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How to Move a Gun Safe

Regardless of the type of valuables you have, a safe can be the perfect place to keep your items and even your guns protected in your house. Most people are afraid to transport this heavy and dangerous cargo. However, by following our how to move a gun safe guideline, you can ensure a seamless transition and devise a doable method of transport.

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Safes can indeed weigh much more than the vintage sofa you inherited from your grandparents, but that should not stop you. Stick to this handy guide and you will have your heavy safe moved without any delays or losses.

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How Badly Do You Need to Move a Gun Safe – When is it Best to Leave it Behind

You know what’s the best time of the year to move and where you should move, but long before you even start checking the safety of your future neighborhood and commence the relocation process, you have to be absolutely sure that you do want to move your gun safe. Get familiar with the procedure and gather as much information and moving day tips as possible to avoid making some common moving mistakes. If some of your friends or the people in your neighborhood have some experience, talk to them, and let them share their packing tips and tricks, and all the ways you can reduce moving expenses.

Once you get familiar with the transportation and securing of your safe, you will need long-term motivation to stay on track and get the heavy piece to your new home. If you are not sure whether the piece should be moved and renting a dolly and other equipment sounds like a huge investment, maybe you should think about selling the item and buying another one at your future location. Nonetheless, if you have made your decision, stick to it and do your best with the tips you have.

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Spending money is always an issue - do you really have to move this piece?

Is It Cost-Effective to Move Such Heavy Equipment?

Transporting such a heavy piece won’t drain your bank account for sure, but you do need to set some money aside to get the proper equipment and the required level of protection. This is not the most common piece of furniture to move, which means you will probably need some extra protective gadgets that cost more than the usual moving equipment. That’s why it is a good idea to contact a relocation company and request an estimate for their moving services. You should know, however, that every relocation experience differs. Even though some of your friends may have spent a large sum of money to get it into their home, it doesn’t mean your experience will be the same. Here are some factors that you should consider when making a moving budget:

  • Weight and dimensions of your piece
  • The distance of the shipping
  • Carrying the piece into your house
  • Pickup and delivery to the desired destination

The costs also differ if you are hiring professional movers to help you out or getting the cheapest way to move out of state. Stay tuned, and you will hear more about the choice you should make.

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Get ready to work it out

What to Do Before You Move a Heavy Safe?

It’s time to make plans and important decisions. Before you get involved with the item transportation, decide when is the right time to start the packing process. Don’t wait until the last day to figure out how to deal with this heavy piece. If you are determined to move it, think through the whole process. Haste makes waste, and that’s precisely what will happen if you wait until the last day. Before you even begin the relocation:

  • Protect the floors and walls of the old and the new home
  • Have a plan B
  • Decide how the piece will be moved – are you doing it on your own or do you want to hire professionals
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You can tackle the move on your own, you just need appropriate supplies and a truck

How to Move a Gun Safe on Your Own

You have made your decision – you believe that you can move a safe on your own. If that’s the case, make sure you know what you are doing before it’s too late. The fact that you are relocating by yourself and moving alone to another state doesn’t mean you should not call friends to help you out; lifting such a big piece alone is literary impossible.

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Choosing professional help is never the wrong choice

Don’t Leave Anything Inside – Empty the Piece

Make sure there is nothing left inside before you load the object onto the moving van. Even though it would be a lot more convenient to leave the items inside, in the long run, it pays off to empty everything. By taking stuff out, you will eliminate the possibility of damage to your valuables while in transit to your future house or to a storage unit, as well as making the whole thing significantly lighter. If you are relocating more safes, empty each one of them!

Double-check whether the doors of the safe are closed and locked before you start the shipping process. In case they open, someone might get hurt, and that’s the last thing you want.

National or International Moving – Choose the Best Equipment

What are your reasons to move? How far are you headed? Do you plan to move internationally, or are you heading to a nearby city? It doesn’t really matter how far it will be if you do everything properly before you start the relocation process. Gather the necessary boxes and packing supplies to protect all those items that will be taken out of it.

A transportation method that has been proven to work, and that most movers use, is utilizing a strong appliance dolly to relocate the heavy piece. Find the best spot to rent a moving dolly if you are not hiring professional movers. However, before you rent the dolly, you need to determine the exact dimensions of your cargo, as well as its weight. You should also rent durable straps and ropes to ensure the safety of the object while carrying it on the dolly. From there, loading it onto the truck shouldn’t be too difficult. Once the object is on the truck, secure it with straps to prevent it from flying around and damaging your other belongings.

The items you take out should be wrapped with bubble wrap and protective blankets. You can use sturdy boxes to place these while the shipping is taking place. Make sure you are not transporting loaded guns – besides the fact that it’s illegal, it can also lead to serious injuries and material damage! Before you decide what to do with your weapons, check the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Guide to the Interstate Transportation of Firearms. Have enough padding for the firearms you are taking out, and you can rest assured that they will be protected during the move.

Are There Any Obstacles to Moving a Gun Safe

Every relocation has its specific challenges – you need to figure out what yours are. This can vary to a great extent, from staircases in your current house to the small door frames in your new home or just the sheer weight of the object. This will undoubtedly make relocation more challenging. Measure the object and plan accordingly, you can always rent special equipment such as stair-climbing dollies. Just relax, there is always a way!

Proper Insurance is Key to Successfully Moving a Gun Safe

You have already invested so much in renting the equipment for the protection of your cargo – another investment does not sound appealing at all. Be that as it may, you have to work a few steps ahead, and getting additional insurance for your weapon safes seems reasonable if you’re dealing with an expensive item. Consider all your options and pick the solution you find most attractive. Of course, don’t forget to create a photo inventory for your moving insurance.

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Choose the right insurance policy

Moving with Help – Why Everyone Picks Professional Movers for This Task

Are gun safes too challenging for you to move? If you are struggling with the shipping process and are concerned for your safety, hiring professional movers is always the way to go. There are companies that specialize in unusual item shipping, and choosing one of them can save you from a stressful moving process. They have the necessary supplies the proper truck, and well-trained people for your cargo.

Most companies offer a quote, which will help you determine the cost of the overall service and figure out the best way to reduce the costs of moving. When you want to save up, donate unwanted items, and try to avoid moving during the holiday season because the prices can get higher. Furthermore, if you feel that you could damage your piece or hurt yourself by relocating on your own, opt for the services of professional movers –you will surely like the feeling of not having to deal with all the lifting, protecting, and every single preparation task.

The majority of movers can also offer professional packing services for the other household items you don’t want to handle on your own, such as moving a pool table, grandfather clocks, electronics, furniture, everyday clothes, etc. It can be convenient also if you’re moving into a smaller home with just a few boxes. They can even provide you with auto transport services and explain to you how car shipping works if you plan on transporting your car across the country, which we recommend if you’re relocating to the suburbs.


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