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Hannah Michaelson

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Moving Back in With Parents at 25

Moving back home after living alone can be a difficult process, but it is often necessary for young adults. This guide on moving back in with your parents at 25 will provide you with information on the pros and cons of going back home, as well as tips on how to make the transition easier. Whether you are moving back in with your parents temporarily or permanently, it is important to be prepared for the challenges that may lie ahead.

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Is it the end of the world to move back home at 25? Let's take a look at this topic

Moving Back in With Parents at 25 Shouldn’t Make You Feel Blue

In their 20s, most young adults are finding their footing in the world. They’re establishing their careers, relocating for jobs, getting their independence, and learning how to live on their own. So what happens when something throws a wrench in those plans, and they have to move back home to live with mom and dad? For many people, moving back in with their parents can feel like a huge step backward. But it doesn’t have to be – with some planning and communication, it can be a smooth transition for everyone involved.

Is returning to live with your parents okay? Is it a bad idea to book a cross-country moving service and return to the place you moved away from? You shouldn’t feel guilty if you live with your parents again at age 25. We will resolve this conundrum for you right away because you don’t need it on top of all the relocation stress you will experience in the weeks leading up to the move. Of course, there’s no need to feel ashamed or guilty.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, young people have been returning to their parental homes in huge numbers. This is the largest comeback we have seen in decades, more specifically since the Great Depression. The stigma associated with returning to live with your parents at age 25 or later appears to be fading among millennials. Nowadays, it is neither unusual nor strange. Still, even if you only plan to stay for a short time, the reality is that it will take some getting accustomed to after living alone for so long.

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What Do the Stats Say – How Many 25-Year Olds Live With Their Folks?

We’ve confirmed that it happens frequently, but you might still wonder if living with your parents at 25 is normal. Despite appearances to the contrary, times have changed. The economy and a pandemic are to blame for this. Society’s accepted norms are constantly subject to change, and this transition is already taking place.

Currently, more than 26 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 live with one or both of their parents. There is no need for you to feel anxious about the relocation – instead, try to concentrate on organizing your move and duties like planning your packing or choosing what to get rid of before you move. Relax, don’t overthink everything, and follow your to-do list for moving cross country.

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Booking cross-country moving services to go back home isn't embarrassing

What Are Some of the Reasons Why Moving Back With Your Parents at 25 Is a Good Idea?

COVID-19 and the economic downturn were previously mentioned as two major reasons why so many young adults were moving back in with their parents. These two are closely related, but it’s vital to remember that they don’t constitute the only reasons to move back to childhood home and give up independent living. Here’s what’s driving the relocation of millions of Americans to their parent’s place with the help of cross-country movers:

Short-term financial problems

Nobody may claim that they’re 100% protected from financial loss – this can happen to anyone. The best course of action is to return to the home you grew up in. This is the most sensible course of action if you’ve recently lost your job and need to reduce your spending in the coming months. Rent and utilities will be significantly less expensive, and you won’t have to look for a cheaper location to move into.

This is especially convenient if you need to relocate quickly. Additionally, creating a new apartment checklist won’t be necessary. You likely won’t even need to save money for the move – the only thing to worry about is setting up a relocation budget. You’ll have some time to reflect and make plans for the next phase of your life after the move.

During the pandemic, everyone wants to be near their family

Leave aside COVID-19’s impact on the housing market for the moment. It will be difficult to avoid worrying about your family members’ health, even if you are financially okay. It would make complete sense to relocate back to share the same roof with your elderly parents, as we are all well aware that older individuals are particularly susceptible to the illness. One major advantage of the relocation will be peace of mind.

Breaking up a marriage or relationship

No one should blame themselves for not being prepared for this tragedy because it’s uncommon for people to have a strategy for the worst-case scenario. When someone moves in with their girlfriend or boyfriend, they don’t consider the prospect of a breakup. What should you do if you don’t have a plan for leaving? You aren’t in a good emotional place once the relationship ends, so all you can do is gather boxes and packing materials and turn to your family for support. After all, having a safety net is a good thing.

What Are Some Of The Pros Of Moving Back Home At 25?

We stated that the majority of individuals believe coming back to live at your parent’s home is undesirable. However, that’s simply a stigma – do you really care what people think? Living in your childhood home for the second time has many advantages, both material and emotional, as millions can confirm. You will surely want to develop a move-out list right away and start getting rid of things long-distance movers won’t move after reading the benefits we are about to mention.

You’ll Get Back on Track and Save a Ton of Money

This is the most evident advantage because, as we’ve already discussed, financial problems are widespread in today’s society and can be solved by relying on family members. Consider how much you currently spend on utilities and rent, then try to picture not having to pay for that. Just imagine all the different ways you could spend the money you will save in the upcoming months. This can help you pay off school loans if you haven’t already. You won’t have to worry about a place to live while you are between employment.

You’re Not the Only One Managing Chores Around the House Anymore

Even though it may not be much, it is still something. You will divide responsibilities with family, and you’ll quickly realize that doing so saves a significant amount of time that you can now utilize to hunt for a job, pick up new skills, or make future plans. It’s still a wonderful thing if you simply decide to take up a new hobby or walk your dog more frequently.

Having the Ability to Assist Your Family Will Feel Amazing

You don’t need to feel like a kid again – you are fully capable of offering assistance in a variety of ways. Every young adult would love to lend a helping hand to a family member. You can be confident that your parents would appreciate any help you provide them, and this will deepen your relationship. It won’t be quite the same as back when you were a kid since you will now actually get along with them. Think of this when you start worrying about relocation depression!

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There are so many pros to this move - hurry to book a long-distance moving company

Are There Some Cons You Should Consider?

You cannot expect your new living situation to be flawless because nothing is perfect. You shouldn’t let this deter you from your decision to relocate – it’s just an issue of being informed and planning on how to avoid any issues. Everyone is aware that the greatest relocation hack is to educate yourself as much as you can on every aspect of the move.

Boundaries Might Be Difficult to Establish

You must bear in mind that you have changed since you initially moved out. You developed self-care skills and learned what suits you best in each circumstance. However, it’s possible that your family members do not share your routines, which can cause some difficulties. No matter the case, mutual respect is key. If both of you are willing to communicate effectively and set clear boundaries, there should not be any issues.

It Is Unpleasant to Lose One’s Independence and Privacy

Everybody finds it difficult to lose their freedom. Try to keep in mind that this is a temporary circumstance and that you’ll quickly be back to living on your own. You’ll once more pack your furniture and countless boxes and relocate from home to the apartment of your choice (or you’ll simply get a packing service). Although privacy concerns could make you uneasy, you will eventually learn how to deal with them. Have ambitions you’ll work toward and exercise patience – keep in mind why you returned, and concentrate on the advantages.

You Can Become a Bit Depressed

This is a logical result of giving up the autonomy and privacy you enjoyed when you lived alone. What methods can you employ to combat this? We advise developing a suitable self-care routine. You can use things like some alone time, reading a fantastic book, or going to the gym to clear your head and, eventually, get through this trying time in your adult life. Concentrate on what you know will work best for you. Check out this video for some helpful self-care tips:

How Can You Make Your New Living Arrangements More Bearable?

Everyone searches for moving day tips and tricks for choosing the best cross-country moving companies, but how many of us also look for tips we can use after a move? You made it through the relocation and avoided the typical relocation errors, but what comes next? How are you going to adjust to this significant change? As always, we have some tips that will assist you – be sure to check out the list below:

  • Try to lead a healthy lifestyle. Eating right and engaging in physical activity will be very beneficial,
  • Avoid reverting to your childhood habits,
  • Throw out those outdated posters and decorate your space. You’ll experience instant comfort,
  • Spend time with your parents – you never know how much that means to them,
  • Be considerate and try to treat family members more like housemates than like family,
  • Teach your parents things they didn’t master on their own. It will help you bond with them,
  • Don’t be disorganized – you are no longer a teenager,
  • Be the one to diffuse conflicts rather than start them.

Living With Your Parents Again Is Not the End of the World, so Hurry Up and Book a Mover

There are many factors to consider before deciding whether or not going back home is right for you. But if saving money, getting a head start on your career path, and spending more time with family and friends sounds appealing, then it might be time to pack up your things and head back home! Don’t think of it as a setback in life, but rather an opportunity to bond with family and improve yourself. So, it’s time to look for a cross-country moving company that will provide you with great long-distance moving services.


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