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Best Way to Move IKEA Furniture

Are you about to relocate, but you can’t find the best way to move IKEA furniture that you love so much? Well, we understand your troubles. The Swedish company has great furniture pieces, and it would be such a shame if you break something. Since you want to avoid any possible damage to your favorite stuff, you will have to pull your sleeves and do the moving process step by step.

Long-distance movers disassembling a sofa overlay
The world's most famous furniture store.

It is not like you are going to take your wardrobe and just bring it out of the door straight to the transporting van. If you have your reasons to move from your current home and you have a closet or a shelf that needs to be moved, you will know that these pieces are very tricky and difficult to pack and move, much more than moving a pool table. Use this guide to help you avoid common moving mistakes and prepare everything before you actually transfer your IKEA stuff to your new home.

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Carefully plan how to move bulky items.

Measure Twice Before You Unscrew

Many companies that will help you move the goods can accept IKEA items the way they are. That means you perhaps don’t have to disassemble the shelves or wardrobes. So, the first tip is to measure the van or truck that will drive your amazing items to your new residence, and then measure all the pieces you want to move. Also, check if the company in question is willing to take the equipment as a whole, not in parts. Many companies can’t cover the expenses in case of damage, especially if it is this kind of brand.

However, if the company decides to help you, you will save time and a whole lot of nerves. Let’s face it: disassembling the furniture can be a rather exhausting process. But, if you don’t want to risk anything, proceed to the next step where we will help you prepare yourself for the big moving day.

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Best Way to Move IKEA Furniture – DIY Tips

When you decided where you should move and what’s the best time of the year to move, you have to sit and think of all the things you need for your relocation. You can’t just say “okay, I have a few boxes, I can do it easily,” because the process can be very tiresome. So, make a checklist of what you need, especially if you are a big fan of this famous Swedish brand. People think that the fact they don’t know how to move a piano is the biggest problem, but it can turn out to be more straightforward that dissembling IKEA pieces. If you’re not moving into a smaller home and you actually want to transport every piece you own, there are no unwanted items to donate, take a look at these moving day tips to avoid additional moving stress.

Tips and Tools to Disassemble IKEA Items

If you are going to do it on your own, you will have to find adequate tools to disassemble all the items apart. Why? It is much easier when the doors or drawers are removed from wardrobes or shelves because the items are much lighter that way. To do that, you will need all kinds of tools. We are sure that you already have some of them, but a screwdriver is the most important among the essentials you’ll need on your moving day.

It can be complicated. You might just give up and leave everything. In that case, call a friend or two to help you with this process. Try to make it fun, instead of dull and tedious. Details are very important, so be careful with all the panels and pieces that go together.

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Make sure that you have appropriate tools.

Furniture Padding

When you are done with dismantling, you are going to need all kinds of padding to protect every individual item from any damage. If you don’t do this, your belongings might get damaged if the separated panels are put together, instead of being apart. You can purchase various padding materials, like packing paper and bubble wrap, but a sponge is the best solution. It has proven to be the best protector from any impact that might occur during transport.

Next Step: Tape and Boxes

Once you are done with padding, use wide scotch tape to make sure that the items are not moving. The other step would be taping the carton boxes together so tightly as if the panels just came from an IKEA store. Make sure you are aware of different types of packing materials and their features. You should find the best-sized boxes, and prepare enough packing materials for moving. There are plenty of places where you can find free boxes, just make sure they are not filthy. You don’t want to put your favorite chairs or closets in all kinds of boxes. If you want to go DIY one hundred percent, you can buy some cardboard sheets and make your own boxes.

Don’t Leave Out the Last Tip: Label Maker

You might think this is not necessary, but IKEA is known by the “assembly at home” method. Every article you need to put together, a wardrobe, for example, has a name on it and is numerated. Do the same thing when you dismantle the stuff, so you don’t forget where what was. Imagine you forgot to label which screws go where, and then instead of enjoying the moments in your new home, you get angry because you can’t assembly a bookshelf. It is one of the steps to successful unpacking and assembling it all back together.

Follow the Assembly Instructions

As we all know, when you purchase items like these, you know there is a manual inside the box. So when you decide to move out and bring all your stuff, you will have to follow the instructions for disassembly and assembly processes. Again, we know this is a process that requires time and will that you might lack. However, once you put it all together the way it was, you will be proud and happy that you made it. Keep the entire “how-to” instructions from your manufacturer, because one can never know when you might use them again.

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Keep all the assembling instructions if you want to assemble things on your own

Loading the Van or Truck

One of the important tips is to decide which company will help you with transport and check what kind of vehicle will be used. You have to make sure that the vehicle will be able to accept all the items, and that is spacious enough. Make sure that the company tells you the measures of the vehicle in advance. If it is a van, that means that you don’t have many items to transport. If you do, ask for a truck. No one would like to have movers coming and going several times to pick up all your stuff.

Many people have anxiety about moving out or they can’t avoid relocation depression because they are afraid something might go wrong. Now, make sure the movers are aware they are handling branded belongings. Tip them if you want, so that they will be more careful while packing furniture and loading it into the truck. They should put the item horizontally, not vertically. In this way, a bump on the road will not cause the fall of the panels or doors.

Moving is always hard, especially if you are a fan of branded Swedish interior design pieces who is moving alone to another state. That is why planning your moving budget, avoiding the cheapest way to move out of state to reduce the costs of moving, and choosing the reputable and highly recommended company to help you is as important as anything else. Cross Country Moving Company is a team of professionals, and if you are transporting IKEA furniture, you know that nothing but professional moving services is acceptable. We will also handle transporting your car across the country if you book auto shipping services. Finally, take these packing tips and tricks into account and contact us when you need this kind of help.


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