June 5, 2020 By Mila Tacon

20 Best Restaurants in Houston according to the Internet

Houston is a city that can boast its 180 years culinary tradition. It can be hard to narrow down a list of the city’s most iconic eateries, but with the help of the Internet, we did some research. According to Yelp, Google, and Eater, we singled out some of the most popular and best restaurants in Houston.

Houston has plenty of different eateries

Thanks to Houston’s chefs, this place is abundant in a variety of global cuisines. They have blended different specialties and created unique and well-known dishes, such as crispy fried shrimp tails or white chocolate bread pudding.

We narrowed down a list of the most popular eating spots in H-Town to share with you and to keep them in mind if you get hungry while house-hunting or if you’re still looking for reasons why you should move. The best time of the year to move here is now. So, take a look at these foodie spots with perfectly prepared specialties and choose your next mouth-watering meal to delight your palate and help you avoid getting relocation depression.

You'll find some recently open eating areas where you can order appetizing meals

Even Those With a Sophisticated Palate Will Be Pleased with the Best Restaurants in Houston

You might be wondering what’s so special and unique about Houston’s culinary scene? H-Town is definitely one of the hottest food cities in Texas due to its diversity. With its offer of Mexican, Vietnamese, Indian, or Italian cuisine, this place should be called “Food City” – it seems like eateries are all around you. And the most beautiful thing is their affordability that will help you reduce costs when moving on a budget. You can have your dinner at a very reasonable price, not merely as expensive as in other cities of comparable size, because of the affordable cost of living in Houston.

The Dining Scene is Brimming with Top-Notch Spots to Enjoy in the Rest of 2020

Although the end of 2019 was marked by a number of restaurant closures, in 2020, there’s plenty of newcomers with amazing offers and places to have your meal with a peace of mind. So, if you lack ideas for your brunch, bar, or social gatherings, visit some of these recently opened spots that will definitely make you feel happy:

  • Guard and Grace
  • Hando
  • Tejas Burger Joint
  • Cabo Bob’s
  • Takumi-Ichi Ramen

Whether you want to enjoy fish tacos or pork ribs, H-Town has it all. It boasts well-known dishes whose taste will blow your mind. So, let’s find out what amazing surprises you can expect after checking the safety of the neighborhood you’ll live in and moving to Houston.

H-Town Restaurants Can Boast Iconic Dishes

Barbecue brisket, sizzling fajitas, fried chicken… We could go on forever because the H-Town is a place with an incredible culinary history.

However, when it comes to choosing a top-notch bar, restaurant, or some specialty, it could be hard to make the right choice. Depending on your preferences and cravings, you can opt for favorite bites to eat or even several of them. Luckily, the H-Town culinary scene is brimming with exquisite signature dishes. Whether you’re relocating to the suburbs or Downtown, we can help you find some of the most famous specialties and select the right place with a relaxed atmosphere.

Whether you prefer high-quality cheese or salads, H-Town has it all

You Can’t Go Wrong with Mexican Cuisine – Xochi

“Life without Mexican food is like no life at all.” – Unknown

If you agree with this, then H-Town will knock your socks off with its Mexican meal offer. Since it’s impossible to point a finger at only one restaurant, we recommend wandering around the streets and letting your sense of smell guide you. Jot down your favorite flavors, mixes, and dining spots, so that you could go back again and share perfect tacos with your loved ones.

However, if we had to decide in the sea of corn, beans, and chilies, we would choose Xochi. If you are moving for a relationship and looking for a convenient location to have a romantic dinner and impress the loved one, this is the place to be. You can choose from one of the set menus, or your order can be customized based on your dietary restrictions or preferences.

Meet Mexican cuisine in a new light thanks to spicy sauces, housemade chocolate, and ribbons of cheese wrapped into balls, as well as huge fire-roasted tortillas with toppings. Also, taco salad is something you shouldn’t miss – its ingredients will intrigue you.

Eateries that stand out among other foodie spots have professional teams and highly skilled chef

Welcome to Texas in the Old Days – State of Grace

The State of Grace is one of those spots that remind you of all the flavors of your grandma’s apple pie with cinnamon and offer a sense of comfort and security mixed with nostalgia. If you don’t know how to cope with stress when moving, you’re overwhelmed by the amount of packing tips and tricks and you’re thinking whether you should make a photo inventory, make sure to stop by here for some comfort foods.

“Make haste with leisure” – this catches your eye right away by entering here. So, if you’re searching for a spot where you can spend tranquil moments with your family or a close friend, State of Grace may meet all your needs. Whether you opt for hearth grilled Spanish octopus or beef tartare, there’s no room for error. The safety and satisfaction of the guests is their priority – if you don’t believe us, go and check for yourself!

Some places require table reservation ahead of time

Try Authentic Italian Meals in Perbacco

In Perbacco, they say, if you want to treat yourself to something special, give Perbacco a try. Everything is authentic Italian here – from eating and ambiance to the owner and chef Vittorio. From the kitchen come flavorful casserole, pasta, salads, fish, and a small wine list of great selections and affordable prices. You probably know that every eatery has its own secrets and tips, and Perbacco’s is related to bread with olive oil and herbs. Guests say it is addictive. One is for sure – it’s worth visiting.

Spaghetti or ravioli? It's up to you.

Some of the Best BBQ Spots Are in Houston

If you want to get some of the most delicious Texas barbecues, H-Town is a perfect place. What’s so unique about H-Town-style roast? Its own identity stands out thanks to its cooks mixing several influences: Central Texas, African-American, Mexican, Gulf Coast, and Asian. Hardcore barbecue aficionados will tell you that the Big Heart is Texas’ bbq mecca. So, if you are a person who can’t live without meat, find the cheapest way to move out of state or the cheapest time of the year to relocate, plan your moving budget, and come here, because we came up with several dining areas that can satisfy even the pickiest gourmets.

Pinkerton’s Barbecue

When one says “the barbecue as it should be,” that means tradition and family recipes. With Pinkerton’s bbq, you’ll satisfy all your cravings because everything is prepared with no gas and electricity, but on offset wood-burning pits. That’s why bbq is always smoked low and slow with a unique blend – aged oak and sun-dried mesquite. This place and its service will provide you with the same roast you would get if you came over to their house for dinner. So, prepare to immerse yourself into the world of great beef ribs and smoked sausages in a place full of fresh ingredients and traditions.

Killen’s Barbecue

This place offers briskets, lean brisket, beef ribs, pork ribs, turkey, homemade pork and beef sausage, pulled pork – you name it. Killen’s bbq is more than just brisket and ribs; it’s about the level of service that the staff provides to their guests every day. And it’s excellent. The looks, tastes, and textures are perfect in every way you can imagine the meat should be – every bite is juicy and flavorful.

Wood Stone Pizza Will Blow Your Mind in Bollo Woodfired Pizza

Named one of the top 10 pizza restaurants in the country, Houston’s best pizza, an excellent pizza restaurant in the H-Town, this is a place you shouldn’t overlook. Judging by guest ratings, delicious slices in Bollo are closest to what you can find in Italy. Ingredients are fresh, the service is efficient, and the people are friendly. Bollo serves authentic pizzas in Neapolitan style baked in an 800° degrees wood-fired oven. This spot serves more than just tasty bites – some may opt for a small plate of lobster ravioli while others might go for a larger pasta dish or even pork chops. But the main attraction here is the pizza itself with delicious melted cheese.

In Bollo, You Can Eat and Drink With Your Kids

What makes H-Town one of the best cities in Texas to raise a family besides low crime rates and good schools? When you are moving with children, finding an appropriate dinner that has grown up and kid menu is a must. Luckily, Bollo is kid-friendly so that you can enjoy your firewood pizzas together with your young ones. If your children don’t like ravioli and pepperoni pizza, you can get them soft drinks and gelato or tiramisu. With fresh ingredients, great tastes, and exceptional services, you can’t come here only once – this is a location that will keep you coming back. With great bar options, you can make your own food and drink combinations. If you drop by, you’ll realize this is a space where you want to spend sweet moments with your family over and over and always try something new and different.

Slices with pepperoni, melted cheese, prosciutto or olives - choose the best combination

East Wall Restaurant in Chinatown

Are you looking for a small, clean, and affordable place where you can eat with your family and have unforgettable moments? East Wall Restaurant offers fresh ingredients, fried rice, chow mein, Mongolian beef, and orange chicken, and above all, if you have a kid under two years, their meal is free. In addition to all amenities, the friendly staff and a clean environment will make your meal more pleasurable.

Chinese meals are one of the favorites among Houstonians

Sam’s Fried Chicken and Donuts

If you are hungry and want a bite of some finger-licking delicacy, this is the location that will impress you with its menu and mouth-watering recipes. In case you thought that marmalade and bacon couldn’t go together, Sam’s Fried Chicken and Donuts are here to prove you wrong. Enrich your senses and try some of the following:

  • Chicken sandwich
  • Pulled chicken chopped kale with sweet roasted peanut dressing
  • Chicken & waffle wings
  • Double donut with chicken tenders and bacon marmalade
  • Glazed kolaches
  • Blueberry cake
  • Mexican chocolate icing

However strange these combinations look, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Donuts and ham? Sounds incredible, but it is yummy.

Visit Riel in Montrose for Some Excellent Seafood

Riel is all about highlighting local flavors – it is a modern American restaurant, inspired by Gulf Coast cuisine, Lachaine’s Ukrainian heritage, and French-Canadian fare. Besides the service, which is outstanding, vegetarians and seafood lovers will be impressed here. It’s convenient for any occasion. If you moved in together with your partner recently surprise them with a fancy date here, or you can even have dinner with friends you made in a new state, Riel is perfect for any occasion. You can rest assured that the chef will impress you with the originality and variety of flavors. If you’re yearning for the great vibes, excellent meals, and top-notch service, Montrose is ideal for you.

If seafood is your first pick, you'll be happy to hear that H-Town is crammed with it.

Frank’s Americana Revival

Located in the River Oaks area of H-Town, Frank’s Americana Revival offers a welcoming atmosphere, chicken fried steak, and a wide selection of local favorites and fares influenced both by classic and modern American cuisine. Dishes are based on the seasons and fresh ingredients, so meals are inspired by vegetables and fruits, turning dull salads into uniquely American plates. A wine list includes over 170 wines and several Wine Spectator Award winners, so if you are moving during the holidays this is where you should come to celebrate.

A top-notch eatery is only complete with the perfect wine list

Becks Prime Burgers

Are you old-fashioned and think that burgers are nothing but unhealthy fast food? Well, at Becks Prime, you’ll discover what the juicy and healthy side of burgers means. Each burger is grilled-to-order over 1000° mesquite coals, and you will get it on a warm, fresh-baked egg bun. Burgers, sandwiches, and hot-dogs are grilled to perfection and prepared only with fresh ingredients available.

What can you expect here is:

  • 100% certified Angus beef chuck
  • Grilled over mesquite coals
  • Meat is never frozen, it’s always fresh
  • Fluffy egg buns
  • Quality ingredients only
Becks Prime burgers are second to none

Indian Fine Dining in Kiran’s

Many locals will tell you this is the best Indian restaurant in the Capital of the Sunbelt. The fare is delicious and creamy, the ambiance of the highest quality, and the owner is warm and welcoming. Kiran’s offers the perfect mix of classic Indian and modern American recipes with an Indian twist. Meals are inspired by the art of cooking over a slow fire, while herbs and spices are used to create delicate flavors — authentic and traditional recipes in the style of north Indian cuisine.

Indian cuisine will impress you with its spices and adorable flavors.

If You Have a Sweet Tooth, House of Pie Is the Place to Be

Fresh, homemade pies with no preservatives are the kind of dessert that is hard to resist. Calling them “a slice of heaven on Earth,” the staff from House of Pies can provide you with a delightful collection of pies – from crispy pecans to strawberry cheesecake. Besides impeccable pies, you can order breakfast, sandwiches, lunch, or dinner as well. Whatever you choose, you will enjoy a retro decor and menu and a pleasant local atmosphere.

Palatable pies are filled with fruit stuffing.

The Best Restaurants to Visit in 2020

Are you wondering where you should have dinner for your anniversary? Are you worried you won’t be able to find what you are looking for, or some of your favorite places might be closed for good? Thanks to our guide to some of the most excellent eating spots in H-Town, we are sure you’ve already picked your favorite – there’s plenty of locations you can enjoy and spend some fun moments in. Furthermore, thanks to the Internet, the whole world is in the palm of your hand. Check the reviews and ratings, go through the menu, and reserve the time and date.

To help you choose the perfect space for your special event, in case none of the above fit your needs, we highlighted several more first-rate dining hubs where you can relax sipping great wines and nibbling tasty tidbits.

Bamboo House

You don’t need to go to Chinatown to get authentic Chinese flavors. In the Humble area, meals are excellent, and people come from all over H-Town just for the duck. Also, lots of Asians reserve tables here – that’s a sign the offer is good enough to come here and seize the moment. Furthermore, you can expect huge servings and low prices. So, what kind of dishes are prepared in the Bamboo House? Some of the most common masterfully prepared Chinese specialties are:

  • Peking duck
  • Vegetable egg roll
  • Shrimp egg roll
  • Royal chicken
  • Wonton soup
  • Seafood
  • Mapo tofu
  • Special noodles

Fresh Chinese food with no MSG, no canned foods, no preservatives, less salt, and no artificial flavors is something that is highly desirable in 2020. Healthy bites are not just a thing of popularity, but a chosen lifestyle.

Politan Row

If you want to experience something different, this is the place to be. According to the New York Times, Politan Row is “the most eclectic mix of food choices yet to be had under one roof.” Apart from having its food halls in Miami, Chicago, and Colony Square, one of the coolest Atlanta neighborhoods, Politan Row definitely brings a new concept for Houston. Its chefs create different flavors from elements coming from all around the world. The mid-century venue inspired by local meals and beverages in showcases has one goal: open to serve people who crave unique flavors, ideas, and experiences, and above all, to connect guests through tasty bites.

Experience new savors and unique flavors in places that connect people

“Laughter Is Brightest in the Place where Food Is”

That’s what you can hear from Irish people, but the truth is everyone will approve of the quote. Eating connects people, and if it’s tasty and served in a laid-back atmosphere, your pleasure could be just greater. One of the advantages of moving to another state alone is meeting new people, so never say no to an invitation to go for lunch or dinner with coworkers.

You have decided where to relocate and because you chose to move to Houston, know that one of its most exceptional features is its iconic cuisine. There are more than 10,000 dining hubs in the H-Town, and that shouldn’t surprise you. The city has one of the most excellent culinary scenes in the country due to different cuisines from around the world, and the variety of dining options will make the adjustment to the new place much easier. That being said, if you want to try something amazing and unique, some of the best restaurants in Houston can provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. According to Yelp, it has more than 75 national categories of cuisine, over 600 vegan-friendly restaurants, farm-to-table eateries, as well as more than 700 food trucks. Find a job before moving so you can afford to indulge and explore foods from day one.

So, don’t look anymore for moving day tipscreate a household inventory list, donate unwanted items, prepare all packing materials for moving, and start packing your belongings, make sure check roommate websites even if you’re moving into a smaller home, and dive into the adventure called H-Town. In case you wish to get an auto transport service, be sure to know how does car shipping works so you can avoid some common moving mistakes. Transporting your car across the country also means an easier exploration of the above-mentioned restaurants. Thanks to its mix of international appeal and Southern charm, it has captured people from all over the globe.

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