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December 12, 2019 Posted in City Guides
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Things to Know About Before Moving to Houston

With the size of 665 square miles, H-Town is the hometown of NASA, Tex-Mex, and Queen Bey herself. If you are considering moving to Houston, don’t hesitate, this diverse location with more than 11,000 restaurants and plenty of Fortune 500 companies is a foodie and economic paradise. Find out everything about H-town in our blog before calling your long-distance movers.

Rice University in Houston TX

You aren’t the only one thinking about relocating to this diverse Texas metropolis, no matter why you’ve decided to do it. To ease you into the relocation process, we made a guide answering some of the most important questions like Is moving to Houston a good idea? and Is it expensive to live in Houston? When you are ready, pack up your bags and head to the fourth most populous city in the US, and you won’t regret becoming a Houstonian.

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What Do I Need to Know Before Moving to Houston, Texas?

Long before you hire a professional cross country moving company to help you relocate to H-Town, take some time to learn a few things about the metropolis that will soon be your home:

  • The metropolis has an economy larger than Sweden – the GDP of the metropolitan area is more than $500 billion.
  • It is one of the nation’s busiest port cities – with a 25-mile long system of commercial docks.
  • There are no formal zoning laws – however, this doesn’t mean that there are skyscrapers in the middle of the park or chemicals next to luxury buildings.
  • Houstonians eat out more than other Americans – on average, residents of H-Town eat out 4.8 times every week and spend approximately 6% of their incomes in restaurants.
Skyscrapers in H-Town. The metropolis has plenty of unique features you will discover after the relocation.

Is It Expensive to Live in Houston?

There are a number of good reasons for reaching out to a long-distance moving company and relocating here, and the relatively low cost of living is definitely one of them. The necessary daily living expenses are close to the national average, which could come as a surprise since we’re talking about one of the most populous locations in the US.

The cost of living in Houston is mostly affected by housing prices, but it will also depend on where you decide to move to, your preferences and lifestyle, and your daily needs. House prices, as well as apartment rent, are lower than the ones you’ll find in Dallas and Austin, for example. The property taxes are relatively higher, but on the other hand, there is no state income tax.

What’s the Most Affordable Option When It Comes to Transportation

Bayou City is not the most walkable place. Still, when hiring a recommended and reputable Houston long distance moving company to relocate your household, you might need to consider learning how car shipping works. When you figure out how transporting your car across the country works, hiring auto shipping services is the next logical step.

Driving in H-Town will cost you, on average, 2.20 for a gallon of gas, but if you want to save up, you can always use public transportation. However, the long commute to work can be very problematic, depending on which part of the metropolis you decide to live in. Great efforts are being made to improve the overall situation. There are bus and light rail systems in place that you can use, which may be the most cost-efficient way of transport. The one-way ticket for public transit is $1.25, while the monthly pass is $50.

A busy highway. Living in H-Town will be good for your budget.

When Moving to Houston, TX, Compare Its Overall Costs to Other Cities

Overall, this big city is much more affordable than New York or LA, and other larger urban areas, so you won’t have to stress about how to reduce costs when relocating. For example, housing costs are almost 25% lower than the national average, and the percentage falls even further when compared to other large cities. The average rent for a studio apartment is below $900, perfect for those looking to move into a smaller home and donate unwanted items.

Before moving across the country, try to compare housing, utilities, and monthly wages of some of the most populated cities in the US. Go over the average expenses in New York, Chicago, and Houston, and you will be able to tell which place fits your needs the most.

telephone app Do the calculation and see what you can afford before investing in cross-country moving services

How to Choose the Right Houston Neighborhood

Have you planned your relocation for months, or is it a last-minute thing? No matter the answer, you should learn a thing or two about neighborhoods before you permanently change the address. For starters, all the different areas in the metropolis have been created by the numerous bayous, which earned the city one of its many nicknames, the Bayou City.

Your choice of the neighborhood will depend on the budget, needs, and preferences. Is a part of your money already reserved for relocation budgetmoving services and professional packing? Do you know what is the cheapest time of the year to relocate? Are you looking for one of the best cities to raise a family in the US or to chase your dreams? Do you know how to cope with stress when relocating? Do you know what online tools can help you check how safe is your neighborhood? Would you mind commuting to work? Would you like a large house or a smaller apartment in a more popular community?

Once you have an answer to all of these questions, start making your household inventory list and house hunting, and soon enough, you will find a perfect home. Choosing the best Houston neighborhood will be tricky because there are plenty of excellent picks within the city’s borders:

  • The Inner Loop is a common name of many different neighborhoods located inside Interstate 610, a freeway that acts as a border between the inner city and the surrounding areas. There you can find densely populated spots like Downtown and Midtown, where everything major happens and where most singles live.
  • The Heights is the best option for those who want and can afford to move to the Inner Loop center. If you enjoy going to a pub or restaurant after work or want to have a good time over the weekend, The Heights can cater to this kind of lifestyle. Also, like the other residents, you, too, will be able to call yourself an “Inner-Looper.”
  • West University is a part of Bayou City located west of Rice University. The location is very family-friendly, quiet, and surprisingly walkable.

There Are Plenty of Places to Live in Houston: Choose One of the Many Suburbs

Moving to the suburbs may be the more viable option if you’re relocating with kids. That’s why Houston suburbs are popular spots where most families find their home.

The Woodlands is one of the more expensive suburbs to live in, but for a good reason. You will get to choose from a number of quality schools for your kids, and it’s one of the safest areas you’ll come across. Not only is it home to many green spaces as its name implies, but there are also numerous shopping centers.

The Bay Area suburbs are experiencing a population and infrastructure explosion after being badly hit by Hurricane Harvey. Many of the areas are being rebuilt by various organizations. The communities all across the Bay Area are growing, apartment complexes are being developed, and work is getting easier to find.

Panorama of the metropolis. Just look into suburbs when you want to find a family-friendly space.

Among the Benefits of Moving to Houston Is the Fact That You Can Land a Job in One of Many International Companies

Are you moving to Houston with no job? Perhaps you are still figuring out how to get a job before you move. Don’t stress too much about it. The Big Heart has an ever-increasing job market and is home to many Fortune 500 companies, second only to New York. The world’s largest medical center, the Texas Medical Center, is also located there, along with NASA’s Johnson Space Center, making it both a medical and an aerospace center.

Businesses of all kinds and industries have been on the rise in recent years, and the local startup scene has been booming. With the influx of people of all ages, the economy is only growing and always trying to satisfy the needs of the unemployed. So finding a job before moving to another state shouldn’t be a problem here, no matter what industry you’re interested in, and you will get a decent paying job in no time. When looking for work, check some of the international and multinational enterprises like Group 1 Automotive and Westlake Chemical.

Men holding a newspaper. Just check online for job opportunities, and you will surely find one.

Texas Capital Is Home to the Largest School District in TX

When it comes to interstate moving, people with kids usually put education as one of their top priorities. Luckily, the schools in the area are operated by the Houston Independent School District, the largest district of its kind in the state, with 283 schools and more than 200.000 students. There are numerous elementary, middle, and high schools, so no matter the age of your kids, you will be able to find a school that is best suited for them. When they are done with high school, they will have plenty of choices when it comes to higher education.

Moving to Houston for Its Universities Is a Smart Decision

The Big Heart is home to more than one top-rated university, both state and country-wise. More than 300 thousand students enroll each year at dozens of universities and colleges across the area. Furthermore, you will qualify for a discount on your tuition fee for all universities if you’re Houston’s resident.

Best Universities in Houston, TX You can pick and choose where you want to go to school.

You’ll Be in the Vicinity of the World’s Largest Medical Complex

When moving interstate, you won’t have to worry about healthcare quality because the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical complex in the entire world, is located here, employing over 106,000 people and treating 10 million patients annually. The healthcare industry is booming and offers some of the best treatment, research, and technology in the field of medicine. You won’t have to worry about healthcare one bit, and might even be relocating here because of it. Many medical graduates from around the globe are relocating there because of the Medical Center and its prestige. Positions at the MD Anderson Cancer Center are highly valued and sought after, while some graduates want to continue their education at the Baylor College of Medicine.

A doctor on your new address When it comes to healthcare, TX capital is one of the top-rated spots in the US.

You’ll Never Run Out of Things to Do and Places to See

You will never run out of interesting places to see and visit because the community offers a unique experience of modern and diverse blended with the traditional Texan lifestyle. You will surely find something to enjoy both when it comes to hobbies and when it comes to going out with your friends or family, that’s why there’s no time for relocation depression.

If you like shopping, check out one of the most famous malls around the world – The Galleria, which is visited by over 30 million people every year. Galleria hosts more than 400 restaurants, boutiques, and stores, as well as an indoor ice rink, and it spans over 2 million square feet of shopping space.

Art enthusiasts will love The Theater District because it offers a variety of venues where you can watch and experience incredible shows. The Museum District is a large section of the town, and 19 different museums are located there, all within walking distance.

Furthermore, since this is one of the best cities in Texas to raise a family, if you are relocating with kids, you can do many fun activities together. The Houston Zoo has more than six thousand animals on display, and the Downtown Aquarium offers a unique underwater experience. The Children’s Museum offers many activities, exhibits, and experiences tailor-made for children of all ages, but also for the adults who want to learn about the world around them.Does H-Town seem like a place you would enjoy? Invest in long-distance services and experience all of the amazing activities Houston offers.

You’ll Get to Enjoy Sunny Weather and Outdoor Activities While Living in Houston

With about 102 days per year at or above 90 °F, the weather is so pleasant that many places around town have large open patios, which are perfect for outdoor dining. However, enticing the weather may be at first, it can also get very humid and hot when the summer hits as hard as it can. The snow is very rare, but the rain is more common than in other Texas locations. It can happen throughout the day and will usually last no longer than an hour. So, check out some packing tips and tricks for summer clothing because you’ll need a lot of it here.

Because of the sunny weather, the metropolis is a perfect spot for outdoor activities. When you unpack, make sure you check out Hermann Park, because it has its own railroad and many activities for people of all ages. If you’re relocating with pets, then the Buffalo Bayou Park will be a perfect place to take them out on a walk. In case you’re relocating with dogs, then remember that the Johnny Steele Dog Park is made for dogs to enjoy and take a break from the heat.

You Will Be Relocating to a Foodie Paradise

When you hear about Texas and food, it’s hard not to mention the famous barbecue, but it has much more to offer for all of the foodies out there. The different cultures present in this place have melded together to create a wonderful and diverse cuisine. You will be able to experience something from a different part of the world every day. All you have to do is check some of the best restaurants in Houston.

A person flipping burgers There are so many different restaurants you can check out

Are You Moving From NYC to Houston? – Here’s How Much Does It Cost to Move to Houston?

When it comes to moving cross country, the prices of relocation will depend on many factors. Figuring out how much do movers cost for one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments won’t be easy. Go online and type “long distance movers near me,” contact a few top companies and ask for a free quote.

Once you collect the data, it will be easy to decide which state to state movers fit your budget and needs the most. However, keep in mind that picking the cheapest cross country moving company will leave you vulnerable to frauds and scams.

Since every company has its own prices, it is almost impossible to tell how much the relocation will cost you without contacting professionals. To avoid paying more than you agreed upon, find a reputable long distance moving company with excellent reviews and transparent prices.

CCMC crew loading the truck. There is no real guide on how to calculate the cost of relocation without calling professionals.

Relocate and Begin a New Adventure in H-Town

Moving state to state should be the beginning of a new and exciting adventure for every person no matter if they are relocating for a relationship or in pursuit of knowledge. That’s why when you chose to relocate to H-Town, you picked an excellent spot, no matter if you are relocating alone or with family, and we hope you found our guide informative and useful.

H-Town is waiting for you. That’s why you shouldn’t wait another minute, hire cross country movers to help you with your long-distance relocation. They will do all the grunt work, from obtaining packing materials for moving to putting your belongings into storage. Choose among the most reputable cross-country moving companies. All you have to do is kick back, relax, and practice the Southern accent so that you can fit in faster.


What Are Some Popular Neighborhoods in Houston to Consider for Living?

The Heights: A historic neighborhood known for its Victorian-style homes, trendy restaurants, and boutiques.

Rice Village: A vibrant neighborhood near Rice University that offers a mix of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Montrose: A eclectic neighborhood with a thriving arts and cultural scene, as well as a diverse array of dining and shopping options.

How Does the Cost of Living in Houston Compare to Other Cities?

The cost of living in Houston is relatively lower compared to other major cities in the United States. According to Numbeo’s cost of living index, Houston ranks lower than average when compared to cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Housing is one of the biggest factors affecting the cost of living in Houston, with the average cost of a home being significantly lower than in other major cities. The cost of groceries, healthcare, and transportation are also generally lower in Houston compared to other cities.

What Are Some of the Most Notable Attractions and Landmarks in Houston?

Houston is a large and diverse city with a wide range of attractions and landmarks to visit. The Space Center Houston is the official visitor center for NASA’s Johnson Space Center and offers interactive exhibits, simulators, and tours. The Houston Museum of Natural Science features a wide range of exhibitions on topics such as science, history, and culture, including a butterfly center, a planetarium, and a giant screen theater. The Menil Collection features a diverse collection of works from the 20th century, including pieces by surrealist artists, African tribal art, and American modernist art.

How Is the Job Market in Houston?

The job market in Houston is generally strong and diversified, with a growing economy that has been resilient in the face of economic challenges. Houston is a major center for the oil and gas industry, as well as for healthcare, manufacturing, and aeronautics. The city is also home to numerous corporate headquarters, making it a hub for business and commerce.

What Is the Public Transportation System Like in Houston?

Houston has a public transportation system that includes buses, trains, and ridesharing services. The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) operates the majority of public transportation services in the city, including local and express buses, as well as the METRORail light rail system. The METRORail system consists of three lines that serve major destinations such as downtown Houston, the Texas Medical Center, and NRG Park.

How Does the Weather in Houston Compare to Other Cities?

Houston has a humid subtropical climate, which is characterized by hot summers and mild winters. The city is located in the Gulf Coast region of Texas, which means it is subject to heat and humidity, as well as the occasional tropical storm or hurricane.

Compared to other cities, Houston’s weather can be considered more humid and hot than cities located further inland, such as Dallas or Austin. However, it is not as hot and humid as cities closer to the coast, such as Miami or New Orleans.

What Are Some of the Best Schools in Houston?

Houston is home to many highly-regarded schools, both public and private. Here are a few of the best schools in the city:

Carnegie Vanguard High School – This public high school is consistently ranked as one of the top schools in Houston and the state of Texas. It is known for its strong academic program, as well as its diverse student body.

The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts – This public high school is dedicated to arts education and is well-regarded for its programs in theater, music, dance, and visual arts.

St. John’s School – This private K-12 school is one of the most prestigious schools in Houston and is known for its strong academics and selective admissions process.

St. Thomas’ Episcopal School – This private K-12 school is another highly-regarded institution in Houston, known for its rigorous academics, diverse student body, and excellent facilities.

How Is the Food Scene in Houston?

Houston has a diverse and thriving food scene that reflects the city’s multicultural population and rich history. The city is known for its Tex-Mex cuisine, as well as its southern comfort food, barbecue, and Gulf Coast seafood.

Houston also has a growing number of international restaurants, including Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Indian, and Mexican cuisine. There is also a thriving food truck scene, which offers a wide range of street food options.

What Is the Housing Market Like in Houston?

The Houston housing market has been growing steadily in recent years, driven by the city’s strong job market, affordable housing prices, and attractive quality of life.

As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, the median home price in Houston was around $225,000, which is relatively affordable compared to other major cities in the United States. The city also has a wide range of housing options, from historic homes and townhouses to modern apartments and luxury homes.

Are There Many Outdoor Recreational Activities Available in Houston?

Yes, there are many outdoor recreational activities available in Houston. The city has a large park system, including Hermann Park, Memorial Park, and Terry Hershey Park, which offer hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, and sports fields. Houston also has several lakes and bayous, including Buffalo Bayou Park, which is a popular destination for kayaking, paddleboarding, and fishing.


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