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7 Coolest Places to Live After Moving to the West Coast

So, you want to move to the West Coast. Going there from the East can be a significant and somewhat shocking change, but it’s definitely worth the effort. There are many benefits to such a move, but where should you live after moving to the West Coast? Here are seven popular cities to consider.

Santa Barbara street CCMC overlay
Is it worth moving to the West? For the weather and quality of life, it certainly is

Moving to the West Coast? Here’s How It’s Better Than the East

Why do people move from East Coast to West Coast? There are numerous reasons folks hire cross-country moving companies and their long-distance moving services to relocate them to the Western states. Some like the weather more, some the lifestyle, and some just did a where to move quiz and got a Western state.

Here are some reasons why the Western area is better than the East.

West Coast Moving Means Larger Homes and More Space

Any cross-country moving company can assist you in relocating to the Western states, as homes are larger and more spacious. It’ll be easier to unpack after the move and have room for every family member.

For example, Californian homes are, on average, 1,625 square feet, and those numbers are expected to rise steadily. Homes in San Diego are a whopping 2,417 square feet on average.

More spacious homes will benefit those relocating with pets and especially those relocating with kids.

The Weather Is Warmer Than in the East, for the Most Part

You can count on cross-country movers pulling off any planned or last-minute move to the Western states, as the weather is mostly sunny and warm. Except for Alaska, Oregon and Washington are generally warm states with some rainy days and snow in winter.

Winters are by 10°F warmer in the Western parts due to the proximity of the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific warms up the territory in winter and cools it in the summer.

Better Chances of Finding Yourself in Good Company

With milder winters and more comfortable homes, it makes sense that folks would be friendlier in those circumstances – and they are. Whether you hire packing services to make your move to the suburbs or a big city area, you can be sure that the neighbors will welcome you.

It might help to know that one of the cities there is Portland, known for its friendliness and liberal nature. If you’re not into the Californian lifestyle, you’ll still encounter friendly folk in these parts of the US.

#1 If Your Wish Is Relocating to California, Check Out San Diego

Where is the best place to live on the West Coast? Without a doubt, that is San Diego. If you plan to move here, you won’t regret it. It’s one of the best cities to raise a family in California, be an outdoor enthusiast, get a job, and pay rent or buy a house.

It has loads of family-friendly activities and many opportunities for higher education; the University of San Diego and San Diego State are there to shape and create well-educated minds.

Here are some awesome statistics about San Diego, CA:

  • Population: 1,41 million,
  • Median household income: $109,000,
  • Median home price: $630,000,
  • Average rent: $1,700,
  • Poverty rate: 12%,
  • It’s considered the area with the best year-round weather in the US,
  • It’s generally known as a surfing town, and it has many beaches specifically for that,
  • It’s cheaper than other metropolitan areas in CA.
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Things That Make San Diego Better Than Other CA Metropolitan Areas

Living in San Francisco can benefit folks working in the IT industry, marketing, or media. While it’s a rich and exciting location, it can be tough to find accommodation. Landlords continuously raise rents due to a large influx of new residents; this is something you won’t experience in SD at any time.

Finding safe neighborhoods in Los Angeles isn’t impossible, but many claim it’s a large municipality with a tough-to-control population that could sometimes get out of hand – hence the crime. This isn’t surprising; LA has nearly 4 million residents within the center and around 13 million in the metropolitan area.

San Diego is smaller yet has all the metropolitan amenities; it’s an escape from all the bad things LA and SF might have.

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San Diego is the most family-friendly location in California

#2 Maybe You’ll Love “The American Riviera” – Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara may be the answer to why you should move to the West. When we think of the Western coast, we think of the seaside, beaches, and warm, salty air from the Pacific. Santa Barbara is ideal for someone who needs this kind of lifestyle ASAP.

However, just because it’s a small town doesn’t mean it’s more affordable. Getting a job before you move here is highly advisable, which you could easily take care of if you specialize in healthcare, technology, hospitality, social services, professional, scientific, and retail careers.

Some more interesting data on Santa Barbara, CA is:

  • Population: 89,000,
  • Median household income: $111,000,
  • Median home price: $1,08 million,
  • Average rent: $1,800,
  • Poverty rate: 12%,
  • It’s called “The American Riviera” because of its broad beaches and Mediterranean climate,
  • It’s suitable for those who like outdoor and extreme sports – Santa Ynez mountains offer hiking and rock climbing.

#3 For College Town Vibes, Look Into Eugene, Oregon

Oregon climbs high on the list of excellent locations for young people. Whether you’re a professional, looking to start a great career in a great state, or pursuing excellent higher education, you’ll find all that in Eugene, Oregon.

Relocating to a small town may not be on your itinerary, but wait til you see more of Eugene. It’s native to the University of Oregon and a real college town. It also has incredibly developed culture and arts programs, an eclectic mix of national and international cuisine, a love of craft beer, and beautiful landscapes to spend time in.

Here’s some more on Eugene, OR:

  • Population: 180,000,
  • Median household income: $72,000,
  • Median home price: $300,000,
  • Average rent: $1,000,
  • Poverty rate: 20%,
  • Eugene is also called The Emerald City because of stunning recreational areas like the Fern Ridge Reservoir and the Willamette National Forrest,
  • It’s said that Eugene was the inspiration for the town of Springfield depicted in The Simpsons.

If you’re worried that college towns have little to offer, check out the video below. Students talk about their favorite places in Eugene, and there are plenty of things to do.

#4 You Might Like the Most Sustainable Western City of Portland, OR

What’s new to say about Portland that you may not already know about it? It’s one of the best cities for millennials and anyone looking for IT, tech, and science-related employment.

Besides that, it’s very bike-friendly, has loads of areas for outdoor lovers to unwind and enjoy, and it’s the most sustainable town in the US. With affordable housing and great options to move from a house to an apartment, there’s so little that could be considered a downside in Portland.

Additional statistics on Portland, OR are:

  • Population: 666,000,
  • Median household income: $96,000,
  • Median home price: $438,000,
  • Average rent: $1,300,
  • Poverty rate: 13%,
  • The majority of Portland’s power comes from renewable energy sources,
  • As much as one-quarter of working people get to the office by bike,
  • Its nickname is “Silicon Forest,” analogous to “Silicon Valley” in SF.

Portland Continues to Be One of the Most Impressive Cities

The benefits of relocating here are numerous. Portland’s been dubbed “the best” in many areas, from being the most sustainable, bicycle-friendly, and filled with natural landscapes to having the best craft beer industry and fresh produce available in the Western states.

Portland view overlay
The title of the greenest city in the US goes to Portland, OR

#5 For All Outdoor Lifestyle Lovers, Seattle, Washington, Is the Place to Be

Seattle is great for many reasons. It’s located on Puget Sound, which offers terrific views and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. It also boasts a thriving tech industry, a large music scene, and some of the most outstanding restaurants in the US.

It’s great to live if you’re interested in outdoor activities, arts, culture, and food; it also boasts being one of the most bike-friendly places in the US besides Portland. Any long-distance moving company will help you relocate here with joy.

To manage a little better in Seattle, you could look up some roommate websites and try living with roommates before setting out on your own. This city is more affordable than most in CA, but it could still be a high cost.

More facts on Seattle, WA are:

  • Population: 760,000,
  • Median household income: $128,000,
  • Median home price: $713,000,
  • Average rent: $1,700,
  • Poverty rate: 10%,
  • It’s the coffee capital of the US and the birthplace of Starbucks, our favorite coffee chain,
  • Despite being known for rain, it rains just 38 inches per year.

Seattle is a one-of-a-kind place with the most highly educated population. It’s perfect for people looking to settle in a brilliant, innovative, and boundary-pushing town.

best neighborhoods in seattle overlay
Don't listen to the haters - it's not always rainy in Seattle

#6 Tacoma, WA, Offers Big Town Qualities Without the High Cost

If relocating to Seattle seems a little too expensive, you can still settle in Washington state without worrying about money or living expenses. How? By migrating to Tacoma, WA.

Tacoma is better because it’s smaller, more manageable, and has a better community feel. The downtown area is charming and walkable, living costs are more affordable, and there are excellent job opportunities despite being in Seattle’s metro area. Plus, the weather is nicer, which is a valid reason for relocating.

Many people commute to Seattle, but Tacoma also has plenty to offer.

Here’s more information on Tacoma, WA:

  • Population: 223,000,
  • Median household income: $80,000,
  • Median home price: $311,000,
  • Average rent: $1,200,
  • Poverty rate: 13%,
  • Tacoma has its own film festival,
  • It’s native to the University of Washington Tacoma,
  • It’s a major port city with lots of job opportunities in the maritime, healthcare, and aerospace industries.

#7 For an Unexpectedly Wonderful Time, Try Anchorage, Alaska

If you’re looking for an attractive new town to move out for the first time, consider Anchorage, Alaska. You may not be too eager to call a cross-country moving service and get your car shipping and free storage service privileges all the way to Alaska, but hear us out.

If you need to relax and enjoy the outdoors, Anchorage is perfect. It has many parks and trails, perfect for exploring on a sunny day – which are aplenty in Anchorage.

It also has many great food places and cultural events. It’s diverse and celebrates that through numerous festivals, events, and holidays. Yes, it’s colder than the rest of the Western states, but the weather doesn’t always have to be a reason for relocating to a new state – sometimes, it’s what you don’t know that could make you feel excited to move.

Some more facts about Anchorage, AK, are:

  • Population: 290,000,
  • Median household income: $109,000,
  • Median home price: $320,000,
  • Average rent: $1,300,
  • Poverty rate: 8%,
  • It’s right near the Chugach State Park, which is an outdoor lover’s paradise,
  • Its primary industries are mining, natural gas, tourism, and fishing,
  • It has a winter festival called Fur Rendezvous, or Rondy, which celebrates Alaskan pioneer culture.

Who knows what new wonders you may encounter if you venture into the unknown? Alaska may not be so popular, but it’s certainly worth exploring. Anchorage has fantastic statistics regarding living costs and poverty rates, the most impressive in this relocation guide.

Anchorage Alaska street view overlay
Anchorage can be a fascinating town to move to and settle in

Moving Cross Country to Find New Posts and Possibilities Is Easier With Long-Distance Movers

If you’re thinking of relocating Westbound, we highly recommend it. There are so many unique places to explore and plenty of opportunities for work and play; hopefully, this relocation guide can help you find the place to settle in next.

And if you need help getting there, don’t worry – plenty of great cross-country moving services can take care of everything for you, from packing and shipping to relocation insurance. Don’t wait for too long, but take that leap. Your future’s waiting!


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