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What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Dallas, Texas

Wherever you move, you’ll want to live in an ideal environment. So today, we prepared for you a list of the best neighborhoods in Dallas, the third-largest Texan city, behind Houston and San Antonio. If you love southern charm, then D-Town is the right spot for you to establish a new home.

Suburban Houses Dallas has many different spots you can settle in

Moving to Dallas will bring a whole lot of new and exciting experiences into your life. To enjoy them to the fullest, it’s crucial to pick the right neighborhood. It’s not only a matter of housing prices or rent but also the spirit and community that go along.

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Best Neighborhoods in Dallas Downtown – Deep Ellum and Arts District

When you are moving across the country house hunting will probably be one of your main priorities. While a long-distance moving company is handling your stuff, you’ll have enough free time to thoroughly research D-Town and find a roof over your head. Since you will be moving to a big city it is only natural that a tour around it begins in the center. After all, it’s where the fun is, right? Yes, but that’s only one part of the story.

Let’s start with Deep Ellum, a few blocks away from the downtown. Built during the final quarter of the 19th century, Deep Ellum started its life as a warehouse area, later evolving into a city’s hotspot. During the 1920s, many great jazz and blues musicians performed there. Rock ‘n’ roll has taken over since then, but the neighborhood’s halls and joints are still venues for music shows.

Another major staple is fine dining, with Texan barbecue, burgers, and hot dogs, and of course, donuts. However, what sets it apart is the offering for lovers of theatre: here, you can attend burlesque shows, improvisations, as well as experimental and underground productions. Also, there are many street festivals dedicated to visual arts. According to data from the website redfin.com, the average price of real estate in Deep Ellum in January 2020 stood at 488,000 dollars.

The next pick is the Arts District, the creative hub of D-Town, which is the largest district of its kind in the US. There’s everything you might imagine in cultural terms: museums, venues, bars, and restaurants all gel together with almost never-ending street performances. When you get tired from walking around, try out a lobster at Flora Street Cafe before heading for dessert at Savor. It is a vibrant area, and there’s always something new to see.

More of the Best Neighborhoods in Dallas Central – Oak Lawn and Uptown

A bit north from downtown lies Oak Lawn. This neighborhood is very diverse and even more vibrant. It is one of the most progressive locations in the city. Situated along Turtle Creek, its parks are favorite places for picnics, hiking, and public events. Because of vast open spaces, it is great for people relocating with pets. Furthermore, when it comes to amenities, this part of town has some of the best-rated elementary and secondary schools in Dallas. Restaurants are many and cuisines diverse. One more perk is that Lawn overlaps with Victory Park, the location of the American Airlines Center. Since both Mavericks and Stars host their games in AAC, it should be high on the list for sports fans. The average home price in the neighborhood stood at $415,000 in January.

Right next to Lawn is Uptown, with which it was integrated until recently. Some folks still refuse to accept the fact that the separation happened. All in all, Uptown is now a rounded up community with lots of bars, restaurants, and opportunities for shopping. It is inhabited mostly by younger people and professionals, who often praise the fact that all their favorite joints are nearby. Homes, on average, cost $470,000, and about one in five residents dwell in their own homes.

Striding both of them is one of the most loved Dallas’ attractions – Katy Trail. Once a part of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railway (MKT, hence the name Katy), today it is 3.5 miles of pathway perfect for jogging, walking, or cycling.

graffitia Deep Ellum in downtown is the perfect place for a home

Best Places to Live in Dallas for Those with Deeper Pockets – Preston Hollow, Lower Greenville, and Lakewood

Now it’s time to move to a bit more upscale Lower Greenville. The site of the largest parade for Saint Patrick’s Day in the area, the place has morphed from a party hotspot into a hip neighborhood. Bars and restaurants remained, of course. The main attraction is the Granada Theater. Opened in 1946 as a cinema in Art Deco style, it is now mostly a concert venue for local and other music stars. In January 2020, the average price of real estate was $520,000.

Then there is Lakewood, an east side gem looking over the White Rock Lake. Because of lots of opportunities for outdoor activities, but also the presence of famous Lakewood Elementary, it is one of the best places if you’re moving with kids. Being right next to the city’s center can only add to the desirability. It has both manors and cottages (the average real estate price stands at $745,000), and a sense of community that is rarely seen these days.

Located in the city’s north, Preston Hollow is one of the most elite parts of the city. It’s where leaders reside (not just local ones – George W. Bush lives there). There are homes of billionaires and millionaires, businessmen and athletes. Driving along Strait Lane, the main artery of the Hollow, you’ll see large estates with mighty oaks in the gardens (to get that out of the way, homes here, on average, cost $975,000, after prices took a hit last year.) Locals mostly gather in parks, such as Northaven Trail. Food is not forgotten, with an award-winning Mercury restaurant, among others. Furthermore, D-Town is one of the best cities in Texas to raise a family so top-notch education will be within your reach. That’s why Hollow can offer you outstanding elite private schools. If you want an excellent education for your kids, as the rich and the powerful do, you’ll send your child to one of them. For a hefty sum, of course.

Experience the Wealth of Park Cities When Moving State to State

Another affluent area north of the city center, Park Cities, is an independent enclave surrounded by Dallas. It consists of the elite cities of Highland Park and University Park. They have their own authorities since the City of Dallas refused to officially incorporate them due to the high costs. Residents here form tight communities, mostly centered around schools, which are among the finest in the Lone Star State. That’s why when you are checking how safe is your neighborhood you’ll see that Park Cities’ safety is at a very high level.

HP is a leafy neighborhood with large houses and many, many parks with tennis courts and even swan ponds. There are terrific restaurants and places to go to. For lovers of luxury goods, there lies the oldest open-air mall in the US, with brands like Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Jimmy Choo, or Chanel clustered around for a unique shopping experience.

A bit younger settlement UP was built around the Southern Methodist University, north of Highland Park. It has its own public school system, as well as police and fire departments. Living in the enclave has all the perks of living in Dallas, but almost none of the downsides.

Rent and Housing in an Elite Area

With all the amenities and reputation, it’s not difficult to conclude that Park Cities are for the wealthy to live in. While owners of Mavericks and Stars have houses in Preston Hollow, Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones has a home in Park Cities. To touch the issue from another angle, residents of the enclave have one of the highest per-capita incomes in Texas.

You may be tempted to buy a house. In that case, beware, for the prices of houses here are not for the faint-hearted. In January 2020, a home in HP, on average, cost $1.1 million, after taking a steep fall of almost 50% from last year. On the other hand, University Park’s real estate prices have risen, so the average price in January was $1.26 million. The average rent stands around $2,000.

Dallas Highland Park and Lower Greenville are great places north of downtown Dallas

When Moving Cross Country Consider Oak Cliff

The area across the Trinity River, known as Oak Cliff, has long been neglected by the local authorities. Still, there developed some of the trendiest parts of town, such as Bishop Arts District or Tyler Davis Arts District. The folk there can enjoy many cultural events and programs, go to some of the finest theaters in D-Town, and eat in restaurants that are every gourmet’s dream.

In this neighborhood and its subsections, you can see some of the great historical buildings. It’s a lot cheaper than some of its counterparts, though, for some parts of it are still a bit or seedier. Therefore, the average real estate price in Oak Cliff stands at $180,000, though better parts of it, such as North Oak Cliff and Kiestwood, are a bit more expensive. No matter what, if you are on a tight moving budget, you might opt for settling in Oak Cliff. If you do, you won’t have to worry about moving to a smaller home, because you could actually afford a decent size residence without making a huge dent in your savings.

Oak Cliff, Dallas Oak Cliff is the place to be in 2020

Enjoy Life in Knox-Henderson

When moving interstate consider Knox-Henderson, one of the trendiest parts of town, a place for those who take pleasure in walking, shopping, and eating out. No matter what your reason to move is, you will probably find everything you need in Knox-Henderson. This is a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood connected with Katy Trail. It is home to some of the best restaurants in Dallas, such as Abacus and Gemma. Ethnic cuisines are not forgotten either, in the form of Cafe Madrid for tapas, or Tei Tei Robata for Japanese dishes and magic sushi, to name just a few. When the sun sets, Knox-Henderson becomes a buzzing nightlife center. Whether you’ll opt for the dancefloor in one of the clubs or burgers and beer in the excellent pubs, such as Henry’s Majestic or the Old Monk, is only up to your tastes.

If You Give It a Chance, D-Town Has a Lot to Offer

So, here is our list of the best parts of D-Town we hope it helped you find the answer to the question “where should I move“. When you pick the place to settle in, hire a cross country moving company to help you relocate as soon as possible. Having long-distance movers assist you during the relocation means you won’t have to worry about a thing. They will provide you with cross country moving services and arrange packing and auto shipping. While cross country movers are doing the grunt work you can check great locations in D-Town because there are many. You may as well pick Bluffview, M Streets, or Lake Highlands, and not be wrong in the slightest.

All in all, there are lovely places for people relocating alone, be they students or professionals, also those moving for a relationship will find affordable accommodation and employment opportunities. Furthermore, this is one of the best cities to raise a family so it is logical that parents with kids flock to it. Also, things to do in Dallas are many and diverse, just like the place itself so they can suit anybody’s interests. Let’s not forget another important factor: the cost of living in Dallas is affordable if you have a decent job.

There are countless people to meet, places to discover, dishes to taste, and paths to walk in D-Town. And they’re waiting for you.


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