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Moving From Los Angeles to Miami for Love – Here are the Most Romantic Places in Magic City

Moving from Los Angeles to Miami shouldn’t be too difficult, as these cities aren’t so different. Both have a vibrant, diverse culture and many spots to take your significant other out and show them how in love you are. Here are some of Magic City’s most romantic places to visit after moving in with your partner.

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How much does it cost to move from California to Miami? No cost will be too much if it's for love

No more long-distance Valentine’s Day! You’re finally moving from LA to Miami to be with your partner. While that’s pretty exciting, you should also make it romantic. We’ve made sure to find the most romantic places to enjoy in Magic City right after you’re done dealing with long-distance moving services.

Moving From Los Angeles to Miami for Love – Is It Cheaper to Live in Miami or Los Angeles?

Relocating to a big city from a big city shouldn’t change much; what would be wise to look out for is the locals’ temper. Although LA and MIA are both known for being full of unfriendly people, Magic City might surprise you with its warmth and charm. Metropolitan places have their fair share of disadvantages, but if you move to live with your boyfriend or girlfriend, there won’t be any shortage of romantic and quaint spots to discover.

But, how much money do you need to live comfortably in Miami? Will you be able to afford escapades with your lover, or will it get you into a debt spiral by trying to make your significant other happy? There’s good news for anyone relocating from the West to the East Coast: you will be able to save up on East Coast and afford more than just a couple of drinks with your favorite person.

If you’re more interested in comparing median monthly rent and living standards in LA and MIA, you can always check out Numbeo’s city comparison or head to BestPlaces for more information.

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Before the Best Romantic Spots, Let’s See if Moving to Miami From Los Angeles Is Worth the Cost

Before we talk about the most romantic places and dates you could have in Magic City, you might be wondering a few things, from how much does it cost to move from LA to Miami and does LA or Miami have better weather to how to book a reliable cross-country moving company and get their packing services and options for car shipping.

Long-distance movers will give you the ultimate affordable price since you can adapt the service you get by choosing between various packing and shipping options. It’s designed to help customers save money at the end of a move and still get the luxury of free storage service or beneficial relocation insurance.

Should I Contact Cross-Country Movers Before Settling Into One of Miami’s Neighborhoods?

In short, yes. One of your relocation essentials should be to contact a long-distance moving company and get a free quote. You can also get relocation day tips from your movers (also free) and won’t have to wonder is it worth it to move to Miami because it will be with them.

If you’re hesitant to contact movers because of potential relocation scams, there’s a way to ensure your chosen company won’t trick you. You can verify their USDOT number on the FMCSA website, as all companies that offer motor carrier services must register there.

You can tell a lot about relocation companies by their reviews. The more there are, the better. Legitimate companies understand that having mixed reviews on their website is a genuine way to attract customers. An honest business isn’t afraid of reviews and comments because they’ve been providing outstanding services for a long time.

Forget Movers – Where’s the Best Place to Take Your Loved One on a Date in Magic City?

Whether you move in winter or (even cheaper) in the summer, every season will be a good time to move from Los Angeles to MIA because they’re both warm. Granted, the weather is a bit more humid in Magic City, but you can plan a nice time out in November and August, and you’ll be guaranteed good weather and a magical time.

So, all you have to do is plan dates that go well with the temperature. Perhaps spending some time outdoors will give you a chance to strengthen your relationship by either going to a beach or a park for some laid-back fun.

If you want to be outside and not run out of things to do, you can visit the Coral Castle Museum or find a fun event in the SoundScape Park.

If You Like Legends and Romantic Stories, Visit the Coral Castle Museum

Taking a picture with your significant other at the Coral Castle Museum will likely make for a unique relocation announcement to your friends and family back home. Why? Because Coral Castle was hand-built for nearly 30 years (between 1923 and 1951) by a Latvian man named Edward Leedskalnin, who was left at the altar.

He traveled far and wide, only to end up in MIA in 1919 and start creating what can only be described as an incredible handcrafted coral museum. Maybe Edward wouldn’t have enjoyed that you were there on a date when he built this whole place to get over his sweetheart easier, but he’d enjoy the fact that this place was potentially one of your reasons to move for love.

Catch a Performance Together at the Soundscape Park

Something you should put on your relocation to-do list in MIA is a visit to New World Symphony’s SoundScape Park. The New World Center building is one of the most stunning buildings in Magic City; it was projected by Frank Gehry and stands tall, surrounded by trees, even at the top.

For the past 10+ years, the New World Center has been organizing open-air WALLCAST shows and concerts. They project concerts worldwide on the New World Center itself, which has a 7,000-square-foot projection wall.

You can settle here by bringing a picnic blanket, food, and drinks and listening to historical classics and global novelties in music. The date won’t cost much, and it will bring you closer to your partner.

Incredibly Romantic Dates in Magic City, FL, That Come at a Cost

Maybe you’re not the type to experience depression after relocating or a lack of money. That’s great for you and your partner since you may not spare any expense when trying to make them happy. Your new home is great for discovering some generally pricey but exceptionally romantic date ideas.

Some of the most recommended options for dates in MIA include a helicopter ride over the city, a culinary class, and a brunch at the Biltmore Hotel. However, below are two of the most romantic and slightly pricey date ideas that provide different atmospheres.

Hot Air Balloon Rides Over the City Will Ignite Any Lover’s Flame

One of the first things to do after relocating to Magic City is take a hot-air balloon ride with your significant other. Not only is this considered a luxurious adventure, but it’s also a breathtaking experience. If you can spare some dollars, you can get an intimate moment over champagne with your lover.

You’ll have an overview of the Everglades and the Florida Keys, two stunning locations in the state that are bound to take your breath away, and have your partner reach their arm around you and welcome you to your new home.

Take Your Bae on a Spa Day to Standard Spa and Hotel

Relocating to live with your girlfriend may be nerve-wracking for the first couple of days, so why not decide to deal with relocation stress by taking her to Standard Hotel and Spa for a lovely couples treatment? This holistic spa has the best of every world – a Turkish hammam, Roman waterfall hot tub, Finnish sauna, and ultra-Zen to turn bad feelings into good at all these amenities.

You can pay for the Detox Together package, where you apply healing mud to each other’s bodies for a start and then head to some lounge chairs to rest before rinsing and heading to a hot tub. The Standard Spa also has a hotel where you can stay for a night or two.

The video below shows a tour of the Standard Spa and Hotel, with lots of outside shots.

For Adrenaline Seekers and Active Couples, Head to One of These Places for a Fun Date

When you plan a move to another city, you may not have many outdoor activities in mind. However, Magic City and its surroundings provide more than meets the eye. A quick drive can transport you to magical, outdoor havens where spending a day with your partner will be the ultimate romantic getaway.

If you’re the adrenaline-seeking couple that prefers to bond through travel and adventures, there are plenty of places to visit and things to do, from adopting a baby Bengal tiger at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation to sneaking kisses atop a lighthouse at the Bill Baggs Lighthouse in Cape Florida State Park.

Ride Some Bikes and Enjoy the Scenery of Shark Valley

While the two options listed above seem nothing short of entertaining, perhaps co-parenting a wild animal isn’t your thing, and that’s OK. We have something better – Shark Valley’s biking paths. It may not be as challenging, but it’s definitely fun.

Shark Valley Visitor Center is located on Highway 41, and it’s part of the Everglades National Park. You can ride on one of five biking paths each time, which could be the perfect motivation to go back again (four times over, even).

The place is BYOB – bring your own bicycle, but they can also provide you with two bikes for you and your sweetheart. If you get tired and hungry after all that pedaling (and we’re sure you will,) stop by Islas Canarias, one of Miami’s oldest staple restaurants and dining experiences.

Take a Moonlit Kayak Ride in Biscayne Bay

Another fantastic outdoor adventure for all you active couples is also perhaps one of the most romantic outdoor activity ideas you could come up with. The Oleta River State Park offers countless water-based activities that primarily include kayaking, paddle boarding, and alike, but their most romantic option is the Full Moon Tour.

The Full Moon Tour is done partly on kayaks and partly on land. The guide takes you by kayak through the mangroves, right up to Sandspur Island. They give out handheld lights that provide a romantic setting and bring you to the island’s beach cove, where the group is greeted by a campfire, food, and drinks.

If this doesn’t sound like a romantic and exciting outing, you can always kayak with your partner during the day at the Oleta River State Park. If you wish to get more engaged and active, you can also book a Paddleboard Yoga class for two.

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Cycle through the Everglades National Park with your partner, or take them on a moonlit kayak ride

Moving Cross Country for Your Partner Means You’re Willing to Do Whatever It Takes

When it comes to spending time with your partner, you shouldn’t wonder is Miami or LA more popular or what long-distance moving tips you can get from cross-country moving services. Sure, relocating for the first time to a different city, and for love at that, can be nerve-wracking and have you reconsider your decision a few times.

However, we know for sure that the tips on where to take your loved one after leaving your old home in Los Angeles to go to Magic City will help you bring the romance back to life and have it be stronger than ever. Enjoy your time together, because now, you’ll have much more of it.


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