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How to Meet New Neighbors When Moving Across the Country?

Moving to a new home across the country can be incredibly exciting – you get to experience a new city and a slew of job opportunities. Having friendly relationships with those living close by provides added security, a support system, and even potential friendships – but how to meet new neighbors once you move? If you want to figure out how to make connections in an unfamiliar place, all you have to do is follow our tips.

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With our guide, you'll be making new friends in no time

To meet new neighbors, you need to put yourself out there – introduce yourself, take a walk (or two) around the block, and brush up on your small talk skills. Check some of the best online neighborhood platforms or organize a housewarming party in order to meet many of those who live close by at once. In the end, don’t forget to keep things as natural as possible.

Before You Learn How to Meet New Neighbors, Let’s Take a Look at Why It Is Important

From the moment you get long-distance moving services and move into your new home, getting to know those who live close by can help make the transition smoother – especially if you’re relocating to a new city alone. Knowing who lives around you can provide comfort and security, which are important for preventing symptoms of relocation depression.

You can create relationships that allow for assistance and support in times of need, whether it be borrowing an egg or two or needing someone to look after your house while you’re away on vacation. After relocating to a new home, it also gives you the opportunity to find out about local events, services, and other resources that may not be widely advertised but are still useful for day-to-day living.

Meeting your neighbor will also give them a chance to get to know more about you too! This allows them to build their own trust in knowing who is living near them and feel comfortable reaching out. Don’t forget – having solid relationships with those around you brings a strong sense of community which fosters togetherness between people living in close proximity. We understand that it is not always simple or comfortable, but with a little confidence, a smile, and a simple hello, it can even turn out to be a beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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First Things First – Put Yourself Out There

One of the best ways to meet new people is simply by putting yourself out there. If you’ve decided to rent an apartment after choosing and hiring cross-country movers, start by introducing yourself to your neighbors in the hallway or elevator. Strike up small talk and get their contact information so you can keep in touch and potentially grab coffee or lunch sometime soon. If you’ve moved into a house in a residential neighborhood, invite your neighbors over for dinner after you unpack after the move and settle in. It may sound intimidating, but most people will be thrilled that you took the initiative to reach out and make conversation.

Don’t Change Who You Are

Be yourself when you meet your neighbors and try to build relationships with them. If they like the things they see, they will be drawn toward you, and if not, you wouldn’t want to involve yourself with them in the first place. That being said, you should avoid making snap judgments – get to know everyone and then make your decisions.

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Embrace who you are and focus on building genuine connections with the people around you

Take a Walk Around the Block

When hiring a cross-country moving company and relocating to a new state and city, one of the best ways to get acquainted with your new surroundings is simply to take a stroll around the block. And if you’ve got a pup in tow, then all the better! If you plan to move with a dog, your four-legged companion will likely draw attention from those living in your neighborhood. Dog owners tend to recognize each other from afar, so don’t be surprised if someone stops you for a quick chat about pooches and puppies.

You can use this as an opportunity to introduce yourself and ask about any local dog parks or trails for your pup’s daily exercise routine. Chances are, someone nearby will have some great tips and advice that’ll help ease your transition into your new home.

Organize Pup Playdates

If you want to really break the ice with your new neighbors, organize play dates between their pets and yours! The bond between two dogs can forge an instant connection between two humans and help you get to know your neighbors. Hosting a pup playdate is also an effective way of getting familiar with certain areas nearby. If you need some tips on how to do it the right way, take a look at the video below:

Don’t Be Afraid of Small Talk

Small talk is an essential part of making friends in any setting, but especially if you’re relocating to the suburbs or a small town. Regardless of how you came to meet your new neighbors, keep the initial discussions light and positive. You should feel free to talk about the weather or anything else that comes to mind, as well as your move (how you decided where to live, how the move went, what your relocation reasons were, and so on) – there’s no doubt that your neighbor will inquire.

To keep your neighbors interested, make sure to ask them questions like “How long have you lived here?” and “What’s your favorite place to eat?” This provides them the chance to participate in the conversation and perhaps offer some valuable advice. As a rule of thumb, make sure to avoid sensitive topics, such as politics, religion, or, as of recently, the COVID pandemic.

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A little bit of small talk goes a long way when meeting your neighbors

Take Advantage of Social Media

If you’ve decided that it’s time to move, note that social media may be a fantastic tool for interacting with your new community. Many areas establish their own Facebook groups to share information, make announcements, and possibly even sell a few things. Check out Nextdoor if you want to make the most of social media’s ability to link you with neighbors. After all, the sole purpose of this app is to let users get in touch with their local community. This establishes a safe space for you if you wish to introduce yourself after hiring long-distance movers and moving cross-country.

Best Social Media for Connecting With Neighbors

Besides Nextdoor, there are several social media apps that can help you make connections after getting cross-country moving services and organizing a move. Let’s take a look at some that you can find pretty useful:

Lotsa Helping Hands App

The Lotsa Helping Hands app is designed to help people stay connected within their community. With this app, users can create private circles to build their own virtual communities that are tailored to their specific needs and interests. These circles provide support on topics ranging from parenting advice and meal planning to emergency alert systems and house-hunting tips. The app not only helps users find friends in their new neighborhoods but also provides invaluable support during times of need – so make sure you install it after getting a cross-country moving service.

Ring Neighborhoods

This app by Ring was designed specifically for connecting people in the same community, but it’s also one of the tools you can use to check how safe your neighborhood is. With Ring Neighborhoods, users can post messages about lost pets, suspicious activity, or requests for help with projects, all of which go directly to the people living in their immediate area. This app is great for getting quick responses from nearby neighbors who may be able to assist in whatever situation arises.


The HOA (Homeowner’s Association) app is a great tool for connecting homeowners who belong to homeowner associations. This app has all the features of a standard social media platform, like user profiles and messaging functions, but it also includes special tools like voting mechanisms and surveys so that users can easily communicate and collaborate on HOA-related matters.

Send Out Invitations and Throw a Party

A housewarming party is a perfect way to introduce yourself and welcome others into your new home once your relocation essentials are out of the box. You don’t need to go all out with decorations, music, and food – just enough so that it feels like an event. All you have to do is invite the members of your new community who you want to get to know. Here are some relocation tips on how to throw a housewarming party after successfully planning a move to another city:

  • Send out invitations about two weeks before the event so that people have plenty of time to RSVP if they plan on attending (and so you have time for last-minute changes if needed),
  • Make sure that there is enough seating for everyone in attendance so no one has to stand awkwardly throughout the entire event,
  • Prepare snacks ahead of time, so you don’t need to worry about cooking or ordering food during the party itself,
  • Have activities ready, like board games or cards, so that guests can break off into smaller groups if they want to,
  • If you’re relocating with kids and expect your neighbors to bring their children, set up some activities specifically for them.

Keep Your Interaction Natural – Don’t Overdo It

Try to keep interactions with your neighbors natural whenever and wherever you see them. That means you should try to refrain from imposing a discussion or lingering too long. Any circumstance that causes you or them to feel uneasy is unlikely to develop into a friendship in the future. If you simply don’t get along with a neighbor at the moment, it’s okay. Not all of your neighbors will become your friends. However, don’t let it discourage you from giving some other person a chance.

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Meeting your new neighbors doesn't have to be awkward or forced

Don’t Only Look for a Good Neighbor – Become One Yourself

Above all, being a good neighbor is the first step in building a friendship with your neighbors. Be considerate of others around you by waving at neighbors, following HOA landscaping rules (despite them being a headache sometimes), and saving the fireworks for the Fourth of July. Only if you treat your neighbors with respect can you expect them to respect you in return. Being a good neighbor is essential to establishing and sustaining a good relationship with others in your neighborhood – even if you have no interest in making friends after getting packing services and relocating to a whole new environment.

Be Open to New Experiences

Once you hire a long-distance moving company and complete your move, don’t be afraid of stepping outside of your comfort zone when trying to make new friends in your neighborhood. Being open-minded will allow you to have positive experiences while meeting other people in your area. Sometimes it can be hard, especially if you’re an introvert by nature. However, the sooner you start building a support network in your new location, the sooner you’ll be able to adjust after relocating to a new city. Now that you know there’s nothing to worry about, you can finally start looking for cross-country moving companies and organize your move.

Luckily, Cross Country Moving Company can offer you all the relocation-related services you might need. All you have to do is give us a call, ask for a free quote, and book your move.


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