Things to do after the move

Moving to your new home, your new neighborhood, your new city can make you feel uneasy, like you really don’t belong there. The initial shock of moving to a new place will slowly go away with time, but the entire post-move period can be very tough on you and your family. After that last box is dropped off at your new home, you’ll feel like the toughest part of the relocation process is over, and you’d be right to think that, but you still can’t completely relax as there’s lots of stuff that needs to be done. Never fear though, because by using these helpful tips and organizing your time, you won’t feel that stressful during the post relocation process.

-Organize your time

As soon as you step into your new home, the post move period begins, and you will notice that the first day after the move you’ll mostly feel relieved that it’s finally complete, no more anxiety about the whole moving process.
But, you’re still not completely free, time-wise. Because, just like you planned out the entire process of before the move, now you have to do the same for the post move. Start by creating a simple, step by step, to-do list and get to work.

-Check all your belongings

Be sure to check all of your possessions, from boxes to furniture, for any damages inflicted during the move. Besides that, it’s important to check if everything is still there and to make sure nothing got lost in the process. After that, major appliances and electronics are next in line. Be it the stove, dishwasher or the TV, make sure if they work properly to ensure they weren’t damaged during the move.
If there are any damages, you should contact your insurance company and your movers as soon as possible, just in case there’s a time limit for your claim.


The opposite of packing, but unlike packing, now you have all the time in the world to finish it and you aren’t stressed out by the moving day being just around the corner.
It’s advisable to start by unpacking the essentials first, that is go by importance and priority. If you’ve labeled all of your boxes properly and ‘room by room’, we’d advise you to unpack and prepare the bathroom and the bedroom first.

-Explore your new home

Now that you’ve moved to a new home, it’s time to get in the role of Indiana Jones and go adventuring. Explore your new residence and look for anything of importance. This may include any damage, inspecting the pipes for leaks, locating the fuse box and the main water valve etc. Your next priority should be safety, are there smoke detectors and fire extinguishers? Are the doors and windows secure in case of theft? If you have children, you should make your new home as child-proof as possible.

-Go scouting

You’ve moved to a new environment, it’s time to start exploring it and getting used to it. This means finding a new school for your kids, finding a new family physician and a new pet if you’ve got pets. Everything that comes to mind when you think of re-registering, jot it down, make a checklist and slowly start doing it.
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