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7 Reasons Why Moving to Spokane WA Is a Great Idea

Moving to Spokane will put you in the second-largest city in Washington state and also in a charming community that is a perfect mix of urban vibes and natural beauty. The area attracts newcomers because of excellent job opportunities, high-quality education institutions, and affordable housing. If you want to live in a place with plenty of in and outdoor activities and not put a dent in your savings, Lilac City is the place for you. However, if you are not convinced that SP is the right choice, check out these seven reasons why becoming a Spokanite is a great idea.

Riverfront Park during the summer SP can be your home no matter where you are coming from

#1 When Moving to Spokane WA, You’ll Have Plenty of Job Opportunities

Relocation doesn’t only mean packing up your stuff and transporting it to a different location. There are so many things to think about. On top of the priority list, most of the time is getting a job in another state before moving there. With that in mind, you might wonder how to get a job before you move to SP? Don’t worry if you start looking when you decide to relocate, there will be plenty of employment options to choose from.

The top industries in the area are IT, manufacturing, aerospace, and agribusiness. Furthermore, several Fortune 1000 companies are settled here, including Clearwater Paper, Avista Utilities, and PotlatchDeltic. Even though almost 18% of all the population works in health care, you can also find work in retail, accommodation, food services, and education.

Spokanites Earn Higher Than Average Hourly Wage

When looking for work, you’ll probably wonder what is a good salary in Spokane? The answer to this question will depend on your lifestyle and daily habits. However, according to the website PayScale an average hourly rate here is $18.12, which is higher than the national $11.31. This means you’ll be able to earn more and afford a desired lifestyle.

man going to work Living here will bring you plenty of employment opportunities.

#2 One of the Benefits of Moving to Spokane Washington Is Affordable Cost of Living

When you are deciding to move, there should be a solid reason behind it. The location should not only be filled with good job opportunities but also affordable. That’s why when researching, you might wonder: Is it expensive to live in Spokane, Washington?

According to data from the website AreaVibes, the Spokanites enjoy a lower cost of living than average Americans. This is great news for those looking to deduct relocation expenses and save up. You can save up on almost everything, except health care and transportations. Those costs are a bit above the national average. However, housing, utilities, and groceries are more affordable.

Downtown in Spokane, Washington during the fall. SP is one of the greatest places to live if you want to save up.

#3 There Are Many Picturesque Neighborhoods You Can Settle In

Long before you hire cross country movers to help you relocate, start looking for a new home. One of the best house hunting tips is to start your search early. Make an inventory list, it will help you figure out how much stuff you actually have and how big of a residence you need. If you want to downsize and relocate to a smaller home, you’ll need to use storage utilities for the extra belongings.

Becoming Spokanite means you’ll be settling in a place where 55% of people are homeowners. If you want to follow that trend, know that the median home value is $187,600, according to data from Niche. On the other hand, if you plan on renting, know that the median rent here is $870. However, these prices may vary depending on the neighborhood you choose to settle in.

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When Moving Check Out Some of the Best Places to Live in Spokane

When looking for a roof over your head, be open to many different options. SP neighborhoods are grouped into three main districts, and each has some unique to offer. If you don’t know which one to choose, check out some of the most popular locations for newcomers:

  • Manito-Cannon Hill – are you wondering Is Spokane, Washington a safe place to live? If you opt for Manito-Cannon Hill, you’ll be in a very safe location. Not only that yearly crimes decreased by 16%, but rates of violent crimes are 75% lower than the national average. It is ideal for those relocating with kids and looking for a peaceful and safe location.
  • Downtown – some people might still wonder, Is Spokane a good place to live? However, if you choose to settle in Downtown, you’ll see that the place can offer not only vibrant nightlife but also very diverse architecture, and it is very walkable. Downtown is hip, urban and the center of daily events, making it a great place to live in no matter who you are.
  • South Perry – from a sketchy location to a vibrant and hip neighborhood, South Perry has come a long way. Nowadays, crimes have decreased, and the location is buzzing with yearly events, but also breweries, shops, and galleries. When you want to check how safe the neighborhood is, just take a look at last year’s crime statistics. Also, if you are relocating with a dog, there is a Grant Park, filled with open, pet-friendly spaces your furry buddy can explore.

#4 Living in Lilac City Will Put You in the Vicinity of Some Excellent Educational Institutions

If pursuing higher education is one of your reasons to move, SP won’t disappoint you. The area offers more than a few opportunities for higher education. There are two private colleges – Whitworth and Gonzaga Universities, as well as public Eastern Washington University. There are also two local community colleges that offer higher education to students.

Those that are moving for a relationship and planning to expand their families will also be happy in SP because the Public School District has 34 elementary, six middle, and six high schools. On top of that, the area is home to independent charter and parochial schools. If you have kids or plan on having them, they’ll have plenty of options when it comes to education.

kids at school If you want higher education, SP is the right place for you.

#5 The Area Is Well Connected With the Rest of Washington State

No matter if you are a Seattleite who hired Seattle movers or a Chicagoan that employed a long-distance moving company from Chicago, consider letting them ship your car as well. Not only that a car can make your daily activities easier and faster, but residents of SP have one of the fastest commutes in the Northwest of the US. Here daily commute is around 20 minutes, which is six minutes shorter than the US average.

Furthermore, around 75% of residents drive alone to work, so don’t hesitate to hire a cross-country moving company to help you. This way, you won’t have to figure out how car shipping works. Long-distance movers will do it for you.

Also, when you figure out how to tell your friends you are relocating, reassure them that you’ll visit. Luckily, if you are relocating from Seattle, know that the metropolis is well connected with SP via Interstate 90. Also, US 395 connects the area with Canada, while the 195 goes to the south of Washington. If you are planning international trips, use the second largest airport in WA State to get anywhere you want to go.

time-lapse of the road at night in SP SP is well connected to other cities in WA

#6 The Weather Is Perfect For Those That Like All Four Seasons

Between figuring out how to pack clothes and making a pile of things you want to donate, stop for a moment and figure out what kind of clothes you actually need to bring to a new home. Research the climate and look into the average yearly temperatures of a new location before you throw away all winter or summer clothes. This should be one of the priorities on your moving-out list.

The climate in the place you plan to live in is one of the most important things to consider when relocating to a new state. Luckily for those that love all four seasons, SP has them all. When you become a Spokanite, you’ll experience cold, snowy winters and warm, sunny summers. Because of distinctive seasons, there are plenty of different outdoor activities. From hiking during the summer to skiing in winter, every season brings something new to the table.

women, holding the red umbrella in yellow flowers Four seasons make the location even more attractive.

#7 There Are Entertainment Options for Everybody

When considering where you should relocate, consider all the entertainment options as well. You don’t have to be relocating to a big city like Los Angeles and New York to have fun. SP offers more than enough activities to keep you entertained throughout the year.

Outdoor Activities Will Leave You Speechless

Those people that like being outdoors will love staying in SP because the city offers plenty of activities. There are golf courses, but also biking and hiking trails, and for more adventurous people, there are even horse-riding activities.

No matter the season, there will always be something to do outside. In the winter you can go ice skating and hiking, while in summer you can go fishing. When you become Spokanite, your activities will be limited only by your free time and imagination.

Dining Out and Bar Hopping Might Become Your Favourite Activities

If you are relocating to a new state alone, you might wonder how to make friends when you finally unpack your belongings. This is where grabbing a drink, and a bite to eat are a perfect solution. Luckily, SP has plenty of places that serve excellent food, so you can easily invite your colleagues or neighbors to keep you company in one of many venues around the city. From drive-ins to vintage American diners, there is something for everybody’s taste. Also, there are more than a few microbreweries for you to explore if you like craft beer. Grab a cold one or stop by one of several wineries and enjoy some wine.

woman hiking in the woods In or outdoors, it is up to you, there are plenty of activities in SP ether way.

Becoming Spokanite Will Be Worth the Trouble of Moving Cross Country

Feeling anxiety about moving out is normal. However, when you become Spokanite, you’ll see that the relocation is worth all the trouble. To make the process easier, use cross-country moving services and allocate a part of your tasks to professionals. While the movers are packing up your belongings, you can decide whether you want to move to the suburbs of SP or live near the city center. Also, you can job hunt and land dream employment with the help of some wise long-distance relocation tips.

Finally, when everything is set, head out to SP and start your adventure. Whether you’re moving out of Los Angeles or perhaps planning to move out of San Francisco, you will enjoy everything the city has to offer, and you’ll see the decision to relocate was the best one you made in a while.


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