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Moving From Los Angeles to Dallas – Who Should Move and Why

There are current studies showing that the population pipeline heading from sunny California to Texas is overflowing. If we look at the data, we’ll realize that people moving from Los Angeles to Dallas make up a large portion of this migration. But who is moving to Dallas from Los Angeles, and what are the reasons?

Skyline over buildings in Dallas Big D is one of the most popular destinations for Angelenos

If you are wondering are people from California moving to Dallas and what motivates them, there are several answers. The housing prices in LA have skyrocketed recently, and the job market is growing scarce, while the cost of living has risen to unbearable levels. On the other hand, the work opportunities in tech and other industries in the Texan metropolis are booming, and when combined with more affordable housing and other costs, you can see what are the benefits of moving to Texas from California. Businesses are also relocating to TX, because of lower taxes.

Is Moving to Dallas a Good Idea?

If you haven’t heard it until now, Dallas simply rocks! These days it seems that everyone (or almost everyone) is relocating to Texas and its third most populous city. It’s considered to be one of the best cities in TX to raise a family, and there are also endless possibilities for things to do. But former Angelenos are leaving their California Dreaming not only to see if the saying that everything is bigger in TX is true. They are also migrating in large numbers for many major reasons:

  • The best neighborhoods in this Texan metropolis have become something of a magnet for Californians because homes are around 65% less expensive than in LA.
  • While the unemployment rate in LA sits currently at 4.90%, you will be relocating out of there as soon as you realize that Dallas’ unemployment rate is around 3.40%.
  • The average state income tax rate for Californians is 7.1%, while Texans pay no income taxes, whether personal or corporate. This is appealing to individuals who want to find a job when they move and entrepreneurs who want to expand their business in a more friendly environment.
  • If you are a recent graduate and you’re looking for a place where you could move from LA, Dallas’ metropolitan area is ranked among the 15 best cities for grads by Axios and The Generation Lab report.
  • When it comes to Fortune 500 companies, this city is home to 22 of them. They include AT&T, American Airlines, and Exxon Mobile, but also other large companies that employ large numbers of people.

There are also some other factors that urge Californians to invest in cross-country moving services. According to data from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, employment will grow even further across the majority of industries. The job market also offers diversity, and all of the sectors are growing, including services and government workplaces.

Businesses Are Long Distance Moving for Lower TX Taxes

Recent years have seen some major changes in the locations of major headquarters. SpaceX and Tesla are now settled in TX, while Oracle has also moved their business to this state. The second-largest campus for Apple is being set here, while Tesla continues to build their gigafactory in this area. If you are a Californian entrepreneur that is planning to relocate here, you are not the first to have the same thought – Charles Schwab and CRBE also went through cross-country moving and settled in this Texan metropolis.

But while Elon Musk is set to become the first human ever on Mars, he is definitely not a pioneer in moving cross country to one of the Texan cities. In fact, according to US Census data, nearly 700,000 Californians have moved to TX since 2010. But let’s explain the main reason behind the decision of many large and small companies to transfer here – this state has no corporate nor personal income taxes.

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Common People Are Employing Movers to Help Them Relocate for Better Job Opportunities

The whole employment sector in TX is robust, and the Big D houses some of the best companies like Comerica, Haynes and Boone, Ambit Energy, HollyFrontier, and Federal Reserve Bank. The economy of the city is continuing to thrive, and it’s easy to see why it could be one of the best cities to raise a family in the US. The expansion of the job market in this area ranks it among the top five cities for job growth in the US. The major industries include finance, oil and gas, and aerospace, just like in LA. But the Fortune 500 companies located here make all the difference for individuals seeking better opportunities.

The following video gives some insight into the employment opportunities in this Texan area.

From Nightlife Options to Cultural Performances, Angelenos Are Finding Many Things to Do Here

There are many residents of LA who once thought they would get everything they have ever dreamed of after they moved to Los Angeles. The perfectly relaxed life seemed a reality, the sun there was always shining and giving warmth, and the beaches were in the palm of their hand. But since the job market started getting scarcer, while the expenses went through the roof (along with the astronomical housing prices,) people there began to feel lost.

So, once they have decided to move with reliable movers, did they have to give up all the fun? If you are among people considering relocating to D-Town, you will be delighted to know that Dallas’ nightlife and cultural opportunities are not lacking. There are also many dining spots considered to be the finest restaurants here, where you can taste different kinds of cuisine.

With one pub for every 192 residents, the Uptown neighborhood was voted rank 18 as one of America’s top districts for pub crawls. For every personality and preference, there are restaurants, pubs, and live music places to choose from.

Even Though This Is a Metropolis, People Who Move Here Can Stay in Touch With the Nature

Nature lovers won’t be missing any safe neighborhood in LA after they move here. Texan wildlife and fascinating geography offer plenty of ways to explore and get in touch with the outdoors. White Rock Lake Park provides visitors with kayaking options or fishing – whichever you prefer. Arboretum and Botanical Gardens provide Dallasites with 66 acres of breathtaking floral displays throughout the year.

If you enjoy music but still like to stay outside, as a Dallasite, you’ll get to experience JMBLYA. It’s one of the city’s greatest music festivals, where you can be among the thousands listening to hip-hop, eating great food, and riding on waterslides.

Sports Fans Quickly Adjust Here

Sports fans can go and see the Dallas Cowboys play at AT&T Stadium, which is also the world’s largest dome-shaped stadium, with an interactive classroom and a vibrant art gallery. Or perhaps the Mavericks shooting basketball at the American Airlines Center. Sports lovers will immediately fall in love with this metropolis. Fans of baseball may grab their peanuts and cheer on the Texas Rangers at Globe Life Park in Arlington.

An aerial view of the park in Dallas This Texan metropolis has it all - sporting events, great outdoors, and endless job opportunities

Angelenos Are Moving From LA to Dallas for a Lower Cost of Living

Let’s face it – California’s dream city has become a nightmare for some. While recent years have brought a major economic impact on every part of the world, living in LA is becoming unbearably expensive, and its overall laid-back atmosphere just doesn’t cut it anymore. It may seem like it was yesterday when you’ve moved to LA alone on the lookout for the greatest places to live in LA for singles. After all, the pristine sandy beaches, constant warm weather, and outdoor activities are a perfect match. But not so much if you are struggling to afford it. According to Investopedia, this Californian metropolis is among the ten most expensive places in the US.

On the other hand, the cost of living in Dallas is a nice surprise to many. Although it’s somewhat above the national average (but only 2%,) it’s quite affordable compared to other metropolitan areas. While residing in one of the smaller Texan towns can save you on costs even more, keep in mind that the job market of the Big D is plentiful and still growing.

Is Dallas Cheaper Than Los Angeles? Let’s Compare the Cost of Living

When we look at the MIT Living Wage calculator for a couple where both work and have one child, we can see the major differences between these two cities. One of the main questions for a family relocating with kids is – are groceries cheaper in Texas or California? The table below shows the typical cost of living in LA vs. the expenses you might expect after you move to the Texan metropolis.

MIT data LA, California Dallas, TX
Cost of food $9,100 $7,650
Child care $11,600 $8,100
Transportation $11,400 $12,700
Annual taxes $23,200 $10,700
Required income (after taxes) $76,600 $66,000

Why Californians Are Moving to Dallas? The Housing Prices Are More Affordable

There’s one major reason why Angelenos are leaving the amazing suburbs of LA and relocating with a long-distance moving company to a new place. It’s the astronomical housing prices that have reached the all-time highs lately that urge people to leave LA in search of a more affordable place to be. Sitting at the median home price of $1,005,000 (according to Zillow,) residences have become unaffordable for many families and singles in this Californian metropolis. Even the most affordable places to live in LA are much more expensive than many other metropolitan areas in the US, urging Angelenos to employ movers and leave their home city behind.

Although the median home prices are on the rise all around the US, and many metropolises see high demand and low supply, Dallas’ realty costs are around $330,000. Compared to LA’s housing, this seems like a sweet deal, and this information alone is enough for many to decide to relocate to this Texan place to find a new residence.

Families Are Paying for Long Distance Moving Services to Reach New Life in the Finest Neighborhoods

Those who plan to move with their kids will find that there are several districts of this city considered to be the best neighborhoods for families. Areas such as Preston Hollow offer low crime rates (it’s considered one of the safest neighborhoods here,) and here you can find the finest private school in the country – St. Marks. This school provides a wide array of learning opportunities, clubs, and afterschool programs.

Lakewood offers unique cultural events, such as the Shakespeare Dallas festival, held indoors and outdoors. Subscription packages are available, and lovers of the theater will also get two free gift tickets. Some of the performances are even held for free for anyone who wants to enjoy the Bard. Samuell-Grand AmphiTheatre offers many other theatrical performances out in the open. Some of these neighborhoods have great walkability, but since most Dallasites drive cars, keep in mind to invest in auto transport service from a reliable cross-country moving company.

If You Plan On Moving From Los Angeles to Dallas, You Will Need Reliable Cross-Country Movers

While California and LA were once seen as places of new and endless golden opportunities, many eyes are currently turning to Texan cities for the better life opportunities they provide. The Big D doesn’t fall behind some of the greatest places in the US. Once you decide to call long-distance movers and ask them – “How much does it cost to move from LA to Dallas?” you will be making a huge step toward better chances for work, housing, and a much better overall quality of life. If you want to leave the West Coast, don’t go north. The southwest may lack beaches, but it certainly makes up for all other areas of life.


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