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Moving a Pool Table – Everything you Need to Know

Are you planning on relocating soon but find it hard to part with your beloved pool table? Then you should know that moving a pool table is one of the most difficult tasks in the relocation process because it is bulky, heavy and requires a very complicated dismantling procedure. Hiring professionals is the best option you can choose, but it is a costly service. If your budget does not allow it and you are still determined to take the item with you, make sure you engage friends to help you and follow each step stated below.

pool table with cues overlay
The best way to transport this bulky item is to dismantle it first.

Things You Need to Know Before Moving a Pool Table

In case you have your reasons to move, you’re checking the safety of your future neighborhood and moving alone to another state, it’s best to make sure you get enough labels and bags for small parts if you’re about to move the table by yourself. You should write down the pieces in the same order you are disassembling them and bag the small ones as they are easily lost. You also need to get the right tools, such as the flat head screwdriver, power drill, staple puller, socket wrench, and safety goggles. If you have kept the original set up instructions, you should follow each step in reverse. Otherwise, check this good step-by-step guide we prepared for you.

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How Much Does It Cost to Move a Pool Table?

The price ranges from $500 to $700 depending on the weight, size, type, and existing conditions in your home. Other factors that can affect the final cost include the distance and the type of service needed, specifically whether you’re relocating to the suburbs nearby or long-distance, and whether it needs to be dismantled in the room, packed, transported by a truck, and then reassembled or you just want a partial service. Additionally, if you want to save up avoid relocating during the holidays because the prices can get higher.

If you opt for relocation on a budget, you may want to pick and choose between the services you are going to pay for. For example, you could disassemble the pool table on your own or with the help of your friends. Sure, it is a tricky task, but if you spare some extra time and precautions, take a few moving tips from people who have done it before to avoid making common moving mistakes, we are sure you can do it almost like a professional. If you lack tools, borrow from friends or ask your new neighbors and then invite them for a game, that will help you avoid relocation depression.

The other thing you could do is to pack it on your own without the custom packaging. Custom crates and materials can add up to some big, unexpected costs, although they are the safest way to transport your delicate items, you could as well use bulk cardboard, bubble wrap, and extra padding to secure each part individually from damage.

Some Tips That Can Help You

Dismantle the item carefully and label every part as you do it, making sure you bag all the little parts such as screws, bolts, and pockets. Felt, or more accurately pool tablecloth, is a sensitive part and professionals usually replace it for free instead of removing it, so unless you intend to get another one, you have to remove it with caution.

You could take photos of the whole process. First, take photos of the whole pool table how it is, from all the sides, and then photograph every step of the disassembling process. This is the easiest way to have control over every step when you assemble it later on. This is one of the most useful packing tips and tricks when you are relocating. These photos can also be a part of your photo inventory for moving insurance if you plan on getting one.

pool table in the room overlay
Transporting pool tables can be expensive.

Choose the Right Method for Moving a Pool Table to Another House

If you are transporting your item from one room to another, you can do it by using four dollies. Lift each end of the item one by one, placing the dollies under the leg, but make sure to brace the dollies to prevent the bulky item from rolling. Once all four dollies are in place, you can unlock them and slide the item by applying good, firm pressure. This will prevent the heavy table from gaining too much speed. When it is placed in your home, remove the dollies by bracing the two of them first to avoid rolling.

If you are moving in winter, however, you should take extra precautions. The whole path from your home to the truck should be clear, since carrying bulky objects, even on dollies can be very dangerous. A path full of snow is slippery and you, or the movers, could fall and get hurt, or in the best-case scenario, damage items you are carrying. You should also use some kind of coverage, even if everything is securely stored in the boxes. The boxes will draw and hold moisture and transfer it possibly to your expensive felt.

Follow Each Step Carefully

Make sure you have labels, bags, and pencil ready before starting the process, as well as the following packing material:

  • soft packing paper which will protect all the items without the danger of scratching and damaging the legs and other wooden components.
  • cardboard boxes or original boxes if available, although original packaging is the safest and tailored for a specific item, it is not always on hand. If that is the case, you could always buy bulk cardboard to wrap oversized items.
  • packing tape to secure everything and prevent moisture from seeping inside.
  • moving blankets in case of rain or snow.

Disengage the Rails

Start by removing the six ball pockets, whether they are stapled or secured with screws. Use safety goggles to protect your eyes from staples as you will be removing them from below. Use safety gloves so that you don’t cut yourself with some of the metal fragments, which can be quite sharp. Then proceed with removing the rails with a socket wrench, but first, check how they are attached. Then slide them out with the help from a friend, place them on moving blankets and wrap them.

Remove the Felt

If you are not going to replace the felt, then carefully remove the staples which hold it with a staple puller. If the felt is glued, you should pull it gently backward, not upwards or forwards to avoid ripping it. Fold it up to prevent it from wrinkling.

Take Out the Slates

By using a power drill, remove the screws holding the slate and take the slate off. Check if the screws are additionally fastened with beeswax. If that is the case, you should scrape it off with a flat head screwdriver. The slate can be in one piece or in multiple pieces, which are still very heavy, so you need to bear that in mind.

The Final Step: Pack the Frame, Rails, and Parts

Place the slate wrapped in a moving blanket and pockets in the vehicle. If it is in pieces, you can put them on top of each other. It is advisable to use an appliance dolly to transport them to the vehicle. Wrap the frame components separately in blankets and load them into the back of a truck. Then wrap the rails and legs in blankets individually and place them on the top of the frame. Pockets, balls, and triangles should be wrapped in soft packaging paper and placed in a cardboard box if you didn’t keep their original boxes. This is one of the most important steps and you should do it right.

Other Related Things You Should Know

Bear in mind that small factors can have an impact on the functionality of your table. So even if you dismantle it yourself and transport it to your new home, it is advisable to have professionals reassemble it, as they are trained to inspect the frame for damage you may not have noticed. Also, they will level the slate properly and probably replace the felt for free.

billiard overlay
Listen to the best tips for transporting pool tables to your new house.

Assembling It Back

If you followed our advice to label all elements and bag the small components, start by reassembling the legs under the frame in the upside-down position and then flip it back over. If the slate comes in pieces, slide the parts together with connectors, without getting your hands caught in between. Then wax the seams with beeswax melted with a propane torch. When dry, use a good metal paint scraper to remove residues.

The most important thing here is, of course, patience. Don’t rush things, because there is the highest possibility to damage something if you do it in haste. If you’re moving into a smaller home, the good course of action would be to leave it for one of the last steps you would do when you settle in. This is where that photo journal of disassembling would come in handy. If you can’t quite remember which part goes where you can retrace it from photos. If, you get to the point where you are certain you can’t do it, hire a professional. They have all the tools and knowledge to do it very fast and without damage.

two tables overlay
It’s best to follow each recommended step.

All These Steps Seem Complicated? Hire Cross Country Moving Company to Assist You

If it seems like relocating pool tables is complicated for you, and if you have found the way to reduce your moving expenses you don’t have to pick the cheapest way to move out of state, contact some highly recommended and reliable professional cross country movers to do the complicated job for you. Pick the best time of the year to move, donate unwanted items, ask for a price estimate, and check what kind of packaging material that movers provide. Let them pack your furniture and box up your clothes, while you focus on house-hunting.

If you’re not planning on moving the bulky item to your place straight away, ask if the company provides storage space. The professional cross-country moving company also offers auto transport services in case you want to transport your car across the country, but make sure that you understand how car shipping works before you pay for it. Choosing to relocate during the cheapest time of the year can cut your relocation costs significantly.


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