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How to Move a Shed Without a Struggle

Is there anything better for the storage of your goods than a shed in the backyard? The sheds are an excellent substitute for a garage or storage, and with all the space they have, you can store almost anything from your home inside. However, you have to learn how to move a shed if you decide to relocate, and you want to have your entire household moved to another address. Don’t worry, when there’s a will, there’s a way! Just because you have decided to relocate, it doesn’t mean you have to leave anything behind, especially not the shed.


shed Are you ready to start the adventure of moving a shed?

Do you have to dismantle the existing structure, or there are ways to move it in one piece? You can do as you wish. However, if this is the first time that you are moving it, it can be tricky to have it shipped all the way to a new home without checking how to do it. Regardless of the size of the structure, you can have it relocated with ease if you stick to some of the tips provided below.

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Moving a Shed from Your Backyard – Is It Worth It?

At the beginning of this tedious task, you should determine whether moving this garden object is really worth it, especially if you have some specific reasons to move or you don’t know how to cope with stress when moving. There can be so many reasons to relocate your shed, even if you just want to rearrange your yard or its site. There are sheds that are moveable, but there are some that are not. Which one do you own?

If your outbuilding is crumbling and turning to dirt, deteriorating in a way, then you might want to leave it, as it’s not really worth the effort, plus it will help you reduce the costs of moving. This will involve so much work, which can be pointless if the structure is not sturdy enough to survive a long-distance move. If you’re moving into a smaller home and there’s not much outdoor space, consider leaving it because you can’t really put it on the list of unwanted items to donate or sell.

In case your shed is not attached to the foundation, you won’t have any issues moving it in one piece. Since nothing is holding it down, it can be easily moved from one spot to another one. Even if you have an outbuilding firmly attached to the foundations and the ground, the work is easy and feasible – it will just involve more time than usual. We all know how expensive they can be, so if you are relocating a hut across the state because you have been given one as a gift, don’t turn down the offer. The time and money invested will pay off.

Does the Moving Method Matter – Are There Any Cost Differences?

The costs depend on the method, the size, and the route you are crossing. If you are hiring a professional company that knows all packing tips and tricks to tackle the packing of your clothes, furniture, and other belongings, you might as well discuss the quotes for hut relocation. Many companies can give you a good deal if they are taking care of the entire household relocation and will offer cost-effective packing materials for moving. So when house-hunting and planning your moving budget do not forget about your hut. Get recommendations for movers who have experience with relocating a shed to avoid getting anxiety about moving out.

In case you have all the necessary equipment, and you want to relocate it on your own because you think that’s the cheapest way to move out of state, you’ll lose many hours dealing with the process. Besides, you will probably need to rent a trailer anyway. In the end, the time invested and all the additional expenses are equal to the costs of professional movers. Get multiple relocation quotes and get in touch with companies for any additional input – there is no better option to check the expenses. If money is the issue, you can always ask the company about the cheapest time of the year to move because that is usually the best time of the year to move.

shed Sheds are bulky and huge - so, to be moved properly, this building requires adequate tools and equipment

How to Move a Shed – Roll It or Lift It

When you were deciding where to move, you choose to go for a DIY move, there are some useful moving day tips you should be familiar with. The first step you’ll have to do is to empty your hut completely. Don’t even think about moving it with all the stuff inside. We know this seems like an easier solution, but it can be too risky. Before you lift the outbuilding and put it on the trailer, you might want to strengthen it first. Watch out for door and window openings. In case the hut floor is made of floorboards, you might have to thicken them a bit before you start hauling. So, before you use a jack, or have the trailer ready, check everything is well-protected and ready for any lifting and moving.

Tips on How to Move a Shed With Necessary Equipment

If you decide to move your outbuilding in one piece, you should just ensure you have the right set of packing supplies, and everything will be in order. Visit stores and book the necessary supplies and essentials needed for the moving day in advance. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A trailer big enough to place your outbuilding on
  • Log rollers
  • Dolly – if you are moving it within the same yard
  • Jacks or a forklift
  • Straps to strengthen it
  • Crane – for unloading the big outbuilding

How Far Are Your Moving Your Shed?

First of all, you have to place the outbuilding on the trailer, regardless of the distance you will cross. You will likely need help in terms of people and proper tools since sheds are bulky and unhandy for relocating. If you have a smaller outbuilding, prepare a jack, mechanical if possible, and have as many people over. That is unless you’re planning on using professional moving services. In case your outbuilding is bigger, ensure you have more rollers and friends to help you around. If you are crossing a larger site, ensure that the building structure is safely hitched to the truck, especially if the road is bendy and bumpy. A longer route will take a lot more time than relocating to the suburb nearby.

Pre-Moving Arrangements – Ensure Everything Is Ready at the New Address

Pay a visit to your future home and ensure everything is ready to place the outbuilding once the trailer arrives. Make sure the spot is in an open space where a trailer has easy access. It is a common moving mistake that many tend to overlook. If your outbuilding has a foundation, you can put it on any flat terrain. In case it doesn’t have one, you need a concrete slab ready. The outbuilding will be dropped over the concrete.

Easy way to move a shed Relocating sheds is a demanding process which requires a clean yard site, a forklift, and a truck.

The Necessary Steps for Your Storage Shed – Dismantling or Moving

The best solution to have the outbuilding relocated is in one piece. Dismantling it will cause additional complications, and who knows what can crack while you are doing it. With good strategic planning, you can pull off the moving without any issues. After you have determined the weight of the outbuilding, you will need several buddies to do the lifting and a couple to push the log rollers underneath and make it mobile. You can always use a jack or forklift and spare your friends the heavy-lifting.

To load your outbuilding, you’ll need to:

  • Lift it – ensure all sides are lifted. If you are using the roll-over pipes method, slide the first few pipes under while someone goes back to lift the rest of the outbuilding.
  • Roll it over the pipes – take your time with this step to avoid any injuries.
  • Use a ramp to load it onto the trailer, or the truck, if possible. Here you can use a jack or forklift to lift the side of the outbuilding that is closer to the trailer. Those in the back have to keep it from going backward. Make sure you are surrounded by physically strong people. Have them lift the outbuilding at the same time and move it towards the trailer. The outbuilding should be placed on the trailer slowly, all four sides at the same time.
shed Take everything into consideration, as well as the ground of the yard.

Unload the Shed Properly – Follow Each Step

Unloading the outbuilding is as important as everything you have done before so keep in mind you’ll need a few extra hands if you’re moving alone to another state. If you have a big hut, you will probably need a crane. In case this is a smaller hut, you can lift it and put it in the designated area with the help of some friends. In case you are using a jack and pipes to unload it, don’t rush. Make sure you have enough people around to help you place the jacks under the hut.

Secure the Shed in Your New Location

One of the most important tips is to make sure you secure your outbuilding to the site. If it has skids, you can use ropes to secure it. If not, make sure it’s secured to the foundation with special concrete screws to attach it. This will keep it safe from any unpredictable weather. This is the last bit of the work – your new home with outbuilding storage is ready.


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