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How to Cope With Moving Back Home After College?

Moving back home after college might not seem like the best idea for the majority of people, and it can even feel like a complete nightmare to most young adults. However, living at home after college has plenty of benefits and can be a brilliant move. Because we understand how frustrating it may feel to be back in your parent’s nest, we have little advice to give you regarding coping with this phase in your life.

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Being back home after college can be tough, so it's good to know some ideas that will help you cope easily

The best way to cope with being back home after graduating is to find some valuable things to do which will help you build your future more easily. Whether it’s saving money for paying off your student loan or working on some potential business ideas – time at home will allow you to self-reflect and prepare yourself for an independent life in the adult world.

Moving Back Home After College Is a Topic That Brings up Plenty of Questions

One of the most problematic things for young people is deciding to return to their family house after graduation. Most young people plan on living alone after graduating, relocating to another state or country, and creating the life they’ve always dreamed of. However, these things don’t happen overnight, and once you’re finished with your studies, it’s time to face the reality of living in the adult world.

Even though many young people go beyond the pale to avoid returning to their birthplace, some consider it not a bad idea. Being back at your old house gives you some spare time to think about future plans and a new job, earn extra money, pay off debts, and prepare yourself for the real world.

This topic often creates strong debates, and plenty of questions pop up after you mention relocating back to your parent’s house. Here are some of the most common questions young adults struggle with:

Is it normal to move back home after college?

Yes, it is. Even though most young individuals feel embarrassed or like a failure because of relocating back to their old house, it’s completely normal.

Is it smart to move after college to your parents' house?

Yes, relocating back to your mom and dad after graduating can be a genius move. It will give you plenty of space to do something useful and focus on some important stuff regarding your future. Plus, you will get a chance to be with your family and share some beautiful memories with them.

How many kids move back home after college?

According to The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, around 85% of university seniors move back in with their families after graduating. Statistically, this number is increasing yearly due to the economic crisis and high housing prices.

Create a Vision Board and Try to Complete a Plan for Your Nearby Future

Returning to your parent’s nest is probably not the scenario you wish to happen after graduation. Many young people that are in this type of situation would rather be relocating to a big city, or maybe getting a job in a new state, rather than being back home.

Even though you probably have plenty of reasons to move, it’s not that simple, and such a major step in your life requires quite a lot of planning and work. It is for the best to work on your goals step by step.

Work on Some Plans and Ideas for Your Future Self

While you are back at your parent’s house, you might as well use the comfort and time you have to make a plan for your future. Whether it’s a plan for relocating to another city, learning some new skills, or starting your own business – simply write it down and start creating a strategy.

Vision boards can be super helpful in carefully planning your entire move. Inform yourself about which cities are best for millennials and how to make relocating to a new place alone easier. Planning and organizing your move will take time and energy, but it will be worth it eventually.

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Make an Effort to Establish a Nice Relationship With Your Parents

Once you are back at your old house, it’s easy to go back into your routine before relocating to university. But, it is important to remember that you are not like a teenager anymore and that your relationship with your mom and dad should work completely differently.

Until you move out of your family house, it is important to try and maintain a nice relationship with them, built on understanding and respect. Remember, even though you will always be their child, now is the best time to prove to them that you can be an adult.

Tips for Maintaining Ground Rules While You Live With Your Parents

Living with your mom and dad can quickly escalate into a nightmare if you don’t make an effort to create a nice relationship with them. There is plenty of stuff you can do in order to set some ground rules and explain to them that your relationship with them now should be a bit different than it used to be.

Parental overinvolvement usually comes from a good place, but it can get quite frustrating now and then. To minimize the chances of arguments, here is some advice you can consider:

  • Talk with your parents about what’s on their minds. Our moms and dads often forget that they can completely be honest with their children once they are grown up.
  • Politely state your boundaries on topics regarding your lifestyle, privacy, relationships, and other significant things. Instead of escaping from an authority, show gratitude for their caring but explain that you’re an adult and that you like making your own lifestyle choices.
  • In case you’re having certain issues with them, don’t bite your tongue for the sake of avoiding conflict. Have a talk about your problem, and try to work on an assertive way of solving issues.
  • Try to find compromises whenever possible. Collaborating to find the best solution will keep everyone happy and promise peace in the house.

Consider Saving Money and Making a Budget Plan

Once you are living in the adult world, money quickly becomes your primary problem. To most young people, renting an apartment on their own immediately after graduation, with all the student loan debts, seems quite impossible. This is why you should use this time to start saving up some dollars and working on your budget plan.

Since you probably won’t be spending money on stuff like rent and utilities, you’ll be able to pay off your student loan with income from your job quicker and start saving up for a move or investing in your future business plans.

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Learning how to handle your finances is essential

Apply This Helpful Tip When Making a Budget Plan

When creating a budget, a good budgeting strategy is crucial. There are plenty of tips and tricks you can learn and use to save money, but one of them is considered the most important. Tracking your expenses is probably the most effective way to organize your finances and figure out how to save the majority of your income. After applying this tip, you will save up for your relocating budget or any other budget plan quicker than you could have expected.

If you’re willing to learn more about budgeting and financial planning, you can inform yourself on the internet, especially through YouTube videos. Here is one extremely useful video that will help you understand how to save up effectively for your future goals.

Reconnect With Old Friends and Socialize as Much as You Can

After leaving for school, it’s much harder to keep in touch with your old friends from childhood and teenagehood – especially since you’re constantly making new friends during your studying years. But, once you are back in your old neighborhood, it is a great chance to start reconnecting with some of your old friends whose company you used to enjoy very much.

Getting in touch with your old high school classmates could be a fun trip down memory lane and bring back all the good memories you used to share. Socializing with people is very beneficial and could help you cope with anxiety about relocating back to your old house.

Overall, remember that it’s needless to pressure yourself about socializing – only do it when it feels right to you. In the meantime, you can always be in touch with your school friends through social media and video calls.

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Reconnecting with your old friends can be a heartfelt experience

You Want to Use This Time to Work on Your Mental and Physical Health

Relocation depression is a real thing and happens much more often than you would expect it to. However, the most important thing you must do is try to work hard on your mental and physical health as much as you can. Since you still don’t need to worry about paying rent and struggling with covering expenses, you can give yourself space to relax and focus on yourself.

Get into a workout routine, write a journal, do yoga, meditate, or whatever makes you feel fulfilled. Don’t bother yourself with the question: how long should you live with your parents after college? Everyone has their own pace and timing, so do what feels the most comfortable to you, but try to remain disciplined as much as possible.

Life After College Can Be Stressful, So, Like, Take It Easy on Yourself

Going back into your family house feels very tough for many young people. Most youngsters who go back to live with their parents after graduating go through some very difficult times, especially regarding mental health.

The worst thing you can do is get frustrated about the situation you are currently in. Instead, give yourself space to focus on more important matters, and go easy on yourself.

All of these tips that we have mentioned in the paragraphs above can help you cope with negative and intrusive thoughts you may get during your stay at your family’s house.

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