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7 Best Neighborhoods in Dallas for Families

There’s nothing more wonderful than enjoying serene times with your loved ones at home. Yet, sometimes, to do this, one has to book cross country movers in Dallas, TX, and move to one of the best neighborhoods in Dallas for families. And with so many great ones out there, it can be so hard to choose. That’s why we are here to help and introduce you to our top picks in the Fort Worth area.

view of dallas from the sky D-town is an amazing place to raise a family in - you just have to find the right part to start your life

Is Dallas, TX a Good Place to Raise a Family?

Every resident that has had the opportunity to move to Dallas knows how wonderful it is to walk in the streets of the best Dallas neighborhoods and call them home. And now, the subjective notion of beauty and comfort the city brings to its residents has been verified through research. The website Homes conducted a survey and ranked US cities based on their family-friendliness.

The results couldn’t be better – three Texas cities, including D-town, that ranked as number one, have been ranked in the top five. So, if you don’t feel like giving up on urban life and moving to the Dallas suburbs, we are here to present to you the ultimate safe Dallas neighborhoods that provide the best of both worlds.

A happy family outside If you want a white picket fence life and quiet mornings in your backyard, there's no better place than the Triple D to do so

#1 The Beautiful Highland Meadows Is Perfect for Those Moving on a Budget

The beautiful green neighborhood of Highland Meadows is a dream come true for anyone starting a family. Home to a friendly, diverse community of 13,369, Highland Meadows provides everything someone moving with pets and children could ask for – peace, quiet, and an abundance of green spaces. Simultaneously, the area has an acceptable crime rate while still being among the more affordable areas. And the numbers are there to support our claims, as 39% of the residential population is made up of households with children.

So, if you are still not ready to buy a home, or can’t afford one, the neighborhood might be the perfect place for you. Most residents here (about 77%) rent their homes, as the median rent price falls well below the national average, amounting to around $879. Another number to keep in mind if you are considering this lovely area is the average median household income adds up to about $56,438. With median rent and household income falling below the national average, Highland Meadows can be considered to be one of the best neighborhoods in Dallas for young families.

Highland Meadows Offers Top-Notch Public Magnet Schools

Highland Meadows is known for being served by the amazing, highly rated public schools, including the outstanding magnet public high school in TX – the School for the Talented & Gifted. Not only does this educational facility produce high-level scholars who continue higher education, but students actually report enjoying classes, although the workload may not always be easy. And this is not the only educational option, other top-rated schools in the area also include:

  • School of Science & Engineering,
  • Booker T. Washington High School for Performing & Visual Arts,
  • Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School,
  • Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet School.
A high schoolers Did you know that Highland Meadows' High Schools are the highest rated in the entire state?

#2 Lakewood Is Among the Best Neighborhoods in Dallas Fort Worth Area for Families

Many Dallasites wonder is Fort Worth good for families. This satellite city is actually a great choice for anyone who feels ready to hire Dallas, TX movers and leave their former Dallas place perfect for singles. What makes the area perfect for family living is the lifestyle the city offers. For a second there, the quiet and peace of Lakewood might have you thinking you wandered off into the suburbs.

However, there is so much the city offers to urban dwellers, such as the historic shopping center, a multitude of shops and restaurants, and the beautiful outdoors by the lake. If you are a sporty person, you’ll love the White Rock Lake lakefront, its many biking and hiking trails, as well as kayaking and sailing options.

Spend Quality Family Time Enjoying One-of-a-Kind Cultural Events in Lakewood, Dallas Fort Worth

Lakewood is more than just a mecca for outdoorsy folks enjoying the lake and its many benefits. If you are an architecture buff, you might find something for yourself here as well. Just walking in Lakewood’s streets can at times feel as if you are in a museum of architecture due to the historical art-deco homes. And if architecture isn’t your thing, you might enjoy the mesmerizing annual Fourth of July parade.

In case you have to spend hours packing books for moving and think of yourself as a bookworm, you’ll surely enjoy the Shakespeare Dallas Festival. Even if your relocation expenses checklist makes a dent in your bank account, you should know that a portion of the festival is held free of charge. Do, even if on a budget, you’ll get to enjoy many theatrical performances at the Samuell-Grand Amphitheatre.

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#3 The Affluent Preston Hollow Leads in Low Crime Rates

Judging by the modest ranch-style homes that occupy the streets, the majority of people wouldn’t guess that Preston Hollow is one of the most affluent areas in the state and even a home of a former US president. It has one of the cleanest crime rates in Texas, well below the national average. And although you’ll probably need a considerable moving budget to land a home here, since the median value of houses amounts to a bit over a million dollars, you can rest assured that every penny you spend will be worth it.

Enroll Your Children in the Finest Private K-12 School in the US in Preston Hollow

When you imagine a perfect place for raising children in D-town, you are probably picturing Preston Hollow – it’s quiet, calm (although quite near the mumble and rumble of Downtown), crime-free, and has great schools. While there are a plethora of top-notch public schools, most parents choose to send their children to private institutions. One of these is also the top-rated US K-12 institution – St. Marks. It provides excellent learning opportunities and an array of after-school programs and clubs. So, we home you plan on moving your piano with you as well, ’cause if your kids decide on attending the drama clubs, orchestra, band, or choir, they might get good use out of it.

area view of neighborhood Preston Hollow is a great place to settle in

#4 The Whole Timberbrook, Plano Is Intersected by Green Natural Parks

Plano makes up the suburban portion of D-town, although, with its 1 million residents, it can hardly be considered a village. With its motto as ”the City of Excellence,” it’s no wonder that Plano is on the majority of lists of best neighborhoods in Dallas, TX for families. And there’s no better one in it than Timberbrook.

Timberbrook is a small neighborhood of 5,843 residents. And if you are to ask them, they’ll tell you that while life here might not have the outing options of the downtown, its culture and nature are what makes it a fairyland. From diverse food venues to car shows, there is a lot to see and experience here. And if you see yourself spending time picnicking with your loved ones, you’re bound to enjoy Timer Brook Park, as well as the surrounding Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve, and Cottonwood Creek Greenbelt.

Timberbrook Has the Reputation of One of the Nation-s Safest City

From financial safety, that is, the unemployment rate, health insurance coverage, and job security, to the crime rate, including murder rates, felony, and theft, Timberbrook is considered to be among the safest areas in the US. If your reason to change your address is due to starting a family, you’ll surely sleep much better at night knowing that your kids will be safe and sound playing outside. And if that doesn’t make Timberbrook one of the best neighborhoods in Dallas for families, we don’t know what does!

A mother kissing her child on the cheek Hanging out in one of the many parks Timberbrook offers will become your favorite daily activity

#5 Cottonwood Creek, Richardson Borders the University of Texas

So, what is the nicest neighborhood in Dallas county, you might ask? Set in the small city of Richardson, you’ll find Cottonwood Creek. Not only does it rank the highest on lists of the greatest places in Texas, but it is also considered as one of the top 5 places in the entire nation. So, if you have $329,500 to spend on a home, start packing to move in a hurry because you won’t find a better place to live in than here.

Cottonwood Creek Is Perfectly Situated Between the University and Canyon Creek – Which Has Its Advantages

Where do families live in Dallas? A lot of them are surely in Cotton Creek since 42% of its population is made up of households with children. Cottonwood Creek is great due to its charming and homey atmosphere and beautiful houses, yet it is its surroundings that make it so special. On the one side, you have Canyon Creek, where you can spend Sundays fishing for rainbow trout or walking its green banks. On the other, you have the immediate proximity of the University of Texas’ beautiful campus with many advantages as well.

You could spend your Saturdays using the Uni’s sporting facilities and teaching your kids to golf at a nine-hole golf course. And on the workdays, they will be able to attend one of the many schools from various counties. Both Collin County and Plano schools will be available to your kids, and in the Southern part, you could choose from the Dallas County and Richardson schools, so you surely won’t lack options.

the University of Texas will be your next-door neighbor when the long distance movers in Dallas, TX, relocate you Who knows, maybe your kids end up enjoying the University of Texas, they end up pursuing their degree there

#6 Buy a Home in Heights Park, Richardson, And Win the Yard of the Month Award

There’s no neighborhood more wholesome than the beautiful Heights Park. It’s a charming older area of the city, with beautiful houses going for $289,365. So, if you are ready to become one of the many residents who are homeowners – 82% to be exact, you better start packing your furniture and hiring Dallas, Texas movers to move your large items.

Because everything here, from education to crime numbers and the communal feel, is more than perfect for raising a family. Those who are into gardening will especially enjoy living here and might even feel compelled to put in extra effort in order to win the Heights Park Neighborhood Association’s Yard of the Month award.

Enjoying Things Like Ethnic Cuisines and the Rocket Park Could Become Your Favorite Family Activities

If you are not the biggest fan of packing pots and pans while moving, you’ll love living here. Actually, you don’t even have to pack dishes at all, because here you have so many options of local ethnic restaurants that you won’t have to cook a day in your life. These places serve top-notch Middle Eastern, Chinese, and Vietnamese food. You may even get takeout for the whole family and enjoy it in the rocket playground – one of the favorite local places.

A girl taking photos of flowers There's no better family fun than working hard on winning the Yard of the Month award

#7 Call Up Long Distance Movers in Dallas, TX to Move to the Lovely Coppell

There is nothing in Coppell that would go against serene family life. The neighborhood is home to a diverse, progressive population of 41,645 that, despite its high number, manages to keep up a communal atmosphere. And although it can be said to be a calm and quiet area, the proximity to the airport brings in a lot of life.

So, after you move you can expect to enjoy concerts, performances, festivals and sporting events on the regular. Your children will be able to go to the prime schools and spend time after school is over in one of the beautifully maintained parks with miles of hiking and biking trails. To find out more about life in Coppell, Texas, we recommend checking out the following video and getting a glimpse of your future:

Once You’re Set on the Ultimate Neighborhood, Book a Cross Country Moving Company and Start The Relocation

Now that you know about all the greatest places to move to with a family, the only thing left to do before you relocate is to organize your cross country move. With the help of top-notch cross country movers, you can rest assured that the move will be an easy and efficient one. Whether it’s packing service you require or some other cross-country moving services the right professionals will surely do a stellar job. The trustworthy long-distance moving company will leave you to worry about how many bottles of wine you’ll need for when you tell your friends you are relocating.

With the right cross-country moving company, not only will you be certain that no moving scams will disrupt your process, but you’ll also avoid any moving mistakes that commonly arise when people try to plan their move independently. With the best cross country movers in Dallas by your side, you’ll be invincible!


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