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Unique Moving Announcements – How to Let Loved Ones Know You’re Relocating With a Bang

Can you really say that you’ve moved if some cute unique moving announcements weren’t sent out? After all, relocation is a grand process involving a range of emotions, but as such, it deserves to be crowned with a joyous announcement. So, if you want to find out the best and most fun way to let your loved ones know about the updates underway, keep on reading.

A table full of handmade postcards and required stationary overlay
Handmade postcards always leave a stronger impression than store-bought ones

Announcing a Move Is Exciting, But Often Invokes a Whole Range of Feelings for All the People Involved

The decision to move to a new state always spurs up a range of feelings. The emotions are generally overall positive, but a move can induce low moods and negative emotions too. And they arise not only for the person relocating to a different state on their own but for their loved ones as well. The thing is – when you are the one changing your address, you are turning over a leaf in your life, and that’s always exciting to a certain measure, although your loved ones could feel different.

While being excited and proud of you for taking this step, your friends and family might also feel sad that you are leaving. After all, it’s a normal human reaction to the change and seeing our loved ones move on. That’s why it’s important to tell your family and friends about the move in a gentle and emphatic way and take their feelings into consideration as well.

Tell Your Loved Ones in Advance, so They Have Time to Process the Information

So before you get to sending out creative moving announcements, we recommend informing your loved ones of your future plans. Ideally, you should tell them about your plans a few months prior to their realization. You could even get them to help you house hunt or participate in other decision-making processes. Letting them be involved in the process to an extent you find comfortable will surely help both you and them overcome the relocation anxiety.

Give Your Friends and Family the New Information In a Calm and Private Setting

When it comes to informing your closest circle about relocation, you have to consider thoroughly how do you announce a new home and the move to your parents, siblings, and closest friends. As mentioned, it could include a whole range of feelings for them, so it’s important to do it gently. That’s why, other than making the move known as soon as you feel comfortable doing so, you should consider the setting to drop the news in.

Experience shows that it’s best to update your loved ones in a comfortable, private setting. It will allow them to get over the initial shock easier and process their initial response more easily, especially those prone to happy/sad tears. So, if you want to make it easier for everyone involved, this is surely the way to go. And by the time the time for sending out custom moving announcements comes around, everyone who might be shocked by the info will already be used to the idea of you relocating and thus even be able to help spread the word further.

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Why Should You Send Out Cards With Your Life Update to People You Know?

Many people wonder: Should I send moving announcements if I already told my closest circle that I’ll be relocating? And the answer is always yes. When you are about to move, especially if you want to stay in touch with people from the town you live in currently, it’s important to give them a way to contact you easily.

Additionally, if you decide to inform people in this way, there is a lesser chance you’ll make the common relocation mistakes of forgetting to inform some folks. By making a list of everyone who should be informed and then sending them a card, you’re taking the most efficient route in saying goodbye, which is also pretty important when you’re under all that relocation stress.

There Are Unexpected Perks of Sending Out Announcement Cards

In the midst of a move, most people don’t think too far in advance. However, we are here to remind you that if you decide to put in a bit of effort right now to send out cards, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll end up with some unexpected benefits after the move is completed. So, you can expect some of the following perks:

  • Messages of encouragement – Amidst relocation chaos, especially if you are going for a last-minute move, you’ll surely appreciate some encouragement and a pat on the back here and there. Whether these will reach you once you’ve moved or before the relocation, the good wishes from all your friends and neighbors will surely come in handy.
  • Birthday, holiday cards, and letters – Not all gratification is instant, and some may coincide with taking out Christmas ornaments or baking a birthday cake. But the moment a card or a letter reaches you, you’ll surely be thankful you took the extra time to send the info out.
  • Unexpected housewarming presents – When you send out these postcards, there’s a greater chance you’ll get housewarming presents without making a housewarming party. And while that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invite your loved ones to show off your new rented apartment, you might wake up one morning to find a kitchen appliance you didn’t even know you needed, arrive in the mailbox from your dear aunt.
A guy handing a girl a gift to celebrate her cross country moving overlay
Unexpected housewarming gifts are some of the most exciting perks of relocating

What Information Should You Include In Moving Announcement Cards?

Before we continue with all the nitty-gritty details of relocation updates, let’s first go through all the info you should include in them. Keep in mind that if you are updating your information online, you shouldn’t display all of these details publicly. However, if you decide to go the old-fashioned way, by mailing letters or even sending out emails as an updated version of old-school mail, make sure the following information is included:

  • The names of everybody who’s relocating with you,
  • Your current address and the relocation date so people know until when they can reach you,
  • Other contact information such as cell phone numbers and social media handles for easies contact,
  • Your future address, ZIP code, and home phone number,
  • The information on whether the move is temporary or permanent.
A person writing on a paper overlay
Start creating your updates by writing down on a piece of paper all the necessary information to place on the cards

Unique Moving Announcements Are a Great Way to Celebrate the New Chapter of Your Life

An announcement doesn’t have to be overly complex to be unique, cute, and fun. And even more importantly, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming to do its job – which is informing your loved ones of the big change underway. It all starts with deciding whether you’re going to mail them out or send them online. While we do recommend the first option, we know that the second one is easier, more convenient, and last but not least – cheaper. While we will give online solutions their time to shine, let us first tell you a bit about classic cards you’ll send via post.

How Do You Announce That You Are Moving Creatively Via Cards?

So, when it comes to informing folks you’ll be moving cross country, it can be difficult to think of simple but aesthetic ways to do so. That’s why we’ve created this short bullet-point guide that’ll help you keep track of the process. So, if you want to think of and create some nice cards, here are the steps to follow to make sure that you do:

  • Check out already existing templates – For some much-needed inspiration, it’s always good to check out already existing free templates. These can help you rule out the styles that don’t fit your aesthetic and find a style or an approach that does, which is the necessary first step for creating a DIY card.
  • Decide on a color scheme – Next up, you should have a color scheme in mind. Whether you’ll be the one drawing out the illustrations, or you’ll be commissioning someone to do it for you, you want a vivid bright palette to let everyone know about your good news.
  • Think of a catchy funny first-page phrase – The first page is the bearer of the news, and next to its aesthetic, it should have a catchy phrase to let people know about the move. So, if you’re about to move in with a partner or have just bought a house to move in with your kids, highlight this info with a phrase to match. For example, write something funny relating to your specific situation, such as “assuming you’d still like to stay friends, try reaching me at a different address,” or “we finally started living together – before it leads to an inevitable breakup, be sure to send us an expensive housewarming gift.”
  • Make your cards personalized with a photo – If you want to make the letters more original, you may want to include a photo of the new home on the front page. That way, people will be able to visualize the happy days that await you and feel even happier for you and your family.
  • Buy the necessary materials – Depending on whether you’ll be hand-drawing the illustrations, or employing a shop to print them out, you’ll still have to buy the necessary supplies. So, go to your local supplies shop to get things like paper, blank cards, envelopes, markers, and stickers, or other decorations.

For some cute and creative (not to mention free) templates and ideas on creating your own update cards, check out the video below.

How Do You Announce You’re Moving on Social Media?

Another convenient (and budget-friendly) way to make your move known is through social media. And not only is this route easy and convenient, but it’s practically free and will help you save money for the move. Depending on how computer-savvy you are, you can use special programs to make a cute announcement, putting in photo slideshows, music, video, and text, or you could just write a heartfelt post.

Keep in mind that everything you write regarding your move will be available to all your friends and followers, so watch out which information you are sharing online. Try not to post your address, dates when the cross-country movers relocate you, or any specific details of the move publicly. It’s better to thank everyone who’s been a part of your journey so far and invite them to reach out privately for further contact details and information.

A person at their computer posting on Facebook overlay
A simple Facebook post could be all you need to update your contacts about the big life changes underway

Deciding to Change Your Everyday View Is Much Easier With a Cross-Country Moving Company by Your Side

Making life updates known can be difficult, but not as difficult as making the actual huge change. And changes such as relocation, no matter what your reason to move is, are so much easier when you choose the right long-distance moving company to help you out. Long-distance movers can make your move a breeze by providing cross-country moving services such as packing assistance or the drive to a storage unit of your choice. So, scout long-distance moving services on time and find the best one to ship your things, and you’ll be able to direct your focus to more fun and exciting tasks – such as updating your loved ones about the next chapter of your life.


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