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Milly Andrews

Born and raised in Portland, Milly has had a lot of experience moving and writing about the relocation process.

9 Cool and Unusual Things to Do in Portland

Different, unusual, or even eccentric are all adjectives that can describe this city – after all, you should expect nothing less when the city’s slogan is Keep Portland Weird. Unique lifestyle and atypical mindset guarantee that you’ll have plenty of things to do in Portland, Oregon, after the move. But how to make a choice between countless engaging activities?

Portland view you can enjoy after moving cross-country One thing is certain - there is not the slightest chance that you'll get bored here

Hiring a cross-country moving company and getting long-distance moving services can make your relocation go smoothly and without a fuss, but it’s all for nothing if you don’t enjoy the place you’re relocating to. Luckily, with Oregon’s largest metropolis, that won’t be the case – there are just too many fun and amazing activities to enjoy. Ensure you start with our top picks.

#1 Find Out Why This City Got a Nickname Beervana

Did you know that Portland, aka Stumptown, is a home for around 70 amazing brewers? Delicious local craft beer is one of the products this place is known for, with innovative beer recipes that you can, in many cases, taste only here. Therefore, after hiring long-distance movers and moving to Portland, making a tour around some of the best breweries is a must for all beer lovers. Make sure you visit:

  • Breakside,
  • Great Notion,
  • Cascade,
  • Hair of the Dog,
  • Culmination.

Aside from many exceptional brewers, Stumptown is also the host for at least one beer festival each month. SheBrew in March, BrewFest in the Park in June, and Puckerfest in July are some of the best. It doesn’t matter whether you decide to move in winter or summer – you can become a part of this city’s beer celebration soon after your relocation date.

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If Wine Is Your Thing, Ensure You Go for Willamette Valley Wine Tasting

If you’re more of a wine person than a beer person, you’ll be happy to know that exceptional wine tasting is just a short travel away. If Stumptown is craft beer capital, Willamette Valley would be the wine capital of Oregon – it holds almost two-thirds of all the state’s wineries. What is the better way to make friends in a new state than over a glass of wine while enjoying mesmerizing surroundings! Simultaneously, reasonable amounts of wine (and beer) will relax you or even help you deal with relocation stress you suffered (or are still suffering).

If Willamette Valley has piqued your interest and you plan to travel there after the move, ensure you follow the tips in the video below for the best experience:

#2 Enjoy the Bike Ride Like Never Before

Opting for auto shipping is preferable when getting cross-country moving services, as driving is the fastest way to explore the Stumptown and close areas. However, a car is not the only means of transportation you should bring. Whether you decide to pack by yourself or get packing services, a bike must be among your packed belongings, so make sure you add it to your household inventory list. After all, Stumptown is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the US.

That being said, note that this place has numerous bike events you can become a part of. From August Bridge Pedal, over Pedalpalooza to Zoobombers that gather every Sunday, you’ll soon see how important bikes are in the life of the Portlanders.

Some of these events can be more intriguing than others, to say the least. For example, did you know that Stumptown is one of the 74 cities where the World Naked Bike Ride is held? More than 10,000 cyclists ride a short ride every June, during which wearing clothes is optional. The purpose of this event is to promote body positivity. So, if you think this can be your thing, ensure you participate and be as bare as you dare.

Experience Filmed by Bike City Festival for More Bike-Craziness

Yes, Portlanders are so crazy about bikes and cycling that they also have a local festival dedicated to it, called Filmed by Bike. Organized each May, this festival lasts only for two days and holds around thirty independent short movies with bike teams. Make sure you check it out after the move.

Two girls riding bicycles after cross-country moving Stumptown is a heaven for all bike lovers

#3 Be a Part of City’s Famous Rose Festival

Held in June and more than a hundred years old, the Rose Festival was made to promote the region as the global summer capital. Although the pandemic has stopped the event for a while, it is scheduled for summer this year.

With three main parades, excellent food and great entertainment are bound to steal your heart as soon as you see them for the first time. From the Rose Festival Treasure Hunt at the beginning and crowning of a new Queen of Rosaria, in the end, join other Potlanders in celebrating the values on which this place is built.

red roses The City of Roses is Portland's official nickname, so the rose can be considered its official flower

#4 Visit Unique Freakybutture Peculiarium and (Anti)Museum

The Freakybuttrue Peculiarium is certainly a place like no other. A gallery dedicated to learning and terror, as they say, The Peculiarium completely fits Portland’s weirdness and quirkiness. Interactive art, bizarre oddities, cryptozoology, urban legends combined with vampire killing kits, edible insects, alien autopsy sets, UFOs, and hypnotism manuals are just a fraction of what you’ll be able to see here.

Go On a Tour of the Museum

If you’re intrigued by everything this museum has to offer, look at the following video for a short virtual tour of this fun and astonishing place:

#5 Look For Powell’s City of Books (But Don’t Get Lost in It)

Whether you’re relocating a business to another state or you want to have more personal reasons to move, having a bookstore nearby is a must-have. Well, after hiring cross-country movers and relocating to Stumptown, you won’t have just any local bookstore. The Powell’s City of Books claims to be the biggest independent used and new bookstore globally – it’s a magnificence definitely worth a visit.

With almost 70,000 square feet, more than 3,500 book sections divided into nine rooms, and around 4 million editions, it’s a promised land for all book lovers. CNN even named it one of the coolest bookstores worldwide – and we have to agree. Here’s a little glimpse of what it looks like:

#6 Find the Best Places in Stunning Oregon Nature

When hiring a long-distance moving company and relocating to a big city, we often have to trade up nature views for the concrete jungle. Well, in the case of Stumptown, this is simply not true. You will be amazed at the amount of green you’ll witness here. Rivers and mountains only add to the exquisite scenery. Just keep in mind that this place is not only green physically – it is listed as one of the top ten most eco-friendly cities around the world!

There is plenty of natural beauty to see almost wherever you go. However, take a look at the places you must not bypass after the move.

Visit One of the Largest Urban Forests in the Country and the Smallest “Park” in the World

With more than 80 miles of trails and forest roads, Portland’s Forest Park is an excellent place for all those outdoorsy types. This urban forest is located in Tualatin Mountains, which are only a few minutes away from downtown. Its amazing ecosystem is bound to leave you breathless, while the famous trails will help you stay active through hiking, biking, running, and other outdoor activities. Therefore, remember not to leave your outdoor gear in storage facilities when the relocation day comes.

At the same time, Stumptown is home to Mill Ends Park, the smallest park worldwide, consisting of precisely one tree. There may not be too much to see here, but hey – it is a famous attraction. Therefore, visiting it becomes one of the things to do after the move.

Experiencing the Beauty of the Japanese Garden Is One of the Best Things to Do in Portland

If you enjoy spending time surrounded by beautiful nature, there is no better place for you than Portland Japanese Garden. Did you know that it’s one of the most authentic Japanese gardens in the US? If you can choose the time to visit it, let it be autumn, when you can enjoy live music and great service in the mesmerizing scenery. One thing is certain – garden keepers are doing a magnificent job creating almost out-of-this-world experiences. Check it for yourself:

#7 Take Pleasure in Art Walk in Alberta Arts District

When relocating to Oregon, expect a significant impact of art and culture on your life. The same should be expected when it comes to the state’s largest metropolis. However, when it comes to arts, not many places in Portland can compare with Alberta Arts District – a hub of youth, as it is often pointed out.

Located in one of the top neighborhoods in Portland, Alberta Arts District is a host to the Last Thursday art walk that occurs each month on, you guessed it, last Thursday. It’s the day when Alberta Street is filled with local artists and street performers. Being a part of this event is bound to be a fun and interesting experience, even if you’re not that into art.

musician During Last Thursday's art walk, you'll get to see street performers at every step

#8 Stand in Line in Front of Famous Food Carts and Try Some Delicious Meals

One of the things that can help you deal with the relocation depression is terrific food – and you’ll find it in various food trucks all over Stumptown. When relocating to a new state, the food scene can affect your impression of the new destination more than you would initially think. However, there is not a single person who can’t find at least one delicious meal between hundreds of carts throughout different neighborhoods. And since this is one of the best cities for vegans, know that you’ll have many delicious and healthy options to choose from, as well.

Japanese, Greek, Mediterranean, Mexican or Thai dishes – these carts have it all. These trucks are usually grouped (making so-called pods), which makes choosing a meal even more convenient. Sure, you can have a good night out in a fancy and trendy restaurant, but make no mistake – Portland’s street food is legendary for a reason.

#9 Spend Your Time in Board Game Cafes

Relocating to another state alone may be hard emotionally, but making new friends can be of great help in this situation. And there is no better way of bonding with someone than over fun board games! Keep in mind that Stumptown has many cafes that provide you with the opportunity to drink, eat, and play your favorite board games, whether it is a childhood classic or a new release. You’ll love becoming a part of Portland’s board game community.

Monopoly is fun for the whole family You don't have to choose only one cafe - make a game tour and explore the neighborhoods simultaneously

There Are Plenty of Fun Things to Do in Portland – Ensure You Experience Them All

Portland’s attractions reflect the city itself – cool, a little weird, and a lot of interesting. No wonder it usually finds its place on the list of best cities for millennials. There are plenty of benefits of moving cross-country to Stumptown, and unique things to do are just one part of them. Still, no matter what drove you in the first place to move here, many unique activities will keep you constantly entertained and make you miss your old home a little bit less.


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