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Michael Vaughan

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How to Keep in Touch With Friends – What Apps Can Keep You Connected After Moving Across the Country

When moving across the country, we are not only embarking on an exciting adventure that will change our lives, but we are also leaving some people we love behind. Knowing how to keep in touch with friends and family after the move will make the whole process that much easier.

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There are so many apps that will help you stay connected with your buddies

Luckily, we live in a time where technology allows us to stay connected with others no matter where we are. So if you are wondering how to maintain long-distance friendships, the answer is pretty simple – download different apps. Check out the list of useful apps that will help you maintain a strong bond with your loved ones.

Skype Is the Answer if You Are Wondering How to Keep in Touch With Friends From a Long Distance

We’ve all used Skype at least once in our lifetime. After all, this app has been around for a really long time. You might have used it even when looking for a job in a new city (most interviews nowadays are online).

Since it can be installed on both your phone and computer, you can use it for messages, voice, and video calling. You can be in groups of up to 50 participants, and since you are relocating during the covid pandemic, most of these people you cannot see in person even before the move. So, it is a great app you can use to tell your friends you are moving away.

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Use Skype Before the Move if You Need Packing Tips

Moving furniture on your own doesn’t sound fun, right? However, if you have a friend that can give you some packing tips, the whole process might go smoother. And since social distancing is still a thing, using Skype will allow you to stay safe but at the same time get all the necessary help.

Give your loved ones a group call, and ask them all about packing fragile items. They might even have a few tips about boxing up clothes and other household items. Since Skype can have a video call, your loved ones can demonstrate all the packing techniques so that you can do everything the right way.

On the other hand, since cross-country movers are essential workers, you can just give them a call and let them take care of your move. You can use different cross-country moving services that will make your move easy and fast. And while long-distance movers are providing you with packing assistance, you can chat with your loved ones and make plans for the future.

the crew from a long-distance moving company handling items overlay
Hire a cross country moving company to help you move while you chat with loved ones

With ooVoo You Can Form Group Chats in a Minute

Do you have something super important to tell your friend that requires a group video chat? If you do, ooVoo is the best group chat app for that. You can use it to video call up to 12 people at the same time.

Take Your Friends for a Walk in a New Neighbourhood

Since ooVoo is free, available across many different platforms, it has become a hit with a huge number of participants. Its feature allows group video chats, so you can use it to take a walk around your new neighborhood and show it to your loved ones.

Let’s say you are now living in LA. You’ll be able to show a Hollywood sign to your loved ones while walking past it. Or you can share different things to do in NYC without actually being in the same place as your buddies.

For more info about the app, check out the video below:

Send Pics, Memes, and Texts With WhatsApp and Viber

Two apps that most smartphone users have are WhatsApp and Viber. Both of these are apps for texting, but you can use them to send videos and audio recordings as well. They are pretty similar, and which one you download will depend solely on your preferences.

  • WhatsApp can be used on a smartphone. The user can create group chats with people and send audio, video, and pictures. There are no ads on the app, and encryption makes it extra safe for users. It can be used on multiple platforms, and there is even a desktop app. Finally, the gif format is supported.
  • Viber has more than 800 million users around the world. The app integrates with your contact list and allows you to call, text, send pics and share location with your contacts. It is a cross-platform product and can be used on the desktop. Viber also allows you to see the status of your message, so you will know if something is delivered or not.
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WhatsApp or Viber it is completely up to you

When Moving Cross Country Share Your Adventures on Social Network Platforms Like Instagram

Are you relocating to LA and can’t wait to show off your new home? Maybe you are settling in Boston and can’t wait to share with everybody just how great the city is. No matter what your reasons to move are, there is always time to take a few pics of the whole relocation process. And what should you do with a bunch of really cool photos? Well, post them online, of course!

This is where Instagram comes into the picture (yes, pun intended)! The social app that allows you to post images and short clips can be a perfect solution if you are wondering how to keep in touch with friends when moving across the country. For example, post the newest stories, even if they are just pics of food from one of many restaurants in Seattle. Your loved ones will appreciate knowing what you are up to after moving to a new state.

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No matter where you go, there is always time to post a pic or two on social app

Organize a Game Night With the Fight List App

You probably feel anxious about moving out of your city. Getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t only mean relocating to a new city. It also means leaving behind folks you love and places you care about. With that, you are giving up traditional game nights and all the quality time you get to spend together.

Don’t despair. Healthy competition between you and your loved ones doesn’t have to stop just because you moved. Just download FightList, a family-feud-like trivia game. The game is pretty straightforward. You will be given a category, and you’ll have 40 seconds to come up with as many words as you can that are connected to it.

There are over a thousand different topics, and the goal is to give more answers than your opponent. By winning, you’ll rank higher than your loved ones.

There Are Other Games You and Your Friends Can Play Together

If you are relocating to another state alone, you might miss your friends a bit too much. When this happens, organize a long online game night and prepare different games you all can compete in.

For those that love wordplay games, apps like Words With Friends and Scrabble GO are a perfect way to spend the night. Both of these are free and thoroughly entertaining. On the other hand, if you are more into murder-mystery board type of games, Clue can be everything you need.

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There are different games you can download and play with your loved ones

Zoom Call Can Connect You All

When the pandemic hit, the most used word was Zoom. You could hear it in the meetings, in podcasts, or read about it. Most of us use this app for work calls, but that shouldn’t stop you from using it to stay connected to your loved ones.

Zoom is an app made primarily for business, conference calls, and that’s why it is very user-friendly and simple to navigate. It gives all the participants the opportunity to hear and see each other.

When you are not feeling too completely confident, you can easily choose not to share your video. And also, you can mute yourself while others are talking. Zoom also gives you the option of sharing your screen, so if there is something funny on your laptop or phone that your loved ones need to see, just press a button and share it.

Zoom meeting on a laptop overlay
You can talk to many people via Zoom

There Is a Way to Keep in Touch With Loved Ones Without Apps

Let’s say you forgot to transfer your utilities before the move. Now you are stuck without an internet connection for a few days. And we know how going “off the grid” can be scary for some. You’ll need a way to let your loved ones know you arrived safely at your destination. Don’t worry. If you are wondering how to keep in touch with friends without Facebook or other apps, the answer is quite simple – just call them. Yes, that seems a bit archaic, but phones are made for calling other people (shocker, we know).

Since you are not traveling halfway across the world, your phone plan will cover the calls no matter if you live in San Diego or you have settled down in New York City.

the person talking on the phone overlay
If your apps don’t work, use the phone to text or call

In This Day and Age Staying Connected Is Not Mission Impossible

You packed up your bags, hired long-distance moving services, and found a new job. However, there is still that nagging feeling in your mind about leaving your loved ones behind. Don’t worry, the time of letters and long waits for the reply is gone. Nowadays, technology is so fast that you can actually video chat with people and send them memes at the same time.

Staying in touch with people you care about was never easier. All you need is a stable internet connection and a few apps. So don’t let the fear stop you from embarking on the relocation adventure. The loved ones will be just a few clicks away, ready to spend some time with you!


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