Moving to the Suburbs – Everything You Need to Know

Moving to the suburbs and getting away from the fast-paced lifestyle of a big city can prove to be a great decision in the long run. Small areas on the outskirts offer you and your family a healthier life, a better educational system, and more affordable housing with additional living space.

“What do I Need for the Dorm?” Here’s the Ultimate College Packing List

Years of studying and hard work have finally paid off – you’re going to university! It’s only natural that the next task in line should be a college packing list. Admittedly, it can really be a pain in the backside sometimes, with so many decisions to be made on so many items.

Things to Know When Moving in Winter

Now that you’ve finally decided to move out, you will be faced with handling the entire relocation process. Moving in winter adds just another layer of complexity when it comes to executing your relocation in a timely and orderly fashion.

How to Pack Tools for Moving

Garages are places we think of last when we plan to move, which is why most people struggle with how to pack tools for moving. The things we keep in our garages are bulky, pointy, heavy and often hazardous, which makes them difficult to prepare for transport.

How to Pack Makeup for Moving

Do you know how to pack makeup for moving? If your relocation date is approaching, you should make sure you know how to properly protect all your beauty and skincare products. That is the only way to prevent your makeup from getting broken or spilled during travel.

How to Pack Electronics for Moving?

Everyone who has ever gone through the packing and relocation process will agree that electronics are among the most sensitive items to pack. If you’re not sure how to pack electronics for moving, follow our tips and you will be able to pack your most valuable belongings without a hassle.

How to Pack Paintings for Moving

Your relocation date is quickly approaching, and you’re preparing for your long-distance move. Although you have almost everything figured out, you are not sure how to pack paintings for moving appropriately. We will share tips that will give you all the answers you need on how to protect and secure your valuable paintings from damage.

The Battle Against Hunger in America Continues

As we are halfway through 2018 and have more and more people relocating, we are delighted to have made one of our first milestones in the Move for Hunger movement. We have officially collected enough food to provide 5000 meals! This is a positive movement that makes the job of relocating just that much better, because we get to do what we do best and fight hunger in America, by helping feed someone in the process.

How to Move House Plants Long Distance – A Short Guide

Moving is a period in a person’s life when it looks like there’s nothing else to do except packing, planning, purchasing supplies, and working out the budget. After packing delicate chandeliers and pricey electronics, you sure wonder how to move house plants long distance.

How to Pack a China Cabinet for Moving?

China cabinets are familiar pieces of furniture in homes all over the world, which is why many wonder how to pack a china cabinet for moving into your new home. They hold not only various pieces of glassware, crystal, and services, out of which some can be very expensive. They also store memories that are priceless.

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