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Where to Live In LA – 5 Most Popular Neighborhoods for Newcomers

LA, being home to famous areas like Hollywood and wondrous beaches like Santa Monica, is, without any doubt, one of the most famous cities in the USA. Naturally, many people are thinking of moving cross country to this city. However, deciding where to live in LA can be tough, knowing that there are many exciting locations.

Los Angeles downtown skyline overlay
LA is one of the most wonderful cities in the USA

When searching for the best areas to live in Los Angeles, it is good to ask first – “What are the best cities to live in LA county?” and then choose a neighborhood since each city has its own unique characteristics which will affect the neighborhoods as well. Some of the finest ones are Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Torrance, Arcadia, and Claremont.

It Is Imperative That You Do Your Research Before Deciding Where to Live In La

Before you hire a cross-country moving company to move you to LA, you have to search for the right location and see whether it will fit your lifestyle and budget. Here are the most important aspects.

Quality of life

Walkability, cost of living, career and education prospects, and the level of safety are some of the most important things that will affect your life on a daily basis. If these aspects don’t meet your criteria, hiring cross-country movers is not worth it at all.


After you have dealt with all obligations, it is natural to look for some relaxation. Before relocating to a new city, it is necessary to see what kind of leisure activities are available, such as the quality of restaurants, green spaces, cultural institutions, and nightlife. This is especially important when moving with kids.

Work-life balance

Since we are writing here about a move to a new big city, if you are relocating for a job, it is necessary to be sure that, above all, commuting will take a reasonable amount of time. Doing research on public transportation and traffic is always wise. But, in general, work-life balance is affected by everything mentioned above.

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We Shall Start With One of the Best Coastal Neighborhoods – Playa Del Rey

What is the nicest part of LA? This beautiful town is known for its majestic coastline and the everlasting summer, and if you want to experience this to the fullest, settling in a neighborhood on the coast might be ideal for you. Playa del Rey is situated right next to the ocean, and through your window, you will be looking at the marvelous Playa del Rey beach. Truly, people often feel like they have moved to one of the suburbs of LA (although technically they haven’t) because of the natural environment and high level of walkability.

Playa Del Rey Is One of the Best Neighborhoods for Young People in Terms of New Employment Opportunities

It is not an uncommon sight to see a long-distance moving company perform its packing services in this location, and there are good reasons for that:

  • Playa del Rey is situated in the very center of Silicon Beach (a region of LA that has over five hundred technology companies,) which means that there will be no shortage of job opportunities. If you are relocating without a job, this might be one of the best places to live in Los Angeles.
  • You might have guessed that this location has some of the finest restaurants and bars in LA because of its location. In addition, there are many pedestrian and cycling zones, so there won’t be a need for public transportation when exploring this area.
  • Playa del Rey is also known to be one of the best places to live in LA if you are relocating because of college since Loyola Marymount University (one of the more renowned universities in LA) is located in the vicinity.

Finally, the public transportation system is well-developed in this area, given the fact that LAX (LA International Airport) is also close by. And most importantly, if you are wondering – “Where is the safest place to live in LA?” – Playa del Rey is among the safer ones. Here is a video where you can see what Playa del Rey looks like.

If You Want to Reside in an Urban Part of Los Angeles, Downtown Might Be the Right Choice

For people who want to reside in an urban neighborhood with all public amenities, Downtown is the best place to live in Los Angeles. You will be surrounded by towering skyscrapers and busy individuals on the streets. Downtown is divided into districts according to different professional fields which are dominant in these areas. Hence there are Arts, Banking, Fashion, Civic Center, and many more districts. In Downtown, getting a job in the new city shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Downtown Is, Undoubtedly, One of the Most Exciting LA Neighborhoods

It is simply impossible to run out of things to do in this area, both day and night. Downtown is considered to be one of the better locations to reside in LA for singles. Here is some further information:

  • Being in the center of LA, it has a well-developed system for all types of public transportation. The LA Metro Rail, Pacific Surfliner, and Metrolink all go through this area, and whatever beach you want to go to, it won’t be a problem.
  • LA Opera, The Broad, and the Museum of Contemporary Art are all located here. Furthermore, this location is known to have the most active nightlife, and there are a plethora of restaurants that serve food from all over the world.
  • Although it is the urban part of the town, there are many lovely parks to visit, such as Grand Park or Pershing Square. In addition, there are many pedestrian zones, such as Olvera Street – ever popular places to spend your day.

If you are a young individual who is moving to LA alone in search of a career and, possibly, a significant other, choosing long-distance movers to relocate you here might be the ideal choice. Here is a virtual tour of this location.

Silver Lake Has a Great Combination of Urban and Suburban Characteristics

Silver Lake is often referred to as the “cool neighborhood of LA” since all kinds of artistic events are organized there. The name comes from one of the reservoirs located in this zone (the other is named Ivanhoe). Although their main purpose is to supply water, they are also beautiful sites for relaxation beside the regular visit to a beach. Around Silver Lake, there are big sports and recreational facilities and parks.

The Alternative Music Scene and Quirky Coffee Shops Are Hallmarks of This Area

Silver Lake has developed rapidly over the past decade because of the influx of young people. If you are looking for an environment that offers more alternative artistic and cultural venues, this is the neighborhood for you. Nonetheless, here are some characteristics:

  • This location is known for supporting independent small businesses. If you are relocating your business to another state as well, this might be the ideal environment. A surprising fact is that few major corporations have chosen to open their stores in this zone. The community strongly supports local artisans and prefers to eat food from independent restaurants.
  • If you like the avant-garde style, there will be no shortage of alternative and indie music events. This neighborhood is also home to some interesting cultural institutions, such as the 3D Space Museum, the Museum of Love, and the Holyland Exhibition.
  • You will also be close, as a resident, to some of the most famous places in LA. This location is close to Hollywood, Los Feliz, Beverly Hills, and Dodger Stadium, for example. On top of that, all kinds of public transportation will be available.

Most importantly, if you are wondering – “What is the cheapest place to live in Los Angeles?”, this zone has some of the more affordable rent prices. Here is a video where you can learn more about this location before contacting long-distance moving services providers.

Echo Park Has Become of the Most Popular Neighborhoods in LA

Times change, and in the past, when asking a LA resident – “Where should I not live in Los Angeles?”, most of them would probably mention this one. However, the current situation is different, and now,  it is considered one of the hippest areas in the city. It is one of the most culturally diverse environments in LA, and as a result, you can visit some of the most interesting restaurants and enjoy great international food.

There Is an Abundance of Beautiful Green Spaces in Echo Park

You probably guessed it from the name – there are a number of beautiful parks in this zone. It is known to be one of the locations with the highest walkability rate and there is also a great cycling system. For people who are relocating with dogs, this is one of the better places in Los Angeles to live. Here is some additional information:

  • Echo Park is home to the Dodger Stadium. Even if you are not a fan of baseball, it is worth visiting just for the unique atmosphere that game day brings. In addition, you will have the opportunity to try the iconic hotdogs.
  • One of the landmarks is the reservoir located in this zone (the same as in Silver Lake). However, here you can engage in water sports, paddle boating being the most popular choice for relaxation. There is also a one-mile-long promenade, and this zone is the most popular for LA residents who enjoy outdoor picnics and barbecues.
  • Since some of the biggest parks are spread across this neighborhood (Elysian and Vista Hermosa), there are numerous facilities where you can practice all kinds of sports. Vista Hermosa is also known to have some of the loveliest spots to sit down and enjoy the views of the famous Los Angeles skyline.

Echo Park has been subjected to an intense process of gentrification in recent years, and the results are more than evident. Seeing cross-country moving companies on the streets unloading boxes has become a usual sight. Here is a lovely video on what the reservoir and its surroundings look like.

Westwood Offers Great Educational Opportunities to Young People

One of the most renowned universities in the USA, the University of California, popular UCLA, is located here. Therefore, if you are looking for an environment that will provide you with top-notch academic facilities, this is the location for you. Westwood is also known to be one of the places with a first-rate work-life balance. You will both get an opportunity to build your career, but also there will be many leisure activities available. Here is a lovely video showing Westwood Village, one of the most popular places, bordering the UCLA campus.

Westwood Is One of the Best Locations in LA for Students and Young Families as It Is One of the Safest

Due to the impact of UCLA, Westwood has one of the lowest crime rates in LA. It also has a great location, close to some of the most famous and luxurious regions, such as Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Here are some additional facts about Westwood:

  • Westwood has one of the youngest populations in the entire LA, with a median age of 27. If you are relocating alone to another state, this might be the perfect place for you, as there will be no shortage of restaurants and bars. It also has one of the most educated communities in LA.
  • The Hammer Museum is situated here, one of the most active museums in California. Annually, over 300 different events take place, from lectures and symposia to all kinds of exhibitions. But the greatest news is that there is no entrance fee.
  • Westwood also has a long cinema history, and many Hollywood premieres took place in Fox Village Theater and Fox Bruin Theater. Nowadays, they are regarded as important parts of cinematographic history, but contemporary events are organized as well.

Westwood is truly one of the best LA neighborhoods for living, where you will have the opportunity to grow as a person in all spheres of life.

Is LA Affordable to Live? It All Depends on the Location

How much money do I need to make to live in LA? When considering a move to LA, people often think first about Hollywood and other famous locations and start asking questions such as – “Where in LA do most celebrities live?” or “Is Beverly Hills safe to live?“. However, when they see the home prices and rent, their enthusiasm immediately drops. However, all these places are extravagant, and the reality lies in the areas listed above. According to statistics, around 75 thousand dollars is enough for living comfortably in LA.

Rent Is the Most the Biggest Expense You Will Have

Of course, one of the most important things to consider when relocating to another state is the rent. If the rent does suit your budget, you should continue the search. Here is the median home rent for the neighborhoods we have listed:

  • Playa del Rey – 2,500 dollars,
  • Downtown – 1,900 dollars,
  • Silver Lake – 1,800 dollars,
  • Echo Park – 1,500 dollars,
  • Westwood – 2,500 dollars.

For further research on the cost of living, you can visit helpful websites such as Numbeo that provide detailed information on this topic.

A Visit to a Beautiful Beach or a Stroll on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – Living in LA Is Great

LA is truly a magnificent town. Hollywood and other famous places are, without a doubt, landmarks, but they are not the only things that LA has to offer. You can enjoy the beautiful Santa Monica Beach or walk around Hollywood without having to pay unreasonable rent. You just have to search diligently for a new home before hiring cross-country moving services, and the locations listed above are definitely worth considering.


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