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Expert Insights – Is Moving a Tesla Safely Across the US Possible?

Moving a Tesla across the country is a journey packed with more than just mileage. This sleek, battery-powered marvel demands expertise at every turn. Think of it as preparing for a special road trip where every detail counts. Let’s unravel the secrets of electric vehicle relocation when it comes to these models, ensuring your Tesla’s voyage is as perfect as its drive.

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Let's talk about how to safely transport this electric marvel across the country

Is Moving a Tesla Safely an Option for Cross-Country Relocation?

Absolutely, moving a Tesla safely across the country is feasible and can be hassle-free with the right approach. Partnering with professionals, such as Cross Country Moving Company, ensures your electric vehicle (EV), even the newest Tesla Cybertruck, is in safe hands. They offer tailored solutions for auto shipping, including open and enclosed carriers, with the latter providing extra protection.

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Long-Distance Electric Car Shipping – What Are the Unique Needs of Secure Tesla Transport?

Tesla’s sales figures paint a peculiar picture, claiming the throne as America’s favorite electric ride.

In 2022 alone, their sales skyrocketed to 355,000 vehicles, leaping from 234,000 the previous year. That’s a stunning 53% jump, and it seems like this fairly new automaker is only getting started.

But when the rubber meets the road, and you’re preparing for a move across the US, planning to bring your prized ride along for the ride, the journey is far from ordinary.

Tesla Model Y is this manufacturer's best-selling vehicle

Tesla’s cutting-edge technology is an obvious perk on the road, but when it comes to transporting this car, it’s an important consideration. From precise battery management to handling distinctive features of each model, these EVs require a bit of a tailored touch during their trip.

Not All Teslas Are Created Equal – Your Ride Needs a Tailored Journey

Each model is a chapter in a story of innovation and, therefore, has its own quirks and charms. For instance, the robust Tesla Model X with its striking falcon wings is definitely a statement on the road. But once it’s time to move, this unique design influences how you should transport this car. This rings true even with the more compact and simpler of the bunch, like the Tesla Model S or Model 3.

Battery Is an Unavoidable Part of This Cross-Country Equation

At the core of every one of these models is the battery – it’s the heartbeat of your ride. Therefore, the focus of Tesla battery care during transport isn’t merely on keeping it safe from physical damage. Experienced long-distance movers also know it’s about preserving the battery’s integrity, from maintaining the optional charge level to ensuring the temperature is just right.

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These four-wheelers are pretty special and, as such, require a tailored touch

What Are the Benefits of Shipping Your Tesla Using Professional Cross-Country Moving Services?

Navigating the road to your new home with your prized ride in tow can feel like a high-stakes mission, especially if it’s you’re relocating for the first time. These high-tech treasures come with their own set of rules for the journey. But here’s where professional cross-country moving companies step into the picture, turning potential roadblocks into a smooth highway.

Hiring movers gets you seasoned pros at the wheel, which brings numerous perks to the whole journey. Here are a few car shipping benefits worth mentioning:

  • They know your Tesla’s ins and outs, ensuring each model’s unique needs are met with expert care,
  • With a focus on secure Tesla moving services, professionals ensure your four-wheeler arrives in pristine condition, ready to hit the road,
  • They offer custom solutions and delivery times, making sure you’ve got options to fit your unique needs,
  • With the professionals handling the details, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and skip out on relocation stress,
  • You’ll be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing your four-wheeler is insured for every mile of the journey.

Auto Pilot or Captain’s Chair? Weighing Professional Transport vs. Self-Driving

If you’re in the midst of planning your move, you’re probably wondering whether to drive or ship a car across the country. The truth is, each route has its charm. Self-driving is a hands-on adventure for those who love the open road and have some free time to explore along the journey.

On the flip side, working with professional cross-country movers provides a smooth, hands-off journey where every detail is managed for you by professionals. Moreover, you can opt for the full package, incorporating long-distance moving services into the mix, offering a stress-free route for both you and your prized ride.

Truck with an enclosed trailer overlay
Using professional electrical vehicle shipping services comes with many benfits

Here’s How to Plan Your Tesla Cross-Country Relocation

Once you’ve booked a professional cross-country moving service, it’s time to shift gears and get down to the nitty-gritty of your Tesla’s big trip. A bit of savvy planning, complete with a detailed relocation budget and a couple of to-do lists for the road, can turn a complex move into a cool, collected journey.

Tesla Transport Services Come With Two Options – Enclosed vs. Open Carrier

No matter if you’re transporting the compact Tesla Model 3 or its bigger sibling, the Tesla Model Y, there are two routes you can take – enclosed or open carriers. To figure out the best way to ship your car cross-country, let’s break down the pros and cons of each option:

Aspect Enclosed Carrier Open Carrier
Protection Maximum protection from weather, dust, and debris Less protection, exposed to the elements
Cost Generally more expensive due to the added protection and privacy More budget-friendly, a practical choice for standard transport needs
Suitability Ideal for luxury, high-end, or antique vehicles that require extra care A suitable choice for standard vehicles and shorter distances

Choosing the Right Time and Route for Transportation

Timing is everything, especially when you need to move efficiently. If your schedule allows you, aim for a smooth drive by avoiding peak seasons or extreme weather conditions. Think about it – relocating during a mild spring or a crisp fall can make all the difference. Less traffic, better weather, and potentially lower rates.

But what about the route? That’s where your chosen movers come into play. They have the map and know how to chart the course, avoiding potential bumps and ensuring your prized ride glides smoothly from start to finish.

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You'll cover the most important details of the trip with your chosen movers

A Brief EV Shipping Safety Guide for Moving a Tesla Car With Confidence

Once you’ve ironed out the details of your Tesla’s journey, it’s time to start readying your ride for the adventure ahead. As with any aspect of your relocation, doing your due diligence by preparing for movers is the golden ticket to a stress-free move. This part of the process is like the safety belt of the whole ordeal – it will keep your four-wheeler safe and sound, mile after mile.

Preparing Your Prized Ride for the Journey Ahead

Preparing a Tesla for transport is like ensuring your travel buddy is all set for the journey. Sure, safety should always be the number one priority, but it’s also about creating a smooth and hassle-free experience. Here are the most important items that should be on your relocation checklist:

  • Charge your Tesla’s battery to the recommended level for transport – anywhere between 50% and 70% should get you covered,
  • Remove or securely fasten any loose internal accessories to prevent shifting during transport,
  • Adjust the settings for transport, minimizing battery usage during the journey,
  • Snap some photos and document your car’s condition before it embarks on its journey,
  • Ensure your EV is in tip-top shape, free from any leaks or mechanical issues that could worsen during transport.

Loading and Securing the Vehicle for Smooth Transport

With a packed car in your driveway, the relocation day is approaching. Once the time comes, your chosen movers will use specialized equipment to secure your four-wheeler safely onto the transport vehicle. This means it won’t budge during the journey, ensuring it arrives at its destination just as pristine as when it left.

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They don't just handle boxes - movers are experienced with vehicles, too

Don’t Forget About the Electric Car Transport Insurance for Your Smoothest Ride Yet

While we’re still on the topic of EV transport safety, there’s one more crucial aspect to consider in this equation. It’s crucial to discuss the shipping costs with your movers, but it’s equally as important to go over the insurance coverage, making sure you understand what’s included in the package. Be thorough in your inquiries, including coverage limits and the steps for filing claims.

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Make sure you've understood all of the insurance aspects of this trip

Here Are a Few Things You Should Check After the Cross-Country EV Moving Journey Is Complete

So, your prized Tesla has safely made it to its new home. The journey might feel like it’s all wrapped up, but there are a few final touches you need to put in place. The post-transport check is your final step of the whole ordeal, making sure moving cross country has made no marks on your beloved four-wheeler.

Look Over Your Ride Like You’re Seeing It for the First Time Again

The first order of business is a thorough inspection. Take the time to examine your vehicle, both inside and out. Check the exterior for scratches, dings, or any anomalies. Open the doors and inspect the interior, ensuring everything is in place and undisturbed.

Turn on your Tesla and verify that all systems are functioning as expected. If you do notice any concerns, document them promptly and reach out to your long-distance moving company for a swift resolution. The road might be full of surprises, but working with professionals is a pretty straightforward deal.

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After a thorough inspection, your prized ride is ready to roll

Ready to Roll? Cross Country Moving Company Is Here to Help Every Mile of the Way

For many, Tesla’s not just a car – it’s a symbol of innovation and sophistication. Because of that, we’ve left no stone unturned to make sure it reaches its destination in pristine condition. From navigating through your options to preparing the four-wheeler for transport, this journey can surely have quite a few road bumps along the way.

But we’re here to make sure the ride is smooth as the auto-pilot feature. Our team at Cross Country Moving Company is experienced in long-distance electric vehicle shipping, including all models of this ingenious automaker. We can also help you with other aspects of the move, packing services and all. Contact us today and ensure your electric marvel enjoys a journey as exceptional as its drive.


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