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Ready, Set, Clean: The Must-Have Move-In Cleaning Checklist

Although moving into a new place can be exciting, it can also be very time-consuming and tiring. Thankfully, having a move-in cleaning checklist will help you cleanse your house before you move in and get it ready for exciting adventures and priceless memories. If you need some assistance, our moving into a new house cleaning tips will save you time and energy.

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Good cleaning is a must after moving cross-country

Move-in Cleaning Checklist – How to Clean a House Before You Set Foot in It

Many find cleaning relaxing and therapeutic, especially when anxiety about relocation kicks in full swing. To overcome relocation stress, try to occupy yourself with preparing everything for moving in. You can separate all the work in stages or do it in one go depending on the work obligations and whether you are moving with your pets and family or relocating to another state alone.

Divide your cleaning activities into small portions after taking into account your relocation budget and the amount of time left for you to settle in. Set reasonable goals and deadlines for this task ahead to stay on track and prevent getting fatigued.

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Clean your room while it's not occupied with your belongings

New House Cleaning Checklist – Gather All the Needed Supplies

Tidying up an empty place is certainly the easier way to go, as you will be able to get in every corner of the space and check if something should be repaired along the way. That’s why getting the right scrubbing materials and tools is essential.

Decide if you will go with more natural solutions, bought chemicals, or homemade products. If you inherited carpets with the place and decided not to install the new ones, consider hiring professional cleaners for the job.

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There are a lot of brands and products out there, so it may not always be clear what you should get. If you’re not sure what to buy, try to get some of the following supplies based on your preferences:

  • Sodium bicarbonate,
  • Lemon juice,
  • Clear vinegar,
  • Alcohol for disinfection,
  • Window, wood, carpet, and all-purpose cleaners,
  • Items for polishing furniture and floors,
  • Supplies for eliminating grease,
  • Sponges, mats, buckets, mops, brooms,
  • Vinyl gloves,
  • Ladder,
  • Extra spray bottles,
  • Toilet brush,
  • Duster and vacuum.

Remember that most of the items mentioned above are on the list of things that cross-country movers won’t move. All these products should be close to you when moving cross-country, as they fall under the category of relocating essentials. Follow our relocation day tips to avoid making common moving mistakes.

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Gather all the needed materials makes the process a lot easier

Room-By-Room Moving in Cleaning Checklist

Relocating can be difficult, but using a room-by-room checklist will make the task a breeze and guarantee you leave each area spotless. Here is an overview of what to concentrate on in each room.

Clean the Bathroom, With Emphasis on the Shower and Toilet

The bathroom is an excellent place to begin with, as you will most likely use one during the full house clean-through. The easiest way to begin with the deed is to start from the top. Use a duster or vacuum to clear cobwebs and dust from the ceiling, fans, ventilation, corners, and ceiling lamps.

Wash off debris from the window sills with warm water, then use an all-purpose cleaner or alcohol to go over everything. If your windows are covered with any type of shade, vacuum them, dust them off, and submerge them in warm water to cleanse them completely. It doesn’t matter if you bought or inherited bathroom furniture from previous tenants – you should wipe them inside and out with a damped paper towel. Pay special attention to disinfecting the hardware on your cabinets.

Depending on whether your bathtub is new, used, or reglazed, prepare abrasive or non-abrasive solutions for removing persistent dirt and scale. If you have a shower, make a vinegar-based solution since it works well for eliminating soap scum from glass doors. Use a specially designed stone cleaner if your stall is covered in tile or stone.

Rubber gloves are a must when dealing with your toilet. Soak it in a disinfecting solution before you start brushing. Scrub the inside of the toilet with a toilet brush and sponge to clean all the outer parts. To remove any lingering odor, pour the appropriate solution or vinegar into your toilet tank. This will help dissolve the mildew and grime.

Make Your Kitchen as Neat as a Pin

Again, start from the top of the room. Dust everything off and vacuum hard-to-reach spots. Clean all the surfaces in your kitchen from dust, grease, or fingertips with a wet cloth, and dry them with a dry towel, no matter if they are covered with tiles, wallpaper, or painted walls.

Use the same method as in the bathroom for cleaning your kitchen cabinets and counters with an emphasis on the surfaces closer to the stove. For greasy cabinets, use a gentler degreaser solution, apply it, and let it sit for some time before you cleanse it. Scrub your wall and unclog your drain by mixing soda and vinegar in a spray bottle to remove grime and lingering smells. Vacuum and mop your floors well from any crumbs or leftover grease.

Clean your appliances from any lingering food and liquids before you start using them. Put aside any removable elements of your stove and submerge them in warm soapy water. Apply any oven cleaner inside the oven and let it sit for a few minutes. Use an all-purpose cleaner for the top of the stove and its front panel.

Open your refrigerator and freezer and let them defrost. Remove shelves and fruit drawers and run them under soap and warm water. Wipe the inside walls, non-removable shelves, and freezer. When it gets completely dry, you can put shelves and drawers back in and then disinfect fridge doors, handles, sides, and its back.

Ready Your Living Room

Coordinate everything with the arrival of the long-distance movers because it is easier to navigate through an empty room than a room full of bulky furniture. Begin from the top, and go through your windows, sills, and curtains before you reach the floors.

Consider hiring a professional cleaner for your carpets if previous tenants haven’t done so already. Check if they had pets inside. If you are moving with pets of your own, you should treat your carpets against fleas before you move in yourself or any of your soft furniture arrives. If your floors are made from any wood materials, be sure to sweep them thoroughly and go over them with mild wood soap to remove dirt and dust.

Once your movers have finished unloading everything, thoroughly clean each piece of furniture. Naturally, if your cross-country moving services also entail packing services, you will have extra time for disinfecting other unloaded items.

Bedrooms Are Sacred Spaces in Every House

Use all the previous advice on your windows, sills, carpets, and floors. Start from the ceiling, dust off fans, and vacuum unreachable spaces. Pay special attention to each closet, dresser, and built-in storage. Wipe the racks, drawers, hangers, and all the hardware and switchboards.

Additional Tips – Tighten Up Your Outdoor and Additional Space

While planning how to clean a new house before you move in, keep in mind that it’s important to think about outdoor and additional areas that may be a part of your place as well. Address these frequently ignored locations as you prepare to improve your future home, whether you intend to reside in the suburbs or the city’s center. A good place to read through and get some useful info is the KonMari site, where you can learn all the tricks for cleaning and organizing your living space.

Outdoor areas like balconies and patios can gradually gather dirt, garbage, and even mold. To thoroughly clean these areas, remove any furniture, plant pots, and yard ornaments before you sweep the space entirely. Mount the hose and wash them with water. Check all the railings and see if anything needs fixing or tightening.

Before you fill your garage storage and park your car in it, sweep its floors and remove dust and cobwebs. Wipe all the shelves, handles, cabinets, and storage tops. See if your garage door mechanism is in good condition.

Watch the following video if you are relocating to the suburbs and learn more about cleaning and giving your backyard and patio a makeover.

Do a Final Inspection Before the Long-Distance Moving Company Arrives

Inspect the area for any damages and necessary repairs before the cross-country moving company arrives and all of your possessions are unloaded. Look for any rubs, scratches, or holes in the trim, wood flooring, and walls.

Check all plumbing for drips, leaks, or other problems. Plan fixes if you find any issues. Examine the electrical components and switches for any problems, such as unsecured covers or broken outlets. If you find any issues, address them before you start assembling your home.

How to Prepare Your Home for Movers

Now that you have cleaned everything rigorously, you don’t want everything mudded and ruined. To prepare everything for the cross-country moving company’s arrival, put some spreadsheets over your floors and carpets. Make a cardboard trail that they can use to bring your belongings in. Set up a restroom for them, complete with liquid soap and paper towels.

To keep your movers’ energy levels up, provide them with snacks and beverages that are appropriate for the season. If you’re relocating in the summer, have some cool drinks available, and if you’re moving in the winter, provide them with hot drinks to keep them warm. Have some cash on hand to tip your movers if they do a fantastic job. You won’t have to go over anything after they leave if you have invested in high-quality long-distance moving services.

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Cover and secure everything before the movers arrive

A Fresh Start in Your Squeaky-Clean Home

You could be finally ready to celebrate the completion of your move to a new home after cleaning and unpacking, at which point you can move on to more pleasurable chores like making friends in your new city and learn how to adjust to the new country after relocation. Cross-country moving companies respect customers who take the time to tidy up and arrange their home before their arrival, as this improves the effectiveness of unpacking after the relocation process.

Our team of skilled experts is committed to making your relocation simple and provides every premium cross-country moving service catered to your unique requirements. Don’t rely on luck when planning a move. Take the first step toward a successful relocation by contacting us at Cross Country Moving Company right away.


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