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Cross Country Moving to Orlando – How to Make it Stress-Free?

Embarking on the journey of moving to Orlando, Florida, can be an exciting yet challenging experience. Choosing the right cross-country moving company is crucial in transforming this challenge into a stress-free transition. Follow our essential tips that can guide you through the process to ensure your relocation is as smooth and seamless as possible.

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Orlando's metro region currently has over 2 million residents, up 1.62% from 2022.

How can you make your move to Orlando, FL less stressful? One of the most effective strategies is to hire experienced cross-country movers, who can handle the logistics and heavy lifting. Additionally, it’s crucial to start organizing and packing well in advance, categorizing items to streamline unpacking in the new home. Creating a detailed inventory list can also be a lifesaver, ensuring nothing gets lost in transit. Remember, the key to a smooth transition lies in early preparation and choosing a long-distance moving company that aligns with your specific needs.

Why Choose Orlando for Your Cross-Country Move?

Orlando, FL, stands out as a top choice for those pondering a cross-country relocation. When you can move anywhere, deciding where to live is pivotal. There are compelling reasons to relocate here, not just for its famous theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios but also for its flourishing job market, particularly in the technology and entertainment sectors.

According to Data USA, between 2020 and 2021, the number of employed individuals in Orlando, FL, experienced a growth rate of 5.66%, increasing from approximately 157,000 employees to around 166,000 employees. This positive trajectory can be noticed in 2023 as well.

The city’s diverse cultural scene, coupled with a year-round warm climate, makes it an ideal place for both families and professionals. Its affordable cost of living compared to other major cities, along with a plethora of outdoor activities and a strong sense of community, further enhances its appeal.

Do you know that Orlando, FL has more than 100 lakes?

Orlando’s unique blend of leisure and business opportunities creates an environment where both personal and professional growth can thrive. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to relocate.

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Start Planning Your Cross-Country Move

When you plan a relocation to another city, the key to a successful relocation lies in early and thorough planning. Begin by researching cross-country moving companies, comparing services, and getting quotes. Prioritize packing efficiently, which not only makes relocating easier but also helps in keeping track of all belongings.

Start by decluttering and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. This process not only simplifies packing but also reduces relocation costs. Organize the belongings by room and label boxes. Remember, the more organized you are from the start, the smoother your move will be.

Create a Detailed Moving Checklist

To alleviate anxiety about moving to another state, creating a comprehensive relocation checklist is essential. Begin by listing tasks to be completed weeks before the relocation, such as hiring movers, arranging travel plans, and notifying important parties (like banks and utility companies) of your change of address.

As the moving day approaches, the checklist should include final packing, essential documents to keep on hand, and last-minute errands. Post-relocation tasks, like unpacking essentials and setting up utilities in the new home, should also be on this list. A well-structured checklist not only keeps you organized but also ensures you don’t overlook any important aspects of your move.

It’s Ideal to Budget for the Relocation in Advance

Budgeting is crucial to avoid unexpected financial strains. Create a detailed relocation budget that accounts for all potential costs, including relocation company fees, insurance, packing supplies, travel expenses, and any storage you might need.

To reduce costs when relocating, compare quotes from various relocation companies, declutter to lessen the load, and consider doing some packing yourself. Look for off-season moving rates and ask about different service levels.

Remember, unexpected expenses can arise, so include a contingency fund in the budget. Proper financial planning ensures that the move to Orlando is not only stress-free but also cost-effective.

If you want to begin budgeting in advance, follow some of the useful tips presented in the video below:

Select the Most Reliable Cross-Country Moving Company

Choosing among cross-country moving companies for relocation to Florida’s gem necessitates careful consideration, particularly when evaluating long-distance moving services. A key factor in this decision is the company’s experience with cross-country relocations.

It’s advisable to research their track record, customer reviews, and how they handle logistics and potential challenges. Look for companies that specialize in long-distance moves and offer comprehensive services, including car shipping, and packing services.

Verify their licensing and insurance on the Better Business Bureau website to ensure protection against relocation scams. Inquiring about their policies on delays, handling fragile items, and their process for estimating costs will provide deeper insight into their reliability and suitability.

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Remember that the cheapest offer should never be accepted

Prepare the Boxes with Your Belonging – Here Are Our Best Packing Tips

Packing for a relocation can often be the most exhausting and overwhelming task, but with the right strategies, it becomes manageable. The easiest way to pack for a move is to start early and sort items by category. Use sturdy boxes for heavy items and lighter ones for bulky, less heavy items.

Label each box clearly with its contents and the room it’s destined for. This not only helps with organization but also simplifies the unpacking process in the new location. For those who find packing particularly tricky, hosting a packing party with friends can turn a tedious task into a more enjoyable and efficient process.

Gather Essential Packing Supplies

Securing the right packing materials is crucial for a safe and organized move. Essential supplies include strong cardboard boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and stretch wrap for furniture.

For a more eco-friendly or cost-effective approach, consider using biodegradable packing materials, or sourcing used boxes from local stores. Soft items like blankets, towels, or even clothing can be used as alternatives to traditional packing materials, providing cushioning for fragile items while reducing waste.

Tips for Handling Specialty Items and Valuables

When it comes to packing paintings, artworks, record collections, or musical instruments like electric guitars, violins, or cellos, special care is required. For artworks and paintings, use acid-free paper to wrap the piece before placing it in a sturdy, appropriately sized box. If possible, pack these items in their original cases or custom-fit boxes.

For records, keep them in protective sleeves and stack them vertically in strong, small boxes. For musical instruments, it’s best to use their hard cases, supplemented with additional padding if necessary. Always mark these boxes as fragile and inform the relocation company about these valuables to ensure they handle them with extra care.

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Consult with the cross-country moving company about packaging specialty items

Compare the Cost of Living in Orlando With Other Cities in Florida

Orlando, with its unique charm, presents a cost of living slightly above the national average, particularly in housing costs. In contrast, Miami showcases a significantly higher cost of living, 21% above the national average, with housing expenses 47% higher, despite a median income only slightly above the national figure.

But for example, Jacksonville offers a more economical lifestyle, with overall living costs 6% lower than the national average, including more affordable housing but slightly higher utility costs. Each city in Florida has its unique financial ecosystem, making Orlando a middle ground in terms of expenses.

For those considering a move or comparing living costs more extensively, the Numbeo website provides detailed, up-to-date comparisons and insights, making it an invaluable resource for potential new Orlando residents.

Look for a New Home

Researching the real estate market of the city online, using platforms that offer virtual tours to get a feel for potential homes. Engaging a local real estate agent can provide invaluable insights into the housing market and assist in navigating local trends and prices.

Consider factors like proximity to work, schools, and amenities. Utilizing social media groups and forums specific to the city can also offer personal experiences and advice from residents. Remember, relocating to a new home in a different city requires balancing practicality with the comfort and lifestyle you seek.

What Are the Best Orlando Neighborhoods to Move to

Orlando boasts a variety of neighborhoods, each with its unique character and amenities. When choosing where to settle, consider these popular options:

  • Winter Park: Known for its charming tree-lined streets, upscale shopping, and fine dining.
  • Baldwin Park: Offers a mix of residential and commercial spaces with a sense of community.
  • Dr. Phillips: Renowned for its excellent schools and proximity to Orlando’s famous theme parks.
  • Thornton Park: A vibrant area with a diverse mix of restaurants and shops, ideal for those seeking an urban lifestyle.
  • Lake Nona: A fast-growing, innovative community known for its health and wellness amenities.

Each of these neighborhoods provides a different living experience, catering to various preferences and lifestyles.

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Visit the Niche website for additional information about each neighborhood

Prepare for a Job Hunt – Find Open Positions Quickly

Moving to Orlando without a job is not the wisest decision, it can make the whole process of moving cross country more stressful. Walt Disney World and Orange County Public Schools, as the region’s top employers, each offer a plethora of roles, catering to a wide array of skills and interests.

The State of Florida Government also presents numerous employment possibilities, with around 17,200 positions. For those seeking opportunities, it’s advantageous to start networking and researching job openings in advance.

Utilizing online job portals, LinkedIn, and local job fairs can provide a head start. Tailoring the resume to fit the specific requirements of jobs in Orlando’s dominant sectors, such as medicine, entertainment, retail, and business, enhances your chances of getting noticed. Therefore, consider reaching out to local recruitment agencies that specialize in these areas.

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Make an effort to secure a job opening before relocating

Prepare for Movers and Make the Journey to Orlando

Final preparations are crucial for a smooth transition. Firstly, confirm the logistics with the relocation company, ensuring all details are clear, from timings to the specific services provided.

For travel arrangements, especially for families and pets, plan the journey considering comfort and convenience – perhaps booking a pet-friendly hotel if the journey spans multiple days. A critical step is conducting a thorough move-out cleaning to ensure the previous residence is left in good condition.

On top of this, packing an essentials box is vital – this should include items needed immediately upon arrival, like toiletries, a few days’ clothes, snacks, and basic tools. For families, it’s helpful to keep children’s favorite toys and comfort items easily accessible to ease their transition.

Make Sure to Manage Stress on Moving Day

Relocation day can inherently bring moving stress, but there are strategies to stay calm and organized. Start the day with a clear plan, and allocate specific tasks to family members. Keeping an essentials box handy ensures immediate access to necessities, reducing the stress of unpacking everything on the first day.

Maintain open communication with the movers, clarifying any last-minute details or concerns. For families, engaging children in simple tasks can make them feel involved and ease their anxiety. Take breaks when needed and stay hydrated. Remember, not everything might go as planned, and that’s okay.

Now That Moving to Orlando Seems Doable, Contact the Best Movers for the Job

Preparing for the relocation involves meticulous planning, from choosing the most reliable cross-country moving services to packing your belongings efficiently and making thoughtful travel arrangements, especially for families and pets. On the day of the move, managing stress is key to a smooth transition.

Now that you have a roadmap for a successful relocation, we at Cross-Country Moving Company are here to assist you. Our expertise as long-distance movers ensures the journey to Orlando is stress-free and streamlined. Contact us, invest in our cross-country moving service, and experience a seamless and efficient relocation.


Is Rent Expensive in Orlando?

Rent in Orlando can be considered moderately expensive, especially when compared to the national average. As mentioned earlier, the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment here is around $1,650 per month. This cost can vary depending on the neighborhood and the type of apartment. While it’s more affordable than some major cities like New York or San Francisco, it’s higher than many other cities in the US.

Is 50K a Year Good in Orlando Florida?

A salary of $50,000 a year is generally considered a decent income, especially for single individuals or smaller households. It can cover basic expenses such as housing, utilities, groceries, and transportation. However, the comfort level of this income can vary based on personal lifestyle, financial obligations, and whether there are additional sources of income.

Is Moving to Orlando From NYC a Smart Idea?

This city offers a more affordable housing market, burgeoning job opportunities in tourism, entertainment, and tech, and a family-friendly environment. However, it’s important to weigh these benefits against what you might miss from NYC’s vibrant cultural scene, diverse culinary offerings, and the unique energy of a major global city. Ultimately, the decision should align with your personal preferences, career goals, and lifestyle aspirations.

What Is Middle-Class Income in Orlando?

The middle-class income in Orlando, like in many cities, can vary based on various factors, including household size. However, a general range for a middle-class income in Orlando might fall between $40,000 and $120,000. This range can accommodate a standard living cost in Orlando, allowing for housing, utilities, transportation, and some discretionary spending.

Is 80K Enough to Live in Florida?

An annual income of $80,000 is typically enough to live comfortably in Florida, including in cities like Orlando. This income level is above the average salary and allows for a comfortable lifestyle. It can cover all basic expenses and provide room for savings, investments, and leisure activities. However, as with any income, the cost of living can vary greatly depending on the specific location within Florida, lifestyle choices, and financial responsibilities.


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