

This is considered to be one of the best places to live in the Chicago suburbs when it comes to affordability. The average price for a house is approximately 417,000 dollars, while the average rent is around 1,500 dollars. Furthermore, Naperville is a city ranked among the safest in the USA, so relocating to a new home here could be ideal for your children. Naperville and Chi-town are connected with the BNSF train line, while with a car, you will require around an hour to reach Chi-town’s neighborhoods.

Employment Opportunities and Good Educational Facilities Are Among the Best Things About This Area

If you are moving without a job, this could be the perfect place to start your career. Edward Hospital is the biggest employer, but companies like Nokia, BP America, and BMO Harriss are all located in Naperville. Therefore, if this is where your future home address will be, start looking for a job before hiring cross-country moving services.

Naperville has many high-profile educational facilities to choose from. North Central College, Northern Illinois University, and the College of DuPage are some of the most popular ones. There are two high schools and fifteen elementary schools within the city’s limits. Furthermore, If you are searching for a private school, there are a lot of options.

Oak Park Is One of the Best Suburbs in Chicago for Commuters

Oak Park is situated in Cook County, Illinois. It is one of the west suburbs of Chicago, only 9 miles away from the city. The population is around 52,000 people, mostly families. One of the best characteristics of Oak Park is its cultural diversity. It is estimated that around 13% of people speak a foreign language, and around 10% are foreigners.

Rent and housing prices are way below average, which makes Oak Park one of the best suburbs of Chicago for relocation. House prices are around 387,000 dollars, while rent is around 1,200 dollars. If you have planned to move to another location with a tight budget, hiring a long-distance moving company and relocating to a smaller place like this could be perfect.

The Suburb of Oak Park Is Superbly Connected With Chicago

As a resident of this suburban area, you will have no difficulty reaching the commercial center of Illinois. Green and Blue Lines are available to take you there anytime. Therefore, if you sometimes get bored, there are always things to do in Chi-town. O’Hare International Airport is also located nearby and easily reached through Eisenhower Expressway.

Great Educational Facilities for Your Children Are at Your Disposal

First of all, we have to mention the famous Oak Park and River Forest High School, attended in the past by Ernest Hemingway. There are ten elementary schools and one more high school. Furthermore, the school district has an exceptionally well-equipped library. The only downside is that, when compared to other top Chicago suburbs, the crime rate is a bit higher.

suburban house ready for someone to move into Housing in Oak Park is quite affordable

If You Are Moving to Chicago Suburbs, Consider Arlington Heights

Stretching across Cook and Lake counties, Arlington Heights is home to around 78,000 people. It is estimated that around 33% of the population is unmarried. Therefore, if you are relocating alone to another state, definitely consider this place. You can find extremely affordable housing – average real estate prices are in the region of 360,000 dollars, while rent is around 1,400 per month.

Arlington Heights is not one of the suburbs close to Chicago, especially when compared to other places. Still, bus lines 208 and 606 and train line UP-NW provide connection. With a car, you should expect to drive at least an hour. Concerning safety, statistics report that the general crime rate is 66% lower than the national average.

Arlington Heights Has Great Entertainment Venues

During the 1960s, the most famous bands (the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Cream, and The Who, to name a few) had gigs here. The tradition of good music has not stopped, and nowadays you can visit the Metropolis Performing Arts Centre and the new music venue Hey Nonny. Other than that, the famous Arlington Park Racetrack is one of the staples of city life.

One of the Best Libraries in the Country Is Located Here

The Arlington Heights Memorial Library has been receiving 5-star ratings from the Library Journal for seven years in a row. Only 21 libraries in the entire country have managed to achieve that. Furthermore, if you are relocating with a toddler, there will be no need to worry about the quality of educational facilities. Arlington Heights offers a lot of options for education.

Here is a video that can provide you with further information about Arlington Heights.

Glenview Is One of the Best Suburbs in Chicago When It Comes to the Natural Environment

The suburb Glenview is located in Cook County, Illinois, 15 miles away from Chi-town. There are around 44,700 people in Glenview, of which 60% are married and 24% are not, the rest being the adolescent population. When it comes to rent and real estate, Glenview is a bit on the pricier side. Around 500,000 dollars is needed for a house, while rent is about 1,800 dollars per month. MD-N train line and bus lines 208, 210, 422, and 423 connect Glenview with the Windy City. An hour is roughly needed to reach Chi-town if you own a car. All in all, it is one of the better-connected suburban areas when it comes to transportation.

Glenview is considered to be a safe place for living. In fact, statistics show that it is one of the safest places in the state. As a resident of Glenview, you will have a lot of educational facilities for your kids to choose from, as there are both public and private schools available.

If You Are Seeking New Employment, Glenview Has a Lot to Offer

Highly influential corporations have their headquarters or offices in Glenview like ITW, Republic Tobacco, and Family Video Movie Club. As of 2020, the major employers have been Astellas Pharma and Abt Electronics. Furthermore, some nonprofit organizations like the American College of Chest Physicians and United Methodist Church’s General Board of Pension and Health Benefits are also located here.

The Natural Environment Is One of Glenview’s Most Beautiful Characteristics

The Glenview District Park encompasses a lot of public parks, swimming pools, golf courses, an ice skating rink, and tennis courts. Of course, all other sports can be practiced as well. This region is part of the Forest Preserve of Cook County, which means the intact, lush forests with plenty of lakes and streams are in the vicinity of Glenview. There are also many bike paths for cyclists through these beautiful areas.

Furthermore, when taking a walk through the forest preserves, you will have the opportunity to encounter many different species of wild animals. Since nature is protected by the law, wildlife thrives here, and you will be able to see white-tailed deer, great horned owls, various eagles and hawks, and many more. Definitely tell your cross-country movers to transport your belongings to Glenview if you enjoy the intact wilderness.

picture of beautiful nature Nature is stunning around Glenview

Determine What Suits You the Most as There Are Plenty of Options

In this blog, we have enumerated five suburban areas, but don’t forget that there are at least 95 more to explore before hiring a cross-country moving company. All in all, whichever you choose, the metropolitan center will be more or less close. Having the opportunity to visit a metropolis whenever you like is a major advantage, but a suburb doesn’t generally lack anything.


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