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How to Pack Bathroom Items for Moving Efficiently?

On average, a person spends 30 minutes in the toilet daily. Even though it’s likely the smallest room in your home, you will be amazed at how many things are stored there. Therefore, learning how to pack bathroom items for moving will require a lot of organization and energy.

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You will be amazed how much stuff is stored in your washroom

You probably have a ton of hygiene products, empty bottles, and creams you forget about. Once packing starts, you will realize why this isn’t an easy task. So, if you would like to have a stress-free relocation, make sure to follow our advice in detail. Keep reading and learn how to pack makeup, shampoo bottles, towels, and other toiletries properly.

The First Step Is to Sort Your Toiletries Out

Like in any big undertaking, sorting things out is the first step, and when it comes to cross-country moving, it is a key to easy unpacking after a move. First, divide your belongings into categories, and then go through each and start with filling the boxes. Here are some of the categories you can make:

  • Liquids and hygiene products,
  • Cleaning supplies,
  • Towels,
  • Medicine cabinet,
  • Appliances and accessories.

You Need to Purge Your Toiletries

Now that everything is sorted, it is time to create a bathroom packing list. There are probably a ton of things you bought and never used or only used once or twice. Packaging presents an excellent opportunity to declutter your bathroom cabinets a bit. Go through your makeup and throw away everything that is expired. Don’t put these products on your face, for they can be harmful. On the other hand, put aside things that are in good condition, but you know you will have no usage for them in your new home, and use them until you relocate. This way, you will use up at least part of these products and feel less sorry once you throw them away.

Getting the Right Supplies Should Be Your Next Step

When you finish sorting and purging, you will have to buy some packing materials. Aside from different types of materials, you will need for your relocation, like best-sized boxes, a couple of rolls of bubble wrap, and of course, packing paper, you’ll also need some zip lock bags, mirror cases, cushioning foam, and plastic containers. On the other hand, if your relocation budget doesn’t allow you to spend money on supplies, you can tackle this problem with some things from your home. For example, you can protect your mirror with a bathrobe, or you can pack your glasses and glass bottles in towels. Instead of cushioning foam, you can put toilet paper between each layer in your boxes. In fact, you can put all fragile items in towels or sheets instead of bubble wrap.

Man buying supplies for long-distance moving overlay
The best way to protect your belongings from damage is with the best supplies

Be Careful When Packing Liquids

Keep belongings you use daily unpacked until relocation day comes. And if you wonder how do you pack open toiletries, it’s not that hard. Protect half-empty bottles with plastic wrap – place it on the top of the neck and then put on a cap. Or you can put them in zip lock bags to make sure nothing spills during transportation. Ask your mover about things you can put on a truck since most of them won’t transport flammable liquids. So double-check if some of the cosmetics you are bringing with you have alcohol, aerosol, or harsh chemicals. Furthermore, group similar belongings into the same category and make sure you label that box appropriately.

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Tips for Most Efficient Last-Minute Packing

How to pack toiletries for moving if you are relocating at the last minute? If you have to pack quickly and don’t have time to go through all the steps we talked about, you still have to implement some rules. When in a hurry, throw away all half-empty bottles and don’t bother bringing them along, and try to protect and bring only hygiene products you need all the time.

Take one medium size box and put everything in it. Reinforce your boxes, put some towels instead of cushioning, and put the first layer of things inside. Heavier things that can not spill or break under pressure should go first, then lighter on top of them. Put all your products in zip lock bags. When preparing electronic devices, make sure you protect them with some bathrobes and then place them in a box too. Between each layer of packed belongings, there should be protective material. And last, close the container and reinforce it with some duct tape on each side.

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Even in a hurry, you have to be careful with your belongings

How to Pack Bathroom Items for Moving – Best Way to Pack Appliances and Accessories

For an efficient move, the most important thing is to keep your stuff intact, so don’t just throw everything in one box and close. Something will break, and in the end, you will have to pay for a new device. Moving cross country can last long, even if you hire a long-distance moving company for cross-country moving services. This will mostly depend on where your final destination is. For this reason, it will be good to take out all the batteries from your electric devices since you will prevent leakage and rust this way (and we don’t have to tell you what that would do to your device.) Then wrap everything with some paper and place it in a box.

If you have a lot of trinkets you don’t know how to sort, place them in some plastic container or zip lock bag to make sure you don’t lose anything. Do the same with your hair accessories (hairpins and hair bands.) Take a piece of styrofoam and pin your earrings on it. This way, they will not tangle with each other, and nothing will be lost. You can also take cardboard instead of styrofoam.

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Bring useful appliances

Don’t Forget Your Bag of Essentials

The content of your essentials bag will mostly depend on whether you are going by plane or driving a car. If you decide to take an auto shipping service and travel by plane, you will have to transfer all your hygiene products into small bottles. So you will probably want to bring only the necessary things, and the rest of your toilet belongings will go on a truck. On the other hand, driving will allow you to take things even movers won’t move, but it may be a very long drive. So keep that in mind when making a decision.

Also, if you are relocating with kids, bring some toys, snacks, and water in your bag. And don’t forget about your pets either, as they will need their favorite toy and food. This way, they will adjust to change easier.

Check out this video for more tips on what should go in your bag of essentials for a road trip.

How Do You Pack Cleaning Supplies for Moving?

You will have to be strategic with this part because you will need cleaning supplies to clean up both the residence you’re leaving after packing and a new suite upon arrival. Do not bring any used-up rags and sponges. Instead, take them to clean your home and throw them away once the job is done. Also, leave some universal cleaner and cleaning supplies that are almost spent. Take your mops, brooms, and brushes that are in good condition. So double-check cosmetic products to see if there are any aerosols or chemical cleaners – these are not safe for transportation. Also, one of the tips is to put these supplies on a truck last so you can take them off first in order to clean your house.

Woman cleaning after long-distance movers have left overlay
Put your supplies on a visible spot in a truck

Last but Not Least, Sort Your Medicine and Keep Your First Aid Close

You probably have a lot of medicines in your cabinet that is either expired or not needed anymore. So go through a medicine cabinet and throw away everything you don’t use. On the other hand, if you require some medication daily, make sure to contact your doctor and ask him to send a prescription to the nearest pharmacy in your new city or give you more of that medicine in advance. Also, while you are at the doctor’s office, ask him to give you your medical records or transfer them to your new doctor.

Bunch of pills overlay
Relocation is an excellent opportunity to sort your pills out

Right Timing and Planning are Crucial

When it comes to long-distance moving, one of the best tips is to plan everything. Especially when sorting things you will use until your cross-country movers arrive, like toiletries and kitchen items. Because of this fact, you will have to be organized and plan every step to the last minute. When you are done with your sorting and purging, bring all your belongings from the toilet and leave only necessary things, like toothpaste, shampoo, and a couple of towels. Pack everything else. The things you haven’t packed you will either throw away or put in your relocation essentials bag.

Have You Established the Date of Your Cross Country Moving

What is the easiest way to pack when moving? The answer will be to start early and be systematic about it. This is why planning and setting a relocation day is crucial, and hiring movers for long-distance moving services should be your first step. Once you established a date, you will be able to organize your packing, especially regarding things you have to use up until the big day approaches.

Go room by room and start with belongings you have no usage for right away. For example, if you are relocating in the wintertime, deal with your summer clothes first. The same goes for toiletries. If you don’t know how to protect certain belongings, for example, mirrors or cabinets, you can hire a cross-country moving company for packing services. But if you think that your belongings will be in storage facilities for a longer period, be strategic about what you will put there. You don’t want your hairdryer or trimmer to be stuck in storage for a whole month.

Cross-country movers holding duct tape overlay
With the help of professionals, your relocation will be a breeze

It’s Time to Book Your Long-Distance Movers

Now that you know how do you pack a bathroom for moving, let’s talk about why it is important to hire professional help when relocating long distances. Whether you are relocating with kids or alone, a lot of things have to be done, and organizing the bathroom is just the tip of the iceberg. As you can see, even this part of relocation requires a lot of planning and time, and you have to do the same with every room in your home. Don’t forget about house hunting, finding a school for your children, travel arrangements, getting a job before you move, and many other things. But if you hire movers to do a portion of things, your relocation will be much easier and without stress. And you will have more time to say goodbye to your friends and family and maybe even throw a relocation party.


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