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Best Mountain Towns to Live and Work in the US

If you love the outdoors and fresh air, you should consider some of the best mountain towns to live and work in. A mountain town may be the perfect place for you, not only because they are typically more affordable than big cities, but they also offer a wide variety of outdoor activities to enjoy in your free time.

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Pick one of the most suitable mountain places to live in

Planning a move will be a hard process to handle if you don’t have a reliable cross-country moving service or even a packing service. When you think about it, this relocation can bring you many benefits, especially if you are relocating with kids and your furry friends. But, if you’re worried about finding a job in a small town, don’t be – many mountain towns are home to thriving tech and other industries.

How to Find the Best Mountain Towns to Live and Work In?

People who moved before know how a moving cross country can be pretty challenging. There are many steps you have to take – from planning all the packing of your home and getting the right relocation tips to ease the entire process and make a move an efficient one. However, you must have time to consider the key factors that will make relocation easier and help you choose the right place to call home:

  • Proximity to mountains -If you love spending time outdoors, then you’ll want to choose a town that’s close to the mountains. This way, you can easily enjoy hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities.
  • Housing and cost of living – Depending on the part of the country a town is located in, the housing and cost of living may be significantly different. Ensure you do thorough research before the move on how much your monthly expenses will be.
  • Job opportunities – If you’re looking for a new job, research the job market in advance. You’ll want to make sure there are plenty of opportunities in your field.
  • Quality of life – In addition to job opportunities and cost of living, consider the quality of life in the town you’re looking to move to. This includes things like the crime rate, weather, and schools.
  • Culture – Each mountain town has its own unique culture. Be sure to visit the town and get a feel for the community before finding reliable cross-country moving services.

With these factors in mind, you should be able to narrow down your options and choose the best mountain town for you. Take your time and consider all of your options carefully before making a final decision.

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#1 Park City, Utah, Sits Between Two Rivers With Proximity to Picturesque Nature

With Deer Valley and Park City Mountain on the horizon, Park City is undoubtedly a ski town, but there is much more to this place than champagne powder and downhill turns. This historic boomtown for silver mining is perfectly framed by the Wasatch, which also offers excitement off the lifts. Park City received one of the select gold-level Ride Center designations from IMBA due to the 450 miles of trails that surround it.

The Provo and the Weber, two renowned rivers, keep fishermen occupied, and every hiking route appears to lead to a different high-alpine lake. When you’re back in town, High West is making some of the best whiskey in the nation, a free trolley is a great option for getting around, and the restaurant scene is much more diverse than you might anticipate for a location with 8,000 full-time people.

This Is One of the Most Expensive Places on This List

Before hiring cross-country movers, ensure you’re familiar with the cost of living you’ll find in Utah. With this being said, Park City in Utah surely has the most costly housing. As of last year, a single-family home’s median sales price was $2.25 million. The median home cost is about $1,117,000. The good news is that the employment rate as of June 2022 increased by about 3.5%.

The Job Market Is Competitive But Large Enough

If you were considering relocating your business to another state, you would fit in here quite well. In fact, many large companies are doing it, like Adobe, Vivint Solar, Overstock.com, Domo, Workday, and Skullcandy. All of these companies have moved to Utah’s “Silicon Slopes.”

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Park City is ideal for skiing lovers

#2 Jackson, Wyoming, Will Provide You With a Great Culinary and Beverage Scene

Jackson, which is near Yellowstone and the Grand Teton entrance, is sometimes criticized for being a playground for the affluent and extravagant. However, it also means that this small town boasts a fantastic culinary and beverage scene that appeals to all tastes. Jackson is the location of the renowned Melvin Brewing, which is situated in a Thai restaurant that produces the renowned 2×4 IPA, as well as the fabled Snake River. Reading these facts, many people would assume you’ll be relocating to a big city.

But Jackson has a lot more to offer. If you’re a real snow sports lover, you’ll find a little heaven called Hole Mountain Resort. What makes this place one of the greatest cities for millennials, besides nature, is Wyoming’s annual average cost of living, which is around $42,000. Of all the Rocky Mountain states, Wyoming has the lowest average cost of living. According to MERIC statistics gathered in late 2021, it is also among the top 20 most affordable states. Here are the average monthly costs of all expenses you’ll be paying:

  • Median monthly mortgage cost: $1,459,
  • Median studio rent: $411,
  • Median one-bedroom rent: $611,
  • Median two-bedroom rent: $800,
  • Median three-bedroom rent: $1,022,
  • Median four-bedroom rent: $1,136,
  • Median gross rent: $822.

While these values will certainly differ by the time you book your move, they still remain quite affordable compared to most of the country. If these prices aren’t damaging your monthly budget plan and you’re attracted to all the interesting things there are to do in Jackson, then you definitely should consider relocating here.

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This is a small place with a lot of amazing things to try and do

#3 Truckee, California, Has the Best Mountain Communities

Truckee is located 12 miles north of Lake Tahoe and has managed to maintain its low-key atmosphere despite the sometimes overpowering bustle of the lake. This information could be the breakthrough for people who are having a hard time adjusting to a new country or those who find relocating to California just too overwhelming. The old downtown nevertheless retains a strong western feel.

While the area houses one of the world’s top ski and snowboard destinations, Truckee’s historic downtown area is what really sets it apart as a top mountain destination. A leisurely drink at Moody’s or a meal at the Jax At The Tracks café both provide a bird’s-eye insight into the fine art of clean mountain life.

California Has the Highest Cost of Living in the US

Having in mind all the benefits Truckee will bring you, it’s not so hard to understand why it’s among the best places to live in California for young adults. On the other hand, you must consider the extremely high cost of living in this state. It practically doesn’t matter where you’ll live in California, the extremely high prices will follow you. So, before you hire a cross-country moving company, consider that the median home price is around $900,000, and the median monthly rent is around $2,700.

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Truckee has a rich history and a unique Old West feel

#4 Lake Placid, New York, Is a Place With Many Indoor and Outdoor Options

You might believe you need to work out before visiting this tranquil Adirondack town. It is best known for the “Miracle on Ice” because it hosted the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Games in addition to the annual IRONMAN marathon might give you that impression. For many people, this was a sign to plan a move and book long-distance movers.

You can use the town as a base for action-packed activities like scaling the 46 High peaks of the Adirondacks or bobsledding at the Olympic Complex, but no one will bother you if you just fill up your growler at Lake Placid Pub & Brewery and stroll the Mirror Lake trail.

Additionally, there are other spots for lakeside dining and drinking, including The Cottage at Mirror Lake Inn, a gondola ride, and a picturesque railway. So, proceed with deciding what to keep when relocating and planning the rest of the move. Don’t forget to include the cost of living factor – the median home value is $273,500, and the median rent is $1,000.

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Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of the lake and nature

#5 Chattanooga, Tennessee, Is a Rock-Climbing Attraction

This rural community of about 180,000 residents has been a rock-climbing attraction for decades. The boulders and towering sandstone bluffs are more than just an attraction for many tourists – it’s an experience you can rarely enjoy in other parts of the world. If this sounds appealing and you’re already thinking about finding a long-distance moving company, wait until you find out about the job market and cost of living. After all, you need to consider all the benefits of this relocation.

The Chattanooga metropolitan area had more than 9,000 net new jobs between January and October, increasing employment in the area overall by 3.8 percent. So, if you are thinking about finding one of the best places for startups, you’re on a good track. You won’t have to worry even if relocating without a job because surely you’ll find the perfect occupation here in no time. This was the 21st-best rate of job growth out of the 388 American metropolitan areas.

Housing costs in Chattanooga are 11% less expensive than the national average, and utility costs are 12% less expensive. Gas prices and other transportation costs are 9% lower than the national median. In other words, you’ll be paying for the median home price of $352,500 and for the monthly rent of about $1,100.

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Try something new and exciting, like towering sandstone bluffs

#6 Bend, Oregon, Has Stunning Views

Todd Lake in Deschutes Forest offers stunning views of Mount Bachelor in addition to other natural features, including volcanoes, waterfalls, buttes, caverns, and even rough badlands that are just waiting to be discovered. Simply said, Bend is all you would expect from Oregon, except the hipsters. The Deschutes Brewery established the groundwork for this famed beer town. Its dining and drinking culture rivals that of cities three times its size.

In addition, it is a cannabis-friendly outdoor concert hotspot that is situated in a mountainous intersection between a former mill town and a contemporary Pacific Northwest city. Additionally, it serves as a gateway to adjacent destinations like Sisters, another charming mountain town with a western flavor. It also lies in the shadow of three snowy peaks, in case you somehow haven’t had your fill of mountain town.

While all this may sound interesting, be prepared for some high monthly expenses. In Bend, the average cost of living is around $2,600. Consider all the reasons for this move and be financially prepared for all the high expenses that will await you. After all, no one likes to ask themselves after the move that one question: ”Should I move back home?”

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Discover different natural features in Bend

#7 Telluride, Colorado Is a Charming Place

While Telluride started out as a mining community in the Victorian era, it is now a very charming place. Wandering the streets of this San Juan Mountain location somehow makes you think about life in the West more than a century ago. Additionally, this town hosts fantastic events like the Telluride Mountain Film Festival, Telluride Bluegrass Festival, and Telluride Jazz Festival.

Before you decide to book long-distance moving services, it’s important that you plan the move and your budget accordingly. In Telluride, the annual cost of housing, food, childcare, health care, transportation, taxes, and other needs for a single adult adds up to $45,900. This is more than the national average of $38,433 and Colorado’s annual cost of living of $40,000.

As you can see, relocating to a small town doesn’t mean a more affordable cost of living, especially when relocating to Colorado However, considering what you’re getting, many would say that these expenses are well worth it.

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Telluride hosts many different festivals

After You Pick a Town, Start Your Unforgettable Adventure

There are many great mountain towns to choose from if you’re looking to relocate long distance! All of these towns offer beautiful scenery as well as ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. With plenty of job opportunities, you won’t have to worry about anything. So what are you waiting for? Find one of the most reliable cross-country moving companies and start packing your bags for one of these seven fantastic mountain towns!


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