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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Places to Live in Chicago

Regardless of the reason why you are moving to the Windy City in the first place, you’ll probably want to settle down in one of the best places to live in Chicago. It would help if you sorted out your priorities before you start packing, whether it will be a shorter commute, all the amenities for your everyday comfort, the safety of certain locations, or the proximity to urban and lively nightlife zones.

Chicago Chicago is an excellent spot with many different neighborhoods

If you are moving to Chicago with your family or planning to start one, it won’t be all about your comfort; you’ll have a lot more on your plate to think about so you should learn how to cope with stress when moving. Relocating is never easy, you have to figure out how to reduce relocation expenses, make a realistic moving budget and a strategy for house-hunting, plan ahead to avoid common moving mistakes, pick the best time of the year to move, organize the transport, and figure the cheapest way to move out of state. To help you with at least one part of it all, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most desirable residential areas in Chi-Town for a variety of affinities and different lifestyles that this big city offers.

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Wicker Park Is the Urban Epicenter for Young Professionals

Over time, Wicker Park established itself as one of the most popular locations for young and upcoming professionals and career-chasers. There are many reasons for moving here, like the vivid environment nestled in this vibrant residential area.

You will have a little bit of everything here: rich cultural scene, nightlife, exceptional food spots, and a dynamic art community are all present in this place. That is why it is a popular housing spot for people who enjoy meeting other like-minded individuals after work in one of many bars or art exhibitions. If you are trying to find a job before moving to another state, one of the relocation questions to ask your employer should be if they could provide you with arrangements for apartment rentals in this neighborhood.

If You Hate Commuting, an Even Better Option Is River North

This neighborhood will give you everything that Wicker Park has to offer, plus the proximity to the main business district. It is very well connected with the rest of the city thanks to bus and metro lines, and it is practically 10 minutes away from everything you may need. If you get a job in the business district, you will find a gym, a perfect place to eat, a great bar to relax, and the finest shopping malls in the city, all on your way back home.

If You Are an Outdoor Enthusiast, Hyde Park Might Be the Perfect Option

If you are one of those people who can’t imagine being bound to the same urban space throughout the whole day, you may want to consider Hyde Park. This is an area that will give you many opportunities for an active outdoor lifestyle that’s why you should go out and explore as soon as you unpack after the move. If your idea of the best things to do in Chicago includes a lot of hiking, biking, sunbathing, and picnics, then you would want to be as close to this place as possible. Furthermore, it is an ideal spot if you are moving with your dog.

urban space You’ll never lack choices here.

If You’re the Soul of a Party, Pilsen Is Where You Belong

If you are a young person who just graduated from college and got his first job, moving alone to another state, this transitional area will satisfy your desire to be where all the action is. It is packed with history, and clubs are an integral part of the ambiance, so you’ll never run out of options on what to do in your spare time here or have to worry about relocation depression.

No matter if you move during the holidays or any other time of the year, the one thing that will instantly catch your eye is the colorful street art that is ever-present in this place; it makes it an urban spot, perfect for young people still hungry for nightlife. The cost of living in this area of Chicago is lower than in downtown, so it is a win-win situation.

colorful street art Besides the club scene and many LGBT and EDM events, there is a Historic District in Pilsen.

Lincoln Park Is One of the Best Places to Live in Chicago If You Want to Raise a Family

You are relocating to one of the best cities to raise a family in the US, however, if you want a suburban feel but you may not be that enthusiastic about moving to the suburbs, this might be the perfect place for you, especially if you’re relocating with kids. Show them a few packing tips and tricks and involve your kids in this relocating adventure, teach them to donate unwanted items. It is an upscale red-brick, colonial-style neighborhood that is perfect for raising a family or settling down for the long run because of the general safety of the neighborhood. The crime rates in this part are significantly lower than in the rest of the city, and it is very well connected with the best Chicago schools.

If You’re Seeking Peace and Serenity, One of the Best Places to Live in Chicago Is Lakeview

Everyone likes some peace and quiet here and there, but for some people, it is mandatory when choosing the perfect place to throw an anchor. You might prefer to leave all the action a bit further from your home and choose to have a residence in a quiet part of the town. If you and your partner are moving in together and thinking about starting the family, then consider Lakeview or its east part, to be more precise.

Boystown, in the northern part of Lakeview, is also known as the LGBTQ epicenter of the town, with many queer bars and dance parties. If you want to transport your car across the country, and are learning how car shipping works because you want to book auto transport services, you won’t have a problem with commuting to work.

Lincoln Park Lincoln Park is one of the top neighborhoods to raise a family, with easy access to great schools in the district.

If You Are an Artsy, Bohemian Soul, Choose Logan Square

When you were deciding where to move, you chose a great spot because Logan Square has that aura of easy-going, artistic, and bohemian lifestyle about it. While it may not boast the finest night clubs, bars, and galleries, it surely is home to the most authentic ones.  You may even get that Mont Martre feeling on its streets that are full of small cafes, bars, and restaurants that are unique and artsy in their own way. There is no better place to feel like you are in an artsy part of the town than here.

artsy part of the town The artsy soul of the town.

Bridgepoint Is the Most Popular Place to Get a Taste of the Old Chi-Town

It is one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago that still hasn’t lost its old-town charm. You can find many brown-stone mansions, old colonial-style buildings, many monuments, and landmarks that witnessed the time that passed by here. If you are an old-time soul that enjoys everything with a story behind it, this is the place to be.

A Paradise for Foodies – West Loop

While many good restaurants are scattered around the rest of the city, it is a very well known fact that the best restaurants in Chicago are in the West Loop. You will find many Michelin star-quality restaurants here, as well as upscale burger joints, great pizza spots, outstanding grills, and dives. This is foodie heaven and a must-visit area, even if you are not getting an apartment there.  Also, if you are moving for a relationship West Loop is the ideal place to settle down in, because you will always have a variety of fun date options.

The Best Places for Brunch in the West Loop, Chicago A place where you’ll always have easy access to the top restaurants.

The Next Big Neighborhood – Avondale

If you consider your relocation to be more than just changing address and searching for highly recommended and reputable Chicago movers who will come fully equipped with packing materials for moving, but for example, an investment opportunity, your next big chance is Avondale. This hot and upcoming community is going through a revival and a transition. If you manage to reduce the costs of moving with the help of some moving tips and move into a smaller home here, its value will surely rise up to three times in a short period, so hurry up and grab the opportunity. Even if you have to get an apartment while you are out of state, you can contact one of many real estate agents and get the deal that will fit you perfectly.


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