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Hannah Michaelson

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Everything You Should Know About Moving in With Your Significant Other

Are you considering moving in with your significant other? If so, there are a few things you should know beforehand. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of moving in together, as well as some tips to make this move smoother. Keep reading for information that can help make this life change and your relocation way easier!

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What do you need to know about moving in with a partner?

When Moving in With a Significant Other, One of the Most Important Steps Is Searching for the New Place Together

You’re in a loving relationship, and things are going well. You’re both committed to the relationship and have been talking about the future. One of the big decisions you’ll eventually have to make is whether or not to move in together.

It’s a decision that shouldn’t be made lightly – especially if it involves relocating to a new state with a long-distance moving company. Finding a reliable cross-country moving company (with stellar long-distance moving services) is the easy part, but the question is – is it time to move in with the love of your life?

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Once you talk it over and agree the moment has come for you to start writing relocation to-do lists, there will be many questions to answer. First and foremost, where you should reside is a crucial topic that needs to be discussed before the two of you move in together. You might stay put and invite your companion to join you, or you could move for your loved one and take up residence with them.

You might also wish to look for a new house together. There may be financial advantages to your decision if you have an existing mortgage or your spouse is locked into a lease. However, rather than attempting to fit two lifestyles into one person’s current house, most couples find it simpler to relocate to a new location that suits them both.

Talk About Finances Beforehand

Before you begin packing boxes, discuss your budget – for monthly expenses and relocation budget as well. Don’t forget that you have to count on the cost of cross-country moving services and packing assistance. This provides you the chance to address bills, savings, and other financial expectations that can reduce future tensions while also allowing you to stash money aside for the relocation. Here’s some advice that couples should keep in mind when it comes to finances:

  • It’s essential to be practical regarding what you can afford,
  • Create accounts, although they don’t have to be joint ones, for your shared expenses or experiences,
  • Make it very clear which expenses you are sharing,
  • Hold each other accountable for your agreements.

Your first few months of cohabitation will go much more smoothly if you establish a system for expenses and be open and honest about your financial objectives. Check out this video for additional advice on splitting finances with a partner.

Discuss the Future Before Moving Cross-Country for the Loved One

Before you start planning an efficient move, make sure you’re in agreement over the “major” issues. What do we mean by that? Marriage is, in fact, the straw that has literally broken the backs of hundreds of partners. Yes, talking about it can be frightening, but knowing if you two want to be married someday is far better before you spend thousands of dollars on a security deposit. Don’t worry – it’s not as horrible as you might think to bring it up. Simply inhale deeply and ask. After that, not even organizing your relocation binder will be a problem!

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Discussing the future is an essential step before you pack for a move

Establish Some House Rules Beforehand

Let’s say you loathe cooking, and your partner despises doing the dishes. The flexibility of cohabitation is one of the benefits of this move. However, you might need to make a few sacrifices when it comes to tasks that you both detest performing, including cleaning the toilet, doing laundry, and obtaining groceries.

Even if it’s practically impossible to divide tasks equally, you can still come up with a strategy that both of you approve of to prevent anger from escalating. Determine who will be in charge of each task using the chore list. Here are a few more tips on this topic that you might find helpful:

Talk about your frustrations when you and your partner are calm

You should never share how you feel about a problem when your emotions are all over the place. If there is one thing you should keep in mind for all and all debates, it is this. Your tone and volume may prevent your partner from listening, even when your feelings are entirely valid. Arguments over chores can start when one partner points out something the other partner isn’t doing. Couples frequently assume that their partner should “just know” what chores need to be done, but in reality, this needs to be discussed.

Recognize the individual history of each person

Keep in mind that we all come from diverse families. The truth is that there is no one “correct way” to accomplish anything. Nonetheless, it is very typical for people to think that how things are done in their family home is “the right way.” It’s best to talk about your points of view and attempt to develop a routine that will work for both of you in order to address this issue head-on.

Keep track of all the tasks that need to be completed

Sit down with your partner to discuss which chores have to be done daily, weekly, and monthly, and write them all down. You won’t accomplish these goals if you don’t discuss the list. Just because you dislike water stains, don’t expect your partner will clean the sink.

Designate particular days to do household chores

Your significant other might not be able to clean the apartment on the same day as you because of a schedule that is entirely different from yours. Choose a more flexible plan, so it benefits both of you rather than imposing your preferences. Select the days that the work is completed and determine the ideal time for each task. Make accommodations for each other’s schedule and communicate when and why it works for you.

Discuss Guest Policy

Do you know how your partner feels about having visitors over in the new apartment? This is a wonderful additional query to make before moving in with a boyfriend or girlfriend. This not only gives you a chance to establish ground rules for entertaining friends and family, but it can also assist you in making arrangements for guests when someone visits. You’ll be able to decide whether you need to find a new house with an extra bedroom or just buy an air mattress or futon.

Go Over Some Legal Matters

Consider creating a cohabitation agreement if you’re about to move in with a girlfriend or a boyfriend before marriage or if you have no intention of getting hitched. In the terrible event that your relationship terminates, this will give you and your partner some financial stability and guide you on how to divide all the assets. It might sound pessimistic, but not thinking about the worst-case scenarios is one of the common relocation mistakes.

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Set some ground rules before you find yourself in the new home

Each of You Should Create an Inventory List Before the Move

Do you own a better couch? Does your partner have a bigger bed? Who owns a better TV? Really, do you need two blenders? The moving to a new state checklist should include doing house inventory. This way, you may keep track of where there are extra items, record the sizes of the furnishings, and get a clear idea of what household items are still required, which, if you’re getting married soon, can be added to your wedding registry.

Downsize Before the Move

Some items must be removed when households are combined – you’ll both have to downsize before the move. Take a look at your packed furniture, wall d├ęcor, and kitchenware first. After that, ask your partner to discuss what will and won’t fit in your new residence. Some people may find it emotionally difficult to part with their possessions, so be understanding during the decluttering stage of the move.

Another great relocation tip we have for you – consider making your new place a minimalistic home – that way, you won’t have to fight over whose trinkets get to stay and whose will be taken to the storage unit by cross-country movers. Consider placing furniture, mementos, and home goods you’re undecided about in storage rather than starting a major argument or living with regret over getting rid of something significant.

If you intend to move into a larger home in the upcoming years, this advice for couples will be extra beneficial to you. Still, keep in mind that it’s important to keep an item or two with sentimental value – you don’t want to simply erase your life before this move, right?

Sell or Donate What You Don’t Need

There are many things you’ll need to bring to your new residence. However, in practice, you might not have enough space for two TVs, both your dining tables and your entire wardrobe. You can always donate unwanted items if you don’t know how to utilize them. Another option is selling some stuff, which will help with your budget for the move.

You Should Both Have a Saying in Decorating the New Space

Before going too far in the decorating process, it’s a good idea for couples to discuss preferences for house design. Instead of one person decorating everything in their style and the other person having no input, it will be more comfortable for everyone if you can work together to decide on paintings, furnishing, wall colors, creative storage ideas, and other decorations both of you like.

While decorating, be sure to make a space in your house that is all yours. Even though you’re creating a shared place, it’s crucial to maintain your individuality and passions as your lives mix. This is especially important for those who are used to living on their own. Pick a spot in your living room, or if you live in a big house, claim the basement. The goal is to have a room in your house that you can call your own and that exhibits your unwavering sense of style.

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Decorating the new place is something that you'll do together

Communicate With Your Loved One, and the Move Will Go Without a Hitch

Moving in with your partner can be a daunting prospect. But with effective communication, you can make sure this process goes without a hitch. Another thing that will help with a stress-free relocation is having trustworthy long-distance movers who will provide you with an excellent cross-country moving service. That means you and your loved one need to start researching cross-country moving companies, so you can pick the one that suits you best.


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