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How to Make Moving From East Coast to West Coast Easy?

No matter where you choose to stay in the end, moving from East Coast to West Coast will not fail to captivate you with its Pacific charm. Whether it’s a town in California or some other amazing oceanfront place, like Seattle, there’s no doubt you’ll be honored with its free spirit, entrepreneurial soul, and mesmerizing scenery. And to tell the truth, these are not the only qualities that make this region a great place to call home.

LA coastline in the sunset With the right tips and tricks, relocating from one part of the country to another doesn't have to be overwhelming

However, before picking your place on the map, there are a few things to carefully consider first. We are here to walk you through some of the essential steps and to make sure you’re not hurling towards one of the most significant life changes carelessly.

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Do Your Homework and Get to Know the Location Your Heading To

When moving to the West Coast from the East Coast or crossing state lines in general, people tend to focus on who their new neighbors will be, what the area is like, if the house will be big enough for them. Most of them forget to take some time for additional research on the deciding aspects of livability, such as crime rates, public transportation options, the infrastructure of the city, climate, and employment opportunities and gather information on the state laws.

West Coast Is the Best Coast – Checklist of the Reasons Why

Whatever your reasons to move are, you have surely spent some time thinking about the changes awaiting, especially if you’re relocating to another state alone. Sure, you’re not going to another part of the world, you’re heading to just another U.S. state. But guess what? Even with the slightest change of address, your lifestyle will likely become very different from the one you’re used to. Let alone when you are moving from the East Coast to the West Coast. Here are some important things to think about:

  • “You know what to expect” climate – When relocating to the West Coast, the good news is that you pretty much always know what kind of day it is going to be.
  • Job prospects – One of the good reasons people like living on this side of the continent undoubtedly comes from not dealing with a high unemployment rate. Many tech giants are nestled there, not to mention start-ups. So living near the Pacific means having good employment prospects.
  • Friendly people and a relaxed lifestyle – Although America is considered the land of liberty, the coasts have their specific concepts of happiness and freedom. While the East is more career-oriented, going westbound will teach you to celebrate life and find all the quirky ways of living it.
  • Perpetual sunsets – This one might not be one of the common aspects to note down when moving from the East to the West Coast, but trust our word, you haven’t seen a sunset until you’ve watched one from the Pacific coastline.
A couple sitting on the floor with their laptop planning on long-distance moving Get a complete insight on the city you're heading to

Start Planning Your Journey on Time

If you are wondering where to start or what to start with first, the answer is quite simple – start with a good plan. It’s the most simple relocation hack you’ll ever get, but then again, who has ever heard of a successful long-distance move without it? Write down all the upcoming tasks and have a clear picture of where you are. No matter how irrelevant they might seem, figure out all the details and organize your move properly.

Plan the Budget Thoroughly

If you’ve been wondering How much does it cost to move from East Coast to West Coast, be ready to pay big bucks. The figure can go from a couple of hundred dollars for a thrifty DIY move to a couple of thousands for a full service. To reduce the costs of relocating, you have to set the relocation budget properly, note all the excessive expenses, and find cheaper alternatives, if possible. The cost of moving from the East Coast to the West Coast is not low, but there are certainly ways to save some money.

Box up Your Old Home on Time

When packing and moving cross-country on your own, it’s crucial to know how to do it correctly. Just by going through all the packing tips and tricks you can find, you’ll get enough info on how to pack fragile items and how much bubble wrap to use. Also, keep in mind how important it is to organize important papers because you probably don’t want to be one of those people heading off to a new city without a driver’s license. (Yes, it happens. A lot, actually.)

Don’t Forget to Notify Important People When Changing Your Address

Reaching out to family and friends to let them know you’re relocating is a good idea, but notifying some other people is also important. Start with the USPS, social security administration, your bank, and utility companies, and do it sooner rather than later. Keep in mind memberships and subscriptions, too. You’ll quickly have it all sorted out simply by calling their customer service or sending an email.

Hire Professional Long-Distance Movers to Help You With the Challenging Aspects of the Move

If you are looking for a way to move efficiently, asking family and friends for recommendations for moving companies nearby is always a good idea. With a wide range of cross-country moving services they provide, you’ll quickly relieve a big portion of relocation stress and save some time for the other vital aspects of the move. Choosing their packing services, for example, will both facilitate and speed up the whole process. However, to avoid relocation scams and ensure you have professional movers by your side, you’ll have to choose a team you trust the most. Don’t forget to check the company’s prices, license, and insurance status before you hire them.

Cross-country moving to-do list on the table A good plan will facilitate the entire relocation process

Choose a City With the Most Convenient Climate

Where should I move to on the West Coast is undoubtedly a challenging question to answer with a climate that is so diverse depending on the area, from never-ending summer in South California to Mediterranean-like weather in the northern parts of the region. And the farther you decide to go, the more changeable it is. To make things simpler: bring your swimsuit to California, your raincoat to Oregon, and ice skates for Washington winters. It’s that simple.

California coastline on a clear day When choosing where to live, the climate is one of the deciding factors

Don’t Neglect the Cost of Living When Moving Houses

If you are wondering Is it better to live on the East Coast or West Coast, comparing the cost of living is one of the ways to answer that question. Even though both coasts have expensive places, you’ll be surprised by the number of affordable areas along the Pacific coastline. As a matter of fact, some of the amazing places here known for a lower cost of living are Salem, OR, Modesto, CA, Bakersfield, CA, Fresno, CA, Medford, OR, and Spokane, WA.

Although it might not be that simple to find a low-priced dream home anywhere, there is definitely a way to find a budget-friendly one. If you’re still not sure where to head off, Numbeo will make it easier for you by comparing the cities you’re interested in when it comes to housing, taxes, and utilities.

A pile of boxes with a piggy bank ready for the cross-country moving company Don't forget to compare costs of living between cities you're on the fence about

Dig Into Job Opportunities Before Relocating

It’s natural to wonder about the things to come and ask yourself: Is life better on the West Coast? This part of the world is home to all the creative industries and many worldwide known companies. No matter where you are going, you will likely be able to further your career.

If you want to find a job before relocating, make sure to search through some of the best networking sites like Indeed, and to strengthen and expand your professional network, don’t skip LinkedIn. Choosing the right destination will also likely depend on the industry you’re in. For example, if you work in IT, the Bay might be the best choice. However, you won’t make a mistake looking for a job in other metropolitan areas, too, like Seattle and San Jose. It’s well known that some of the biggest corporate giants are nestled here.

A young man sitting in his office It's vital to research the local job market and get the feel of future employment opportunities

House Hunting Is Also Something to Have in Mind

For a stress-free relocation, house hunting is one of the most vital tasks. Since safety is everyone’s top priority, you’ll certainly want to check out some of the cities with the lowest crime rates. There are plenty of tools to help you check how safe your neighborhood is, but here are some of them to make your search easier:

  • Danville, CA
  • Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
  • Moorpark, CA
  • Sherwood, OR
  • Lake Oswego, OR
  • Sammamish, WA
  • Bainbridge Island, WA
  • Camas, WA.

If you’re eager to share an apartment, there are also many roommates websites you can scroll through. However, do not delay moving houses because most properties stay on the market only for a while. When you find something you love, go for it.

Hands holding a house model House-hunting can be a frustrating process, but don't wait for the last minute to do it

Breaking Bad Habits Is Easy When Moving From West Coast to East Coast

If you ever wanted to break some bad habits, making a fresh start is the right moment to do it. When you move to a supportive place that encourages a healthy lifestyle, changing your lifestyle is less of a challenging task. With plenty of social activities that revolve around a peaceful and laid-back kind of lifestyle, you’ll quickly find yourself pursuing the same.

Some of the Best Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy

Residents of the westernmost states simply know the way to improve their well-being. After you’ve spent some time on this side, you will notice that, for most locals, being healthy equals being happy, and that’s one of the main reasons why it’s hard to resist the Pacific philosophy of life.

Environmental Awareness Is What You Can Count On

Cities in the western states are constantly competing with one another on environmental sustainability, and it’s hard to tell which one is winning. California was the first state to ban smoking in public. Oregon and Washington are doing their best to embrace green practices and eco-tourism, while recycling has been an established practice for decades.

To hear more about California’s environmental laws and policies, click the video below.

Switching to Another State of Mind

When you’re finally done with all the tasks and ready to think about things to do after relocating, such as making friends in a new city, that’s where the fun begins. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself changing along with the state lines because it’s natural for a move to affect your personality, too. It’s quite inevitable, actually. And just like there is the Montana mentality and New York state of mind, be ready to switch to the West Coast state of mind after some time. It’s not exactly as simple as relocating your belongings from one place to another, but it’s quite rewarding putting in the effort.


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