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How to Make Moving Day Preparation Easier?

Moving cross country can be a complex and challenging process, taking weeks, even months. Even after you’re done packing, you’ll still have to deal with the relocating day. That’s why moving day preparation is necessary, to make sure everything goes smoothly. There are plenty of activities you can do that are going to help you prepare properly for this important day.

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If you want your relocation date to go smooth, preparations are necessary

A Checklist Is the Most Important Part of Moving Day Preparation

When relocating to another state, you will have to handle many different tasks, and you need to stay organized throughout the entire process. The relocation date is the most critical part of the entire process, and you should do everything in your power to keep things on the right track.

This is why you should prepare a checklist for the relocation date, so you can keep track of the tasks you must take care of on that date. So once you start preparing for a move, ask yourself, “Is there a checklist for moving?” and write down anything that comes to mind.

Consider Scheduling Your Moving Day Preparation Checklist

Once you have written your to-do list, figure out how much time is needed to finish each task. Think about when you should start preparing for a move – scheduling each task will make the entire process much easier, and you won’t have to worry about being late. Plus, you’ll have less to worry about forgetting things for the move.

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Prepare a Home Inventory List of Everything You’re Relocating

Making a home inventory list of all the belongings you are planning to relocate to a new home is super important. The list will help you keep track of all the boxes and see if everything you’ve put on the list is ready and packed for transport. You can also write down which items you should load into the relocation truck first and similar useful instructions.

Remember to Label All the Boxes Properly

To help things run more smoothly on the relocation date, remember to correctly label each box that you’re relocating to another state. The boxes for relocating should have names on them, explaining what is in the box and how they should be handled.

You should consider writing down any essential instructions on the box – this will allow you to avoid common relocating mistakes, preventing poor handling of packages and item damage. Labeling everything will also make your unpacking process after the move much easier, so you’ll be super grateful for this tip. Here are all the materials you should prepare for labeling packages:

  • Waterproof markers,
  • Colored paper,
  • Clear packing tape,
  • Labels,
  • Stickers.

Declutter Before the Relocating Date

Once it’s time to relocate and load everything onto the truck, the last thing you need is items getting in your way. This is why it’s best to get rid of all the things that are old or not used anymore before your important belongings are packed and prepared. Ask yourself, “What should you not pack when moving?” and work according to that.

If you have some food left in the fridge or your pantry, you can contact organizations such as Goodwill to help you donate to those in need. If you wish to declutter your entire house, we recommend you take a look at this educational video below.

Preparing an Essentials Box for the Move Is One of the Most Important Tips

Many people forget about the importance of packing an essential box for the move. The last box to pack before you move out of the house and the first one to open after arriving at the new one should contain relocating essentials. This bag should contain all of the important items you and your family members use on a daily basis. Before preparing this bag, think about which things you can not go without, even for 24 hours.

Tips for Preparing the Essentials Box

When preparing this bag or box, many people opt for examining each room and taking the essential items from each of them. The most usual strategy is to think about your daily routine and the routine of your family members.

Keep in mind that your cross-country movers may not be able to deliver your belongings to your new place immediately. That’s why you should pack up essentials for the first few days in the new house. Here are some examples of important stuff everyone needs, but keep in mind everyone personalizes their list of essentials:

  • Toiletries,
  • Fresh clothes,
  • Snacks,
  • Beverages,
  • Some dishes and cutlery,
  • Cleaning supplies,
  • Garbage bags,
  • Small emergency kit,
  • Medicine,
  • Towels.

Get Rid of Things That Shouldn’t Be Transported

Before you start loading your packages, check once again whether you have packed some “forbidden” stuff in your boxes. If you’re relocating with a long-distance moving company, they will remind you that there are certain items movers won’t move because they are too dangerous.

Generally, those are usually prohibited objects with substances that are either flammable, toxic, or perishable. You can always contact professionals to ask them about which objects you must not place in the back of your truck with all your personal belongings.

Write a List of All the Documents You’re Going to Need

Think about which documents you’re going to need for transportation and all other legal paperwork that you must not forget at your old house. It can be much easier to write a list of all the documents you must have with you and then start gathering them one by one. Some of the most important ones you definitely want to grab are:

  • Personal identity records (birth certificates, marriage certificates, security cards, passports),
  • Tax records,
  • Property records (personal property insurance, car registration, mortgage documentation),
  • Medical records (bills, health insurance policy),
  • Financial records (saved paychecks, processed checks, disability records, unemployment records, retirement plans, bank statements),
  • Kids paperwork.

Spare Your Little Ones From All the Hussle

Relocating days can be quite chaotic and full of hustle, which can really affect your kids and your pets. Because they don’t quite understand what’s going on, they might feel stressed and frightened. The worst scenario is for them to get hurt with all the workers carrying large furniture and heavy stuff through the house. This is why it’s best to create a plan of activities for them and spare them all the trouble.

In case you are relocating with kids, get a babysitter, or ask your family members or friends to look after them. That way, they will be entertained with their own activities, and you will have enough space to focus on the more important stuff, such as taking care of the relocation process and professionals coming into your home.

This also goes out to people that are relocating with pets since animals are also sensitive when it comes to situations like that. Be sure to have a plan for both your kids and your pets so both parties are satisfied. You’ll be much less stressed out during this important date if you have one less thing to worry about.

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Relocations can be stressful for younger children, so it's better to have someone babysit them

What to Expect on Moving Day When Relocating Without Movers?

If this is your first time relocating out of your home, you might be wondering what this process looks like. The process always varies, depending on how many belongings you have, whether you have professional help or not, as well as how prepared you are for it. Having an idea of what the process will look like will probably help you get prepared better. So what is the first thing to do on a moving day, and which relocation day tips should you apply?

Best Tips for Relocating Date

Being prepared for the process means gathering all of the useful information and tips that will help you stay calm throughout the process. We’ve provided you with some of the best tips to keep in mind once the relocation date approaches. Without further ado, here’s what you should know:

  • After you wake up (and we recommend you wake up earlier), have a good breakfast because you’ll get super busy with tasks.
  • Check your inventory list and make sure that everything from it is properly packed and ready to go. Repeat this process once the stuff is in the truck as well.
  • Pack up the prepared stuff for your essentials box and check if your documents are all there.
  • Protect your entire house or apartment from any possible damage. For example, use plastic covers to protect the floor from scratches.
  • Prepare some refreshments, such as water and snacks.
  • Have an emergency kit on hand in case someone has an accident.
  • Make sure to check your old home before you leave to make sure everything is in order.

Hire a Cross Country Moving Company to Help You Out With the Entire Process

Relocations are generally super complex processes that require lots of energy, which is why most people opt for getting professional assistance. Booking cross-country moving services can be super helpful and save you from all the stress and physical work. If you book packing services, the professionals can take care of this entire process without you having to worry about a single thing.

You won’t have to worry about trivial packing questions such as “Should you empty drawers when moving?” or “Do you need to remove clothes from the dresser for movers?” because the company will take care of everything for you. They can also provide you with relocating insurance, so you don’t have to stress about a single thing.

How to Prepare for the Movers?

If you decide to call long-distance movers to help you out, you should prepare for their arrival on the relocation date. There are a few useful pieces of advice you should apply to help your assistance be more efficient. Be sure to prepare some refreshments and snacks for the workers, and be a lovely host in general.

Tipping workers is an excellent way to show your appreciation, so inform yourself on how to tip movers properly. Be friendly and communicative. If you want them to take good care of your stuff, be open to offering help with any possible issues.

Relocation Date Doesn’t Have to Be a Fuss if You Organize Well

As you’ve been able to tell from this article, relocation days do not need to be super stressful if you prepare well for them. If you follow the advice we gave you and book long-distance moving services, your move will be smooth and efficient, and you won’t have to worry about a single thing. So good luck with your relocation!


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