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The Best Way to Move Across the Country – Why is Cross Country Moving Company the Ultimate Choice

Navigating the vast expanse of the US is no small feat, especially when relocating your entire life. Many ponder the best way to move across the country, seeking both efficiency and care. Enter cross-country moving companies: specialists in turning daunting relocations into streamlined processes. But why are they so favored? Let’s see how their expertise and tailored services arguably make them the ultimate choice for such significant transitions.

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Let's unveil the advantages of hiring professional relocation companies

What Is the Best Way to Move Across the Country?

The best way to relocate across the country is undoubtedly to hire professional movers for the job. Engaging with a reputable and legitimate long-distance moving company alleviates many of the stressors associated with such a significant transition. These specialists possess the experience, equipment, and logistical expertise to ensure a smooth and efficient relocation.

While it might be tempting for some to embark on a DIY move, the vast distances, potential relocation mistakes, and physical demands of relocating large items make professional services invaluable. By entrusting experts, you can focus on the excitement of a new chapter rather than the intricacies of the relocation itself.

How Many People in the US Reach Out to Cross-Country Moving Companies to Handle Their Relocation?

Each year, approximately 28 million Americans relocate, as stated by the American Moving and Storage Association. Of this number, between 13-15% opt to engage a cross-country moving service for assistance. This means annually, an estimated 3.6 to 4.2 million Americans choose to employ professionals for their relocation needs.

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The Advantage of Professional Relocation Services

When it comes to moving cross-country, the choice of a moving company goes beyond mere logistics and can make all the difference. It’s about trust. Opting for professional assistance offers distinct advantages, primarily rooted in their established reputation, vast experience, and the provision of tailored long-distance moving services that cater to individual needs.

Professionals Can Provide a Seamless Relocation Journey

Nothing beats the assurance of knowing that from the initial packing to the final unloading, every step of the move is handled with precision and care. With an expert team at the helm, clients can expect a relocation journey that is as close to perfection as possible.

These professionals don’t just ship belongings to another state – they deliver on a promise of a seamless and stress-free relocation journey. The efficiency they bring can often lead to faster, more streamlined relocations, allowing you to settle into your new home quickly.

Wide Range of Moving Services and Their Benefits

One of the standout features of cross-country movers is the comprehensive service offerings they provide. Their job is not just about boxes. From packing each item with care to loading them efficiently onto a relocation truck, transporting them securely across vast distances, and then unloading them at the new location, every step is executed with professionalism.

But the relocation benefits don’t end there. By relying on their services, you free yourself from the physical strain and potential injury that can come with handling heavy objects. The expertise of these movers also means reduced risk of damage to your belongings, potentially saving you replacement costs.

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Expert cross-country movers will bring a wide range of relocation services to the plate

How to Prepare for Relocation? Create an Inventory Beforehand

One of the foundational steps in ensuring a smooth and easy relocation is preparing an accurate inventory list. This isn’t just about keeping track of items. It plays a pivotal role in determining the type of packing service you’ll need.

By listing your belongings, you can gauge whether partial packing, which covers up to 15 boxes, will suffice or if you’ll need to opt for a comprehensive full packing option. This inventory not only makes the packing process efficient but also provides clarity on service requirements, ensuring our assistance is tailored to your specific needs.

We Can Help You Evaluate Your Moving Requirements

Beyond standard relocations, some items demand distinct care due to their unusual shapes, sizes, or intrinsic value. Specialty relocation services are designed precisely for these unique needs, utilizing specialized packing techniques, equipment, and crating options tailored to safeguard even the most unusually shaped possessions.

Our team will ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Recognizing that each specialty item carries its own set of requirements and challenges, we remain committed to their safe and secure transport. Here is the list of specialty items that require extra care and preparation when being prepared for shipping:

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List your items to choose a suitable packing service, ensuring a seamless relocation

Hiring Professionals Brings the Safety to Easy Relocation

Entrusting your relocation to professionals guarantees a heightened level of safety for your belongings. With access to industry-leading packing materials, they ensure that each item, from the fragile to the bulky, is secured optimally for transit. Furthermore, the use of specialized transport vehicles designed to handle varying loads and conditions minimizes risks associated with long-distance relocations.

Your Belongings Will Be Insured

A significant advantage of delegating your relocation to professionals is the guaranteed provision of relocation insurance. This isn’t merely about risk reduction, as it’s about peace of mind. By default, all reputable companies offer mandatory insurance, which provides basic liability coverage for your items. However, for those seeking an additional layer of protection, there’s the full value replacement coverage.

This comprehensive option ensures that in the unlikely event an item is lost or damaged, it will either be repaired, replaced with a similar item, or reimbursed in a cash settlement in the value of the damaged goods. The inclusion of these insurance options underscores the movers’ commitment to ensuring the utmost safety of your possessions and offering remedies if things don’t go as planned.

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Our insurance options guarantee peace of mind and protection for your treasured possessions

Relocating With Cross Country Moving Company Is Cost-Effective

Choosing the Cross Country Moving Company for your relocation not only assures quality but also offers financial advantages. Our commitment to transparency in pricing is unwavering, ensuring our clients are never left in the dark regarding costs. From the outset, we provide transparent quotes that encapsulate every facet of this process, eliminating concerns of hidden fees or surprise charges down the line. Our no-hidden-fee policy assures that what you see is precisely what you pay.

But our offerings don’t just stop at straightforward pricing. Bundling our services, like moving and auto shipping, results in excellent package deals, granting you top-tier service at lower prices. Moreover, our range of services ensures that every need is met, making your relocation not just smooth but economically sound. In essence, with us, you don’t just get a service but value-packed, cost-effective relocation support.

Our Moving Company Offers 30 Days of Free Storage

Understanding that relocating to a new home can come with unpredictable timelines and unexpected hitches, we seek to offer solutions that go beyond mere transportation. To this end, we are pleased to provide 30 days of complimentary storage for our clients.

Whether you’re awaiting your future home to be ready or simply need some additional time to settle, our secure storage facilities are at your disposal. This added benefit underscores our commitment to making your relocation experience as accommodating as possible, ensuring your belongings are safe and accessible whenever you’re ready to retrieve them.

Transitioning to Your New Home

The journey of relocation extends into the phase of settling into your new space. With the help of our long-distance movers, the cumbersome tasks of unloading and reassembling furniture are managed with skill and precision.

Their expertise ensures that bulky and large items are safely and correctly positioned in their designated spots, alleviating the immediate pressures of settling in. This level of service allows you to focus on the finer details of making the new place feel like home.

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Our experts will handle the unloading and reassembling of your furniture, allowing you to settle in quickly

Make Your Relocation a Breeze With Cross Country Moving Company’s Expert Guidance

Turning the daunting task of relocation into a worry-free experience is our forte. At Cross Country Moving Company, we pride ourselves on offering a relocation experience that is second to none. Our comprehensive cross-country moving services have been meticulously crafted over the years, ensuring that each client enjoys the unmatched benefits of stress-free and safe transitions.

We understand the intricacies of long-distance relocations and are committed to providing tailored solutions that meet every individual need. Don’t leave your next big transition to chance – let our experts guide you every step of the way. Contact us today, book your consultation, and embark on a relocation journey defined by excellence and ease.


How Does the Pricing for a Relocation With Cross Country Moving Company Work?

We are committed to ensuring clarity in our pricing mechanism. Our rates are determined based on the inventory list of items you wish to relocate, the distance between the old and new locations, and any specialized services you might request.

Moreover, our quotes are transparent, without any hidden charges or last-minute surprises. We believe in offering a clear and concise financial picture so you can plan your relocation with peace of mind.

Are There Items That Movers Do Not Transport?

There are certain items movers won’t handle due to safety considerations and regulatory restrictions. We don’t transport hazardous materials, perishable goods, plants, pets, and specific high-value items and documents that might require specialized handling. During our initial consultation, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of such items, ensuring you’re well-informed.

What Measures Does Cross Country Moving Company Take To Ensure the Safety of My Belongings?

We invest in high-quality packing materials and incorporate the best techniques to ensure your items are securely wrapped and boxed up. Furthermore, our expert team is continually trained in the latest safety protocols. The vehicles we utilize for transport are also equipped with the latest safety features and are regularly maintained to ensure a safe journey for your belongings.

What Kind of Insurance Coverage Does Cross Country Moving Company Offer?

We understand the value of your possessions, both monetarily and sentimentally, so we offer a range of insurance options to cater to diverse needs. From basic coverage, which offers a standard level of protection, to full-value protection that ensures you are compensated appropriately in the event of damage or loss, our insurance partners have got you covered.

How Far in Advance Should I Schedule My Relocation With Cross Country Moving Company?

We strive to be flexible and accommodate the unique timelines of our clients, so we advise that you book your relocation 4-6 weeks in advance. This ensures that we can guarantee the availability of our resources and provide you with the best possible relocation experience. Nevertheless, we understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise, and we always try our best to cater to last-minute relocations.

Do I Need to Be Present on Relocation Day?

While your presence on a relocation day can be invaluable, mainly to ensure that everything goes according to your preferences, it’s not strictly necessary. If you can’t be available, we recommend appointing a trusted friend or family member to be on-site. They can then work with our team and provide guidance as needed, ensuring that the relocation aligns with your expectations.

What Is the Best Way to Move a Car and Furniture Across the Country?

When considering the best way to move furniture across the country, it’s paramount to prioritize the safety and protection of your items. Hiring professionals with experience in cross-country relocations ensures that your furniture is meticulously packed, loaded, and transported using industry-leading techniques and equipment. They employ specialized padding, wrapping, and crating to ensure that every piece arrives at its destination in pristine condition.

As for the best way to ship your vehicles across the country, it’s advisable to use professional auto transport services. These companies utilize specialized carriers, ranging from open-air trailers to enclosed transport trucks, fitting the needs and budgets of a wide range of potential clients.


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