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    The town’s idyllic location has probably driven you to move here, so hiring reputable Mill Valley movers is essential. Being busy planning a move to the shores of Richardson Bay tends to be messy and complicated like any other relocation, so we put maximum effort into giving you the help you need. You will get from start to finish in no time, and CCMC will make sure you won’t have to worry about anything.

    Professional Long-Distance Moving Services by the Cross Country Moving Company

    Each relocation is different, but they are complex processes nonetheless. That’s why it’s crucial to invest in quality cross-country moving services to help you achieve a smooth transition. Finding reliable long-distance movers is not that easy, but if you look at reviews, ask around for referrals, you’ll be able to pick a good company. Contact them and ask for a quote, and keep in mind you shouldn’t settle for the lowest one because you might end up with a surprise in the form of a hidden fee.

    The Cross Country Moving Company will give you a free quote you won’t be able to resist because we always base our prices on your inventory list – a list of items you want us to move. If you change your mind about an item, you may update and change the list until one workday before the move-out date. You are free to contact our agents for any information you may require.

    Packing Services by Reliable Cross-Country Movers, Mill Valley

    Moving cross country takes up a lot of energy and time, but packing is usually the most time-consuming part of the process. If you want to relieve yourself of this dreaded task, we’re happy to tell you that we have professional packing services on our offer. Our standard packing means that our team will come to your home, disassemble and later reassemble all the furniture, pack and secure the appliances that can’t fit into boxes, and load and unload everything. This is all part of our quote and isn’t charged additionally.

    We also have partial and full packing service at an additional cost, depending on whether you have less than 15 boxes of the smaller belongings you want our team to pack or more than that number.

    Contact Our Long-Distance Moving Company for Auto Transport Services

    If you want to move your car with the rest of your belongings, there’s no need to look for a different company. CCMC has the best movers in Mill Valley because we will provide you with various services, including professional auto transport that fits any budget. You can use it as a standalone service or bundle it up with your whole move for a hefty discount.

    Transportation, Pick Up, and Delivery Services by the Best Mill Valley, CA Movers

    You may choose between open and enclosed trailers, where the enclosed are a pricier solution, but your car will be protected even from the rain. With us, you also have a choice when it comes to pick-up and delivery. Decide between the door-to-door service, which is pricier but far more convenient, or a terminal-to-terminal solution. With the other option, you leave your car at a designated station and later pick it up from the one closest to your new home.

    CCMC Has Quality Free Storage Service

    Our customers have the convenience of using our storage service for free for the first 30 days and may even use it long-term. After the 30-day period, we charge by the day. Our storage units are spacious, climate-controlled, and kept secure under camera surveillance. If you’re on a budget, you may choose to store some of your belongings in our storage space or your whole household, whichever fits your needs.

    Feel Free to Contact CCMC and Ask for Moving Insurance

    We have a highly trained and professional crew that will ensure all your belongings are handled properly and with great care. But we strive to make sure each customer has peace of mind while their possessions are being transported, and that’s why we offer moving insurance at no additional cost. Our mandatory liability coverage covers $0.60 per pound of damaged items. This is not suitable for more valuable goods, and that’s why we always encourage our customers to take third-party insurance (full value replacement) for an additional price. This is eligible for the items listed on the inventory list that our team members have packed, but feel free to contact us if you require more information.

    Get to Know the Scenic Mill Valley

    Mill Valley’s located about 25 minutes from San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge, in a Redwood forest. It’s a town that offers hiking from the moment you set foot out of your door, but you can also walk to the Euro-style town plaza, many coffee shops, and cultural life. The housing prices are way above the nation’s average, but it’s a really scenic location, and the weather is literally perfect all year round.

    Enjoy the Town After Moving

    Towered by Mount Tamalpais and located on the northwestern shores of Richardson Bay, the town has some breathtaking scenery and nature. But it is also renowned for its arts, from local comedy to the theater:

    • Muir Wood is a place that feels like entering a fairy tale, with majestic Redwood trees. It has three main loops that are flat and paved, but the park also has trails that connect it to Mount Tamalpais.
    • Mill Valley Film Festival is hosted once a year for eleven days in October. It includes an impressive array of successful films every year.
    • Marin Theater Company is a world-class arts venue that puts on many interesting shows every season.

    Although it has a high cost of living compared to the nation’s average, all of these things make it appealing. The housing costs are high, with a median home price of $1,510,800, but it is a perfect retreat from San Francisco’s urban hustle and bustle, and it is a completely different world, although really near the city.

    Moving With CCMC Is the Best Choice When It Comes to Mill Valley Movers, Even if You Are Leaving

    If you choose to relocate with us, we will make sure all of your households are transported into MV or out of it with proper care. We are a professional crew trained and vetted in handling any type of items, so your household will be in good hands. Our years of experience guarantee that each customer has a safe and stressless move and that they arrive at their new home with a smile on their faces.

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