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How to Pack a TV for Moving Cross Country

Video killed the radio star, and television remained one of the most powerful media outlets in our time. At the moment, there are 285 million TVs in American households, and that number is on the rise. So, if you want to learn how to pack a TV for moving to stay part of that statistic in your new place, stick around because we’re about to spill the tea.

It's possible to sail through this with the right preparation

Most people dread this part of relocating because they’re scared they’ll mess the device up. Given that it is fragile and easy to damage, that fear is not irrational. But, with the right supplies at hand and thorough preparation, you can avoid problems and enjoy the fruits of your success while watching your favorite game or TV show in the new home. So, how do you do that?

Original Packing Set Is a Safe Bet

Some people wonder should you keep your TV box for moving, and if you plan to pull the move off on your own, the answer is a big yeah. It can help you not to think about the best-sized boxes for this item and cut you on the time you’d spend searching for packing materials you should use.

And not only can it alleviate tension, but it’s also one of the safest options since producers go to lengths to ensure that the product you buy reaches home unscathed. So, when thinking how to organize your move, don’t chuck these out.

Other Moving Materials You Can Use

Still, to err is human, so if you chucked out the boxes, there are ways to overcome that hurdle. For all of those who were asking themselves how to move a flat screen TV without a box, here’s a comprehensive list of different types of packing materials that can save the day:

  • Silica gel sachets,
  • Soft foam sheet,
  • Polystyrene board,
  • Relocation blankets,
  • Bungee cord,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Packing paper,
  • A paperboard or cardboard carton,
  • Scissors,
  • Duct tape,
  • Markers.


Get all the supplies you need out so that you can begin

How to Move a TV Step 1: Prepare

Doing it all impromptu yields supreme results in some areas but also absolute chaos in others. So, you’ll do yourself a world of good if you plan it all step by step since electronics is not where you should risk. As always, the first of useful moving hacks requires planning and thought. And these are things to consider.

Take Care of the Cords

The best way to deal with relocating stress in this aspect is to settle the cords with care. You should take a photo of the back of your device so that you needn’t break into a sweat once you get to the new place. Besides, try to store the cables properly so that they don’t get tangled or torn.

Protect Your TV

After you have unplugged all the cords, the first thing you want to ensure is that it’s shielded against humidity. Lucky for you, achieving this when learning how to pack a TV for moving is as simple as putting silica gel packets on the sheet you intend to use for wrapping. This one is the staple of moving essentials and is known to prevent humidity, so in case something does happen, you’ll be on the safer side.

Ensure Your Television Screen Stays Intact

The next point you should tackle is the screen, as it’s the most problematic component of the set. Packaging fragile items revolves around precaution, so you can never overdo it. And these are the choices you’ll have:

  • Align styrofoam or polystyrene board with the screen and tape it all together – This one is definitely going to prevent any shifting and is thus worth going the extra mile.
  • Wrap your appliance in a blanket and tie it with a bungee cord or rope – This is what people usually go for while attempting to discover how to pack a television for moving because it’s quite easy and convenient.
  • Wrap the TV in packing paper and finish off with masking tape.
  • Put that how to use bubble wrap knowledge to use – This iconic material is applicable here on its own or as a finale to the ideas already mentioned.

Place It in the Box and Seal It

If you’re not using the original packaging, it’s vital that you make sure the container you obtained is the right size. Once you put the appliance inside, the key is to seal the box thoroughly at the top and bottom part as well as on the sides.

Another hack within packing tips and tricks here is to utilize a carton or cardboard in case you don’t have the right box. Cut it to fit the size of your item and finalize with tape.

Don’t Forget to Label

You’re almost done. Before you call it a day, it’s crucial to indicate where the screen is and write fragile and this way up on that side. You can’t solve the question of how to move efficiently without this step, and it won’t hurt to write load on top and the content of the box too.

Seal it and write all that movers or helpers need to know on the box

Time for Mounting – How Do You Pack a Flat Screen TV for Moving Cross Country?

You’ve come all this way, so don’t let some common relocating mistakes creep into your work at this stage. Loading the truck doesn’t seem to be too demanding, but it’s actually the make it or break it of the entire process.

The best moving day tips to heed are related to positioning your telly right. So, try not to forget these suggestions for your sake, Commander (to be read exclusively in the voice of Darth Vader):

  • Put blankets on the floor of the truck under the place where you choose to rest your box,
  • Position the appliance between sturdy objects or furniture to prevent any movement,
  • Place it against a wall, but ensure your screen is not facing it directly because you don’t want the screen to get hit in case of bumps on the road,
  • Tie it with a rope or straps to the place of your choice and check whether you put an end to any wiggling so that you could unpack after the move with no care in the world.

Is It OK to Transport a TV Flat?

This question sparked up a lot of debate as everybody naturally wants to avoid doing any harm to one of the biggest investments on their household inventory list. And though many believe that the type of TV determines whether this can be done, not all are made using the same technology; the catch is not in that.

Regardless of the difference between a plasma and an LCD, the thing is that, simply put, each set was designed with the idea that it will be placed upright. That is why the balance can be achieved only in that position, whereas transporting it flat can lead to delamination or cracking.

Don’t Load Boxes Over It

Even if you’re in need of tips for packing quickly, you know better than to place boxes over your precious possession. The same rule that applies to learning how to pack glassware applies here too. And that is – don’t put anything on top of this box because you don’t want to test how it’ll react to pressure.

Knowing how to load electronics and the telly is of key significance

How to Unpack?

When all is done, and the hassle recedes, you’ll find yourself thinking how to unpack after a move. The good news is that it won’t be difficult for this one and all you should do is pay attention to the end.

Don’t carry it on your own if you have a huge device and have been wondering how do you move a 75 inch TV all along. Ask for help instead. Also, try to find a spot for it in the new home as soon as possible as it won’t benefit from waiting. And, lastly, make sure it reaches room temperature, regardless of what your best time of the year to move is, before you plug it in.

Pay Attention to Tricky Bits

You’ll probably be tired by this point as the anxiety about moving out will get replaced with fatigue. But don’t let exhaustion wreak havoc after you’ve come this far. Don’t forget to carefully use a box cutter because you may damage the surface if you go too deep. Finally, double-check whether you screwed the stand properly or if you have a wall mount see whether it’s stable and solid. Take a look at the following video if you want to learn more about this step.

Consider Getting Help From Professional Cross-Country Movers

Long-distance movers will be by your side in case you’re apprehensive about going it alone or wish to have professional assistance throughout the endeavor. Their expertise in matters such as this one can prove invaluable and save you a lot of money, time, and nerves. And finding the great ones is often as easy as looking up recommendations for moving companies.

Getting expert help can go a long way for this one

Experts Know What Box or TV Kit is the Best

Superb long-distance moving services entail packing service with boxes and moving supplies included, so there’s no way your device won’t get only the best. Professionals are well aware of what the supreme methods are, and they’ll be happy to recommend the best kit that can grant your telly maximum protection.

Besides, you needn’t worry about obtaining any of the materials and learning how to handle them as cross-country movers will be glad to do it for you. And, in case something goes wrong, every reputable company offers reliable relocation insurance.

Getting professional advice and suggestions can help you determine what way to go

How to Pack a TV for Moving Is Not All There Is

It doesn’t stop at packing. Top-rated cross-country moving services also entail auto shipping if you’d like your four-wheeler to accompany you on your adventure and storage facilities if your TV and other belongings need to wait for a bit longer.

Relocations can get overwhelming, especially when it comes to issues such as this one when your valuable gadgets and electronics are concerned. Yet, if you contact the right crew things get a lot easier and you reduce the space for worrying and open up time to commit to other duties.

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